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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Coffee, Sweet Tea or Lemonade & Me?

    by Bobbie Hazelton
    Romance & Family: A Southern Love Story Author’s fondness of Louisiana becomes the background of this beautiful story of love and fighting for love Loves that are worth fighting for. That’s what true love and family means to the people of the South. In this absorbing novel by author Bobbie Hazelton, readers will follow the romance and the brewing trouble of these lovers in Coffee, Sweet Tea or Lemonade & Me. Readers will meet three cousins who go to New Orleans to fill a New Year’s resolution, ... more
  • testing

    by testing
  • Life's Unexpected Blessings

    by Michelle Copeland
    Occasionally, when things fail to proceed as planned because they don’t live up to our expectations, we become frustrated. Always keep in mind that not everything goes as planned. It’s not because you aren’t worthy of it; rather, you are due so much more. Not everything in life works out as expected. It might occasionally be frightening to move in a new path before realizing you’re going somewhere amazing. The story of Shelia, a woman whose life has not gone as she had anticipated or planned, i... more
  • Max's War

    by Libby Fischer Hellmann
    As the Nazis sweep across Europe, Jewish teen Max and his parents flee German persecution to Holland, where Max finds friends and romance. But when Hitler invades in 1940, Max escapes to Chicago, leaving his parents and friends behind. When he learns of his parents' murder, Max immediately enlists in the US Army. After basic training he is sent to Camp Ritchie, Maryland, where he is trained in interrogation and counterintelligence. Deployed to the OSS, Max carries out dangerous missions in Occ... more
  • Daisy and Friends–What Happened to Yesterday: A Covid-19 Story

    by Barbara J. Meredith
    Another new book in the Daisy and Friends children’s picture book series will entertain and inform young readers. In “Daisy and Friends What Happened to Yesterday: A Covid-19 Story”, author Barbara J. Meredith offers children an informative and vibrantly illustrated read as they discover how these animal friends faced Covid-19. Once again, young readers will meet Daisy the cat and her three canine friends, H-Dee, Smokie, and Rocky, as together they face a worldwide pandemic. This time, the sto... more
  • Grasslands

    by Shekhar Khatri
    A university student is invited to his friend's birthday party. Over the course of the night, he undertakes a long journey in search of his impossible dream.
  • The Gambler's Game

    by James Darnborough
    Based on the true story of the Illinois baseball player who became the only American to break the bank at Monte Carlo playing roulette at the turn of the 20th century. This is a journey of self-discovery. From 1880s rural baseball parks in the mid-west, saloons in the old west, gritty Gilded Age New York, to the glittering high-stakes tables of the Casino in Monte Carlo and affluent Edwardian London. Based on facts, this book is a combination of narrative non-fiction wrapped in a love story tha... more

    by Michael Boyajian

    A Night before Christmas for our generation whereas worldwide chaos breaks out after a Led Zeppelin Christmas CD is proposed involving a who’s who of pop culture icons. From Jera Studios Publishing featuring Jeri Wagner and Michael Boyajian In Kindle and Paperback formats today. A 2023 LED ZEP NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS CD: A SATIRE “Ah! Now I understand this piece. Creative and funny. Lol… Congrats on your new book…” “That was written by you…that was ... more

  • Daphne : (The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly)

    by Christopher Logan

    Learn to let the impossible into your life with the help of a young penguin who won't abandon her dreams and a polar bear who doesn't know she isn't white. A long, long time ago, the world was a much different place. There were secrets hidden in the crevices of small streets lining the tiniest of Indian villages. There were whispers that ran up the sides of mountains in the Himalayas, and there were wishes that circled the world over and over again--searching for their destinies. These secret... more

  • Never Touch Down

    by Kathleen Morris

    This is a crime story. Full of dangerous dealings, untrustworthy people, smugglers and drugs. No, wait. It’s a story about aviation, Hollywood, Mexico, the turbulent 1970s, filled with the animosity of anti-war protests and buffered by the music of Fleetwood Mac and Buffalo Springfield . 

    Strike that, well, amend it. While all that is true, this is a story about families, friendships, loyalties and love, the stuff that matters, both in the beginning and in the end. 

    <... more
  • Spillage

    by Michael Gross
    Spillage is a wild play on the Faustian musical Damn Yankees, a rock and roll romance, and a wickedly fun throwback to a chaotic time. It's 1976, and The Big Apple is in sorry shape. Besieged on all sides, the city has become a graffiti-coated, garbage-filled, crime-ridden cauldron, teetering on the edge of total collapse. Adding to New York's towering woes, a revolutionary group called the Satanic Vanguard has kidnapped the mayor, set fire to Coney Island and threatened further mayhem. All t... more
  • Gaia and the Journey Through Time

    by Nikko P
    A journey from the beginnings of Planet Earth to modern times, through the perspective of Gaia, the soul of the world. This children's book tells an interesting story that speaks truths about the evolution of our planet and its species through time. Full of colorful images, this book can awaken the children’s imagination and curiosity about the world we live in and its history.
  • Unbearable

    by Amy Winfield
    From Amy Winfield comes a heart-wrenching story for the ages. UNBEARABLE follows Smokey, an ill-tempered, wisecracking black bear – equipped with only his wits – who must help Brandon, a lost 10 year-old boy, get safely home. But the challenges of the deep woods – deadly snakes, poisonous berries, and bloodthirsty hunters – have the deck stacked against them. As this unlikely pair learns each other’s worlds, will their newfound friendship survive their oncoming collision?
  • Mr. Mouthful and the Monkeynappers

    by Joseph Kimble
    Mr. Mouthful is back with his highfalutin talk that creates comical scenes with kids. Then his hotshot monkey, Dupree, goes on a romp and runs into trouble—only to have kids once again come to the rescue. Young readers will love the story, the colorful language, and the delightful illustrations. Author Joseph Kimble aims to help kids increase their vocabulary, but at the same time emphasize the importance of using plain language to aid in effective communication.
  • Captain Sparky and the Pool Pirates

    by T. E. Antonino
    Fourth grader Sparky can't swim or float, but this doesn't stop her from imagining one great pirate story for English class. Sparky's classmates are thrown into a whirlwind over her story. Is Sparky truly a pirate captain? Are Gobble, Bobble, and Wobble real life pirates? Sparky and her crew embark on hilarious adventures where she'll learn to be a pirate and the pirates will learn to be nice. It's up to you to discover if her story is true!
  • When Knowing Comes

    by Kelly Green
    As young boys in the late 1990s, Atticus "Ace" Elbridge and Roberto "Robbie" Rivelino Santos, share an unbreakable bond and a singular vision, a coveted state soccer championship. But a sexual predator infiltrated their elite soccer club with a different plan that destroys the young athletes' lives. Decades later, California reopens an extraordinary opportunity by extending the deadline for survivors to pursue justice. With the statute of limitations lifted, Robbie resolutely demands that his... more