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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Letters from a Patchwork Quilt

    by Clare Flynn
    In 1875, 18-year-old would-be poet, Jack Brennan, runs away from home to avoid being pushed into the priesthood. Life soon looks rosy for Jack when he lands the teaching job he's always dreamed of and meets the love of his life, Eliza Hewlett. But his world is shattered when Mary Ellen, his landlord's daughter, falsely accuses him of fathering the child she is expecting. Jack and Eliza decide to escape to America. As they are about to sail, Jack is arrested and dragged from the ship, leaving ... more
  • The Green Ribbons

    by Clare Flynn
    Hephzibah Wildman’s circumstances are dramatically changed when both her parents are killed in a tragic accident in 1900. Homeless and penniless, she must leave the haven of the Oxford college where she’s lived all her life and earn her own living. Accepting a job as a governess in a large country house, Ingleton Hall, Hephzibah gradually begins to rebuild her life, helped by her friendship with the bookish parson Merritt Nightingale, one of her father’s former students. Immediately drawn to... more
  • The Chalky Sea

    by Clare Flynn
    Two troubled people struggle to find their way in a turbulent world. In July 1940, Gwen Collingwood drops her husband at the railway station, knowing she may never see him again. Two days later her humdrum world is torn apart when the sleepy English seaside town where she lives is subjected to the first of many heavy bombing attacks. In Ontario, Canada, Jim Armstrong is debating whether to volunteer. His decision becomes clear when he uncovers the secret his fiancée has been keeping from him. A... more
  • The Alien Corn

    by Clare Flynn
    They faced up to the challenges of war – but can they deal with the troubles of peace? Canadian, Jim Armstrong, married in haste during the second world war, after a one-night stand. When his wife and their small son join him in Canada it’s four years since they’ve seen each other. War bride, Joan discovers Jim has no intention of the family returning to England. She struggles to adapt to life on a remote farm in Ontario, far from her family and cold-shouldered by Jim’s mother. Jim, haunted by... more
  • The Gamekeeper's Wife

    by Clare Flynn
    Christopher Shipley is the reluctant heir to a substantial family fortune. Martha Walters is the widow of an abusive man. He has more money than he needs or wants – but responsibilities he can’t shirk. She has nothing, and now stands to lose even her home. They were never meant to fall in love …but sometimes the wrong person is the right one. Until one day a terrible secret is revealed which will force them apart. A story of love, duty, sacrifice and determination in the aftermath of the Fi... more
  • A Most Unlikely Hero

    by Brandon Varnell
    Being a hero isn't a walk on Mars! Alexander S. Ryker dreams of becoming a hero, but dreams are hard to achieve when you’ve caused several million credits worth of property damage. Being expelled from the Mars Police Academy isn’t helping his case. Crushed, Alex encounters a girl named Gabrielle Angelise in a meeting that will change his life forever. Gabrielle is an alien! She’s also on the run. Alex wonders if this is the chance that he’s been waiting for, the chance to finally become a ... more
  • 5ive Speed - A Novel

    by Charley Warady
    In the comedic literary novel, 5IVE SPEED, Donald Roth thinks he can never measure up. His underwhelming marriage to his wife, Emily, and the introduction of Zack's future in-laws, Zara and Foster, began the process of self examination that might finally be the catalyst to go after what he thought he deserved after all. The twists and turns that ensue, following the lives of these two apparently dysfunctional families, keep the reader chuckling and then laughing and then howling out loud as life... more
  • Lachesis' Allotment: A Short Collection of Notes, Observations, Questions, and Thoughts

    by Diana R.A. Morris
    In Greek mythology, Lachesis (lack-eh-sis) allots each of us a length of thread to weave with as we will. This hybrid collection of short essays and screenplay explores the nature of friendship and our relationships with the people in our lives over time. From the friendships we form in childhood to the adult friendships we form with our parents—even after they’re gone—this work weaves together memory, meditations on making our dreams a reality, and the evolving nature of our connections as we k... more
  • Twists of Fate: A Folk-Rock Odyssey

    by Robert Gilberg
    Tom Patterson, driving through Kansas on his way to California, meets Suze Arnold just as she misses her bus to California. Taking pity on the frantic young woman, he offers her a ride in a valiant but ill-fated attempt to catch up to her bus. Suze is en route to San Diego, where she hopes to find information paving the way for her to reunite with her birth mother. As luck, fate, or chance would have it, Tom is also setting out in search of Dianne, the love of his younger life, who he'd let ... more
  • The Mystery of the Moondogs

    by William Kime
    Two dogs, Wibber and Orval, try to rescue Perkins, a cat stuck in a tree, The plan involves a wheelbarrow and helium balloons. The dogs ascend higher than expected and are spotted by a little boy on a plane who is not believed when he tells his mother, Eventually the dogs return, leaving Orval in the top of a walnut tree and Wibber trapped beneath the overturned wheelbarrow, giving the family a mystery to figure out upon its return. Perkins, naturally, rescues himself. The colorful, illustrat... more
  • We All Have a God Light

    by Christine Banker
    In my book I use the unexpected instance of a night light burning out and my children being afraid of the dark to introduce to them the concept of our divine light within. I explain in this simple bedtime story how we are all more alike than different and define the happy feeling we get when we do something nice for someone else as a connection to God.
  • Slipper

    by Hester Velmans
    Her life is the inspiration for the world’s most famous story. Lucinda, a penniless English orphan, is abused and exploited as a cinder-sweep by her aristocratic relatives. On receiving her sole inheritance—a pair of glass-beaded slippers—she runs away to France in pursuit of an officer on whom she has a big crush. She joins the baggage train of Louis XIV’s army, and eventually finds her way to Paris. There she befriends the man who will some day write the world’s most famous fairy tale, Char... more
  • Unbreakable: A Birthday Girl. A Brutal Father. (Samantha Brooks Thrillers Book 0)

    by Rowan Waters

    In this prequel novella, Samantha Brooks suffers through one of the events that shape her character. On the night before her seventeenth birthday, she is crushed to learn her mother has gone to stay with friends for a few days. Despite a brutal father laying the blame for her errant mother at her feet, Sam is determined to keep her life simple and not let her demons haunt her day.

  • The Silver Shoes

    by Jill Hall
    San Francisco artist Anne McFarland has been distracted by a cross-country romance with sexy Sergio and has veered from her creative path. While visiting him in New York, she buys a pair of rhinestone shoes in an antique shop that spark her imagination and lead her on a quest to learn more about the shoes’ original owner. \t Almost ninety years earlier, Clair Deveraux, a sheltered 1929 New York debutante, tries to reside within the bounds of polite society and please her father. But when she ... more
  • A Journey of Heart and Mind

    by Kurt Robinson
    After the high school football season ends in a loss, Joshua Rodgers, a kind and rare breed of teenage boy in the modern world, walks through the crowd and notices all his fellow players being comforted by their girlfriends. As he walks he feels alone and wants what his friends have. Josh is then invited to a party at the quarterback's house. While at the party he tries his first beer and attempts to ask a girl, Brittany, who he has liked since elementary school to dance, but fails. After anothe... more
  • The Ghost, The Winds of Revolution, A Friend of the Family, The Easter Lamb, The Raapyure, The Death of Sherlock Holmes & Other

    by Mark Conte
    The Ghost. A decaying body of a child is found on the Navarre-Pensacola Beach road. The police discover it is the second victim of this killer and the terror begins in Northwest Florida as the killings continue. The sheriff departments of four counties, the FDLE, the FBI seem powerless to stop it. There is terror in the schools, the playgrounds and the streets are almost deserted, still the killings continue.