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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Joan Fallon
    One night in an attempt to salve his conscience Mark tells his wife that he has been having an affair with her oldest and dearest friend, and with those few words sets off a chain of events that reverberates throughout his whole family and changes the lives of those he loves forever. Love is All set in present day middle England. It tells the story of a family still grieving after the death of the youngest son, five years previously. Teresa, Mark and their two grown-up sons are at last coming t... more
  • THE THREAD THAT BINDS US: All secrets have to come out one day

    by Joan Fallon
    Have you ever had a secret that you cannot tell anyone - even your closest friend? Susan’s childhood was full of secrets - ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ was her mother’s favourite phrase. So when she discovers that her father had had an illegitimate child, called Michael, she instinctively knows she can’t tell anyone. But Susan isn’t a child anymore - she is a middle-aged woman who is keeping secrets from her husband in her search to find her half-brother. The need to know more about Michael becomes an ... more
  • The Ring of Flames: The al-Andalus series Book Three

    by Joan Fallon
    This is the story of three brothers: Rafiq, a soldier, Qasim, a doctor and Ahmad, a falconer. They live in Córdoba at the beginning of the 11th century, a time of uncertainty, flood, disease and civil war. The rightful ruler of the country, al-Hisham II, the Omayyad caliph, is locked in his palace and isolated from his government and his people. When the Regent, al-Mansur dies, there is no longer a strong man to rule the country and one by one the pretenders for the throne make their challenge. ... more
  • THE EYE OF THE FALCON: The al-Andalus series Bk 2 - a boy becomes ruler of Moorish Spain

    by Joan Fallon
    The Eye of the Falcon is the second novel in a series about Muslim Spain, set in the Andalusian city of Córdoba. It is the story of Subh, who was captured, sold into slavery and yet becomes the favourite wife of the Caliph of al-Andalus by giving him an heir. The novel opens with the death of the caliph and the succession of his son, al-Hisham, an eleven-year-old boy. Immediately his mother and her lover set about taking over control and set up a Regency to rule until the new caliph is old eno... more
  • THE SHINING CITY: The Al-Andalus series Bk 1 - a story of unrequited love in Moorish Spain

    by Joan Fallon
    Exotic, romantic, and rich with historical detail, The Shining City is a timeless story of love, family, and the unexpected consequences of our actions. Set in 10th century Spain, in the time of the Moorish occupation, it is, above all, a story of love and honour. When he moved to Madinat al-Zahra, Qasim thought he had escaped his turbulent past but when his youngest son falls in love with the Caliph’s concubine, he sets off a train of unimaginable consequences and puts all his family, includin... more
  • THE ONLY BLUE DOOR: The moving story of three children, based on actual events in World War II

    by Joan Fallon
    Imagine you are a twelve-year-old girl; you have a happy life and a family that loves you, then bit by bit your life disintegrates and you find yourself alone, thousands of miles from home. It is September 1940, Maggie and her young siblings, Grace and Billy, are living in the East End of London with their mother. Their father has been killed at Dunkirk and their mother goes into hospital to have her fourth child, leaving the children with a neighbour. In one of the worst bombing raids of the... more
  • Spanish Lavender: Love in a time of war

    by Joan Fallon
    ‘Spanish Lavender’ is a love story set in the Spanish Civil War. In January 1937, Elizabeth, a young English girl decides to remain in Spain when the rest of her family are evacuated to Gibraltar. Alone in the devastated city of Málaga she makes friends with two young men, Juan, an idealistic Spaniard and Alex, a pragmatic Englishman. Together they make their escape from the war-torn city along the coast to Almeria. Amongst the death and carnage she falls in love with Juan, only to lose hi... more
  • SANTIAGO TALES: A journey in search of love

    by Joan Fallon
    A journey in search of love Beth is a woman whose life is falling apart; there are problems with her marriage, her career is in the doldrums and her health is not good. When she discovers her husband has been leading a double life she realises she has to get away from the cosy village life where everyone knows your business and spend some time alone. She decides to do something she has never done before. She embarks on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. \t As Beth walks the five... more
  • The House on the Beach

    by Joan Fallon

    Set in Spain, in the years after the Civil War, when the country is ruled by the military dictator Francisco Franco, this social drama tells the story of two women, friends since childhood. Rocio and Inma are different in every way, but nevertheless form a close friendship. We follow the lives of two girls—one rich, one poor— from childhood to maturity, as they share happiness, fears, disappointments, broken hearts and betrayals. Rocio is a shy and trusting girl, who becomes easil... more

  • A Fish Called Bad Eyes

    by Larry Golicz

    A young girl loses her glasses over the side of a boat onto a reef below.  They land on the face of a little fish and improve his vision.  The young girl dove  below saw and then heard Bad Eyes in her thoughts.   At that moment she  gifted the glasses to her new finned friend and left the reef with a promise to return.  The little fish goes on with some misadventure to meet the reef animals and learns with Marsha how to help keep the reef alive as a communit... more

  • It's A Long Way Down

    by Ian Canon
    To the outside world, David Emmeret Smith has it all. He's at the height of his acting career, is the envy of his peers, and is in a loving, committed relationship. But, on the cusp of the biggest night of his life, one impulsive decision after another begins a downward spiral which puts everything he holds dear at risk. What follows from there is a hedonist's love affair with drugs, depravity, and destruction.

    by Thelma A. Giomi
    The strength of this novel is in the dynamic development of each of the four main characters. Individually, as couples and as friends Ian, Lauren, Nikki and Paul, find themselves facing unexpected and often unearned challenges in their lives. Surviving life’s most daunting ordeals they find that these events break their hearts leaving them able to become the heroes of their own lives. Shatter My Heart is the compelling story of four unique and gifted individuals who find that to live fully they ... more
  • The Weekend Warriors

    by James Burke
    What if the Cold War suddenly ran red hot? That's the tantalizing premise of Burke's debut novel, which unfurls the grim historical possibilities. The author, a former reservist, does an admirable job of depicting the honor and courage of such part-time soldiers, whose commitment is often as steadfast as their full-time counterparts'. Also, his portrayals of combat violence are stunning and chilling by turns. Overall, this is a work of both literary and historical appeal virtue. A well-researc... more
  • Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon: Cracking the PTSD Code... Now You Have a Choice

    by Sharron Gleason
    What are our deepest, darkest emotions? How did we get them? How do we get rid of them? These emotions that hold us back in life, preventing us from achieving our personal happiness, hopes, and dreams. The uncontrollable urges and negative feelings of anger, rage, anxiety, fear, paranoia, frustration, dissociation, and chaos ruling our daily lives bringing to us and drawing into our world, more of the same. How did we get to this point? How do we get out? This is the author's personal story of e... more
  • The Rag Doll Gift

    by Karen Richards Toothaker
    On their sixth birthdays all of Gran's grandchildren get a special handmade rag doll from her. Kimberly is the youngest of the cousins and the last to get her doll--so there are "ten cousins and nine rag dolls." But when Gran dies suddenly, Kimberly feels "sad and lonely, angry and confused." She will miss her Gran and all their special times cooking and gardening together, and she will never have her special doll made just for her from Gran. Or will she? Gran has one final special gift fo... more
  • Grand Theft Octo

    by Niels Saunders
    When Jonathan Doe is fired from his office job for stealing too much stationery, he becomes an entrepreneur of businesses the world has never seen. Professional plant-waterer, freelance taxidermist—he’ll try anything. After a disastrous start, he moves onto professional octopus teasing. Will he fail again or make his fortune? Is he really a professional or just a con artist? Desperate to succeed, his plans become more outlandish, from stealing theme park mascots at gunpoint to fighting derang... more