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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gettysburg, 1913: The Complete Novel of the Great Reunion

    by Alan Simon

    July 1-3, 1863: The famed Battle of Gettysburg turns the tide of the Civil War, but not before approximately 50,000 soldiers from both sides become casualties during those three terrible days of carnage.

    June 29-July 4, 1913: To commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Battle of Gettysburg, more than 50,000 Civil War veterans ranging in age from 61 to more than 100 years old converge on the scene of that titanic battle half a century earlier in an occasion of healing that was known as th... more

  • The DeLuca Furlough Brides: Book 1: The Ones They Left Behind

    by Alan Simon

    Seventy-five years ago, in the earliest days of World War II, hundreds of thousands of young American women hastily married their sweethearts before those young men went off to war. This is the story of two of those young women who became known as furlough brides.

    Much to the dismay of her haughty mother, nineteen-year-old Elizabeth Buchanan marries her high school sweetheart, Carlo DeLuca, during Carlo's brief furlough following Marine Corps boot camp before he departs for infantry tra... more

  • Doc's Animal Kingdom

    by Bridget Finnegan
    Did you know that giraffe like to wear high heels or that rhinos don't like to get their feet wet? These are just two of the silly facts that you'll learn about in this beautifully illustrated picture book.
  • Ernie's Wish Trail: An Augmented Reality Book

    by Maia Orion
    Ernie's Wish Trail is a children's picture book enabled for Augmented Reality with an iPhone/ iPad app. Ernie has an enchantment for the natural gifts of others he meets on the trail. Ernie's wish trail ends in rediscovering simple pleasures and the joys of being himself. This simple story for toddlers and preschool kids, illustrated beautifully, can be enjoyed with & without the Augmented Reality app.
  • Love of Finished Years

    by Gregory Erich Phillips

    An immigrant's powerful journey of aspiration and love in early Twentieth Century New York.

    Pre World War One, Elsa came to America with her eyes wide open, realizing it was up to her to make a life for herself. Surviving a sweat shop in lower Manhattan, a chance job with a Long Island elite family opens up her world. Invited in up to a point, she unwittingly, albeit precariously, crosses the social divide with her now open heart, which puts all she had worked for in jeopardy.

    ... more
  • QL 4

    by James Garrison
    QL 4 was a highway in South Vietnam. In 1969, anyone going south from Saigon into the Mekong Delta would follow this national route, traversing an expanse of green rice paddies, passing through busy towns and quiet villages, and crossing wide fingers of the Mekong River by ferry. Squat red-and-white concrete posts marked the highway as “QL 4.” These concrete markers—old and battered and faded—mimicked those on the country roads of France. As a new U.S. Army military policeman following in the fo... more
  • A Shot of Malaria

    by Charles Souby
    In A SHOT OF MALARIA, Charles Souby unfolds the twisted story of a young man, Daniel Martin,desperately hooked on heroin, alcohol, and his own delusions. Set in San Francisco in the nineties, and written as deadpan first-person narrative, the novel captures the ugly realities of addiction with sharp, ironic humor.
  • A Prophet Without Honor: A Novel of Alternative History

    by Joseph Wurtenbaugh
    A Prophet Without Honor’ is that rare novel that provides a rich, entertaining and fully immersive reading experience, along with a resonant, thought-provoking subtext. Written in epistolary style and populated with interesting, fully-realized characters, the multi-general narrative is a seamless blend of authentic fact and sound speculation. The plot focuses on the one great, unrealized opportunity of the Twentieth Century. In the first months of 1936, Adolf Hitler risked everything by order... more
  • This Ocean is WEIRD!

    by Jamie R. Gandy
  • Peppercorn's Magic

    by Florence Novelli
    The Jolly Old King of Not-at-All and his daughter the Princess prepare to celebrate the coming event of the Princess’s wedding to a handsome young prince. Vexed by such merriment, the Ugly Old Troll visits the castle uninvited. Frightening everyone, he carries off the kingdom’s treasures. The King is about to cancel the celebrations when the Princess, remembering her special friend in times of trouble, makes a wish for the appearance of Mr. Peppercorn, the little Irish leprechaun. The wish is fu... more
  • Ten Days Till my Summer Vacation!

    by Carine Roch
    Every day during 10 days, turn 1 page till… your Summer Vacation! 10 Days Till my Summer Vacation! is a countdown book that anticipates summer vacation through a playful and interactive approach and is designed to help young children (aged 2 to 7) develop their understanding of time. Based on a memory game, the book features a growing list of objects, all evocative of summer vacation, and invites children to get ready for the departure day! Coloring the objects contributes to strengthening me... more
  • My God! My Country, My Son

    by Peter Ford
    With a war looming and people protesting the government to end Jim Crow, Sergeant Wanton finds himself fighting his son, a war and racism. Sergeant Wanton a highly decorated officer in the Army and true patriot of the United States was a man who appreciated the opportunities given to him in this great country. He was willing to give life for this country even if he did not have all the rights the country promised. He forbids his son from protesting because he believes that protest only agit... more
  • Leana's Day at the Beach

    by Geana Christian
    Leana only goes to school for half of the day while her sister and friends get to stay in school all day long! Each day after school, Leana goes on a grand adventure using her imagination. In this story, the first book in the Imagine Leana series, Leana uses her imagination to go to the beach right from her backyard.
  • The Cruel Romance

    by Marina Osipova

    As World War II intertwines Serafima's and Vitya's life with that of a young German violinist and a Russian intellectual, their destinies are irrevocably altered. Can they rise to the challenge of agonizing moral choices and learn to fotgive and love again?

  • The Postwoman

    by Michael Kenneth Smith
    "The Postwoman" is the true story of Andree de Jongh (Dedee), a young Belgium nurse, who disgusted with her country's capitulation to Germany at the beginning of WWII, vows to fight back. Dedee establishes an escape line to escort downed RAF and American fliers our of Europe and back to England to fight another day. She outwits the German SS at every turn of the road and repeatedly risks her life to further her cause. Then, in early 1943, she is captured and interned at the dreaded Ravensbruck c... more