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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Mabel of the Anzacs: A Friendship for the Ages

    by Mary D. Brooks

    Two women - one a fiery teenager, the other a cantankerous octogenarian - find their mutual antipathy blossoms into an unlikely friendship in this heart-felt multigenerational story about finding a kindred spirit where you least expect it.

    Zoe Lambros meets Mabel Andrews, a mercurial, cantankerous World War I Australian nurse. Zoe's introduction to the fiery octogenarian is an explosive mix of sound and fury. Neither woman wants to give ground and they are determined to be proven ri... more

  • Miss Etta: A Novel

    by Deanna Lynn Sletten

    She rode with the most famous outlaws of her time. Then she vanished.

    In the fall of 1895, Etta Place falls in love with Harry Longabaugh, alias the Sundance Kid. She gives up everything to follow him and his partner-in-crime, Butch Cassidy, in their outlaw life across the continent and beyond. Breathtakingly beautiful and every inch a lady, Etta can also ride and shoot as well as any man. As their fugitive life begins to crumble, she finds herself alone and living in a convent with her... more

  • The Glory of Revelation: This Coming Glory

    by Anne Grant
    Have you ever longed for a simple easy reading on the book of Revelation? This is it! Apostle Anne takes you on a spiritual journey that will deepen your love for Christ, create in you a desire for more of His presence and increase your knowledge and understanding of this present glory and that which is to come. This book has been designed to equip and empower its readers for ultimate victory over Satan and evil while demonstrating God's great love for mankind. Each chapter takes you beyond the ... more
  • All But What's Left

    by Carrie Mumford

    "Sharp in both wit and sorrow, readers will keep changing their minds about Hannah's path until the very end." --Theanna Bischoff, author of Left, Swallow and Cleavage

    In this haunting debut novel, Carrie Mumford tells an achingly-relatable story of first love, the intricacies of memory, and finding the strength to follow one's own dreams.

    Since her mother's tragic death, Hannah has known how her life would turn out: she'd marry he... more

  • Beloved Sa Mi

    by Jennifer Hong
    Love is all that is certain… As a fifteen-year-old coming of age during the Japanese colonial period in Korea (1910-1945), Sa Mi revels in her status as her parents’ youngest and most beloved daughter as she seeks to stave off her recent ascent into womanhood. Fate’s mighty hand, however, strikes down, leaving Sa Mi to grasp at love and memory as her life makes an abrupt and inevitable turn. Beloved Sa Mi is Book One of the series A River Han. This historical family drama follows Sa Mi ... more
  • Guardian Angel

    by Bob Rich
    1850, a small town in Australia: Glindi, an Aboriginal woman, gives birth to a daughter, the result of a rape by a white man. She names the child Maraglindi, meaning "Glindi's sorrow." However, the girl proves to be a joy to all those around her. She has the gift of love. During the fourteen years until she dies, she encounters everything that intolerant, cruel Victorian society can throw at people it considers to be animals. She surmounts all the savagery of the white invader by conquering hate... more
  • Jagdlied: A Chamber Novel for Narrator, Musicians, Pantomimists, Dancers & Culinary Artists

    by Dolly Gray Landon
    This musically and graphically enriched chamber novel is an over-the-top black and blue comic extravaganza about the conspiratorial undoing of a teenage entitlement princess. The story throbs throughout with an undercurrent of apocalyptic motifs related to the extinction of art, fall of empire, and coming of the Antichrist. It is an epic farce that reads like an erotically supercharged psychological suspense thriller. The narrative takes the reader/audient on a veritable boomerang roller-coaster... more
  • The Last Romantics

    by Elizabeth Malin
    Three stories, three couples, three intertwined tales of the challenges of requited love: Kate and Jim: A struggling romance novelist, Kate must deal with an editor pushing her to write steamier books and a husband who decides to dabble in producing his own “art.” But is he really creating something of value or just mocking Kate’s own attempts at becoming a literary artist? Jake and Belinda: The hero and heroine of Kate’s latest romance novel, this duo faces danger as someone makes an atte... more
  • Woman with a Parasol

    by Libby Malin
    A story that explores the depths of maternal love.... When Toni (Antoinette) cons her reluctant thirty-two-year-old daughter, Belle Norton, into accompanying her on a trip to France, mother and daughter spar about everything from how Belle dresses to her favorite painter, Monet. As they fight and make up over and over again, Belle comes to realize Toni has lured her on this journey to reveal an old secret that threatens to shake her world. To add to her stress, Belle deals with her own mother... more
  • people inhabiting land

    by Bran Morgan
    Land and water, life and death. There are certain thresholds that, once crossed, demand that reality be redefined. This is a novel about how identities and relationships can change in response to events, and how fiction can become truth.
  • Bozophobia

    by Scott Parson

    Franklin, a romantic failure of a clown, falls for a woman on the run. Is she the Baggy Pants Slasher? What does he really know about her? Yes, she hates clowns. Yes, she has a hair-trigger temper and a knack for creative violence. Yes, she has blackouts that coincide with a rash of deadly attacks on clowns around town. But a damsel in distress appeals to the hero inside every clown. If he’s wrong about her, he's next on the hit list. If he’s right, he just might save her from life in prison ... more

  • Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1)

    by Derrill Fussell
    The story begins with the first day of school in a jungle class of animals, defining each child, who they are, and how different they are from each other. The moral of the story is that you can be as different as looks, shapes, size and color can be and still be perfectly all right. Dr. Qooz prepares children the night before the first day of school with a storybook for ages two through six.
  • Aventuras del alfabeto

    by Monica Frascona
    This is a playful, alliterative alphabet book, written in Spanish, for young children. Anything is possible within the silly world of Aventuras del alfabeto - penguins ice skate, bats burn cheese, monsters chomp on apples... The more we laugh, the more we learn.
  • When Fur and Feather Get Together

    by David R. Margrave
    There are picture books that teach; there are picture books about family; and there are picture books that have outstanding illustrations. When Fur and Feather Get Together is a picture book that does all three - embracing the enduring themes of family, fun, learning and visual delight. Did you know that a sighting of a group of unicorns is so rare that it is called a blessing? When Fur and Feather Get Together is a fun and educational rhyming story about a father and child enjoying their laz... more
  • To Caress the air: Augustus Herring and the Dawn of Flight Book One

    by C David Gierke
    Most people accept the view that the Wright brothers invented the airplane. "Not so!" according to American aviation pioneer Augustus Moore Herring. "The aeroplane has a good many daddies." Herring should know; he was there. To Caress the Air is a biographical novel based on Herring's 22-year career in aeronautics. The story takes place in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and chronicles Herring's aeronautical achievements, his ordeals, and his triumph over sever... more
  • Laboratory (Lab) Lizards Go to Hollywood

    by Robert Richardson
    This book continues the exciting make-believe story of three wacky Lizards, living with a family they love that took them in. Suddenly, these failed food experiments are being hunted by the government, because they’re thought to be dangerous and they need to escape, leaving their new family behind.