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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Time Before Christmas

    by Ted Thompson
    A Parody of the Night Before Christmas. (Vanity Published) A sharecropper tells his wife that he is going to decorate the farm for Christmas this year himself. He goes at it, has a few goof-ups but finally gets the job done just in time. Even though its southern Mississippi, there are sometimes SNOW. things turn out to be the finest Christmas the family ever has.
  • The Beasts of Success

    by Jasun Ether

    In this dog-eat-dog world, three friends find themselves getting nowhere in their careers despite their education and work skills. They decide to make their own rules to the game of life and play dirty to get ahead. Each of them concoct schemes to sabotage colleagues and clear the path for their swift advancement.

    Through a journey of deception and personal discovery, they find that life at the top isn’t what they imagined it would be. All the while, they’re not aware that t... more

  • The Final Weekend: A Stoned Tale

    by Neal Cassidy

    In the last days before the real world, six college friends prepare to take a bow in epic fashion.

    After Sunday there’s just Harry, the future business owner; Justin, the medical intern; Trent, the hapless wanderer; and Clarence, soon to don the badge and blues. But now they have years of memories to honor, all packed into one weekend. Will they grow into their new adult roles? Will they go out in style with the girls? Will the four of them even survive the sheer level of debauche... more

  • We Burn Too Bright

    by Elle Pallmore
  • Joseph Shorey of Maine: On the Kennebec

    by William Michael Wochna
    Young Joe Shorey of Maine wants to get away from farm work and from a pesky neighbor, Susannah, and her incessant talk of marriage, so he takes a job in a lumber camp for the winter.
  • Dahlia in Bloom

    by Susan Koehler
    Can a person just decide to give up feeling scared? It’s 1933, and Dahlia Harrell lives in a hand-me-down mountain cabin built by her Grandpap’s Uncle Zeke. At eight-and-three-quarters, Dahlia knows all about being scared. She’s scared of snakes, high-up places, dark nights, and a mean ol’ sister named Celia. What she doesn’t understand is the new president’s nonsense: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
  • A Friend I Didn't Know 2nd edition

    by Harel R. Lawrence
    Youth Pastor Brian Hanson knows loss. He’s lived with it since his pre-teen daughter’s suicide. Instead of remaining in his grief, he’s devoted his life to educating young people about the hazards of bullying. Johnny is an outcast among his peers. Born into a troubled family, taunted at school, and struggling to find his place in the world, the despondent young man believes there’s no hope for him. His skewed beliefs push him to contemplate the unthinkable, but Pastor Brian isn’t prepared to a... more
  • Rowdy: Wild and Mean, Sharp and Keen

    by Chris Mullen
    Thrust to the mercy of the Mississippi river, thirteen-year-old Rowdy floats safely away as he watches smoke rise from his burning farmhouse. His father, dead. His brother, dead. Both gunned down in front of him by a murderous gang of bandits. Now alone in the world, his perilous journey of survival begins, challenging and shaping him into the young man his father would want him to become. Pulled from the waters, he is given a chance by a lone river Captain and his mate. Working the trade ro... more
  • The Passion of Eve: Remembering the End

    by Edward N Brown
    A possible history of events that happened both inside and outside of the Garden of Eden – told from the perspective of Eve herself! How she believed it all played out, why it happened the way it did, and what it meant to her lifelong happiness. What actually happened after expulsion from the Garden? Where did they live? How did they survive? What did they learn about life and death, love and sin, God and Satan? Immerse yourself in the thoughts and feelings of Eve. Would you have acte... more
  • Journey of a JuBu

    by Blaine Langberg
    Orthodontist by day, author by night, our narrator, Dr. Jacob Silverstein sends his protagonist, Adam Freeman, on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. Following the maxim, “write what you know,” Jacob has taken parts of his life and exaggerated them into The Adventures of Adam Freeman, DDS: a story of the struggle to achieve spirituality and mindfulness in today’s pop-culture-obsessed society. Part pilgrimage, part romp, a blend of spiritual humor and meta-fiction, it’s Seinfeld... more
  • Drawing a Line

    by William S. Hubbartt
  • Dancing with Langston

    by Sharyn Skeeter

    Carrie, a business manager who always wanted to be a dancer, has two commitments today. She made a promise to her late father to move Cousin Ella, a former Paris café dancer, from her condemned Harlem apartment to a safe place. She’s also committed to catch a flight to Seattle with her husband for his new job. But Cousin Ella resists leaving the apartment where she’s had salons with Langston Hughes. She also has a mysterious gift that she wants Carrie to earn. If she does, ... more

  • The Benevolent Lords of Sometimes Island

    by Scott Semegran

    The summer of 1986. Central Texas. William and his friends should be having a blast. Instead, they are hounded by the Thousand Oaks Gang and their merciless leader, Bloody Billy. William found Billy's backpack. And because of what it contains, Billy desperately wants it back, and he'll do anything to get it. William hatches a plan for his friends to sneak away and hide in an abandoned lake house, except they become stranded on the lake's desolate island without food or water. Will... more

  • Not Pregnant: A book about a pregnancy plan that became a disastrous failure

    by Karina Savaryna
    Frank, sometimes funny, tragic and painful, this is a partially fictional autobiography about a young woman who is trying to become a mother. Five years of pregnancy planning turns into a complete horror. It tells in first-person the story about visiting doctors, medicine-men, fortune-tellers and psychics. It describes the double life she and other people that she knows follow in social networks. It follows her thoughts about adoption, medical operations, artificial insemination, and her emig... more
  • My Little China Girl: A Blottoblogography

    by Gordon MacRae
    Thomas is a Canadian who works hard in international development. His first post is in Vietnam where he is tasked with contriving convincing planning and progress reports to ensure that his federally-funded company continues to bank coin through "infrastructure development". All the while, he falls in love with Vietnam, the people and their ways. Unrequited and unfortunately, his hard work begets hard time(s) as he is dismissed from his creative writing job, and thereby Vietnam, on charges of “i... more
  • Adieu Fombonne

    by Emmanuel Bove
    Bove Emmanuel – Adieu Fombonne : « Par certains aspects Adieu Fombonne, m’a rappelé le Sang Noir de Louis Guilloux, belle sobriété d’écriture et cette manière identique de multiplier les personnages. » (Romain28, Babelio.) « Adieu Fombonne, publié en 1937, est le roman d’Emmanuel Bove, avec Un soir chez Blutel, qui fut le moins bien accueilli par la critique de l’époque. … mais c’est toujours du Bove, et c’est beaucoup. Il a en tout cas cette particularité d’être le seul roman heureux de l’œuvre... more