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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Bob E. Bear Becomes a Big Brother

    by A.J. Sullivan
    THE BOB E. BEAR BOOK SERIES - 2ND OF 10 BOOKS Bob E. Bear has enjoyed all of the attention from Mommy, Daddy, and Gram P. But Mommy has been getting bigger and bigger in her belly. A new cub is on the way! Gram P. and Bob E. have fun while Daddy and Mommy are in the house. Just before dinner time, they are called to the house to see the new cub. They are in for a big surprise! Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years. Bob E. Bear was born one night when I was putting my sons to bed. They always w... more
  • Making Old Bones

    by Amanda Given
    As winter approaches, life goes on in the upmarket Essex care home, Grantham Glade. Residents, staff and visitors alike coexist in the puzzles and frailty of human existence where, it is apparent, that old age is much like any other. Grantham Glade is a place of fun and games, sorrow and exasperation.
  • Redshift

    by Ted Byrdon

    Part I : Eric.

    After his wife's funeral Eric Adler, a successful architect, gradually he falls apart. He nearly assaults a client and leaves his business partners stupefied when he chases after a woman whom he believes to be his wife, in the middle of a discussion. He ends up in a sweatshop and is beaten up.

    When Eric emerges from the building, Mickey Crebb and Debbie McTollliver, two detectives from Sun Slope... more

  • Is This My Grandma?

    by Paula Morhardt
    When two young children go to visit their grandma in a hospital, the little brother is scared. There are lots of people everywhere, loud machines with flashing lights, and nurses giving shots. Worst of all, Grandma doesn't look like Grandma. The little boy's big sister has visited Grandma in the hospital before, though. Can she help her little brother overcome his fears and recognize their grandma? Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.
  • The Best Magic of All

    by Paula Morhardt
    Toe Stubber the troll has a bad problem and the other trolls are teasing him about it. How does Wise Crone teach him to help himself? What do the other trolls learn about judging others? The Best Magic of All, written by Paula Baysinger Morhardt and illustrated by Kayla Surface-Olson, tells the tale of Toe Stubber and how his bullies learn that looks don’t make the troll. Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.
  • Eyes Can Talk

    by Lana Jean Mitchell
    Eyes Can Talk is two funny stories and an informational bridge about how human eyes communicate, The stories and bridge form a pair of glasses.
  • Five Friends Deep

    by Paula Morhardt
    Having friends is fun, but what if your friends have crooked noses and button eyes? Extraordinarily long tails? Four feet? Blue ears? Can be stacked in a pile five friends deep? Then it's even more fun, of course! Read about one child's collection of unique friends in Five Friends Deep, a collection of short poems and charming illustrations for children ages 4 to 8.
  • Flash Flood

    by Paula Johnnson

    Flash Flood is a mini-anthology of five quirky short stories.

  • You

    by JoAn Stevenson
    ‘You’ is a beautifully illustrated poem about a parent’s love for their child. Though best read together at bedtime, this colorful and charming book is sure to delight readers of all ages at any time of day. Suitable for ages 3 to 7 years.
  • I Am Perfect

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    Have you ever felt like you were too different? Meet William, Susan, David, Ann, Michael, and Sarah. They felt this way, and they were unhappy with their bodies. They would sigh and wish they were more like everyone else: taller, shorter, larger, smaller, stronger, faster. One day, however, they discovered their bodies were just right for them. In fact, they found they were perfect just the way they were. Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.
  • The Body on the Bed

    by Leonard Krishtalka
    Did a doctor’s brazen affair with his patient’s wife incite him to murder? On the morning of April 28, 1871, the body of Isaac Miles Ruthman is found poisoned in his bed in Lawrence, Kansas. His doctor, John J. Medlicott, a fervent churchgoer, is arrested and charged with first degree murder. He’s carrying a picture of Ruthman’s wife, Anne Catherine, and two of her love poems in his wallet. He’d visited Ruthman the previous evening to give him a medicinal powder––a poison cocktail of deadly nigh... more
  • Paint Me Fearless

    by Hallie Lee
    It’s the spring before high school and DESIREE and ROBIN have little in common. DESI, having moved to Shady Gully from Albuquerque, is miserable as she tries to adjust to small town life, while ROBIN, forever doomed at the "bottom of the popularity pyramid" is terrified she’ll never measure up. When Desi is introduced in class, Robin hates her on sight, but fate draws these two alienated girls to one another, and together they overcome mean girls, weight hang-ups, and disturbing family dynamic... more
  • Adventures of Pig and Mouse: An Unusual Friendship

    by Kelly Lenihan

    Pig isn't like most pigs. She doesn't like to roll in the mud or get dirty. She likes to watch birds and butterflies. She likes to sing and make up stories. She's a daydreamer. Mouse is a vagabond, always moving to keep safe. When events bring them together, an unlikely friendship forms as they bond over their first adventure: treasure hunting!

    Pig and Mouse formed an unusual friendship, but maybe it's not unusal at all. If you've ever witnessed a connection between ... more

  • The Whale Who Felt a Little Blue: A Picture Book About Depression

    by Isla Wynter

    Some days, Luka the blue whale doesn’t feel happy at all.

    He gets angry, he’s sad, he cries until the ocean is salty.

    His friend Jenny wants to help Luka, but how?

    Luckily, a wise mermaid might know what to do…

    This lovingly illustrated picture book gently introduces children to the symptoms of depression and gives advice on how to help others who’re feeling blue. A book not just for children.

    This book is recommended fo... more

  • Liz Estrada

    by Allen Huffstutter
    In 411 BC, Greek playwright Aristophanes penned Lysistrata. The play tells the story of a group of courageous women who devise a unique strategy for dealing with their government’s fiscal mismanagement and for ending the Peloponnesian War, which had been going on for 20 years at the time the play was first produced. Now, more than 2,400 years later, have things really changed or can we still learn from this tale? Can uppity women in the era that gave us Trump and the endless Afghan conflict p... more
  • Idiotocracy for Dummies

    by Ira Nayman

    The brave men and women of the Alternate Reality News Service risk losing their sanity (and their lunch) traveling to other universes to report on what they find there. Idiotocracy for Dummies contains news, reviews, interviews and other information from a universe where the United States of Vesampucceri is the world's leading Idiotocracy, which, as you might imagine, is government by the stupidest people. Any resemblance to a country in a universe near you is completely intentio... more