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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Journey

    by Claudine Carmel
    Two friends set off for an adventure in the sky. They travel through all kinds of weather before making it home again, but will they want to stay there after having had such a big adventure?
  • It Will Set You Free

    by Caitlin Elizabeth Harper
    Seventeen-year-old Ashling has always been a small-town girl, so when her home life blows up and her mother reacts by whisking her off to Brooklyn for the summer, Ash is forced to leave her simple life on a quiet street behind. At first, Ashling refuses to leave the apartment – until her cute neighbor, Andy, coaxes her out of her solitude, taps into her creative side, and shows her everything the city has to offer. Ash has no sooner decided to give the city (and other people) a chance when sh... more
  • Poka City Blues

    by A.L. Gibson
    Poka City Blues is a powerful story about survival and overcoming insurmountable odds. Inspired by true life events, Sedelia, a strong and tenacious woman, teaches readers the importance of never giving up and never losing hope while facing hardships and unsuspecting tragedies.
  • 9780998321219

    by Roger J. Couture
    From surfing winter waves alone in open ocean, to racing cars, to conversing with the Devil's harem while idly playing with a loaded gun, Surfing with Snakes & Dragons combines eight short stories in which ordinary Southern Californians find themselves in dangerous waters. That thin patina of the rational self is cracked open, exposing the reactive animal nature - that despite our evolution - still resides within us all. This collection of stories captures the essence of the life in sunny s... more
  • "Days to the Gallows:A Novel of the Hartford Witch Panic"

    by Katherine Spada Basto
    When seventeen year old Ann Cole begins accusing friends and neighbors of witchcraft, a witch panic envelopes the Puritan Town of Hartford, CT in 1662. Paranoia and hysteria run rampant. Ann's friend Hester tries to discourage Ann's hysterics, but the more she discovers, the more conflicted she becomes about her own loyalties. With the ruthless Marshal Gilbert, the Puritan Elders and the Acting Governor himself at her beck and call, Ann can prove to be a dangerous enemy. After all, anyone in H... more
  • Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show-andTell

    by Randi Lynn Mrvos

    Meet Maggie, a first-grader in Ms. Madison's class.  Maggie has a big problem. Tomorrow is summer vacation show-and-tell. All of her classmates know exactly what they are going to talk about, but Maggie doesn’t have any idea what she can share.  
    She could say she went on safari, or hiked the South Pole, or zoomed into outer space to Mars and the Moon. The truth is, Maggie didn’t travel during the break. The day is nearly over and Maggie hasn’t... more

  • The Conjuring Cowboy

    by Martin Connolly
    A late 1980s recently university graduated chap living in the North of Ireland follows up an advertisement in a newspaper looking for magicians. Meeting the author of this ad instigates an improbable journey, taking him, eventually, to the late 1800s American Wild West. He also acquires the power to do magic. It's a comedy.

    by John w. Ravage
    Ted Masters, a burnt-out tap-dance and guitarist, leaves the Black Theater Circuit in the South in 1939 and moves to Los Angeles, where he is immersed in the racist atmosphere of the times. He teams up with Hattie McDaniel, Rex Ingram, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson , Stepin' Fetchit and B-movie wizard Nat Levine to create the First Black Cowboy Movie Star. An ex-lover shows up and things fall asunder.
  • Modern American Heroes

    by P. K. Warren
    Young, struggling writer Rob Lannatta discovers himself to be the subject of a series of voyeuristic videos on their way to becoming viral. When he and his money-grubbing literary agent try to capitalize on the attention in order to catapult Rob onto bestseller lists, the duo inadvertently upends everything in Rob’s life. Shortly into their misadventure, they begin to fear that they have fallen into a trap set by the woman who recorded the videos: Rob’s vindictive ex-girlfriend, Ariel Dylan.
  • The Perfect Pumpkin

    by Kristin Rene
    As the seasons come to life with holiday spirit, one little runt pumpkin is in search to find the perfect home; only no one seems to notice him. Time and time again he watches as the most beautiful pumpkins get picked and he is left behind. Will someone finally discover the beauty he possesses within? This darling tale will have you cheering for the smallest in size and the biggest of heart.
  • The History Makers

    by Val Bodurtha
    By the time Spanish explorers reached the Americas, the Aztec Empire was one of the greatest in the world. The ancient priests would slaughter sacrifices, sometimes by the thousands, all under the claim that their gods needed blood to make the sun rise every day. What would have happened had this empire prevailed over the Spanish and survived to this day? How would its bloodthirsty theocracy fit in with our world? Myla is an upper-class teenager in modern-day Azteca, partying her days away w... more
  • The Five Fierce Tigers of Rosa Martinez

    by Burt Kempner
    Rosa Martinez is seriously ill. She has the loving support of her mother and grandfather and a doctor who takes good care of her. But she also has a secret weapon. Rosa can summon five tigers to come to her aid when she's ailing or in big trouble. Her disease may think it has the upper hand for now, but wait until it encounters Gautama, Arik, Vashti, Selena and Quan -- the five fierce tigers of Rosa Martinez.
  • The Color Of Equality

    by Annette James-Rogers
    Based on the experience of my great grandparents and their children, The Color of Equality is the story of a failed CW era American colony of free born People of Color. Men of Color were denied the right to enlist and urged to emigrate by President Lincoln. An American colony was established in Haiti but ultimately failed due to numerous setbacks including lack of supplies and an epidemic The story is told from the point of view of 16 year old Miri who matures into a resilient, independent wo... more

    by Jay Prasad
    Set in the immediate aftermath of World War II, the novel portrays the turmoil and violence in Europe. Hannah Muller, a Bauhaus artist blacklisted by the Nazis, ekes out a living by painting portraits of the elite of the Third Reich. The only reason she isn’t put in a concentration camp by the Gestapo is the covert intervention of her uncle Werner von Thyssen, one of the foremost of Nazi philosophers who helped Hitler and his subordinates with the creation and implementation of plans for the Hol... more
  • A Heart of Steel - Part Three...when Young Love Is Never to Be Forgotten

    by Katherine Kobey
    Part Three - A Heart of Steel Through all that Shelby Porter has been through with her abusive husband, Richard, and her heart pinning for her long lost love, Jack Emerson, Shelby accidentally discovers an undisclosed secret about her tormented life. All the asking why came to light with the answer she now held in her hand. Or so she thought... A heated attempted murder trial, a family ripped apart, a woman existing every breath with fear and heartache. When Shelby's husband reveals his de... more
  • The Reluctant Canary Sings

    by Faith A. Colburn

    What do you do when the bottom falls out of your life, you can't find love or security anywhere, and all your friends want you to sing?

    Bobbi Bowen lives in Cleveland. It’s 1937 in the second dip of a double-dip depression. When she leaves the apartment, she passes the Holy Rosary soup kitchen, with its straggle of shuffling men and women in their bedraggled coats. Most days she hums the new swing tunes—Cream Puff or Sing, Sing, Sing— because it seems every time sh... more