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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Because the Sky is Everywhere

    by Nancy Sharp
    Liam's father dies but the truth is that Liam doesn't fully understand what this means. He wonders if his dad is hiding. Liam searches in all the obvious places until his dreams lead him to the sky where he feels his dad's presence all around him. In this sensitive and tender book, Liam learns that just as the sky is everywhere, so, too, is his father's love. Because the Sky is Everywhere helps children accept that even though someone close to them dies, the love they feel can be everlasting.
  • The Emmeline Papers

    by Mark David Gerson
    When Emmeline Mandeville spends the final months of her 93rd year reflecting on her eccentric, iconoclastic past, she can't know how profoundly her reminiscences will weave through the lives of the men and women who find themselves living in her house a decade and a half later.
  • Sara's Year

    by Mark David Gerson
    Esther and Sarah share a single passion: to be the best they can be – on an epic scale. That's easier dreamed than done in Jewish Montreal on the eve of World War II. Fifty years later when death takes Esther, her son and her oldest friend must each decide whether Esther's abandoned dreams will defeat them or spur them on to triumphs of their own.
  • After Sara's Year

    by Mark David Gerson
    Marc-Allan Cameron hasn't felt alive in 30 years. For Sadie Finkel, it's been more than 50. When life comes knocking, will they let it in?
  • Hilda "Ma" Tilda - Where's Ed?

    by Arlene Weiner
    A lonely granny, Hilda "Ma" Tilda, wants a puppy to keep her company. Events take twists and turns on a trip to the pet store. Will Hilda "Ma" Tilda find her best friend?

    by Michael J Manley (M J Manley)
    The Uber Groover is a novel with the perspective of a driver whom drove for The UBER Corporation. While driving for people from all types of backgrounds, ethnicity and morals; the main character (Mitchell Martinez) learns, not only about the people for whom he drives, he learns a great deal about himself. Gang Bangers from South Central L A., to prostitutes in the Hollywood Hills area; The UBER GROOVER, states that driving for UBER: A Jerry Springer Episode On WHeels! With the low pay and the l... more
  • Topaz and the Evil Wizard

    by Pat Frayne
    What has happened to the missing Fairy and Elf children of Knownotten Kingdom? This is the worrisome question Topaz, the Yellow Conjure Cat asks himself over and over again in his search for clues to solve this mystery. If his suspicions are correct, his life will soon be in grave danger. Caught between the legacy he was born to full fill and the terrible danger he's sure to face, Topaz struggles to overcome his fears while he strives to protect his king and the inhabitants of the kingdom. Arm... more

    by Will Van Allen
    After writing a pioneering gay TV drama series in the nineties and knowing nothing but success afterwards, Adam Donovan mysteriously abandons Hollywood for his hometown of Redmond, Washington. When attorney Natalie Summers asks him to take in three roughed-up orphan girls from L.A., Adam is as surprised as anyone when he says yes. The oldest is rude and shrewd—she threatened to kill him the first night they met—but maybe that’s why he’s drawn to her. Natalie soon develops misgivings about ... more
  • Topaz and the Green Fairies

    by Pat Frayne

    Topaz and the Green Fairies is an award-winning new classic for middle-grade kids who love fantasy and magic. This humorous and heroic tale about the adventures of a young Green Fairy's lone journey upriver in a gourd boat will thrill parents and children alike. Chosen to find help to save his folk from certain disaster, Bozel struggles with self-doubt and a future filled with danger and uncertainty as he faces one unnerving challenge after another. He is advised to sail south and find the La... more

  • The Ebola War

    by John W Egan and Bakar Masaray

    Angel and Mercy have been apart for years due to Angel's peacekeeping tours and Mercy's medical studies abroad. Their plans to meet back in Sierra Leone are disrupted by the Ebola outbreak. Angel is ordered to help the Army enforce quarantines while Mercy is sent to treat Ebola patients. When Mercy disappears amid the increasing crisis, Angel sets out to find her. They each find something they thought was impossible.

  • Beyond the Battle of Naupaktos (Arion's Odyssey, vol. #3)

    by Lin Sten

    In Beyond the Battle of Naupaktos, in 430 BC, by Arion’s courageous response to the pirate attack north of Kaphereos Promontory, he earns back some of the trust and goodwill that he lost when he tried to escape his servitude. Then, from 430 BC - 428 BC, come several naval battles and the plague: dangerous times, but times for a man of courage. If Arion has learned enough of patience and subservience, can he hope for a generous manumission? And then comes the revolt of Lesbos in... more

  • The Ceasefire War

    by John W Egan

    The Ceasefire War is the first of the Angel and Mercy series. It is a fictional account of events in 2001. Angel and Mercy are two girls, who were forced to fight for the rebels. They escape as the war in Sierra Leone is ending, but now they must fight the rebels they had served, the agencies that would separate them, and the child traffickers who pursue them.


    by Maxamillion
    A good girl goes gangster when she witnessed her father get brutally murdered in a botched armed robbery attempt. Fueled by an insatiable desire for vengeance Imani seduces a megalomaniac drug kingpin called El’ Diablo to help her avenge her father’s death in exchange for her heart. However, the first rule in making a deal with the devil— is not to ever make a deal with El Diablo. Ultimately, Imani painfully discovers that the love of scrilla is the root of all evil.
  • The Excavations - A history of the end of the world.

    by James Whyle

    "A biblical comedy, a millennial carnival, a strange dispatch from beyond the rapture."

    "A crazy-ass futuristic book."

    Jack Delfan is an unwitting Noah who has turned his back on the world of men. He lives in an oil tanker in a sea of sand. He believes in digging. When a son, Hob, is delivered to him, Delfan teaches the boy how to use a spade and read the book. Delfan is a difficult father and refuses to tell Hob who his mother is. Then the Gcwi come.... more

  • The Book of War

    by James Whyle
    A flickering scene of carnage in the forest. A fairy tale metamorphosed into something simple and old and real and horrible beyond reckoning. Yellow fires roaring like dragons and choking smoke and a stench of burning hair and bone and flesh and the trees looming over it. Bloodied beasts clotted with gore that sniffed about for any that might still live. A slathered shape approached. "I think some got away." "They'll spread the word," said the Captain." A realist nightmare that piles horror... more
  • The Wolves Within Our Walls

    by L.E. Flinders

    On April 21, 2021, the world as we know it ended due to a catastrophic technology and infrastructure collapse.  The Wolves Within Our Walls follows a troubled 28-year-old waitress, Zoe Wilkes, through her internal and external struggles following the attack as she enters a sustainable, off-the-grid, housing community run by leader and former environmental lobbyist, Jacob Malin, and former cyber-security engineer, Miles Kirby.  We witness as she pleads with... more