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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by John J. Siefring

    Born in the village of Easkey, Ireland just before World War II, Cara Brannan dreams of becoming a nurse and starting a new life in America. Her mother, an Irish suffragette, encourages Cara to set goals and be fiercely independent. She moves to Dublin and begins nurses training at Saint John’s Hospital, forging friendships and encountering obstacles as a young single woman. Then she meets Aiden Whyte. Like-minded, Cara and Aiden join forces, marry, and journey to the States as newlywed... more

  • Helena's Choice

    by Patty Apostolides
    Helena Cadfield returns to Oxford after being away at a Parisian boarding school, and learns that her father died while excavating treasures on their Greek property. She has a crush on Allan Murphy, but must see about the property in Greece. Helena asks Allan to wait for her, but will he wait? In Greece, she works alongside Dr. Aristotle Mastoras in finding the ancient treasures on her property. Her burgeoning love for Aristotle threatens to topple all her carefully laid out plans with Allan.
  • A Special Day for Aki

    by Bette Jackman LoBue
    A Special Day for Aki tells the story of a young Japanese girl who is celebrating Girl?s Day, a very special day in Japan. Aki ends the day a bit wiser and a little more grown up than she was before.
  • Treee: Part One

    by J.P.P. Pofus
    Recent widower and Catholic deacon J. Kerry Logan spends his nights alone in his church engaged in a drunken one-way dialogue with the wooden jesus who lives on the crucifix on the altar wall. As a 6’11” 70 year-old Irishman, he is only the third oddest creature in The Church of St. Thomas the Doubter once it is invaded by two strange boys. Built of broken fragments of the Christian religion, they claim ownership of the church and declare: “Sondown is near—Night is falling!” As their encoun... more
  • Career School

    by Mike Colahan
    A prestigious liberal arts junior college with a core curriculum in secretarial/business skills finds it can no longer afford its reputation when enrollment begins to drop and the school begins to accept any student who walks in. Values and standards erode, unethical admissions practices abound, and Oliver Dunbar, the Quaker school director and 20-year advocate for education, can't figure a way to fight what is happening. Then one night he has an unexpected encounter with a struggling student, a... more
  • Birds of a Feather

    by Tom crice
    A young boy's happy life is interrupted when his grandfather passes away. For a time, he struggles with his thoughts and feelings. Then a chance encounter on the subway reveals a path back to the happiness he once knew.
  • From Paris to Storyville: A Tale of Painted Ladies

    by Kristin Cherryhomes
    Paris, 1900: A young Impressionist painter is challenged by his teacher to find inspiration and create art outside of Paris. In his quest to locate a destination, he discovers a gentleman’s guide to Storyville, in New Orleans. Then by chance, sketches a musician on holiday who hails from the same notorious red-light district. The two artists strike up an instant friendship; each promising to show the other the face of their beloved city that most tourists rarely get a chance to see. Thus, they ... more
  • The Kitchens of Canton

    by Isham Cook

    Jeff Malmquist is unaccountably catapulted to the year 2060. He finds himself in New Gary, Indiana, a labor camp of one million Chicagoans, their identities hacked and incriminated as pedophiles through the collusion of a corrupt US Government, the Russian cybermafia, and China. He escapes to Chicago, only to find himself in a full-scale replica of Ancient Rome in China, erected for the wealthy country’s amusement and manned by a million enslaved Italians. As he struggles to orient... more

  • Masks of Morality

    by T.L. Mumley
    Carysssa climbs the corporate ladder of Silicon Valley...until she brings a child into the world and nothing is about herself anymore. She becomes concerned about unbridled capitalism and planetary eco-collapse, with humanity treading on a slippery slope. Surrounded by parents turning inward to truth and empathy, each makes choices beneficially impacting lives---revealing the reality and spiritual costs of politics. For Parisian artist Anna, this means opening her heart to the boy who fatally... more
  • Gables Court

    by Alan S. Kessler
    Good Afternoon, The novel isn’t Romance, erotica, or faith-based fiction but it is about the resilience of the human spirit in our quest to find love. Although the language is adult, the scenes of intimacy aren’t graphic. I appreciate how Pearl S. Buck handled sexual matters in The Good Earth with the simple sentence: she taught him. Age 24, Samuel Baas is a romantic and virgin who wants love and marriage before sex. After moving from staid New England to the hothouse world of Miami, he... more
  • Galahad's Fool

    by Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
    A year after the death of his co-creator and soul mate Lainie, a grizzled puppeteer struggles to build a solo show. But what Albert Fisher intends as a lightweight spoof turns sharply personal, and he labors to birth a raw myth of love and loss. His aging, pot-bellied Sir Galahad launches a second mad quest for the Holy Grail. To follow him, his lady secretly changes guises with their frail, androgynous Fool. As his play evolves, Albert finds kinship with Galahad’s despair and dogged vision, a... more
  • Giants in the Clouds

    by Maria Muscarella
    A poetic journey through a child's dreamworld, Giants in the Clouds takes its reader on a nighttime adventure in which friendly giants climb down from great castles in the sky to romp and roam the farmlands and get up to all manner of mischievous tricks while the rest of the house sleeps peacefully in their beds.
  • A Well-Respected Man: a novel

    by David W. Berner
    Chicago professor Martin Gregory is the author of a critically acclaimed novel of love and longing, a cult favorite among women. The book brings him unexpected status and prestige, but also unwelcome fame. A love affair with one of his students derails his career and breaks his heart. Coming to terms with a life knocked off balance, Martin retreats to a quiet English village, only to be confronted at his flat by a mystery woman with an unexpected message and an implausible request, one that c... more
  • Can You See Us Now?

    by Cheryl Benton
    Three best friends rebel against unsolicited AARP cards, hot flashes, bosses, becoming invisible, and the perceptions of what’s old. Suzy, Trish, and Madge, best friends since their early twenties, seemed to have it all. Beautiful, smart, and successful, they'd made it to the top in the most demanding city of them all, New York. Then they turned 50 and found that the world which once was their oyster started closing up faster than a New York minute. Bartenders ignore them, bosses marginaliz... more
  • The Sapphire Song

    by Todd Erick Pedersen
    The time and the place are universal. Metaxaeus, a youthful yet visionary sculptor, will embark on an odyssey in which he will at last meet face to face with Akasha, a talented storyteller from a distant township. Set in a simple landscape of mountains and rivers, The Sapphire Song is a meditation on the possibilities of love, when seen in the light of the spirit. Underscoring a fidelity to the sacred dimension of life, that so often reveals itself to us in the inmost presence of our dreams, and... more
  • The Helicopter Pilot - A Novel

    by Darcy Hoover

    Far removed from the nine to five existence of normal folk, nomads of the modern age scour the hinterlands and remote corners of our globe in a never-ending quest for resources.  Modern day explorers, these hard men endure months away from loved ones, exposed to foreign cultures and exotic dangers, all to scrape out a life, and perhaps find a little adventure.
    An established career in the First World grows stagnant, an opportunity presents itself, and a timid man ventures ... more