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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Blood and Ink

    by D K Marley
    History shows Kit Marlowe died in a tavern brawl in Deptford in 1593, but did he? The year of his birth, 1563, England is torn apart by religious metamorphosis and espionage. The stages of England and bright intellectual boys are used to bolster Queen Elizabeth I's reign and propagate the rising Protestant faith. At the age of eight, Christopher Marlowe, the muse's darling, is sucked into the labyrinth of secret spy rings, blood, murder and betrayal, while his own ambitions as England's favori... more
  • The Gemstone Girls

    by Stef Kramer
    The story begins the summer of 1983 as plain, smart Erin Martin and her best friend, Josie Jones, prepare for high school in small town, Iowa. Erin is obsessed with fitting in – wanting to shed herself from her family’s gritty, blue collar reputation. Then turmoil strikes the community when a drug operation is uncovered. Josie’s father is arrested. Erin discovers an uncomfortable truth about her own family’s involvement. Being accepted into the popular social circle takes a backseat to the myste... more
  • Day of Dust

    by Ellie Cummins
    Caius trusted the perfect city all his life, until the day it took away his parents. Now his mind is haunted with sickening memories, and he can’t seem to push away the feeling that something else—something not quite right—is being done. When his plan to risk The Rules goes terribly wrong, it’s up to his sister, a cryptic Outsider called Rudy, and the Administrator’s crazy daughter to reach him. If they fail, it’s the end of the line for all of them.
  • 978-1947233928

    by Heidi Herman
    Anna Miller's small Midwestern town upbringing led to a safe, uneventful life. Until everything changed. While packing up her parent's home after their deaths, she discovers a shocking family secret. Anna is determined to find answers and follows the clues to a small town in Wyoming. Sexy local rancher Logan Harris crosses her path and for the first time in her thirty years, Anna finds herself caught up in passion she can't resist. Wyoming opens a whole new world to her as she follows the clues ... more
  • The Obsession of Dr. Pendergrass

    by John David Buchanan

    Pendergrass loved the city of London. But the economic success of the late 1800s had a dark side. London attracted criminals like a magnet. They immigrated to England from everywhere on earth to feed on the innocent, the naïve, and the desperate. Doctor Pendergrass knew their handiwork - stabbings, beatings, and maimings – they filled as many hospital beds as cholera and dysentery.

    World commerce had set upon England like a stiff wind from the sea that utterly refused to ceas... more

  • Serendipity Mystery: Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca Cat Detective Series Book 7)

    by R.F. Kristi
    An artifact gone missing. A jungle full of clues. Can one cat detective save a national treasure? Inca the Siberian Kitty can’t wait to add Sri Lanka to the list of places she’s explored. But before her paws touch the sandy beaches, she learns a local museum needs her crime-solving skills to track down a stolen ancient sword. With her trusty diary in tow, Inca leaps whisker-first down a trail of clues that leads her deep into the wild jungle. After getting a little help from a baby elepha... more
  • Diary of a Snoopy Cat (Inca Cat Detective Series Book 5)

    by R.F. Kristi
    When Inca and family move to London from Paris, they make a whole new set of friends, including Monk, a Blue Russian cat and Terrence, a Golden Retriever who ably and bravely assists his world-famous detective owner, Solo. Inspired by the adventures of her new friends, Inca sets herself the task of becoming the world's best cat detective and begins to keep a diary of her exploits. When Monk arrives one evening, with news of a meeting to take place later that night, Inca is excited and can't wai... more
  • First World Problems

    by Rea Keech
    Emma has lost her job but keeps her sense of humor as she struggles to keep her family going, even if they can’t match the pampered lifestyle of her friends from “the Estates.” Her naïve, idealistic husband Charles is no help. His only concern is seeing that there are no preservatives, pesticides, or growth hormones in his food. Their friend Andre, an unmarried, eccentric intellectual, is even less concerned with what he calls Emma’s first world problems. He’s content to live on pizza and donu... more
  • The Blue Gypsy; Mystery of the Caribbean Pearl

    by Thomas W. Greene
    La Azul Gitano, The Blue Gypsy. Synopsis La Azul Gitano, The Blue Gypsy, is a beautiful Caribbean pearl that has been in the Williams family for over 400 years since the sacking of Panama City in 1671. In that year, buccaneer Thomas Williams joined forces with infamous pirate Captain Henry Morgan and conspired to steal the city’s treasury of jewels, precious artifacts, silver and gold coin before it could be sent back to Spain. While fleeing with his Spanish-Incan wife Cataline to the Caribbean... more
  • 978-0997323726

    by Janet Oakley
    Englishwoman Jeannie Naughton never intends to run away from life, but in 1860 a woman’s reputation is everything. A scandal not of her own making forces her to flee to an island in the Pacific Northwest. The island, home to Coast Salish people and Hawaiians working for the Hudson’s Bay Company, is jointly occupied by British and American military forces. Jeannie settles into life at English Camp where she meets American Jonas Breed. As a youth he was captured and held as a slave—a mist-chi-mas... more
  • The Walking Stick: Winter Moon (Book III)

    by Kathy Love Cowen

    Adventure, danger, and deception flourish within the tribe. The saga of the Walkingstick family continues.

    Golden Meadow is forced to face the consequences of her wanton ways. She is mortified to find herself with child and ashamed for the second time in her life. She can’t face the man she tried to trick into believing he was the father of her baby.
    The two clans join forces by sending their warriors to Mississippi river banks to finally locate and end the horrific slave tra... more

  • Pleasure and Power

    by Doug Brendel
    Set in rural Ohio in the late 40s, in a world before #MeToo, Pleasure and Power explores the weight of race, secrets, and the misogyny and sexism that women face in a white man’s world. Seductive and unsettling, the novel traces the intertwined fates of three people. Ruby, a black teen, wants to protect her helpless older sister. Jake, a charming white salesman, dreams of political prestige. Conservative Alice clings to her virtue and values. When a mixed race baby is born inside a mental ward, ... more
  • The Daily Adventures of Tatyana: Glittery Glasses

    by G. P. Spencer
    Tatyana now has to wear eyeglasses to see clearly. Luckily she has friends and family that help her see what truly matters. Join Tatyana on her journey to self confidence and learning that it's not about what you wear, but who you are!
  • The Sound of a Giant Falling (A Sampson Story)

    by Gilbert Collins
    Donna Stevens was devastated when the doctors told her she could not have children. However she had a child that grew into the strongest man on earth. This strength did come with conquences if Sampson used drugs or alcohol, or has sex before marriage he will lose his power. These are some of the same challenges Christian teenagers face today.
  • The Devil in Beauty: A Lord Trevelin Mystery (The Lord Trevelin Mysteries) (Volume 1)

    by Heidi Ashworth
    Julian “Trev” Silvester, the Marquis of Trevelin, had everything a gentleman could want--good looks, a fortune, and plenty of charm. When a duel with a jealous duke leaves him disfigured, Trev is ostracized by those who once celebrated him. His life is forever changed, but Trev is still loyal to his friends. When one is accused of murder and another's diamond necklace is stolen, he does what he must to help them. As the two cases merge, Trev finds an ally who isn’t put off by his scar and the sc... more
  • Beyond Beauport

    by James Masciarelli
    Shannon Clarke raised a family and worked waterfront jobs in America's oldest seaport. Her childhood dream to become a sea captain is revived when her long-lost seafaring uncle Patrick visits with a salty tale of their maritime family ancestry of pirates and privateers. He shares recovered family letters and artifacts from the Golden Age of Piracy. They take to the sea in Patrick's brigantine to follow the siren song of their ancestors in quest of destiny, truth and treasure. The voyage is fraug... more