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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Competition

    by Cecily Wolfe
    For Mary Sofia, The Penultimate writing competition is more than a chance at a free college education; she wants to show her younger siblings that they can all rise above their violent family history. For Raiden, the pressure to succeed comes from within, although he knows that family traditions play a part in his determination. For Camara, writing fiction is almost compulsive, but her own dark secret may be the best story she can ever tell. For Michael, swimming and writing fit his introverted ... more
  • 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies

    by Townsend Walker
    Townsend Walker’s twelve stories are rooted in foreign places, cemeteries, violence and strong women. The worlds his characters construct are unforgiving. Their paths cross in twisted and sometimes fatal ways. In the title novella, three women use wit, seduction, and weapons to master the men they meet. The ribald reverend in "The Second Coming" meets his match in 19 year-old Charity. In "Super Secrets" two women are neighbors and lovers, until one is betrayed and extracts revenge. And in "You ... more
  • Temptation Rag: A Novel

    by Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard

    What WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was to the circus, TEMPTATION RAG is to ragtime . . . 

    5-star pick from Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

    "A striking portrait of racial and gender inequality in the ragtime era."—Fredric Tulsky, Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist

    "A page-turning story of passion, ambition, and desire."—Megan Chance, bestselling author of Bone River and Inamorata

    What is the price of freedom? How d... more

  • The Storyteller

    by Colin Beckett
    For centuries lighthouses have served as navigational aids for maritime pilots at sea, warning ships of hidden coastlines and hazardous shoals and pointing to safe entries to harbors. In “The Storyteller,” Colleen McHale travels to her hometown of Rogers City, Michigan, in order to find some personal direction following a brief but brilliant stint as an up - and - coming architect in Ann Arbor. She visits 40 Mile Point Lighthouse, a favorite place from her childhood. There she meets a perceptive... more
  • Pregnancy Is a Real Mother

    by Jeffrey Zweig

    "It was like your OB was answering your questions about pregnancy right there personally as a friend."

    Do you want a book on pregnancy that is easy to read?

    Are you looking for a book that "tells it all" about pregnancy?

    Do want to laugh and be amused by a book that "moves you" emotionally about having a baby?

    If so, Pregnancy is a Real Mother is the only book for you on pregnancy. It is one of the most fascinating and captivating book published on the subject... more

  • Winston and Henry Do Art: Join the cuddly duo on their spectacular adventure

    by Greta von Szabo
    Winston and Henry Do Art is a traditional illustrated adventure about a tiger called Winston and a bear called Henry. It is written in rhyme to make it easier to read to little ears. Sitting in their country house, Winston and Henry decide they are bored with the quiet life. They ask their magical friend, Mumbo, to give them a lift through time to explore different kinds of art. Winston and Henry Do Art has beautifully illustrated full colour and black and white pages.
  • I And You, And Me And Her

    by Barry Grills
    Tom McNamara has a secret. For more than twenty years he has been deeply in love with his sister-in-law, Jan. For more than twenty years, Tom and Jan have kept silent about a passionate three-day love affair they shared during a skiing trip in Europe. While neither of the lovers was married at the time—Jan was engaged in Toronto and Tom believed he would marry Judy, a woman he had been seeing for a few months in Ottawa—Jan and Tom decided to part permanently, returning to their partners in Canad... more
  • Segalvitz

    by Mark Carp
    Joe Segalvitz is a high-school dropout, murderer and former prizefighter, who works for a political machine and rises to become the mayor of a populous American city. However, can he ever escape the past that threatens to undo him?
  • Red Love

    by Lijian Zhao
    Three young women growing up in China in the 1950's pursue love despite the barriers erected by family, society, and personal struggles. Their efforts are challenged by the heated and sometimes violent political environment which envelops them.
  • Beautifully Unique

    by Renae Sewall
    My name is Sophia and I am here to tell you a story! The story is about feeling different. My family is unique, I am not like my Mommy, Daddy, or sisters, which made me confused. So one day I asked my mommy why I was different, so she took me on a little adventure to an amazing butterfly garden. There we see so many different butterflies from all over the world while she helps me understand that everyone is unique in their own way.
  • Virginia May's Collection of Short Stories & Literary Chronicles

    by Taylor Madison Ellis
    Virginia May's Collection of Short Stories & Literary Chronicles is a group of writing consisting of fifteen short stories and detailed illustrations. In magnificent settings, plots are told with a combination of history and drama. Such tales include beginnings in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire all the way to the Enlightenment and American Civil War. With a wide variety of exciting emotion, thrills, and passion, Virginia May's is a collection not to be missed.
  • The Hormone Shift: Using Natural Hormone Balancing for Your Mood, Weight, Sleep & Female Health

    by Dawn Cutillo
    Would you like to lose those last, stubborn 10-20 pounds, diminish your hot flashes, improve you sleep and banish your mood swings... all in 30 days? The Hormone "Shift" outlines a unique protocol of "Natural Hormone Balancing," that can totally rebalance your hormones, without the risks or side effects of traditional HRT or Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. This safe, natural and fast approach to rebalancing your body will allow you to lose stubborn fat from your most desired areas (hips, st... more
  • In Two Worlds

    by Ido Kedar
    Seven-year-old Anthony has autism. He flaps his hands. He makes strange noises. He can't speak or otherwise communicate his thoughts. No one, not even his loving family, his teachers and his specialists have any idea of his true intelligence. He is locked inside himself and this sharply divides his life between two worlds: His inner world, so richly sensory it is at times hallucinogenic; and his external world, dominated by therapies, specialists and endless misunderstandings. Despite years of ... more
  • Window of Opportunity, LLC

    by Lana Pereyaslavska
    Up to her ears in debt, disillusioned by the prison-like existence, feeling like the tiniest of cogs inside a giant robotic machine, Dawn spends all the little money she has left on one extravagance - a window of opportunity, or a WOOP, as it is known. It may turn out to be a scam, another urban legend, but she wants to think there is a better life awaiting her on the other side of dusty glass. It's her chance to live every day to the fullest instead of merely dragging through, always stuck in a... more
  • Of Metal and Earth

    by Jennifer M Lane

    Finalist in the 2018 IAN Book of the Year Awards in the category of Literary / General Fiction!

    Seven ordinary lives are changed by their extraordinary relationships with a little green Jeep in Of Metal and Earth, a tale of restoration and redemption.

    In 1964, James survives a fierce early battle in the Vietnam War by hiding beneath his Jeep. When he returns to the small town of Elk River, he is emotionally paralyzed and with nothing to fight for, turns to ... more