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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dodging Cupcakes: A Stem Adventure

    by Laura Pashley

    Mindy Bright is grieving her grandmother's death when she moves to her father's old farmhouse and enrolls in Korn Wotel, a quirky school in a motel. There, she teams up with Charlie, who loves baking for the Carnival, a school fundraiser. She also has to deal with Derek, the school troublemaker. Eager to impress everyone, Mindy builds prototypes of her game ideas. Still, she faces many obstacles and setbacks, including a mysterious boy sabotaging her plans, clashes with Derek, and a l... more

  • 979-8-9891227-0-7

    by Gerald DiPego
    In these four interconnected tales, residents of a rural Illinois lake town in the 1950s move through deep love, loneliness, great joy and the mystical, as they discover the truths that linger just below the surface of everyday lives. A farm couple, a young newspaper man, an aging sign painter, and a store owner, all carry us with them on their singular journeys.
  • Until We Meet Again

    by Ryndi Lanier
    Until We Meet Again, is a story based upon the loss of a loved one. Little Opossum is curious about his brother, whom he does not remember, but hears him being spoken of. In this story, Mamma Opossum assures Little Opossum that it is alright to be curious. She tells him the story of their loved ones' time on Earth, and talks about how she sees signs that their loved one is near. Later, Little Opossum has a dream that leaves him knowing, even if Heaven is far away, his brother is always nea... more
  • Quite Early One Planet: The Arrival

    by Jerome Austin McNicholl
    Quite Early One Planet — the arrival is a mythical tale about the origins of our Alphabet. It’s alphabet creatures with feathers, scales and agile bodies. A living alphabet delivered to planet Earth ‘from all parts of the universe’ by a Great Weaver of Words. It all begins with Argo a dust frog, who has sought refuge from all his fears on a desert oasis. One day at sundown, after years alone, Argo discovers a ‘glow’ in his shadow. Within the glow a voice whispers ‘Argo set out to find you... more
  • Easter at Grandma's House

    by Becky Miller
    Lily and Liam are off to Grandma's House for an Easter Celebration. They're ready to color Easter eggs, enjoy yummy Easter treats, and, of course, the highlight of the day - the Easter egg hunt! Join Lily and Liam, and their cousins too, as they celebrate Easter at Grandma’s House!
  • Hackett at Large: Tales of a Reporter's Life in Paris 1961-1968

    by Jack Fitzgerald

    "Hackett at Large," is a collection of short stories that takes the reader on a colorful and humorous romp through Paris in the 1960s with the tough, yet tender-hearted fictional American journalist, Benjamin J. Hackett. During his many adventures, he encounters some of the most memorable authentic celebrities from that exciting and remarkable decade: Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, President John F. Kennedy, Jack Kerouac, The Beatles, and supermodel “Twiggy.”

  • Helen Bonaparte

    by Sarah D'Stair

    Middle-aged, middling academic Helen Bonaparte has left her husband and children at home for a week-long Italian group tour with strangers. Happy with her home life, but needing self-renewal, she intends to sulk in the corners of buses and museums for a week, indulging in great art but scowling the rest of the world away.

    Until, that is, she meets Marieke, the tour guide, who becomes the object of erotic fantasies Helen didn't even know she had. As each day passes, Helen's home ... more

  • The Book of Izzy

    by Ben Gonshor
    Izzy’s a writer at wit’s end in life, with love, and on the verge of a complete breakdown with his career in wedding planning. Following an encounter with a mysterious bird seemingly visible only to him, he soon finds himself agreeing to take on the leading role in an amateur production of the greatest play in all of the Yiddish theatre: The Dybbuk, a gothic tale of destiny, possession and the triumph of love over all. But when the play’s director dies suddenly and the theatre is threatened with... more
  • Wreck and Return

    by Tom Kranz

    Griffin Ambrose’s passion is being a volunteer EMT in his New Jersey town. But his paycheck is his full time job across the river in a New York newsroom. The commuting grind, the 24/7 stresses and the push-pull of the two worlds weigh heavily on him. Self-medication is the easy solution until it starts to get in the way of everything that matters. A disastrous ambulance transport, a dead patient and injured responders change everything. His exile from EMS is complete. He loses his job, ... more

  • Hazardous Lies

    by Greenleaf Book Group
    A loud blast in the early morning shakes a neighborhood and alarms a community. An unthinkable tragedy has occurred: an explosion at a chemical plant has left workers dead and the son of a state senator missing. Plant management, emboldened by powerful political allies, scrambles to hide the real cause. It’s up to Jon Barrett, a new investigator for the government, to discover the truth. Haunted by his role in an earlier fatal accident, he struggles to find the courage to fight for answers. A... more
  • Eat A Rainbow, Ellie: Colorful Snack Time for A Healthy Little Chick

    by Avery Smart
    Meet Ellie, a spirited little chick with a big appetite for adventure and a secret for being strong and healthy. In the quest for strength and health, Ellie and her mom create a vibrant rainbow meal together. As they cook up white pasta with broccoli, a purple cabbage salad, buttered corn, and roasted tomatoes and carrots, they sing their own cheerful Rainbow Food song. This delightful tale not only introduces kids to the joy of healthy eating but also encourages them to embrace a colorful... more
  • The Mender

    by Jennifer Marchman
    Mender EVA, a true believer in the cult of LUX LIBERA, has dedicated her life to merging the multiverse’s reality into the one True timeline. Partnered with fellow assassin TOPHE, she travels through time and space to complete missions for her organization, often thwarting the good deeds of history’s heroes. Highly skilled in martial arts, culture, and languages, Eva and Tophe boast an unblemished record of success and hope to be promoted to new leadership positions. Tasked with a new mission, E... more
  • Homing

    by Marc L. Carrier
    A man must repatriate his dementia stricken father from his trailer court in Florida back to Montreal. After a disastrous dementia fueled encounter at Miami International airport, the pair must make the trip in the father's vintage Chrysler. See it as a dysfunctional road trip!
  • Private Cummings

    by Pete McGinty
    A man and a boy whose lives unexpectedly connect are impacted in improbable ways. Private Hank Cummings didn’t ask for the fate that befell him during his service in WWll. Saving the lives of three men from the burning wreckage of a B-29 left him a hero, albeit scarred and disabled. But when his personal secret was revealed, he recoiled into a life of seclusion and solitude for much of his adulthood. Never losing his spirit and will to endure, he persevered through his hardships, finding... more
  • Gunmetal Ridge

    by Jeffrey C Morris
    A chance encounter between a young adult and an aged World War II veteran in a senior care center on the winter solstice in 2018 leads to an unusual friendship between the two men. The older man recounts his war memories to the younger man over the course of the next three days, and in the process, comes to grips with a memory of his service, and the ramifications that ensued, that has haunted the veteran for over seventy years.
  • Street

    by Alyssa D. Metcalfe
    1970s New York City is borderline bankrupt. Police departments, public schools and other municipalities are struggling under massive layoffs, buildings are abandoned, and the streets are rife with crime and drugs. For Johnny Alvarez, a precocious young runaway, the decay and lawlessness offer camouflage and opportunity. He squats in an empty apartment in a derelict Washington Heights tenement and gathers a gang of streetwise kids, most of whom struggle with their own issues. Johnny is haunted by... more