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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Incident at the Historical Museum

    by Lawrence Deiman
    This is a story about two friends, Jason and Trevor, who met in college. They became friends and, very quickly, best friends. After college, Jason starts working in security, and thanks to a boss that totally destroys him at his job, decides to go out on his own so that can't happen again, a decision that almost gets himself killed. Trevor decrypts encoded messages from foreign powers for the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies. After realizing his potential, he lands his dream job and prepa... more
  • To Finish the Course: The Apostle Paul and the Early Christians in the Roman World

    by Ardyce Templeman
    This historical novel spans the reigns of the Roman Caesars Tiberius through Nero. It tells the story of the fledgling early church and how they were impacted by Roman law and rule. The apostle Paul traveled extensively throughout that world, visiting metropolitan cities, fearlessly taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ straight into the heart of pagan worship. He suffered hunger, stoning, prison, flogging, beating, being shipwrecked three times, and being in constant danger of bandits. Yet througho... more
  • Wild Ride at the Dude Ranch

    by Sherry Walraven
    A group of merrymaking cousins travel to Texas to spend their annual vacation at the Dude Ranch for a week of trail rides, BBQs, barn dances, roping, and other fun activities. They enjoyed meeting new people, and they were not disappointed at the colorful characters they met while on this vacation. They became friends with the Dude brothers, a pregnant lady, and an extra tall ball-bat-toting woman named Tinker Bell. Last year's vacation to Missouri had more adventure than they ever could have im... more
  • Apricot Marmalade and the Edmondson Transmittal

    by Lon Orey

    A satire about a team of US Military Intelligence agents in Thailand during the height of the Vietnam War. They wear civilian clothes and carry credentials as they conduct counterintelligence investigations and surveillance of suspected enemy agents. Although well-motivated, their often humorous attempts to complete their assignments and stay out of trouble rarely succeed. The style and tone of this book have been compared to that of MASH and Catch 22.

  • Sex and the American Male

    by Jay Williams
    Once upon a time, Zack Hardiman, a typical American male, attempted to find a shirt for jogging that contained absolutely no advertising. This became the first step in his descent into insanity. When he recovered, he slowly began a more extensive trip along the winding road we call American Culture. Although SEX and the AMERICAN MALE is not a fairy tale, it does include a happy ending with a married couple, a white picket fence and 2.5 children. SEX and the AMERICAN MALE is a satirical jab at... more
  • If You Give A Mum A MInute

    by Maya Fleischmann

    This metaphorical tale, in a colouring activity book, is about the importance of self-care for caregivers and uses "Mum" to depict caregivers. Mum's busy life is filled with multiple tasks and distractions. Will Mum ever find a minute for herself? Do you have a minute to find out?

  • Finding Ching Ha

    by Maya Fleischmann
    A Russian Jewish couple, living in British-ruled Hong Kong of the 1970s, adopts Ching Ha, a three-year-old Chinese girl. As Ching Ha navigates family, history and heritage, she learns the complexities of discovering, creating and embracing multi-layered nuances that shape an identity.
  • What's My Superpower

    by Delanda Coleman
    In this children’s book, Deshaun Prime longs to join in his daring family’s superhero feats. But while Dad is really strong, Mom is lightning-fast, and Sister can fly, he has no idea what his abilities could be. And though he’s tried to copy their amazing skills… nothing seems to work! Sad he doesn’t have a special gift, Deshaun takes his parents’ advice to do whatever comes naturally. And when he focuses on this natural talent for reading, math, and building, he begins to build a mighty robo... more
  • The Tocks on the Clock

    by Jozef K. Richards
  • 9788194983620

    by Eshwarmurthy Pillai
    Continuous drought season takes a heavy toll on Subodh’s life. As the bank debt piles up, it leaves him with no choice. During one such suicide attempt, Subodh happens to meet Vanhi, a schoolgirl near a railway track. Their initial conversation enlightens him and the grief disappears in no time, because of her innocence and simplicity. All those intentions of committing suicide are metamorphosed by her audacity and the magical tiffin box that she carries. Subodh's incredible journey begi... more
  • Your Life, Little Girl

    by Evie Courtlandt
    It’s fall of 2011 in Manhattan. Kate’s life has already turned out much differently than she had imagined. Her legal career is in shambles, derailed by sexual harassment, motherhood, and the apocalyptic economic downturn that began three years earlier. She spends her time catering either to her husband or toddler, with no ability to choose her own adventure anymore. It’s as if her childhood dreams are on a milk bottle somewhere below the word “lost.” When Charlie calls to tell her that he wi... more
  • Sissie Klein is Perfectly Normal

    by Kris Clink

    One mistake can steal your innocence. One promise can threaten a friendship. One secret can tear apart a family. Sissie Klein barely remembers the night that tore her from the carefree life she knew. Not long after the shocked teen is pushed into marriage, she’s rushed to the hospital where a catastrophic delivery seals her destiny.

    Sissie is determined to give her daughter the opportunities she forfeited, but some fates can’t be avoided. Tragedy strikes, leaving behind... more

  • Harper's Donelson: A Novel of Grant's First Campaign, 2nd edition

    by Sean Kevin Gabhann

    The lives of a deputy U.S. marshal, a Quaker farm boy, and a teenaged farm girl collide in a way that changes the lives of each in western Kentucky during the winter of 1862.

    LIEUTENANT JAMES HARPER, 31, a former US deputy marshal to the Dakota Territory has served with the First Iowa Volunteers since the war began and now seeks to command a company in the battalion.

    KATHERINE (KATIE) MALLOY, 15, a down-state Illinois farm girl works as a saloon-girl, sold into that life by her dr... more

  • There's an Elephant in My Room!

    by Steven Haggard

    What Would You Do If You Had an Elephant for a Friend?

    Nicole is a creative and playful little girl with a big imagination. She loves to play with her toys every day, but she never remembers to put them away. Her mess grows and grows with each adventure. One night, Nicole stumbles upon a colossal surprise… Amid all of that mess, Nicole discovers that there is an elephant in her room! After a fun-packed day full of elephant games, Nicole learns that having an elep... more

  • The Secrets I Keep

    by Mary R Jones
    The secrets I keep is a poetry collection about some of the things we keep to ourselves, through betrayal and heartache, from childhood leading into adulthood. Learning to let go of the bitterness through poetry and learning about yourself through it. Finding calm amidst the chaos, being vulnerable with yourself about hard truths. Sometimes when facing your shadows you learn that you are more than what other people have pushed you to be.
  • The Main Dish

    by Victoria Kimble
    16-year-old Scarlet Williams enjoys the attention that comes with being a violin prodigy. She auditions for a chair in the Summerset Festival Orchestra, the well-attended local event in her hometown. She is the youngest person to ever get a chair in the orchestra, and she is so excited that they are playing John Williams’s American Journey that year. She blasts the news on social media and enjoys the attention that Finn O’Neal gives her about it. Her best friend Jillian is excited for her and pr... more