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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Hangry Toy Box

    by Stephanie DeWitt
    “The Hangry Toy Box” is a fictional short story about a dad-snoring-tummy-growling noise that the main character, Jake, cannot figure out what is making it or where it is coming from. On top of having to deal with that, he has to deal with his cousin, Tommy, who he does not get along with. Tommy is quite the bully to Jake. However, when they put their differences aside and come together, they are able to figure out that the noise is coming from Jake’s toy box. The toy box does not like it when k... more
  • Dragonfly on the Iron Curtain

    by Lana Pereyaslavska
    The inevitable yet sudden collapse of the Soviet Union shatters the familiar, established world order, breaking the smooth flow of time into totalitarian yesterday and democratic tomorrow. The year now is 1993. Fresh from college, a young woman struggles to make sense of this new alien reality. A true, heartfelt story of coming of age in post-Soviet Ukraine.
  • The Extraordinary Journey of J.J. Pips

    by J.J. Israel
    J.J. Pips, a young British bulldog, lives with his human family in the Victorian English countryside. One day, without warning, his life is turned upside down when his beloved brother, Arty, is dognapped by a press gang. Armed with nothing more than loyalty and determination, J.J. quickly sets off to rescue Arty on what will become the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Half the Child

    by William J. McGee
    HALF THE CHILD, a new novel by William J. McGee, tackles the rarely explored and volatile issues of child abduction and parental alienation—when one parent attempts to turn a child against the other parent. The story unfolds over four consecutive summers in the lives of Michael Mullen, a LaGuardia Airport air traffic controller, and his son Benjamin, who ages from 2½ to 5½. The novel chronicles the separation, divorce, custody battle—and heart-wrenching abduction—that threaten to tear apart fath... more
  • 978099988528

    by Simona Grossi
    Susan Blanc teaches psychology at a university in Los Angeles. She lives alone and suffers from insomnia. One night, at a nightclub, she meets Nick, a blogger who seemed to be “consumed by something, someone, or himself.” When they meet again the next day, Nick takes her to his apartment, and while browsing through Nick’s books looking for ideas for a story to post on Nick’s blog, Susan finds a “consumed notebook with a light blue cover.” Nick explains that it’s a journal someone lost on a bus, ... more
  • Dr. Brainchild & Radar

    by Cole W. Williams
    Join the fun as Dr. Brainchild and Radar discover how a little bit of creativity, some wacky inventions, and a whole lotta science can transform the ordinary into something EXTRA tasty! Boy, girl, wolf, or anything in-between--it doesn’t matter so long as YOU are there! Science is for everyone, so come along and enjoy the ride!
  • Lena (Florida Folk Magic Stories Book 3)

    by Malcolm R. Campbell

    When Police Chief Alton Gravely and Officer Carothers escalate the feud between “Torreya’s finest” and conjure woman Eulalie Jenkins by running her off the road into a north Florida swamp, the borrowed pickup truck is salvaged but Eulalie is missing and presumed dead. Her cat Lena survives. Lena could provide an accurate account of the crime, but the county sheriff is unlikely to interview a pet.

    Lena doesn’t think Eulalie is dead, but the conjure woman’s f... more

  • The Secret Solitaire

    by CJ Openshaw
    They abuse her body. But they can’t destroy her determination to survive. Set in the English town of Madalena during the start of the 20th Century, left penniless after being forced to quit her job, Anna suffers in silence whilst her ghastly landlord abuses his power of authority. Writing in a notebook to a friend she simply calls Cate, Anna reveals that she is a murderer. When Anna’s grandfather finds her a new job in Windsor, she hopes it will be the answer to her problems. But the move to ... more
  • Country Boy, City Girl: Trials and Triumphs During The Great Depression

    by Teresa Holmgren
    Country Boy, City Girl is told in alternating chapters, featuring the author’s 1936 Olympic-swimming mother and her farm-boy father, who rode the rails across America in the 1930s to earn money for college. House fires, family deaths, parental illness, and other trials challenge them, but in the end they both triumph, one with the help of a successful businessman and the other from an astounding encounter with the most famous athlete of the 20th century. There are 125 historical photographs.
  • Pirates Attack: A Knookerdoodle Adventure

    by Laura Henderson
    Ever since his adventure in the Deep Woods, Peanut found it difficult to think of anything else. I suppose that's what happens when one meets pirates for the first time and discovers a magical golden ball too! At least the Strathy Fall Fair was soon to be there. Peanut couldn't wait to play the games and hopefully win the costume contest. He and his best friend, Tennyson, were sure to be the only pirates at the fair. Or would they be? Enjoy all of the excitement with Peanut and his friends in Bo... more
  • Citizens of Campbell

    by Ann Reed
    Earl Johansen and Nearly Kelly have been friends since they were boys in Campbell, Iowa. Now old men, Nearly lives in the Veterans Home, where Earl is his frequent visitor and steadfast companion. As his health deteriorates and they reminiscence about days gone by, Nearly has only one regret — something Earl and a couple of new friends might help him resolve. Citizens of Campbell is the story of a small Iowa town, the unlikely but enduring friendship between two World War II veterans, and th... more
  • Petra, Family, and Foes

    by Grace A. Fynn
    The Moss is a family of trouble where Petra, Lorcia and Charles are chief perpetrators. But this time, Lorcia leads the way with a false story of Petra being kidnapped. Then Charles places the kidnapper into the spotlight and then pushes him out of it after forcing a confession from Lorcia. And what does Petra do? Well, she unwittingly drags her father into the spotlight too but it would take the whole family to get him out of it.
  • Child of Love & Water

    by DK Marley
  • Mabel of the Anzacs: A Friendship for the Ages

    by Mary D. Brooks

    Two women - one a fiery teenager, the other a cantankerous octogenarian - find their mutual antipathy blossoms into an unlikely friendship in this heart-felt multigenerational story about finding a kindred spirit where you least expect it.

    Zoe Lambros meets Mabel Andrews, a mercurial, cantankerous World War I Australian nurse. Zoe's introduction to the fiery octogenarian is an explosive mix of sound and fury. Neither woman wants to give ground and they are determined to be proven ri... more

  • Miss Etta: A Novel

    by Deanna Lynn Sletten

    She rode with the most famous outlaws of her time. Then she vanished.

    In the fall of 1895, Etta Place falls in love with Harry Longabaugh, alias the Sundance Kid. She gives up everything to follow him and his partner-in-crime, Butch Cassidy, in their outlaw life across the continent and beyond. Breathtakingly beautiful and every inch a lady, Etta can also ride and shoot as well as any man. As their fugitive life begins to crumble, she finds herself alone and living in a convent with her... more

  • The Glory of Revelation: This Coming Glory

    by Anne Grant
    Have you ever longed for a simple easy reading on the book of Revelation? This is it! Apostle Anne takes you on a spiritual journey that will deepen your love for Christ, create in you a desire for more of His presence and increase your knowledge and understanding of this present glory and that which is to come. This book has been designed to equip and empower its readers for ultimate victory over Satan and evil while demonstrating God's great love for mankind. Each chapter takes you beyond the ... more