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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Renaissance Wonders and Humanist Wisdom

    by Bernard André Ancel
    In 1506, Andrea, a Florentine student travels in Alsace, Bruges and Paris. He admires wonderful sites and masterpieces, becomes fan of polyphonic music and observes the rapid development of the printing industry. In Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, he meets the initiators of a map where a new continent is given a name : ‘America’ ! In this turning point of the Renaissance movement, the Imperial cities in Alsace are experiencing a period of properity thanks to their mutual solidarity and the dynamism of ... more
  • Dancing with Cannibals

    by Monette Bebow-Reinhard
    Co-written by African resident Dicho Ilunga Disashi, this is historical fiction on the conquest of the Belgian Congo in the early 1900s. Jean and Simon are sent as Belgian colonists, fresh from prison, but while Simon enjoys the bitter fruit of his conquest, Jean becomes enamored of he cannibal culture and marries into it. Still, he has to fight Belgian forces determined to convert them, and some of the cannibals still determined to eat him.
  • The Brass Compass

    by Ellen Butler

    A beautiful American spy flees into the night. On her own, she must live by her wits to evade capture and make it to the safety of the Allied forces.

         Lily Saint James grew up traveling the European continent, learning languages as she went. In 1938, her mother’s abrupt death brings her back home to Washington, D.C., and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Lily comes to the attention of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Her knowledge of German, French,... more

  • Gary's Guide to Life: How I Am Going to Achieve Phenomenal Success, and How You Can Do the Same

    by Michael Nabavian

    Gary's Guide to Life tells the story of Gary Speedwell, who is writing what he is convinced will be a best-selling self-help book despite his own conspicuous lack of success.

    Most people would give anything to be as successful as Gary imagines he's going to be. In his book, Gary aims to put that dream within your reach by unveiling the strategies that are going to lift him out of ordinariness and set him – and you – on course for phenomenal success... more

  • Let the Glory Pass Away

    by James D. McCallister
    An aging Southern novelist struggling to find a new story to tell. A forty-something singer-songwriter still dreaming of the big break that never quite came. A legendary rock superstar who despises fame forced to endure a very public honor from his hometown. Three troubled, creative souls, each searching for a fresh success that remains elusive—and if they do discover newfound validation, will they even want it?
  • Beyond Gingham: Reflections of 1965

    by Laurie Sparks-Sellers
    Welcome back to 1965 – Come on in as we explore the portrayal of life together: the places we grew up, the music we listened to, the jobs we held, the way we dressed. Though the past may be locked away in our memories, within these pages the images live on. Experience the journey!
  • Polka Dot Promises: Taking Back Time

    by Laurie Sparks-Sellers
    Within the pages of this work is documented a short story collection of baby boomer beginnings, the noir allure of the mid to late fifties, and retro tales of a disappearing era. Reflections on where the boomers have been, where they are, what’s changed, and what’s new. The recipe calls for a smidgen of “feel good,” a pinch of “unforgettable times”, and sprinkles of “melancholy,” all measured in nostalgia.
  • Bulletproof Faith: My Brother's Keeper

    by Nuke Mayne
    Is there really a God? Does everything happen for a reason or is it all just chaos? These are the questions that plague Von's mind in a world where the odds seem to be stacked against him. After trying to make it on his own, overwhelming adversity causes him to turn to the Man Above. Then God shows Von that He has love for all of His children, even those lost in the streets. Bulletproof Faith is the story of one man's spiritual journey, one family's struggle to stay together, and one mothe... more
  • The Second Mary

    by Cassandra Bohne
    “Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, the most illustrious mother in all of history?” After her early years of Biblical indoctrination, the experience of supernatural encounters and visions, and observing the ongoing battle between good and evil, between God and Satan, a young woman takes up painting and without any formal instruction begins to create a series of beautiful works, inspired by a force beyond her comprehension. Trapped in a marriage that is going nowhere, but with three young children sh... more
  • Lucy Finds a Home

    by Rolynda Tassan
  • Stories of Yesteryear: Horse and Buggy Days

    by Stephen Brown
    The New England old colony Plymouth farming community of Fullertown may have a hard scrabble past, but it was never in short supply of reasons to smile. And no one captured the humor and heart in quite the way Harry H. Brown did, a farmer and folklorist who penned the popular story collection, Stories of Yesteryear–Horse and Buggy Days. One of the last of the swamp Yankee storytellers, Brown breathes new life into the now long gone day-to-day world of Pilgrim descendants at the turn of the twe... more
  • Heart of the Nagual

    by P.E. Pence
    Patch and Yacey travel to Central America to learn more about their nagual heritage. With the help of an Albino bling daddy named Michin, they are Swept away in a torrent of non stop action, keeping one step ahead of the dark nagual underground. Now 17, Patch and Yacey travel to Honduras and get caught up in that ageless battle, trying to do their duty while struggling to understand the opposite sex. When Paul disappears, they travel to the land of the Mayas and learn the evil secrets of the... more
  • Eye of the Nagual

    by P.E. Pence
    For 5 millennia, Native Americans relied on tribal guardians called Naguals; humans who transformed into stealthy and powerful animals. They were revered by each tribe as protectors, and were immortalized by their tribal totems. Some naguals could appear before an enemy with weapon in hand and strike, then disappear before their rival hit the ground. On Dec. 21, 2012, at 11:11am, twin brothers are re-born to Professors Paul and Maya McCorckle. This singular event begins the 5th cycle, another 51... more
  • A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path (Volume 1)

    by Cassandra Welch
    Volume I of a 12 short mini series- A Tree with Only One Leaf: The First Page in a Tale that Spans Decades. Raw, Compelling New Series of Short Stories Explores Racial Discord in America  Based on the life and experiences of author Cassandra L Welch, 'A Tree with Only One Leaf: Multiple Vertices Connected By One Path' masterfully blends fact with fiction in what is the start of twelve short stories set to educate a generation about not only Welch's achievements, but also illuminate the civil ... more
  • Return to Lesbos (Arion's Odyssey, vol. #4)

    by Lin Sten

    In Return to Lesbos, during the Peloponnesian War in Classical Greece, just after Athens (the city-state) quells the revolt of Lesbos in 427 BC, Athens’ initial impulse is to put to death every male in Mytilene, on Lesbos, and to sell all the women and children into slavery. At this very time, Arion must return to Mytilene to retrieve the family estate from his treacherous uncle, find his mate and free her, and then return to Athens to make an enormous payment against the (illi... more


    by Steve Duman
    Polly B. Roly isn't like the other roly polies. She's a racer. And she's been training for today's race, the Over-the-hill and Leg-burner 10K. But all of the other racers are bigger and faster. Betty Bear. Honey Hamster. Bob Mole. Ollie Ostrich. A Who's Who of the racing world, and they're not afraid to make fun of her as they pass her on the way up the big hill. As a roly poly, Polly has a simple solution: curl up into a ball. But Polly has worked too hard for this. She has to keep going, no... more