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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Santosh the Little Elephant: A Tale of Friendship and Courage

    by Gilbert-Ian Rueda
    Santosh the little elephant has a problem. A BIG, HUMONGOUS problem. His family has to move. Not just to another neighborhood, but across the ocean to another continent. YES, ACROSS THE OCEAN! That though isn't the biggest problem he has. There is a SUPER-HUGE, GINOMOROUS problem on top of that. His dog, Cooper, isn't able to go with the family to their new home. What is Santosh to do? How can he convince his parents to let Cooper go with them? Santosh has an idea! He has a great ide... more
  • Soldier Boys: Tales of the Civil War

    by Jack Matthews
    Over the decades, author Jack Matthews collected memoirs and personal correspondence by actual U.S. Civil War soldiers. Eventually this interest led him to write a group of stories from the vantage point of teenage soldiers. Told in an accessible, humorous and even old-fashioned way, these stories have a philosophical bent and give readers a sense of how 19th century young Americans must have pondered their world.
  • Leviathan

    by Harrison Chase
    Adam Ferguson has managed to rise to the top of a society decaying from the inside. Most of the population lives in a state of willful ignorance and relative poverty, inundated daily with racism, pornography, violence, and drugs. With the State locked in a feud with a mysterious group of hackers, Party bureaucrat Adam has a chance to prove himself once and for all. But in a culture where truth extends no more than the length of a soundbite, the battle will rage over ever shifting ground… Set ... more
  • And Some Will Triumph: Stories of the Mentally Ill in a Correctional Setting and the Nurses Who Care for Them

    by Virginia Frusteri Sollars
    I was a psychiatric nurse for 36 years, over 26 years within the jail system. Though a work of fiction it is based on my professional experiences. Set at the fictional Raine Correctional Facility in the foothills of Orange County, Ca., this story follows Elizabeth, a psychiatric nurse who comes to California with her teenage daughter to work at the correctional facility. Elizabeth tells the stories of both the psychiatric inmates, as well as the nurses who are treating them. She finds herself ca... more
  • Me, Boo and the Goob

    by William Garner
    Seen through the eyes of an energetic ten year old boy, the 1960’s were a very exciting time in the Mid-South. Gifted with a fertile imagination, endless curiosity, and courage born of unshakable trust, three young boys fearlessly hunt soul snatching ghosts, capture bank robbers, avoid military school, survive storms and become unlikely best friends with one of America’s favorite sons. From the forbidden halls of an old mansion to a deadly struggle in a dark and dusty pasture on a hot Memphis ... more
  • Tractor

    by Ryan Uytdewilligen
    Set in Oklahoma in 1961, a small town teen named John gets a spur of the moment job driving an old tractor across Arkansas to Oklahoma for a crotchety old farmer. John is about to enter his senior year of high school and has doubts about his future and the kind of man he wants to be. Unbeknownst to him, this trip will be just what he needs to figure all that out. We follow John as he picks up the tractor in Arkansas, then makes his way across hot, crowded Southern highways, on which he exper... more
  • Tails Of Jaxx At The Metropolitan Opera

    by Joanna Lee Doster
    Meet Jaxx, a happy-go-lucky New York City seven year old Maltese dog, whose life is suddenly turned topsy-turvy when he gets lost during a blizzard. Wrenched away from his human family, alone, shivering and struggling to survive, he is rescued and taken in by strangers at The Metropolitan Opera. Follow Jaxx, as he tells his story while bravely coping with the challenges of living in an unfamiliar environment inside the opera house. He meets a lively cast of colorful characters, including othe... more
  • On the Back of a Motorbike: Stories and Poems from Southeast Asia

    by Kris Williamson
    Southeast Asia represents many things to different people. From the offshore banking and tourist island paradises to the mountain towns of Borneo and fishing villages along the Mekong, it is difficult to summarize such a diverse region. Anyone who has spent at least 5 minutes in any of these countries, though, can vouch for the prominence of the motorbike. This anthology presents 27 works of short fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry on the theme of the motorbike in Indonesia, Malaysia, Si... more
  • Son Complex

    by Kris Williamson
    Aaron, a 23 year-old American, comes to Malaysia for the first time. His mission: to meet Nasri Aziz, the politician he believes is his biological father. A man who has no idea Aaron even exists. Encouraged by the letters of his late mother Nora, Aaron seeks to find out more about her life in Malaysia in the 1980s. Aaron's arrival comes as a complete surprise not only to Nasri but his wife (who wants to be known only as Datin) and son Iskandar, a teenager who leads a darker double life. Wh... more
  • Calmer Girls II: Calmer Secrets

    by Jennifer Kelland Perry
    Calmer Secrets is the sequel and final title of the Calmer Girls series. Because the characters are now early twenty-somethings, it is of the New Adult genre. Synopsis will be published when the book becomes pre-listed.
  • The Admiral's Wife

    by Amy Arden
    "With a few dinners and a little flattery I might accomplish a great deal." After eloping with a dashing sea captain – and future earl – orphaned Kate Barnes believes her days as a penniless nobody in 19th-century England are over. However, her new husband, Captain Lord Thomas Cochrane, has secrets in his past that threaten the couple's future and test their devotion. After a devastating scandal, Kate and Thomas choose to leave England and seek their fortunes in South America, where Thomas se... more
  • Calmer Girls

    by Jennifer Kelland Perry
    Sixteen-year-old introvert Samantha Cross is falling in love for the first time. There’s only one problem: she’s falling for her older sister’s boyfriend, Ben Swift. Her sister Veronica is beautiful, outgoing, and confident. Samantha is used to her sister getting all of the attention and everything she wants, even if she doesn’t like it. But now they’re being torn apart by love for the same boy, their parents’ separation and mother’s declining emotional state, and their move away from Calmer Cov... more
  • The Last Leaf

    by Billy Baldwin
    One fine day in early spring the newly sprouted leaves on The Great Oak Tree laugh as they see a small misshapen leaf blossom on their branch. The bright green leaves tell this odd leaf, named Crinkle, that he will surely blow off the tree with the first strong wind of the season. Crinkle is filled with fear until he is reassured by Gus, the biggest leaf, that when a leaf falls its energy is pulled right back into the tree to then sprout again the following spring. Though he doesn't fit in ... more
  • Stephani's Light

    by Ceanmohrlass
    A powerful father. A dangerous storm. The ultimate betrayal. For the first time in her young life, Macy knows she’s worth something. Her dreams do matter, and she sets a plan in motion to make them come true. Her co-worker, Bill, becomes a distraction she can’t afford when her domineering father issues an ultimatum. Forced to choose between her dreams and her responsibilities, Macy panics. Desperate to outwit her father, she turns to Joshua, an elderly recluse, and an unlikely alliance... more
  • I'd Rather Be A Dragon

    by Katie Newell
    The story focuses on an imaginative girl. Sometimes she feels like she doesn't fit in, and doesn't like the same things that her friends do. That's OK though, because she has some unique traits and talents that make her an awesome kid!
  • Gross Greg

    by Alvin Irby

    A hilarious rhyming picture book from award-winning educator and comedian Alvin Irby. This laugh-out-loud story about one young boy's big appetite for chewy little treats, despite the protest of everyone he encounters, will make kids queasy with laughter.