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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Writing "Cunningham Believe!"

    by Charles Wesley
    An author is writing a novel. He is also commenting on the process of writing it. But soon he discovers that his characters are not willing to be shaped by him the way he wants. He also finds that his life is becoming so complicated that he cannot focus his attention on writing the novel.
  • Ayumi's Violin

    by Mariko Tatsumoto
    In 1959, when her mother dies, grieving twelve-year-old Ayumi must leave her home in Japan and cross the Pacific Ocean alone to find her American father. Biracial, she is confronted with a resentful half-sister and a racist stepmother. She wants to be accepted by her new family, but how much of her true self must she give up? A violin prodigy, Ayumi’s only solace is her music. When she is deprived of her violin, she feels like her mother has died all over again. Desperate for a violin, she shoc... more
  • Wealth, Beauty, Family

    by Sophia Ladouceur
    Three short stories circle the lives of young adults living and dying in the city. A love triangle, a devastating diagnosis, and acts of violence. The dysfunctional nature of life in restrictive social environments is laid bare. Actions are put into context. Controlling beliefs are exposed.
  • HEART - WARMING TALES: Tales of Crime, Love, Unhappy Marriages and Dead Business

    by Brenda Mohammed

    HEARTWARMING TALES  consists of six stories of Romantic Relationships., Mystery, and Crime.

    The Caregiver is a romance fiction. 

    Torn between two men who love her, Lena faces a choice between Ben and Steve.
    Whom will she marry and what will be the outcome? 

    Why didn't Steve try to stop Lena from leaving his home?

    Her Online Predator is a mystery - thriller /romance. 

    Th... more

  • Adventures of Squeaky Doo: A Teddy Bear's Adventures

    by Brenda Mohammed

    Children love Squeaky Doo. You will too.

    This short story collection teaches children Geography, Cultures, and love for pets. 

    Adventures of Squeaky Doo : A Teddy Bear's Adventures is the Travel Memoirs of Squeaky Doo, a child's short story collection.. 
    1. Squeaky Doo on the Beach -  Squeaky Doo has a scary adventure on the beach. You will want to keep on readi... more

  • Ayumi's Violin

    by Mariko Tatsumoto
    In 1959, after her mother dies, twelve-year-old Ayumi, a violin prodigy, must leave her home in Japan. She crosses the Pacific Ocean alone to come live with a Caucasian father she’s never met, a resentful half-sister, and a racist stepmother. Ayumi wants to be accepted by her new family, but how much of her true self must she give up? Her only solace is her music, but when she is deprived of her violin, she feels like her mother has died all over again and shocks even herself by doing the unthi... more
  • Wide Mouth Frog's Big Birthday

    by Jerry Barrett
    Wide Mouth Frog throws a big birthday party and invites his friends! It is all fun and games until he ignores his mother’s warning and lands into trouble But all turns out well and there is cake!
  • My Author Is Dead

    by Michel Bruneau

    For sure, Adam is weird-although "weird" is all relative. Weird is problematic, but tolerable. What's forbidden though is talking to Kafkaists, who are nothing but dangerous worms guilty of "moral turpitude"-cockroaches that the Author most probably forgot to erase. So helping Kafkaists wasn't the brightest thing to do.

    Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice. For one, June was a Kafkaist-cockroaches can't possibly have such d... more

  • A Soldier's Son

    by Jack Estes
    In 1968 Mike Kelly's chopper is shot down over the jungles of Vietnam. The crew is dead. Most of his team are dead and Mike makes a life altering decision. Now it's 2004 and Mike is a successful author and journalist, living in a big house on the lake with his wife Claire, twenty year old daughter Katie and son Jake, a senior in high school. Life looks great but Mike is still haunted by Vietnam and the war in Iraq is raging. Claire is threatening to leave if he doesn't get therapy, Katie is de... more
  • Mr. Zip and The Capital Z

    by Kimberly Bryant-Palmer
    After a terrifically hard and terribly disappointing day, Peanut Johnson, wandering aimlessly down Main Street, stumbles upon The Capital Z, a This and That Shop. Stepping inside, he meets Mr. Aloysious Zip, the kind and eccentric shopkeeper, who introduces Peanut to a most wondrous place. There are toys and trinkets, model cars and miniature wagon trains, even memorabilia from days gone by—“reminders,” says Mr. Zip with an air of mystery. Discovering “everything from A to Z” inside The Capi... more
  • Daddy Do My Hair?: Beth's Twists

    by Tola Okogwu
    Join Daddy and Beth on a wonderful hair adventure in this heart-warming story, which celebrates the unique and special relationship between a father and child. The perfect rhyming picture book read for every family, this is a book to be shared time and time again.
  • World War A

    by Clarence Xon
    2030 A.D. An economic crash is looming but college student Kaden Sun has bigger concerns at hand. Winning the WarGames Championship won’t be easy, especially when the crowd prefers shouting racial slurs to team chants. With Chinese ownership and investment in the US at an all-time high, Kaden’s black hair, dark eyes, and distinctive cheekbones have become dangerous assets. But Kaden is determined to walk the high road. On the verge of destitution, he finds an expensive wallet with thousands of d... more
  • Guestlist

    by Jay Fingers
    Juliet Feliz moved to New York City, leaving an unfulfilling life and uncertain future behind her. However, despite her new surroundings and social circle, Juliet's life threatens to fall into the same rut as before-that is, until she meets successful party promoter Napoleon Fey. Napoleon introduces Juliet to an exclusive world of VIP nightclubs, luxurious parties, celebrity friends, and sparkler-adorned bottles of champagne. But when Napoleon begins to show romantic interest in Juliet, that ... more
  • Home of the Red Fox

    by Judith Buxton
    Sophia Kessler, who once excited gentlemen with her erotic fan dancing, ended her days alone in a dreary hotel room. The police discovered 79-year-old Franklin White locked in a small shed, nearly starved to death. Jacob Morningside thought he would end his lonely days in a nursing home, abandoned by his family. When multibillionaire William Walker opens his mansion for these and other elderly guests, even a century-old mystery, romantic intrigue, bigamy, and a serial killer can't disturb th... more
  • Unseen Realities

    by Gordon Stallard
    Ellen Freeland risks her life and puts her family in danger in an attempt to return eyeglasses that can change how we see the world to the physicist who invented them.
  • When Times Were Bad: Those Good Old Days

    by Paul Angus Barber
    William didn’t mind caring for his Granddad, he loved him dearly, but the generational gap between them was clear for him to see. With nothing in common, he longed for a closer relationship in these, his Granddad’s final months. However, Granddad rarely had anything interesting to say these days. This was until he stumbled onto the subject of his youth growing up in a Yorkshire town during the Second World War. Suddenly, his world was alive with reminiscences of the past, resilient local com... more