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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Black Girls Dont Commit

    by Jaymee Vee
    “Nylah has always felt like the glue keeping her small family together. As the weight of having to be someone she isn’t gets heavier, her mental health takes a turn and is swept under the rug by those who are supposed to protect her. Her struggles grow deeper as she fights to save herself. Little does she know, there are other people, just like her, who also need saving. In this story of the silenced mental health truths of Black girls, will this be another sad story we don’t hear about? Or will... more
  • Giant Banana Over Texas: Darkly Humorous Tales

    by Mark Nutter
    A collection of thirty-one short stories, perfect for fans of absurd comedy.--Monty Python meets Douglas Adams meets Salvador Dali.
  • Dancer on the Ceiling: More Darkly Humorous Tales

    by Mark Nutter
    Laugh-out-loud stories for lovers of absurd comedy.
  • The Night Doctor of Richmond

    by Tony Gentry
    The Night Doctor of Richmond is a biographical novel which portrays the life of Chris Baker, a notorious 19th Century “resurrrectionist,” who by his own admission robbed hundreds of graves to supply anatomy classes for the Medical College of Virginia across his long career. The novel draws on contemporary newspaper articles and the hospital’s historical records, along with research into the fraught racial politics of the city in Baker’s time, to align with what is known about this man. The chron... more
  • Dog Logic

    by Tom Strelich
    Hertell Daggett has just discovered a time capsule. Only this one is full of people, and they've been living beneath his pet cemetery since 1963 due to some bad information they got about the end of the world. Hertell leads the duck-and-cover civilization into the glorious, mystifying, and often dismaying modern world. What could possibly go wrong?
  • School

    by Isabel Pabán Freed

    This is a campus novel where things go wrong. There are a few layout decisions that read better in the physical than the ebook. Half of the profits will go to organizations working with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated trans people.

  • Among Sea Wolves: 1150 The Whale Road

    by Jean Gill
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A yarn fit for a Norse saga. Full of action, poetry and heart; a thrilling voyage through the vibrant world of the twelfth century." Matthew Harffy 1150: The Whale Road. An epic medieval adventure, set in the Viking world of 12th century Orkney. To change their doom, Skarfr and Hlif must pay the price. Warrior-poet Skarfr embarks on a death-defying pilgrimage with his ruler, Jarl Rognvald, from the wind-whipped shores of Orkney to the Holy Land. He is one of the few men trusted by t... more
  • Katie's Really Bad Day: A Story About Test Anxiety

    by Kathleen Jeffrey
    It’s spelling test day and Katie feels anxious… Cheerful fun-loving Katie sometimes gets anxious before tests, even when she knows the answers. One day Katie’s feelings were so enormous, she panics and can’t seem to do the test at all. She even disrupts the entire class. Luckily, with the guidance of her teacher, Katie discovers calming tools to soothe her nerves. Pretty soon the whole class is joining Katie to beat that test stress! A beautifully illustrated relatable story with teaching ... more
  • Zephyr Trails

    by Nicki Ehrlich
    The fine line between friends and enemies blurs as Ellis Cady sets out to reach the new frontier of post-Civil War America. After waiting out winter at the Cady ranch in southern Missouri, hope blooms in the Spring of 1866. Ellis receives news of a mysterious man arriving in St. Louis. Will she find her father alive and well, or finally put his memory to rest? Grasping at the illusive promise of her father’s whereabouts, Ellis is distracted by the intrepid trick rider, Jimmie, a woman wh... more
  • Langston Mangston's Cool-Le-Made Adventure

    by Chandler G. Hayes
    Join Langston-Mangston, his parents, and his imaginary best friend, the pink elephant Zonky, as they embark on fun family discussions about personal finance. Covering basic concepts that cultivate early awareness about how money affects our daily lives, Langston Mangston's Cool-Le-Made Adventure is a lively guide to success for young readers. Encouraging parents to embrace their child’s interest in family finances with mindfulness and care, children are empowered to develop and communicate new i... more
  • Finding Plymm

    by Christopher Brookhouse
    Theo Vos comes to Mott County from Ohio in search of answers about an ancestor whose casket was shipped home during the Civil War but when it arrived, the body inside wasn't his. While there, Theo is hired to tutor an agoraphobic teenager, the daughter of Milo and Calla Drew. Milo, a once renowned author, has holed himself up in the family castle too, working on a book based on an old journal of the county's sheriff during the War Between the States. Finding Plymm weaves back and forth between T... more
  • Anemone

    by Jim Frazee
    After his failed rescue of his brother Wyatt in a house fire, sixteen-year-old Russell Cobb wakes up from a coma, strangely mistaken for him and thrust into the middle of an arson investigation. Russell’s only hope, before his bandages come off, is to deduce the likeliest suspect in his recent turbulent past or risk being charged with homicide. In view of his brother’s death, he begins to see his family and Wyatt’s enigmatic girlfriend Edie in a darker light, colored by deceit and his own parano... more
  • A Brush With Mortality

    by Caryl Hallberg
    By all outward appearances, she’s just a typical woman going through menopause at the turn of the 21st century. Living in a stale and distant marriage, her grown kids living their own lives, there is a psychological and sexual itch she hasn't felt in years that needs to be scratched. What are the secrets this Executive of a Hospice nonprofit keeps? Even she doesn’t know for sure – Set in the San Francisco Bay Area in the year 2000, her journey explores meaning through death, erotic adventure, m... more
  • No Stranger Christmas

    by mickey mikkelson
    While trying to save Christmas for his financially struggling family, 14-year-old Frankie Lincoln finds the courage to explore his artistry, stand up to gay discrimination, and pursue first love.
  • Pigs Will Fly

    by Sunny D

    This isn't a story about flying pigs. This is a story about wishing for things. A story about me, Kessie. A girl who used to hear. A girl who wants to hear again. A girl who wants to hear her daddy's voice saying, "Hello, Kessie." If only I could find him.  The story of a girl, the smartest girl in her school, now on her way to the Special Needs Class.

  • A Grand Pause: A Novel on May 14, 1945, the USS Randolph, Kamikazes, and the Greatest Air-Sea Rescue

    by Gary Santos
    Based on an incredible true story that took place in the midst of World War II, on May 14, 1945, A Grand Pause follows two American airmen, Ensign John Morris and his gunner Cletis Phegley, after they are stranded on a raft in the middle of the Japanese islands, surrounded by a cutthroat enemy. What follows is a daring rescue mission by the Randolph and her war-weary crew, as they struggle against enemies both physical and psychological to bring their brethren home safely. A story almost lost to... more