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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Paris Postcards

    by Guy Thomas Hibbert
    The unique sights, smells and sounds of the famous city are the luminous backdrop to these eleven tales whose colourful characters are lured to the City of Light and Love, like moths to a flame. A young waiter leaves the French countryside in search of fame and fortune. A single woman leaves her home country behind in a last chance search for meaning and love. In German occupied Paris an officer is lodged in the house of a defiant young Frenchwoman. The extravagance and glamour of café society m... more
  • Writing essay will be easy with such tips

    by Subhajit Khara
    Students who enough time so then they claim and to lack necessary skills and to come up along top notch essay writing will easy for them. Actually those students actually have enough time so then claim to lack necessary skills and to come up with the writing of essay that is fantastic. It is the best way of process and then easiest way to drafting the successful essay. No matter propose might be and also according to expert. So if you want to know ... more
  • Mandatory Release

    by Jess Riley
    Thirty-year-old Graham Finch spends his days trying to rehabilitate inmates and his nights trying to rehabilitate his heart--until a new coworker, his high school crush Drew Daniels, walks through the prison gates one hot summer morning. Drew is on the run from a painful past that's nearly crushed her faith in love. Together, they might have just what it takes to mend their hearts. If only finding their way to one another were easier than working with convicted felons. Loaded with twisted hum... more
  • All the Lonely People

    by Jess Riley
    After losing her beloved mother to cancer, 37-year-old Jaime Collins must confront the ugly fact that she and her siblings don't actually like one another. At all. Fueled by grief and an epic argument at Thanksgiving dinner, Jaime decides to divorce her brother and sister and posts an ad on Craigslist for a new family with whom to share Christmas dinner. What happens next is a heartwarming, funny, and surprising journey to forgiveness and healing. Is blood really thicker than water? What make... more
  • Frank Vaughn Killed by His Mom

    by D. Krauss
    It’s summer, 1965. School's out and Butch's birthday is in a few weeks. Perfect; three months of freeze tag, hide and seek and riding his bike way past dark. Well, maybe not completely perfect — Frank Vaughn, a classmate, is beaten to death by his crazy mother for leaving a report card at school. On top of that, Dad is touchier than ever and Mom sadder, so best to hide out next door with his best friend Tommy reading X-Men and hoping for that birthday GI Joe. But in one night, Butch's summer e... more
  • MAROONED: Will YOU Endure Treachery and Survival on the High Seas? (Click Your Poison)

    by James Schannep

    3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Endure Treachery and Survival on the High Seas?

    Set in the Golden Age of Piracy, MAROONED is your chance to climb aboard a wooden ship and set sail in a swashbuckling adventure that will pit you against pirates & mutineers, real-life deserted island survival scenarios, and naval battles as one sovereign wars against the crown across the sea. 

    Get MAROON... more

  • The Sleeping King

    by Laurel Colless
    Legend holds that in centuries past,a great king was laid to rest, leaving a promise to wake again when the world would need him most. Could eleven year-old Peter Blue be that sleeping king? “He sleeps more than we do!” complain the old people at the Gum Tree Rest Home in the Australian bush, where Peter’s lived since his parents were killed by wildfire.When a pesky wizard-type pulls Peter out of a nap, telling him to wake up and save the world, Peter’s naturally not interested. It’s only when ... more
  • Barrington

    by Baroness DeBurgh
  • Eleos

    by D. R. Bell
    The discovery of a valise of old letters written to his Armenian grandfather from an Auschwitz survivor starts a man on an odyssey to uncover the mystery surrounding his grandfather’s unsolved death. From the killing fields of Anatolia to the trial of Adolf Eichmann, his quest opens a door into intersecting paths and dark secrets of three families, stretching back to 1915.

    by Gary Bolick
    After walking away from a horrific car accident, untouched, Jonas Bellingham Ayre, sells his business, divorces his wife and moves to the desert. It is there, in the desert searching for answers, that his shadow, steps out and becomes a taunting foil. Months pass and still no answers. A burlap sack is thrown out from a passing train. Inside the sack, Jonas discovers and nurses back to health, Eva, an abused, near-dead woman, who in return, helps Jonas find redemption and a measure of peace as he... more
  • Carol and Santa

    by Karen Cotton
    I’m Carol Bell, just a Wyoming cowgirl that keeps getting blamed for trouble because stupid John Hoboken, the school bully, keeps making me mad. Mom and Dad say I’m on Santa’s naughty list, and I‘m going to get coal for Christmas, but it’s not my fault! I didn’t believe Santa really delivered coal to naughty kids, and I was right! It’s not Santa, but I know who DOES! Join our intrepid 8-year-old as she learns about herself and the world of Christmas... literally... in one night! Naughty kids ... more
  • The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry in Scandinavia

    by Audrey Smit
    In a village where the flowers grow as big as trees, lives a brave little girl named Lily Huckleberry. As a member of the Worldwide Adventure Society, Lily has a magic globe that takes her on whimsical adventures around the world. In this first book of the series, Lily goes to Scandinavia for a Midsummer party, where she finds herself ker-splat in the middle of a strawberry mystery. As Lily travels around Scandinavia to save Midsummer, she meets a menagerie of friends, explores Nordic culture, a... more
  • Danny's Fantasticani Christmas Adventure

    by Paul Dixon
    7-year-old boy goes on an unexpected magical journey to try and save Christmas for the world, in the process uncovering secrets about his dead father and attempting to put the happiness and joy back into his own life
  • Anumpa Warrior: Choctaw Code Talkers of World War I

    by Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer
    The day I betrayed Isaac, I vowed never again to speak my native language in front of white men. When America enters the Great War in 1917, Bertram Robert Dunn and his Choctaw buddies from Armstrong Academy join the army to protect their homes, their families, and their country. Hoping to find redemption for a horrible lie that betrayed his best friend, B.B. heads into the trenches of France—but what he discovers is a duty only his native tongue can fulfill. War correspondent Matthew Te... more
  • The Never Ending Fall

    by Susan Watson
    Beautiful Maddie Quinn grew up dreaming of a better life, as did most Depression-era teenagers. She married in 1946 at the age of 18 in pursuit of this dream. By 1960, however, she knew their marriage was lost, but with two children ages 9 and 10 what was she to do. Maddie was working as a waitress at a high-end restaurant to earn extra money. She met Mr. Jason Granger, a wealthy businessman and a frequent patron. Jason was also determined to have Maddie for this wife. Five short years lat... more

    by S. F. Toabeah


    This woman is not looking to fall head over heels in love anytime soon but there she is, slowly tumbling into one when a fun vacation in Ghana with her friends reveals unexpected challenges. Her walls are breaking down and her worlds begin to collide into each other. It doesn’t bode well when an FBI Agent has her and her friends under his suspicious radar when they return to the United States.