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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Love Light

    by Stephanie Mund
    Inside of you is a light that shines as bright as the day. But what happens when that light starts to fade? Learn more about the light that fills us all in this heartwarming picture book about being the light in your world. THE LOVE LIGHT is a timeless story for parents and children alike about daring to be themselves, doing what's right, and how our actions affect others and the light inside ourselves. A concrete tool for educators and parents to offer a new perspective into the beauty in al... more
  • Rebel's Knot

    by Cryssa Bazos
    Ireland 1652: In the desperate, final days of the English invasion . . . A fey young woman, Áine Callaghan, is the sole survivor of an attack by English marauders. When Irish soldier Niall O'Coneill discovers his own kin slaughtered in the same massacre, he vows to hunt down the men responsible. He takes Áine under his protection and together they reach the safety of an encampment held by the Irish forces in Tipperary. Hardly a safe haven, the camp is rife with danger and intrigue. Áine is a s... more
  • The Heretics' Revenge - ISBN 9798643973560 - ASIN B082FZ9F6N

    by Martin Barrett
    Steve Jackson's search for the Cathar treasure and relic results in one of the greatest finds ever and provides a huge dilemma for the Vatican.
  • Dinosaurs in the Hardware Store

    by Julia Inserro
    How far can your imagination take you? Could you go on a dinosaur hunt? Could you go on a dinosaur hunt in a hardware store? Why not, right? Let's go! Join Leah and Milo as their imaginations take them on a wild and crazy dinosaur hunt. Will they find dinosaurs or are their eyes tricking them? Encouraging imagination in children is vital in their social and emotional learning phases. It fosters growth in their creative and problem-solving skills. Parents are told to allow children to be bore... more
  • A Unicorn Ate My Homework

    by Julia Inserro
    Lindy Loom loves to dream up stories. Stories about bats on paper airplanes, porcupines with self-esteem issues, and maybe even unicorns eating math homework. Her teacher, Ms. Pinch, thinks there’s no room for wild imaginations in school. Will Ms. Pinch succeed in squashing all stories of snakes in pickle-eating contests or will Lindy be able to help her rediscover her own long-lost imagination? Being creative goes far beyond art and music. Creativity offers opportunities to explore, try out ... more
  • Superheroes Here and There

    by Crystel Patterson
    he keeps hearing that they are just make-believe. Desperate to get to the bottom of all this crazy talk, he bombards his parents with a long list of questions about superheroes. Will their responses prove to James that Superheroes are real?
  • I Am Different

    by Crystel Patterson
    Malachi, Nia, and Ekon are confronted with being different. On one hand they are being teased for their differences on the other hand, they are being praised and complimented for the same differences. They all wonder who they should believe and come to an empowering realization at the end.
  • A Death in the Family

    by Mark Pifher
    Tom O’Brien, a journalist, has lost his wife, Laura, to cancer. Katie, his college aged daughter, and Katie’s brother no longer have a mother. In their attempt to mend a strained relationship, father and daughter agree to jointly write a journal, the content of which will focus on their investigation into the brutal murder of a Senate staffer. Their efforts will trigger a chain of events, some planned, others seemingly totally fortuitous. Before they can take the next step in rebuilding thei... more
  • Just Like the Birdies

    by Ngozi MBONU
    Birds are free and so are we... Just like the birdies is written to encourage children to be free to express themselves through their unique nature, talents, and abilities. This book captures the beauty of birds, to each a unique pattern. Amongst the birds is the most unique that soars very high even through the toughest situation and that is the eagle, Just like the birdies encourages Children to soar high and be the best they can be Dive into this story and let your Child's imagination soar!
  • Molly: The Best Behaved Student

    by Ngozi Elizabeth Mbonu
    Molly has struggled at school, but with a little bit of hard work, determination, and support from her teachers, parents, and friends, she is set up for success. She shows kindness to her peers and encourages everyone around her. She also loves to read the Bible and hear stories about Jesus. At school, she shares the good news about the love of Jesus with her friends on the playground. On Meet the Teacher night, Molly and her classmates show off their talents on stage and make their parents extr... more
  • Tatiana

    by Ngozi Elizabeth Mbonu
    Tatiana is a story about a little girl who feels she doesn't belong. The students at school tease her daily and she had enough. One day she decides to escape from it all and ventures off into the forest outside of her small town. Here, Tatiana meets a friend full of wisdom and a kind heart. Tatiana is taught to open her eyes to a much bigger and better world filled with love. Tatiana learns to embrace who she is and let the light within her shine bright!
  • The Bequest

    by B. E. Baker

    Two widows, six kiddos, and a will that leaves them a massive cattle ranch, but only if they work it for a year.

    Abigail and Amanda may have married brothers, but they have almost nothing else in common (and really, they never did get along very well). After their husbands both pass away within a year of one another, they have no reason to interact. Their connection drops to an awkward phone call on birthdays and an exchange of holiday cards.

    Until an eccentric u... more

  • Cicada City: A Bug Club Story

    by Gina Gallois
    Cicada City is the first in a series about a dynamic trio of best friends who love bugs! As they learn about cicadas in real life, they create a fantasy land for the shells they find, go viral on social media with parental guidance, and ultimately raise money to help fund a new display at their local nature center. This book is 32 pages of fun facts and inclusive, imaginative play for kids 3-8.
  • I Don't Want to be Scary on Halloween

    by Gina Gallois
    Poppy Opossum does NOT want to be scary on Halloween. Everyone is already afraid of her. Pepper Porcupine and Sassy Skunk promise to help, but will they find the perfect costume in time to go trick-or-treating? Kids 3-8 and their grown ups will love this hauntingly adorable story about a gentle opossum who doesn't want to make anyone scream.
  • Les opossums à la rescousse

    by Gina Gallois
    Ce livre est en français. English description below. Maman Opossum et ses bébés sont de retour pour donner un coup de main à leur nouvelle amie, Petite Souris, qui cherche sa famille. Accompagneras-tu la famille Opossum pendant leur trajet à travers la forêt ? Mama Opossum awakens to count her 10 sleeping babies - but wait! Eleven? That can’t be right! A baby mouse has snuggled in with the joeys. She must be lost. Young readers are invited to join the Opossum Family in their quest to find... more
  • Opossums to the Rescue

    by Gina Gallois
    Mama Opossum awakens to count her 10 sleeping babies - but wait! Eleven? That can’t be right! A baby mouse has snuggled in with the joeys. She must be lost. Young readers are invited to join the Opossum Family in their quest to find Baby Mouse’s family by comparing her features to the animals they meet. Does Baby Mouse have long ears like rabbits? Strong claws like moles? A flickering tongue like a snake? Each page is a new adventure as families and classes can discuss similarities and dif... more