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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Living with Markus

    by Florence Osmund
    Thirty-one-year-old Marc Nussbaum has visions of enjoying the finer things in life after building a successful landscaping business—no dependents, no commitments outside of work, no worries. And he's found the perfect woman to enjoy it with him. But when his dysfunctional family members come to him in serious trouble, he repeatedly shoves his own life aside to run to their aid. After losing sight of his own dreams and his girlfriend, Marc must decide whether to continue saving his relatives from... more
  • Over my Dead Body

    by Hazel McHaffie
    Carole Beacham is in her mid-sixties and planning to leave her husband. Before she can do so her daughter, Elvira, and two little granddaughters are involved in a fatal road traffic accident. Then a stranger appears in the Intensive Care Unit claiming to be Elvira’s boyfriend, insisting Elvira wanted to donate her organs. But Carole has her own reasons for rejecting such a possibility: a dark family secret which has been hidden for thirty years. She’s torn in two, but gradually her need to... more
  • The Diary of Norman K

    by Dimitrios Ikonomou
    After the untimely death of his distant and supposedly affluent father, twenty-one year old Norman discovers that his only inheritance is a staggering debt, forcing him to drop out of university and abandon his academic aspirations. His mother having died giving birth to him, Norman now finds himself alone and desperate for guidance. In an attempt to make sense of his increasingly alienating circumstances, Norman begins chronicling his past in a diary. Norman describes a solitary childhood popul... more
  • Proper Respect for a Wound

    by Lindsay Boyd
    Delgado, a resident of an intentional community in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, has railed against his lot in life since he was born and rejected all attempts to more fully integrate him into the life of the community. When Juan, a young male carer, arrives on the scene, Delgado becomes more amenable. However, he takes a step backwards when Juan leaves to undertake similar work in the Deep South of the United States. Juan struggles to adapt to the foreign culture and community.
  • The Other Side of Him

    by Alice Rene
  • In Her Skin: Growing Up Trans

    by Trina Sotira
    On the outside, Tirzah has everything: a best friend who adores her and the potential of a full-ride soccer scholarship at her father’s alma mater, Illinois University. But to Tirzah, none of it matters since she's stuck in the body of a girl. Struggling to hide her feelings for her best friend, Heidi, and fighting to cover up female body parts, Tirzah realizes the only way she'll ever be happy is if she transitions. But the change could mean losing Heidi, her scholarship, and possibly her paren... more
  • Hello, My Name is Koby

    by Gary Peurifoy
    We follow Koby from an animal shelter to his forever home with his family including a dad, two daughters and a cat named Lily. Told from the perspective of the rescued Koby who speaks to the value of a home and love. He also shares his favorite things in the world such as going for walks, eating tasty treats and sleeping next to his dad.
  • More Than Friends: A Novel

    by Linda Wallace-Kurtz
    A story of challenge and change... Eighth graders Larry and Michael have been best friends since kindergarten. Larry has worn leg braces since age two but now an operation might forever change his life. Tyler is a natural athlete, handsome, intelligent, and filled with an over-sized ego. He has no time for kids like Larry. But when his older brother Tom comes home for Christmas break and is wounded while bravely defending a stranger, an operation might be Tom's only hope as well. After their ... more
  • Brilliant New Light

    by Van Torrey

    Chance Lyon and his ad hoc team of intelligence and paramilitary professionals have barely a week to prepare their risk-infused, make-or-break plan. to save the Pacific Northwest from nuclear terror. They will use an unlikely human CIA asset named Gamma as bait to smoke out the North Korean nuclear bomb plotters, integrate Gamma into their midst as the final piece of the puzzle as a trusted bomb technician, while bringing the competing Islamist terrorists to ground to be dealt with separately... more

  • The Blackfish Prophecy

    by Rachel Clark
    Best friends Terra and Tiluk live alongside the wild orcas of Washington State. On the other side of the continent, Miles wallows in anger and self-pity fueled by his parents' divorce. In a moment of harrowing fate, their lives converge when Miles witnesses a captive orca brutally kill his trainer at a marine amusement park. When Miles contacts Terra and her family of whale biologists to better understand the "killer" whale, the three teens soon realize they are more linked to each other - an... more
  • The Blackfish Prophecy (Terra Incognita and the Great Transition Book 1)

    by Rachel Clark
    Driven by a primal urge to connect with the highly-evolved consciousness of the orca, three teens take extraordinary risks to challenge big business and renew lost traditions. The journey to restore an ancient bond reveals The Blackfish Prophecy- and it is about to change everything.
  • BLU

    by G. Franklin Prue
    BLU is based on part time college student Roland Blu. He discovers and steal a diamond from a South African jeweler. He decides to get this precious stone back to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.
  • Jimmy Boelson and Other Stories

    by Len Silver
    Jimmy Boelson and Other Stories is comprised of a novella and two short stories.
  • Repent at Leisure

    by Stevie Turner
    Paul McAdam wakes up with a strange girl in his bed, with no idea who she is or where she came from. Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life, eventually moving into his flat. The arrangement suits Paul quite well until he meets Anita Fairfax, the love of his life and the girl he wishes to marry. Cat has to go, but Paul finds that she is not interested in moving out.....