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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Coffee, Cats And Conmen

    by M B Ager
    Gemma is a regular 30-something woman, trying to escape redundancy and her mother's attempts to marry her off. Her lifetime of opinions and desire for justice come to a head when her mother falls victim to a timeshare scam, causing Gemma to plan an elaborate heist. All whilst falling in love. And landing a job. And trying to kill next door's cat. Coffee, Cats & Conmen is a romantic comedy full of twists, caffeine and unplanned knicker-flashing.
  • White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

    by Paul Clayton
    One of the most haunting mysteries in American history -- The Lost Colony of Roanoke -- comes roaring back to life in White Seed. One hundred and fifteen men, women and children... dropped off in a land where they were not welcome. What happened?
  • Evergreen House - Book Four 2000s

    by Amelia Keldan

    After spending her whole life deciphering the emotions of those she holds dear, Tildy now watches as her son grapples with the burdens of his own unique gift.
    By assuming that there are no more secrets left to reveal, Tildy finds herself unprepared for the revelations that can no longer remain buried.

    Can the ramblings of an old war veteran be trusted?
    Is an ailing old woman the best source of information about a past that has been riddled with heartbreak and deception?... more

  • Evergreen Shade - Book Three 1990s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Arriving home from overseas, Tildy is returning to the Adelaide Hills a well-travelled and accomplished young adult. Eager to reconnect with family and friends, she still holds onto a secret that could re-open a Cold Case that most of the community has forgotten about.

    As her siblings navigate their way through the struggles of family life, relationship drama and the duplicitous emotions that come with getting older, Tildy is disheartened to learn that the mistakes of the past ofte... more

  • Evergreen Park - Book Two 1980s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Entering into her teen years, Tildy McVee is burdened with the responsibility of deciphering right from wrong. With her family struggling to overcome a tumultuous past, she alternates between the need to focus on herself whilst also feeling protective of her family. 
    With all the common problems of a regular teen - peer pressure, bullying and the struggle to embrace a true sense of self - Tildy watches as those around her make mistakes, seek success and search for the one thing that... more

  • Evergreen Avenue - Book One 1970s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Six-year-old Tildy McVee has always sensed things that others cannot.

    Her mysterious talent is both a burden and a blessing, sometimes helping her to understand those around her, whilst also filling her brain with confusion and fear.
    When her family leave the city in favour of the green and idyllic Adelaide Hills, she is initially optimistic that the move will be a positive change for them all – instead, it raises questions that no one seems able to answer.

    Wh... more

  • ARNS and the Man

    by Ira Nayman

    Alternate Reality News Service reporters write articles about the first year of the leadership of Ronald McDruhitmumpf, the President of the United States of Vesampucceri, the leader of the world's idiotocracies.

  • The Pear Tree

    by Karen Sandrick
    The Pear Tree tells the story of the assassination of the head of Nazi-Occupied Czechoslovakia, the destruction of the small town of Lidice in retribution, and the abduction and racial profiling of the town's women and children. Though set in the 1940s in Eastern Europe, The Pear Tree could not be timelier. With the rise of nationalism, racism, and xenophobia in countries across the globe, minority groups are being labeled as different, suspicious, or inferior because of their nationality, ethni... more
  • The Truth About Family

    by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels
    Misha lost his family. He can’t rest until he has found them, if only to find himself. Inspired by true events in the life of the author’s father, Mihail Ichizli, this remarkable novel tells the story of an orphanage graduate, who set out from a village in Soviet Moldova, to the University of Odessa, Ukraine, in the hopes of finding the family he had lost as a toddler during World War II. His quest will not be in vain. But will what he discovers bring him a much longed-for peace, or will it only... more
  • The Healer: The Gift of Suffering Book 1

    by Terri Giles Exum
    Jason is an usual young man in many ways. He struggles with dyslexia and a severe stutter, which earns him the dubious title of learning disabled (LD), just another way of saying Loser Dude. He also has the rather unique ability to decipher vibrations from a person’s body to reveal the mystery of what ails them. Maybe that’s why he can also see beings from the other side. Jason’s fragile faith in God is shattered when he tragically loses his father. His young life takes a dangerous turn aft... more
  • Thinks Out Loud, a Blog at First

    by Martin Perlman
    High-tech suspense meets South Seas adventure and romance when a band of young bloggers is drawn into the orbit of AltaSystemics, a mysterious high-tech company whose charismatic CEO, PrimeMover, is poised to gain control of all information, past, present and future. In seemingly unrelated events, Isaac, a burned-out blogger, washes up on the shore of a special South Seas Island that may hold the key to defeating PrimeMover. Reminiscent of the epistolary form of early English novels, the ent... more
  • Dream Fishing the Little Spokane

    by Jeffrey Dunn
    Rooted in the Little Spokane River drainage, Jeffrey Dunn’s novel Dream Fishing the Little Spokane is as local as it is American. For those who remember Richard Brautigan, this little book is a Trout Fishing in America for the 21st Century. Meet the legendary Viper Bugloss who inhabits abandoned trailers and preys on campgrounds. Take a road trip with Carl Jung and his mother up the Little Spokane River to find “the split” in consciousness. Go on an erotic journey with Anais Nin to the Waiki... more
  • Then She Was Born: Born to be different, surviving to make a difference

    by Cristiano Gentili
    Then She Was Born is more than a novel. It’s an international human rights campaign supported by eleven Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis. Based on an inconceivable reality for many in the world today, Then She Was Born combines the drama and redemption of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner with the spirituality of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. A child is born and the joy of her parents turns to horror. The child is different, in a way that will bring bad luck to the... more
  • Degrees of Love: A Novel

    by Lisa Slabach
    Like the shiny new BMW parked in the driveway of the Silicon Valley home she shares with her husband, Matt, and their two boys, Susan Sinclair is the picture of personal and professional success. Yet with each advance in her career, Matt has grown more distant. When Susan meets her new boss, Reese Kirkpatrick, their working relationship slowly turns into something more. Now, unable to stomach the façade her marriage has become yet unwilling to decimate her family by moving forward with Reese, Su... more
  • Clare and the Country People and Other Stories: Tales of Lower Appalachia

    by Howard Denson
    CLARE AND THE COUNTRY PEOPLE AND OTHER STORIES features Tales of Lower Appalachia and traces the history of the fictional Waldentown from its post-Civil War days through the new century. The town has its first legal hanging, house fires that cause one couple to retreat to a remote farm community to rebuild. Burley's residents had never even seen a chocolate cake. Clare Reardon is the "town girl" who has to learn to cope: with a husband she nurses during the 1917 flu epidemic, with a brother who ... more
  • McGregor and the Lost Tribe

    by Howard Denson
    McGREGOR AND THE LOST TRIBE (1st P, POV, 87,000 words) is historical-comic fiction that asks what if ONE of the tribes of the Southeast had been able to escape The Trail of Tears? When a young Scot is chased through the hills of Scotland and then across the ocean, he leads the British army on a fox-and-hound chase from Savannah over to the ravines of Alabama. Here Levi Philip McGregor gets bagpipe music from a pig and wins sanctuary from the authorities. When Andy Jackson's government wishe... more