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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • ISBN-13: 978-1946687081

    by Israel Idonije

    A group of engaging, diverse kid characters sharing positive messages about self-worth and confidence -- all while promoting a love of reading.

  • The Yoke

    by Darrell Dunham
    For Barnabas Mitchell, life had always been a struggle. From his father’s abandonment to his mother’s untimely death, Barnabas had lost his faith in God and in people. Determined to fulfill his potential, Barnabas continued on out of respect for his deceased mother, grinding through his days feeling unloved and unneeded. Then Bill Cushman entered his life. Tall, good-looking, athletic, and from an influential family, Bill was accustomed to getting his way in life. Making use of people was natur... more
  • The Adventures of Johnee Potseed

    by Brenda Redcliffe
    A male cannabis plant makes a journey helping people with illnesses and addiction.
  • Thirty Days Has September

    by James Strauss
    A new 2nd Lieutenant, on his first day in Vietnam, upsets a commanding officer and is assigned to become the company commander of a badly reputed U.S. Marine Rifle Company in combat. The first book of the three book series is title The First Ten Days, and it is all of that with the reality if mind stunning and earth shaking harshness so intense that sanity is almost immediately lost and only hoped to be recovered some day in a future return home no longer even hoped for.
  • Falcons and Seagusl – A Utah Tale

    by David Taylor Johannesen
    Solomon Fairchild lives a quiet life as a Quaker in Massachusetts until he learns of his uncle's imminent death. Rory MacLeod was once an ally and employer of Solomon's, so he travels to say goodbye to this family member and old friend. Little does Solomon know Rory has a secret that will change his peaceful life forever. Rory feels a need, in his dying days, to address the sins of his past. He was apparently once very close with genius Howard Hughes, but their dealings were not always above the... more
  • My Townie Heart

    by Diana Sperrazza
    Laura DiStefano is torn between dreams of a new countercultural life and the undertow of a dysfunctional blue-collar family. After failure at college in the Seventies, Laura returns to her hometown and family - including her sister Jane, a fierce survivor of a childhood attack. Divided loyalties, trauma and the forces of an era come to a head and Laura becomes agoraphobic. How can she reconcile the past with an unchartable future and find her genuine life?
  • San Juan Bautista

    by Phil Oakley
    Three revolutions, three lives devastated and a monastery in the American Southwest come together in this novel where, for a time, hope seems a dream too big. The revolutions tore the fabric of their locations: Poland, Nicaragua and Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. The three crushed by the violence and its consequences were, a teacher, the young son of a subsistence farmer and an American priest.While clearly, the inspiration for this novel came from a set of video images for an amazing television... more
  • Longhorn: A Novel (The Oakleys) (Volume 3)

    by Phil Oakley
    The youngest Oakley brother, Ray, avoids the Army only to find himself in a face off with German U-boats in the Gulf Mexico in the year following America’s entry into World War II. His older brother, Brooks, who had reluctantly agreed to accept a commission as a lieutenant, is assigned to a difficult aging general in Washington who sends him to chase through the backwoods of Mississippi; then he orders Brooks to a special school in blizzard bound Michigan where he is trained to manage winter cam... more
  • Runners (The Oakleys) (Volume 2)

    by Phil Oakley
    My father, beginning at age fourteen, rode freight trains through America during much of the Great Depression. No one knew why, but it wasn't because he was poor. My Uncle Brooks, the person he was closet to on earth, was the family's brightest star. But as with everything else about the Oakleys, that was very much less than the whole of his story. My Uncle Ralph was a gangster. He could have been any other kind of exceptional success, but he was by choice "in the rackets" as he once boastfully ... more
  • Telegraph

    by Phil Oakley
    Telegraph is the story of an amazing American family who set roots in the frontier, first in New Mexico and later in the Texas Hill Country. Their hard work to build a peaceful life alongside the bubbling waters of Little Hatchet Creek and the South Llano River began after the Civil War. Their challenges were formidable, but the newcomers learned to get along with the old residents of their new neighborhoods: the Mescalero Apaches, the Comanches and the Tejanos. The family built for themselves a... more
  • Going Over the Falls

    by Amy Waeschle
    Surfer and Seattle E.R. doctor Lorna Jacobs is pulled into a dangerous journey to find her estranged mother, who is dying from a mysterious illness. Lorna finally finds her, deep in Mexico, but Alex is more concerned with rekindling their mutual love of surfing than preparing for her last days. The secret big wave she plans to share with Lorna could bond them forever, or destroy them.
  • The Revenge of Zachariah Kermit Higgins

    by A. S. Wood
    Seventh grader girls, Billie and Gem, fall for the guys of their dreams, Chad and Samson, on Facebook. As it turns out, these guys are none other than scrawny Zachariah, the classmate they have been bullying at school for months. Zach's quest for revenge by creating the online deception becomes a big confused knot that isn't working out like he planned, leading to unexpected outcomes.
  • Away

    by William M Grigg
    A 14-year-old boy who regards himself as the dumb member of a family of business and political achievers runs from home in a stolen run-about, fakes his own death and thinks he's clear. But a Manson-type gang seizes him and so begin a series of bizarre experiences. He escapes again, accidentally killing the gang leader. Eventually he finds joy working on a square-sailed duplicate of a Coast Guard pursuit ship now carrying vacationers. When he saves the life of a fellow crew member, the publi... more
  • In His Eyes

    by Stephenia H. McGee
    Her heart sought shelter. Her soul found home. Ella Whitaker rescues a newborn from the dying arms of a woman of ill repute and at long last she has someone to love. In need of a wet nurse, she arrives at Belmont Plantation just as Federal soldiers demand to speak to the owner. Thinking quickly, Ella masquerades as a Yankee officer's widow in order to have a roof over her head and a home for the child. Major Westley Remington has dedicated his life to serving his country. The Civil War ha... more
  • Catching Infinity

    by Jacqueline Koay
    A 75,000-word novel about Alice who emerged from her childhood adventures Through The Looking Glass as a dark and damaged twenty-year-old postgraduate student at Oxford University who could manipulate world events using the mathematics she learned as a child in Wonderland. Deprived of a natural childhood Alice had no conscience. In her quest to become a human being she selected the gorgeous (but married) Cape Town University Physics Professor, PW Vanderleyden, to enable her to experience the ... more