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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Rough Hurech: Adventurer

    by J. F. Dargon
    Having heard the amazing and alluring accounts of seafaring men who spoke of a strange land at the edge of the western ocean's reach, Rough Hurech assembles a group of adventurous men. He tells them a tale of fame and glory and vast Templar riches that awaits each man brave enough to follow him across the storm tossed sea. The Staffordshire Men, as they are called, assemble at Hurech Manor where they kiss their wives and children goodbye to seek out fame and fortune. As they follow their lord, R... more
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  • Unclogged

    by Howie Weiner
    The man was a sloth. He is kidnapped and sent to the Center to Create Lasting Excellence Evacuation Essential in Nature (CCLEEEEN) in order to spy. Surprisingly, our hero, benefits in their program to unclog both his mind and body. He is drawn into a vicious comic struggle between Big Vitamin, Western Medicine purists, and alt health enthusiasts. This unwitting pawn becomes the brave protector of the angelic, majestic woman who founded CCLEEEEN, as scheming groups join forces to destroy her. Si... more
  • Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka

    by Lisa Anne Novelline

    Piccadilly and the Fairy Polka (ages 4-8), the first installment in the “Piccadilly’s Magical World” series, is a life-affirming and fanciful tale about a little girl with a grand imagination, who is enchanted with the coming of summer. On a very special sunny afternoon Piccadilly is convinced that she has uncovered a magical and most delightful secret. Readers are invited to join the fun, celebrate the whimsy, and decide for themselves. What i... more

  • Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind

    by Lisa Anne Novelline

    In the award winning, Piccadilly and the Waltzing Wind (ages 4-8), the second installment in the “Piccadilly’s Magical World” series, Piccadilly seeks to answer the question: “May one dance with the wind?” Readers are invited to soar with Piccadilly, friends, and the mischievous autumn breeze through an irresistible journey of what may be, then spiral back to the extra special magic awaiting Piccadilly in her own backyard.

  • Buzzy and the Little Critters

    by Kenton Hill

    BUZZY AND THE LITTLE CRITTERS: A Curious Tale of a Cicada Invasion, is a story about a boy, a girl, a grandpa, thousands of cicadas, and lots of other hungry critters. The grandpa (an entomologist) helps the children satisfy their curiosity about their own nature as well as the nature of these amazing cicada bugs, who can live underground for seventeen years before they come out buzzing. Buzzy's dream scene is especially exciting!

    Following the story (in this early reader's... more

  • Bardwell's Folly: A Love Story

    by Sandra Hutchison
    Dori Bardwell's father was the white Southern author of THE novel about slavery, a man who settled his large family up north in a replica of a plantation house and never spoke of his past. A tragic accident pulled Dori from college to care for her only remaining brother, but now the money is running out, her ex-boyfriend appears intent on revenge, a media baron has designs on her father's last, unfinished manuscript, and her own thoughtless blackface joke is about to go viral and turn her life u... more
  • The Night Before Christmas

    by Rose Collins
    It was the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, Not even a … BEAR ? Clement Clarke Moore's much loved poem is brought beautifully to life in this gorgeous picture book with a twist- as Santa visits a family of bears on Christmas Eve. Share the Christmas magic and experience a whole new retelling of the timeless Christmas classic. With beautifully illustrated pages, The Night Before Christmas is the perfect gift for any child.
  • The Kurdish Bike: A Novel

    by Alesa Lightbourne

    “Courageous teachers wanted to rebuild war-torn nation.”


    With her marriage over and life gone flat, Theresa Turner responds to an online ad, and lands at a school in Kurdish Iraq. Befriended by a widow in a nearby village, Theresa is embroiled in the joys and agonies of traditional Kurds, especially the women who survived Saddam’s genocide only to be crippled by age-old restrictions, brutality and honor killings. Theresa’s greatest challenge will be balancing respect for cultura... more

  • You're Kidding? ISBN:-13-978-1539344148

    by Carol Cook
    A humorous collection of essays/short stories, witty, commonsensical, questions, and comments on living, including a few crabby comments, lifestyles of the obnoxious and absent minded. A peek at incompetence, everyday failings, unexpected truths and our obsession with the imperfect will keep us laughing at the world, our self, and the absurdity of it all. A fun, happy read on the befuddling acts committed by the human race.
  • The Single-Bullet Theory - ISBN-13: 978-1537742045

    by Ian K Ferguson
    Set in the small fishing town of Padstow in Cornwall, England the story is a simple tale of one man's tragedies and how he copes with two horrible and distressing events. To help him along (or hinder) he has five siblings and having dealt with his tragedies a family dispute emerges. Luckily he meets a woman who wants to help him. This beautiful and gentle story will bring a tear to your eye along with some smiles.
  • Pancho Bandito and the Avocado Desperadoes

    by Mike Sundy

    Action. Adventure. Guacamole. Pancho Bandito and the Avocado Desperadoes is an epic tall tale with crop-robbing bandits, mythical mysteries, and big secrets about Pancho's past. Ride along with heroic Pancho and the Amarillo Armadillo as they seek an ancient weapon to defend a helpless town against the menacing El Pico and his gang of greedy desperadoes.

    Pancho Bandito and the Avocado Desperadoes is a tall tale children's picture book. This Western kid's bo... more

  • Pancho Bandito and the Amarillo Armadillo

    by Mike Sundy

    Pancho Bandito and the Amarillo Armadillo is an epic Western tall tale about friendship that's a hoot to read aloud. Pancho Bandito is a giant kid cowboy who longs for his own horse. He travels to Texas to sell cattle but runs into the monstrous Amarillo Armadillo. Can Pancho save Fort Worth from the beast and make a friend along the way?

    This Western kid's book is chock full of humorous action & adventure with a wily animal. The playful language and gorgeous landscapes... more

  • Part of My Heart

    by Mike Sundy
    A simple and heartfelt children's book about a baby heart and where it came from. This sweet story is perfect for explaining to preschool children the emotional truth of how a new baby is made and what they mean to the parents.
  • Hold Me Close: Revolutionary Faith Book One

    by Marguerite Gray
    Set in pre-revolution Charles Town, South Carolina, Hold Me Close takes the reader into the lives of immigrants. ordinary citizens, and prominent historical figures at a time in which decisions are made that will change the world. It is the first is a series of four historical novels and explores the role of faith in making important decisions.