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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • That Other God

    by David Beasley
    In Vienna, Austria, after WW II, an American poet and mystic sets out with single minded determination to unite the peoples of the earth through meditation, telepathy, and the collective subconscious to bring them to the knowledge of the one true God of humanity. He finds unlikely help from an English artist, a Turkish dervish and an Austrian bureaucrat. For a time, the mystic and his friends succeed, and the world knows peace and spiritual joy until the failings of human nature undo the promise... more
  • Aspects of Love

    by David Beasley
    Three novellas explore the emotional and sexual relationships that can entrap, consume, frustrate and preserve the human spirit. "Helen" is an intensely erotic story of the love between a young man and an older woman. "Caravetti" deals with romantic love as against married love by contrasting love in Paris to love in a highly structured Spanish society, in which duty to family and the opportunism of purchased love reflect the ageless choice. "Adam" pursues the mental relationship between a homos... more
  • To every thing there is a season

    by Edward Arruns Mulhorn
    Ever since he arrived in the village of Nettlesden, Matty has been warned not to enter the wood. It has lain undisturbed for years. The trees within it creak and groan perpetual pain; they yawn an invisible agony at the life that lies buried within. No one has reason to go near, except for Uriah. But Matty is enthralled by its savage beauty, and entering deep into its heart he begins to discover its secrets. Things that the villagers thought dead and forgotten; and things they thought were a... more
  • The Candy Conundrum

    by Joseph Vivens
    Candace loves to eat candy, so much so, that her nickname is Candy. She keeps her love of sweets a secret because she doesn’t want her Mom to take them away. Then one day she wakes up with a toothache and that means she’ll have to go to the dentist! Can Candy fix her tooth before it gets worse or will she have to tell Mom and risk losing all of her sweets?
  • Lily the Panda: It's a Bearfect World

    by Molly Kuddles
    Lily the Panda has just moved from Bearjing, the home of Pandas, to Bearshire where there are many bears. Brown bears, polar bears, koala bears, they all live together. It's strange for Lily to see so many types of bears, especially that her new panda friends don't have many nice things to say about them. So, when she is partnered up with Chris the polar bear and Oliver the koala she is not too happy. But she soon finds out it is not the exterior of the bear that she should judge, but what is o... more
  • The Assistance of Vice

    by Roberta Degnore

    When sex, drugs, and escape from success don't kill you, they force you to make a career move.

    Crossing the boundaries of literature and sexual culture, The Assistance of Vice tells the story of a New York City woman living on the edge. It's 1983 and she's faced with dilemmas. Choosing from too many women lovers should be easy, and so should making it in the downtown art scene as a photographer. But nothing's easy when you don't trust your talents.

  • Stainer: A Novel of the 'Me' Decade

    by Iolanthe Woulff
    New York City, 1975: Decent-hearted but spoiled Jewish college kid Ben Steiner is naively possessed by an overwhelming desire to be cool. At a springtime party on the night of his twenty-first birthday, he meets two people: Rebecca Glaser, the longed-for sweet girl of his dreams, and P.T. Deighland, a beguilingly knavish wiseacre from Princeton. Seduced by Deighland's cocksure irreverence while simultaneously succumbing to his own temptations, Ben makes a cascading series of unfortunate choices ... more
  • Castle Lake Grave Reckoning

    by Thomas A. Ryerson
    In the first volume of 'Castle Lake' sixteen year old Alicia Murdock fought and conquered the evil spirit of William Fick with the help of her family, and narrowly survived. In this third volume, set in 1889, the odds are however stacked wickedly against her. The spirit of William’s daughter, Lorra Anne, is out for pure vengeance, and Alicia is fighting for her life at the Girl’s Academy of Learning in Landmark. It’s just her, her wits, and the help of a new friend pitted against the dark fo... more
  • Santa Fe: Holy Faith

    by Wesley Redfield

    Santa Fe: Holy Faith takes a young man from Missouri, Joshua Kincaid, and his lover Maria from Taos deep into New Mexican society.  They become entangled in bitter rivalries caused by abuses of debt peonage, protecting Crypto-Jews from the Mexican Inquisition, corrupt government officials, smuggling, the secret religious sect known as the Penitentes, and cutthroat competition on the Santa Fe Trail.

  • Sangre de Cristo: The Blood of Christ

    by Wesley Redfield
    What happens when a seventeen-year-old boy from Missouri is beaten and abandoned in Spanish New Mexico during the Mexican revolution?  Joshua Kincaid finds himself alone and wounded in an alien land, a land so alien priests encourage people to steal Navajo children so they will be baptized and their souls will be saved.  Saved or not, they will become slaves. Sangre de Cristo: The Blood of Christ tells the story of life and love in a beautiful land where the mountains reflect the red of sunset ... more
  • Hypocrites and Other Stories

    by David Beasley
    A Collection of short stories... Ontario, London, Ibiza, France, Sausalito A Church minister falls out of favour with the social powers in his community. A boy deciding to burn down his school comes from an unloving background. A businessman discovers his humanity after he plants a bomb on a plane. Female companionship rescues a young man from the loneliness of London. A well-run tavern falls into disorder when the proprietor's wife takes a day off. A salesman's ambitions crumble when h... more
  • Returning Santa's Boot

    by Valerie Ondrejko
    Three friends have an unforgettable Christmas Eve when they receive a unique gift! When they discover that Santa has lost his boot there is only one thing to do; wait up to give it back in person. Now, they must keep the boot safe from the dog and find a way to stay awake. The night is filled with giggles, fears and disagreements. Nora, Chloe and Alec work together throughout the night using walkie-talkies to stay connected while chaos and doubts occur on both ends. Can they defeat their fears? ... more
  • The Village of the Trees

    by Naomi Lau
    Roo is a busy and hardworking treehouse builder. After a tragic accident that leaves Roo and her village without homes, Roo sets off on an uncertain journey to find a place where they can live. In this simple picture book narrative, readers come alongside Roo as she finds the determination and initiative to make things right again. The Village of the Trees is a story of restoration and rescue in a way that one might least expect.
  • A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare, ISBN13: 978-0692892047

    by Mary Alice Sutherland

    Bear is ready to hibernate but Hare is ready to celebrate!   Do you know what do mice do when it's raining?  Caesar the dog stepped in the paint.  Young scientists go exploring in the blue hills. And shall the three-year-old wish for on his birthday?  These are just some of the situations you'll read about in A Hibernating Bear and a Holiday Hare.  For preschoolers through first grade.  

  • Fettering Shadows

    by Amy Shannon
    Private Investigator Jake Dalton, a former Texas Ranger, has settled down in a small town in Oklahoma, set in his ways, and creating a new life for himself. Even when his former partner asks for help on some unsolved serial murder cases, he is still focused on what is rather than what was. Then she walks into his agency and life, and turns it upside down. Dr. Agatha "Aggie" Constantine hires Jake to find her stalker, a stalker who she believes is also the serial killer only known by the name... more
  • That Brant County Sound! The Ballad of Jim Allison and Thunderbird Recording

    by Tom Ryerson
    On February 4th 1978 Roger Quick peaked at #29 with his trucking themed hit, “Ten Miles from Home,” on the Canadian country charts. His record label, Thunderbird Recordings, was based in Burford, ON. This top 30 single brought Thunderbird out to the big time, leaving an indelible mark in the music history books. Thunderbird Recordings was owned and operated by Jim Allison, a man who bled country music. This book is his story; his roster of 18 acts and the trials and tribulations of running a ... more