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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Uncommon Counsel

    by Art Smith
    Rip Taylor is an opera-loving defense attorney wrestling with schizophrenia. Medications help, but their delicate balance is threatened by his new psychiatrist. Rip’s only allies are a mysterious pair of jays who advise him on his cases. When Rip loses access to them, he strays into a situation that pits the demands of his profession against his personal ethics. This ultimately kindles an unlikely partnership and sets a new direction for his life. Uncommon Counsel is told from a combination of ... more
  • Three Women and the River

    by William Harry Harding
    Surviving the fiercest combat in Flanders, a head wound in the final and least-publicized great battle front of World War I (along Italy's Piave River), and threatened with execution by firing squad for desertion, a teenager from West Kent forges a new family and future, only to find he must once again face a life-and-death moment and risk everything ̶ this time for love.
  • Cryptofauna

    by Patrick Canning
    Could be his job as a janitor at an insane asylum, could be the meaninglessness of existence, could be the unwanted cilantro on his tacos. Whatever the reason, Jim has elected to commit suicide. But before he can do the deed, a mysterious resident at work equips him with a dog and a bag of ash, and throws him into a secret game known as Cryptofauna. Cryptofauna is played by Operators, persons of special abilities who battle one another to influence important events around the world. To become an... more
  • The Colonel and the Bee

    by Patrick Canning
    Beatrix, a spirited but abused acrobat in a traveling circus, seeks more than her prison-like employment offers. More than anything, she wants to know her place in the world of the halcyon 19th century, a time when the last dark corners of the map were being sketched out and travel still possessed a kind of magic. One night in Switzerland, the mysterious Colonel James Bacchus attends Beatrix’s show. This larger-than-life English gentleman, reputed to have a voracious appetite for female conqu... more
  • My Lady Zane

    by Steven M. Sullivan
    Currently being packaged as a feature film in Los Angeles. A gripping page turner, tells the true story of a female war hero in our American History! In the writing style of Best Selling Author Lee Child and the immersive historical action of great epic love stories like, The Titanic, Dances With Wolves, and Outlander. Marines love to get mail. Good old U.S. Post mail. Handwritten. It is 2003 and Sergeant Leah Ann Sullivan reads one hell of a story from her past in the letters. Her grandmo... more
  • Taming the Twisted 2: Reconstructing Rain

    by Jodie Toohey
    It may have appeared that the Sinkey family had tamed the twisted, but with a war disrupting their world as much as the tornado, there’s even more to unravel. Alice Sinkey, Abigail’s younger sister, gets the chance to tell her story in Taming the Twisted Two: Reconstructing Rain – from her estranged relationship with her best friend to dealing with a scoundrel she thought had left their lives forever, so she can leave her family safe when she escapes her stifling responsibilities to a new life. ... more
  • Sin & Redemption: The Pink Elephant Connection

    by James McCarthy

    From street thug to international heroin smuggler, to murder, to prison inmate, to vengeance, to redemption, about a life of true crime and coming of age.

  • The Childless Ones

    by Cam Rhys Lay



    In the “real world,” we open with aspiring fantasy writer, Jack, just leaving a prostitute when he receives a phone call that his wife Sarah has been attacked and possibly sexually assaulted. With this incident as a launching pad, the novel moves through both Jack and Sarah’s lives as they deal with past guilt and regrets as well as ... more

  • Of Our Own Device

    by M.K. South

    What do you do when you realize that the American Dream you have been working for so hard is not enough if it will be yours and yours alone? And that what you are told to do will destroy the only true friend you have ever had?

    Summer of 1985. Jack Smith is a rookie CIA case officer posted at the American Embassy in Moscow. Despite his gregarious nature, Jack is a lonely man: not only is he a reluctant spy, he is also gay. When he meets Eton Volkonsky, a talented nuclear physics student,... more

  • Saint Pontianus: Bishop of Rome

    by Michael Ponzio
    As recorded in the Catholic Encyclopedia, several Christian Romans have been canonized as saints and one was pope in 235 A.D. In the third novel, St. Pontianus: The Bishop of Rome, the pope must not only deal with the persecution by Roman authorities, but fight street battles with the followers of the anti-pope, Hippolytus. Pope Pontianus baptized a Roman senator name Pontius, who in turn converted the Roman Emperor Phillipus to the Christian faith. Phillipus is killed, however, and the new e... more
  • Pontius Pilatus: Dark Passage to Heaven

    by Michael Ponzio

    The second novel, in the Lover of the Sea series, Pontius Pilatus, Dark Passage to Heaven, takes place almost 100 years after the initial novel-  Pontius Aquila: Eagle of the Republic. A letter of complaint had been issued to Tiberius that Pilate had used unnecessary force to put down a rebellion in Judea. Thus, Pilatus (Pilate in English), was ordered by Emperor Tiberius Caesar to return Rome from his governorship in Judea. Tiberius dies before Pilate arrives in Rome and ... more

  • Escape from Sjór Borg

    by Michael Eidam
    A thrilling tale about five good-hearted kids thrust into an incredible adventure in a lost world haunted by dangerous creatures from Norse mythology. With mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of laughs, this action-packed page-turner will have readers 8 and up racing toward the end. Cade wants to be a professional baseball player. Garrett prefers football. Raegan loves to read and draw. And Ryan . . . well Ryan loves to eat. Taylor Ann is the one who wants to be an explorer. Taylor Ann is the... more
  • Pontius Aquila: Eagle of the Republic

    by Michael Ponzio
    Pontius Aquila: Eagle of the Republic. During Julius Caesar’s dictatorship, generations before Pontius Pilate, Aquila falls in love with Cicero’s daughter. Then after a brilliant military career under Caesar, he is elected Tribune of the Plebeians. During a parade in Rome, Caesar rides his chariot in triumph, but Aquila refuses to stand with the other officials. He represents the common people, considers Caesar a threat to the citizens’ freedom and joins the plot to assassinate Caesar.  
  • Norman

    by Michelle Olson
    Norman the Button loves his job keeping his person’s coat closed, but lately, he’s only been hanging on by a thread. After falling off, Norman is convinced he must find a new job to feel needed again. But after being burned as a firefighter and nearly drowned as a plumber, Norman almost decides to give up and let himself be recycled. Once Norman realizes his greatest strength is in being a button, he finally sees the perfect job is right in front of him.
  • Mi Árbol Doblado (Bilingual - Spanish/English)

    by kathy brodsky
    Mi Arbol Doblado/My Bent Tree is the 10th Anniversary edition of My Bent Tree - but this time it's bilingual Spanish/English. It's a delightful picture book told in rhyme of a little girl who discovers a tree that's different from the rest. It's a book about living with a disability, friendship, loyalty, social action, diversity and conservation. The book includes life-skills interactive questions that further conversation about the above topics.
  • Tatiana and the Russian Wolves

    Alexander adored his mother, Tatiana, an exotic and magical woman. Tatiana’s imagination kept her past at bay until insanity—the Russian wolves— took her and unleashed Alexander’s mental breakdown. Although Alexander inherited many of Tatiana’s gifts, he wonders if Tatiana’s bequest includes insanity. Alexander sees himself as fragile; confronting Tatiana’s past is a daunting task. Ignoring Tatiana’s gifts, Alexander has become an international banker and leads a comfortable life in San Francisc... more