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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • They Called Him Marcus: My Past.....My Beginning

    by A.D. Stark
    A young man born in the 1930's half black and half Asian raised in an orphanage in the Bronx, New York entering the world at the age of 18 finds out after reading his mom's diary and 2 letters left to him before he was born that his mom is from the Philippines, and may still be alive, and most of all wanted her baby. How did he get to the US, and left in an orphanage? He struggles to uncover his past and try to reunite himself with his mother in the Philippines, and a father that is unknown if... more
  • The Secrets We Keep

    by Mia Hayes
    After fleeing her city life for something quieter in the suburbs, Elizabeth Mavery grapples with her new existence. When she’s not going to Costco or day-drinking with her best friend, she’s trying to escape her past. And it seems to work – until an anonymous gossip blog begins spilling the women of Waterford’s darkest secrets. Now, the blurred conversations and blank spots in Elizabeth’s mind give way to panic and anxiety. If her secrets – like a hospitalization for bipolar disorder and a s... more
  • Sam Needs to Go

    by Manley Peterson

    Sam Needs to Go is a funny, rhyming poem about a boy who really needs to use the bathroom but finds trouble at every turn. 700 word poem with simple pictures for kids and adults.

  • Catwalk Fail

    by Jason Godfrey
    Colin Bryce Hamilton is living the dream. As a model, he jet-sets around the globe hooking up with cover-girls while he nurtures his eight-pack abs all in an effort to get to Milan, and the supermodel career he knows he deserves. But when Colin suffers a catastrophic sex injury life as he knows it stops. Then his agency in Milan dumps him, and his confidence takes a devastating hit. Soon he's binging on greasy everything, losing work to his self-proclaimed best friend, and being ignored by ... more
  • Petro and the Flea King

    by Kenneth Lamug
    From an award-winning children's book author and illustrator comes a graphic novel full of whimsy, tradition, and fun for all ages. Petro the lazy boy, goes on an out-of-this-world adventure as he tries to save a small town from the torments of the Flea King and his minions. The characters which are based on traditional Filipino folk stories are imaginatively recreated and given a unique spin by the author. This wordless picture book is perfect for that reluctant reader as each beautifully rend... more

    by Bette Golden Lamb
    In the early 1900s, Minna Goldmich, a 14-year-old peasant girl, kills a boy to keep from being brutalized and raped. Minna’s life is shattered when her family sends her away to America to save her from being killed in retribution. Alone, she survives the horrors of Ellis Island and is sent to live in the South with an older brother who puts her through nursing school. In Alabama, she soon becomes enmeshed in a world of blatant racism. Later, as a visiting nurse, she is caught up in New York... more
  • Bumbino, The Italian Bumble Bee

    by Art Manno
    Bumbino goes on an exciting trip through the beautiful forest of Abruzzi, Italy to make friends to play with.
  • Quackling: A Very Loud Fairy Tale

    by Aaron Shepard
    Quackling was proud when the King came to him to borrow money. But years passed, and the King never paid him back! So, he takes his sack and starts for the castle. But a very small duck will need very good friends when he gets there! Will Quackling get what he wants, or something even better? Find out in this lively, rhythmic retelling of a favorite European folk tale.
  • 978-1-926432-71-7

    by Shelley Admont
  • Warm Transfer

    by Laura Holtz
    Tamsen Peel isn’t happy in her marriage. Issues ranging from the run-of-the-mill to the run-for-the-hills plague her relationship with high-powered advertising executive Victor. Amid their lavish lifestyle in the uppermost echelon of Chicago elites Tamsen has lost her sense of identity and hope for the future. Enter an attractive and thoughtful young musician hired to give guitar lessons to the Peels’ special needs son, and Tamsen is ushered into the Warm Transfer [May 29, 2018, Gatekeeper Press... more
  • Mr. Show Business

    by Mark Carp
    Jackie Goldheart, born Jacob Goldman on the Lower East Side of New York, made it big as the first TV mega star in the early 1950s. As his career waned, he yearned desperately to return to the limelight. However, his final opportunity may lie with his illegitimate son, Evan Stromberg, who has authored a play Jackie wants desperately to appear in. The final casting will be done with the approval of Evan, who may not know Jackie is his real father.
  • Hope of Ages Past: An Epic Novel of Faith, Love, and the Thirty Years War

    by Bruce Gardner
    AD 1618 — When Peter Erhart, a young German Lutheran, comes to the aid of a frightened Catholic boy named Hans Mannheim at the outbreak of the Thirty Years War in Prague, he embarks on a life journey that will severely test his courage, humanity, and faith. A decade later, Peter, now married and pastoring in Magdeburg, Germany, sees this test begin in earnest when powerful rivals threaten his career and the war engulfs the city. As the Catholic imperial army approaches, Peter encounters Anna Rit... more
  • Not for me, please!: I choose to act green

    by Maria Godsey
    Luke is a wise, confident, and caring young boy. After seeing first-hand the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, he’s changed his ways and now thinks and acts green. He believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and protecting the planet has become his new passion. Using his helpful phrase, “Not for me, please!”, he shares examples of how he chooses differently than others to act green. Luke hopes he can teach you why plastic, not recycling, an... more
  • No Mercy

    by Jaye Cherie
    No Mercy follows the growing conflict between rich music producer, Byron Mercy, and his troubled, twenty-one year-old daughter, Erica. Their rift has deepened over the years due to her promiscuous behavior and the persistent rumors about her. The family tension reaches a boiling point when Erica becomes pregnant from a man she refuses to identify. Byron finally gives her an ultimatum; she has two months to get out of the house, even though she's never lived on her own or held a job At the hea... more
  • Howard Be Thy Name

    by JoAnn Stevelos
    Compelling and touching--JoAnn Stevelos's, Howard Be Thy Name is a novel told with tenderness and even-handed compassion but expands into a fully realized portrait of the complexities of heartbreak, estrangement, secret lives, and abuse. Set in Albany, in 1968, we follow the story of Evie Edwards, divorced, and a mother of four children, who falls in love with Howard Russo, a newly ordained Catholic priest. Unyielding to the consequences their relationship will have on her children, Evie throws ... more