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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Amazing Annabelle and the Apple Celebration

    by Linda Taylor
    Annabelle Copeland is excited about the new school year. She wants to be the very best at everything she sets out to accomplish. Mrs. Mitchell, her 3rd grade teacher, gives their class an apple research project to work on in class with small groups of classmates. To her surprise, Annabelle is teamed up with Sally who has been mean to her in the past and has teased her endlessly. Although Annabelle tries to step up to the challenge, Sally makes her uneasy and frustrated in the group. This book te... more
  • Sofie at Dance

    by Suzan Johnson
    This is a story of a girl name Sofie, who doesn?t want to take ballet. She soon realizes though that she likes it and with the help of her friend Chloe she does quite well. When a chance comes along to be the prima ballerina in the next recital, Sofie is torn because she has to compete against her best friend Chloe. Who will win? Will the girls be friends in the end?
  • The First Escape

    by Helaine Fiedler
    Grandpa is home alone when a thunderstorm strikes. Will he get the chickens to a safe place? Looks like Grandpa is going to need some help. Will HELP come in time?
  • The Present Is a Gift

    by Elchanan Ogorek
    The Present is a Gift is a children's picture book that takes us on a journey to achieve mindfulness. Readers are transported from a classroom out into nature to observe animals in yoga poses and practicing mindfulness. Children will enjoy the illustrations and learn to live in the moment, reduce stress and build confidence. Included in the book is a kid-friendly mindfulness guide that learners of all ages will love.
  • My Favorite Place

    by Nilanka Maldeniya
    Who doesn't love a day at the beach?! With its soothing rhythm and detailed illustrations set in a familiar and much-loved natural environment, this book will make readers of all ages feel like they're splashing in the waves! A summer must-read for the whole family before or after a beach vacation!
  • The First Escape

    by Helaine Fiedler
    Grandpa is home alone, with the chickens when a thunderstorm strikes. Oh, NO! It looks like Grandpa is going to need help to get the chickens to the safety of their coop. Will HELP arrive in time?
  • deadly waters: the vietnam naval war and its aftermath

    by randy miller
    It is a story of love, war and the promise America made and broke to those sailors she sent to fight on the Agent Orange poisoned waters of the South China Sea.
  • Avair "The Fighter": The Daughter of GOD

    by Lawanda Drake
    If you ever needed to fight for someone, fight for GOD. Join Avair as she learns her purpose in life while trying to save her family and city from being taken over by the heads of the other cities in her country. One country four kings and a huge amount of evil. Come on and fight with Avair "The Fighter" The Daughter of GOD
  • The Day That A Ran Away

    by BCR Fegan
    Master Jet has forgotten to complete his homework... or has he? Jet's teacher is surprised to find that instead of the alphabet, his page is completely blank. Jet tries to explain that it really isn't his fault. After all, how can he help it, if none of his letters want to stay on the page!
  • Sofie at Bat

    by Suzan Johnson
    Learn how an eight year old girl finds her inner strength. Sofie at Bat will capture the attention of young readers. Prepare to be motivated to try hard, no matter what the outcome may be. Sofie is not able to hit the softball without a T. With the love and encouragement of her friends and family will Sofie make a hit?
  • Moony Moon Shines at Noon!

    by Kevin Driscoll
    Moony Moon was a moon who dreamed of shining at noon because he only shined at night when everyone was gone. So, one day, he does! He shines at noon but by doing so he learns an important lesson and what it means to be truly happy.
  • Riverbend Reunion: Book 3 in the Riverbend Sagas Series

    by Henry McLaughlin
    The past has a way of catching up with you... Michael and Rachel have everything to look forward to and no reason to look back, or so they thought. In the midst of the newlyweds' trials and triumphs in Riverbend, Michael receives a cryptic telegram from his sister Ellie, whom he hasn’t seen in ages. Come home. We need you. The mysterious summons reminds him of the last time Ellie needed him. When Michael stabbed their abusive father and ran as far and as fast as he could before turning... more
  • Memphis Blues

    by Cheryl Mattox Berry
    It was not the life she had planned. Nadine was looking forward to getting her first real job, then starting a business. When she finds herself pregnant before she even finishes high school, the young man’s mother forces them into wedlock. Carrie also saw her plans for a better life derailed after a fling leaves her pregnant with twins. At the center of their angst is Cyrus, a man not yet ready to be a father…with his wife…or his girlfriend. Still, Cyrus manages to keep the two lives separate wh... more
  • thedeadgirlinthevacantlot

    by Jana Bommersbach
    Phoenix investigative reporter Joya Bonner knows nothing about sex trafficking, or that it traps some 100,000 American children a year into the world of sex slavery. She has no idea Phoenix holds a special spot in this world, and not in a good way. But she's soon all in, after her 15 year-old honorary niece disappears in Phoenix; a 13 year-old from her hometown in North Dakota goes missing, and there's that pitiful dead girl in the vacant lot. This book combines a riveting fictional story ... more
  • Snow Day!: A Story Told in 24 Poem Forms

    by CA Nobens
    Full of winter fun, Snow Day! is a picture book to delight young children and the adults reading it, as well as being a story carried along from poem to poem like a chapter book that will engage and entertain primary and middle school readers. Plus, it’s a wonderful poetry forms learning tool! An index and guide to each poem form’s meter, rhyme, and theme follows the story. Some forms are simple enough that kids will be able to try writing them, right away. More complex forms introduce th... more
  • Poems from Lost Socks: The Good, The Sad and The Stinky

    by Candy Kirby
    Ever wonder what happened to your socks that have mysteriously gone missing? Well, wonder no more! In this first official book of poetry from lost socks, the missing footwear finally get to share their stories – some good, some sad and, yes, some stinky. Boy’s Missing Baseball Knee-High is languishing behind the washing machine with an undesirable roommate. Dog’s Winter Sock is happy to report he’s found a new job. And Mom’s Fuzzy Sock? She’ll never forgive the family for forgetting her undernea... more