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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 3: Oxymoron

    by John Rachel

    How do we function in a world which is both as randomly and intentionally cruel, as it is randomly and intentionally kind? Can we make sense of our lives when so much around us makes no sense?

    In this, the final book of the trilogy, we find out what it means to be a "man who loves too much". More importantly, we discover if Billy Green is such a man.


  • The Man Who Loved Too Much - Book 2: Entendre

    by John Rachel

    The Billy Green saga continues! Billy’s challenging, sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic, always unpredictable journey.

    He was more determined than ever to find meaning in life and comfort in love.

    Billy came to know one thing for sure.

    Love is real.

    He could now with the absolute cocksure confidence of pure enlightenment, scoff at the naysayers and spit in the face of the purveyors of romantic nihilism, the cynics who say that love is an illusion.

    Billy k... more

  • For the Lover of Stories

    by Charlie Avinash Nicholas

    Dear you, 

    Welcome to my double feature. "For the Lover of Stories" contains two of my books:

    1) "Sanity's War" is an anthology of interlaced short stories and narrative poems. It depicts epic battles between kingdoms, against nightmarish forces, and within broken souls.

    2) "Strange: And Other Accounts From the Taboo War" is a novella of short tales, poetry, and letters. It deals with the Unsung Heroes' battles agains... more

  • The Balboa Boys and the Mystery of the Big Gyp

    by Kevin O'Leary
    In the last gasp weeks of 1957, nine-year-old pals Rand and Will patrol their sleepy California beach town investigating their greatest mystery yet: the Big Gyp. Like their heroes Frank and Joe Hardy, the boys sleuth out secrets hiding in plain sight. New, man-made objects arc across the night sky, replacing Santa and his sleigh – fathers and mothers seem on the verge of important, unspoken changes – and a haunted mansion pulls at them like a strong Pacific tide. Clues begin to piece together a ... more
  • Escarpment

    by David Turri
  • Gators & Taters

    by Elaine Ambrose
    Celebrate the tradition of storytelling through this award-winning collection of seven short stories created to be read aloud to children. The book was one of 50 children's books selected for Bowker's National Recommended Reading List.
  • Artwork on Mind's Canvas

    by Shelley Vrgleski

    A wondrous explosion of thought in all its vibrant colors, taking you from pain-filled transformations to a fantastically euphoric sense of pleasure, culminating in random thought and the art of simply being.

    Artwork on Mind’s Canvas is Shelley Vrgleski's debut book of poetry with beautifully creative hand-drawn illustrations. Discover how each poem crafts a small part of the complete picture and that random thought consummates the journey – a journey into the senses tha... more

  • Pumpkinville

    by P. Holiday Gardner
    The struggles of a child actor's life during the 1980s while making a movie about the actor, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's childhood changes his path in life.
  • A Voice Beyond Reason

    by Matthew Félix

    A young Spaniard's awakening to his intuition
    gets him out of his head, so he can follow his heart.

    In his mountaintop village in southern Spain, Pablo's entire life seems planned out for him—his place, his vocation, his future. When family tragedy catapults him into an unconventional journey of self-discovery, everything he holds true is called into question. His hopes and dreams. His doubts and fears. His faith in something greater,... more

  • Terror Holiday

    by Colin Guest
    This book is based on the attempted coup in Turkey in July 2016, seen through the eyes of a fictitious English family on holiday there in Istanbul.
  • In His Time

    This book was written for my niece, Gail, from a fragmented two page story she had written and wanted so much to see it in print. The yolk of the story is hers but I have created the rest of the egg, so to speak. It is about a Christian family who, with other families of similar values, broke from a wagon train headed west and settled in a secluded canyon to set up their farms and raise their families dedicated to the Lord. A severe two-year drought tests their faith and devotion. One young, ph... more
  • A Hero Dreams

    by Mark Ristau

    Devastated by his father’s sudden death, eight-year-old Ricky begins to see things—a ghostly silhouette in his bedroom window, a gruesome train accident involving four local teenagers, a terrorist attack that won’t occur for another twenty-five years. After a traumatic incident at a New England summer camp, the visions become more frequent, more vivid, and more disturbing. A mysterious voice assures him everything will be okay if he crosses the “threshold.” But j... more

  • Blame

    by Tony Holtzman
    Jason Pearce, a young geneticist, loses NIH support when his basic research falters. Though he and his attractive wife Audrey, legal counsel to Pearce’s university, disdain private, corporation support, he accepts an offer from a venture capital firm to take his research in a new direction: gene therapy to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease. As the research succeeds, Pearce’s disdain for private support diminishes—it enables him to buy a Lamborghini and build a new house in the country. Audrey become... more
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: A Billy Bob Joe Block Adventure

    by Eldon N. Spady

    Billy Bob Joe Block, the basis of 'Gators, Goons & Guns on the Bayou is at it again. Along with assorted cousins and associates, they're pursuing their animal-control/security-consulting/reality-show production businesses in Louisiana bayous. In the process, they seemingly just accidentally, encounter many exciting, often deadly, and nearly always hilarious run-in with mob family and drug cartel operations and assassins.

    Add to this the bumbling interference from do-gooders who ... more

  • Nicole's New Friend

    by Dawn Brotherton
    Has Nicole found a nasty enemy…or a new friend? Nicole loves every moment she spends playing softball with her friends on the Lady Tigers fastpitch softball team. When her coach introduces a new girl, Nicole tries her best to welcome her onto the Lady Tigers. But Diana doesn’t seem interested in being friendly—or even polite. Nicole realizes that the team is infected with drama and negativity and Nicole finds herself dreading the practices she once loved. What will bring the team back together... more
  • This is Not a Test

    by Liv Wigen Carswell
    Sixteen year old Beth was ignorantly happy. That changed over spring break of her grade eleven year. Her mother kills herself, her boyfriend of over a year becomes abusive and she finds herself falling in love with a boy she just met. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is; add a dead mom to the mix, plus a younger sister to take care of and it becomes a living hell.