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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • My Tired Telephone

    by Suzette D. Harrison
    After a long day of being used as everything from a calculator to a camera, this cellphone has had it! Unable to take further misuse, he decides to give his human a piece of his mind…right at bedtime. Join this delightful romp of viewing the world through a tired telephone’s eyes.
  • Taffy

    by Suzette D. Harrison
    Welcome to the sleepy, all-Black southern town of Bledsoe, where Colored residents proudly declare “ain’t nothing white here ‘cept milk and teeth.” It’s 1935. A press-and-curl costs a quarter. Records play on phonographs. And a telephone is a luxury. Meet twenty-three-year-old Taffy Bledsoe Freeman. She doesn’t need her gift of second sight to know her “mockery of a marriage” to a man twice her age is far from good. After a seven-year exile Up North, Taffy travels down-home to the small town... more
  • Silly Scientists Take a Tiptoe with the Tadpoles!

    by Lindsey Craig
    SILLY SCIENTISTS TAKE A TIPTOE WITH THE TADPOLES! by Lindsey Craig and Ying Hui Tan SILLY SCIENTISTS TAKE A TIPTOE WITH THE TADPOLES! is all about science fun! Here kids meet again with the adorable monsters--Zap, Tia, Sulu and Alan, as they dive into the murky pond to save Taddy-the Tadpole. Along with the Silly Scientists' story, is a rhyming text about tadpoles and pond habitats:"Tadpoles make big changes called METAMORPHOSIS. They grow long legs, and big bug eyes, and smiles you can't resist... more
  • Silly Scientists Take a Peeky at the Solar System!

    by Lindsey Craig
    SILLY SCIENTISTS TAKE A PEEKY AT THE SOLAR SYSTEM is FUN! This book (and soon to follow, music and app) will get kids learning and loving science with wildly-catchy rhymes about the origins of our solar system and all those bizarre planets whizzing around us. "Planet Mercury is the fastest, watch it zoom around the sun. With frigid nights and days hot-HOT, it scorches little buns!" Kids will zoom into space with their soon-to-be favorite monsters checking out Jupiter's "zit" (the planet's fa... more
  • Invisible Juan

    by Karen Douglass
    Juan Diaz Quimby wants to be safe but he's currently homeless in Manhattan. He wants to be anonymous because he hates the notoriety that would come from his tiny size. He'd like to grow taller than he is, just twelve inches. He'd like to make love to Carla, a woman significantly larger than he is. He wants the things that full-sized people want--love, security, success, respect, acceptance. He can't have any of these because he's afraid to come out into the open, afraid he'll be hurt or ridicule... more
  • Anagrania's Challenge

    by Ina Curic
    A coming-of-age story that transforms a common children’s story theme into a lesson on self-love, creative conflict resolution, and wholesome eating. Through the allegory of the wheat grain’s journey, the story makes a case for whole grain nutrition. Anagrania’s Challenge: * exposes unhealthy gender stereotypes and beauty standards, * promotes peaceful conflict resolution, and * celebrates diversity and uniqueness. Are there power struggles and arguments going back and forth in your ... more
  • Medusa: Through the Eyes of the Gorgon

    by Skevi Philippou
    Medusa Through the eyes of the Gorgon is a wonderfully, enchanting albeit haunting portrayal of the extraordinary life of the young girl who grows to become the infamous Medusa. The author takes us on a journey of discovery as the protagonist discovers that she possesses the astonishing gift of sight but also an abundance of compassion and love for humanity that is unmatched by any God. An oracle in all her glory, the author in her adoring portrayal so eloquently and intimately engages with and ... more
  • An Urchin of Means (The Baker Street Series Book 1)

    by April White
    Ringo Devereux knows far too much for a man of his times. There’s no simple explanation for it that doesn’t involve improbable conversations about the future, and Ringo’s advanced understanding of three-phase generators and the secret histories of his city are not things he can discuss with the Victorian Londoners around him. Even his origins as an orphaned street thief are far too dangerous for a young gentleman of means to reveal. An encounter with a ten-year-old pickpocket, and a luncheon ... more
  • Li'l Booger Buddies Inventors Go to School

    by Heather Konet
    Curious creatures called the Li'l Booger Buddies from the Planet Boogie Woogie love to invent new things using junk they collect from outer space. A 5 year old Li'l Booger Buddy attends Invent School for the first time. Her first lesson is about the basic steps of inventing and the importance of getting help from others along the way.
  • The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland

    by Michael Eging

    The Dark Ages—a time of great turmoil and the collision of empires! As the Frank kingdom prepares for war, Roland, young heir to the Breton March, has been relegated to guard duty until a foreign emissary entrusts him with vital word of a new threat to the kingdom. Now Roland must embark on a risky journey to save all he loves from swift destruction. And yet while facing down merciless enemies, he must also reveal the hand of a murderer who even now stalks the halls of power and threatens to ... more

  • Twin Time

    by Olga Werby
    Alex and Sasha are twin sisters, physically identical down to their freckles. But the resemblance is only skin deep—Sasha is profoundly autistic, while Alex is not. Sasha can’t communicate and acts bizarrely, and the family revolves around her and her intense needs. Yet the aged, wealthy, and mysterious Aunt Nana seems to have a particular interest in both girls. Offering a helping hand, she encourages the family to move to San Francisco to be near her. And when the young twins discover a tunnel... more
  • Books for Kids: The Amazing Snowman Duel (Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal Winner), Beginner Readers age 3-8, Bedtime Stories for

    by Yossi Lapid
    There is a new snowman in town and he's picking a fight...Will Snowman Paul allow a bully to win? Get yourself a front-row seat to witness a historic event unlikely to repeat itself soon. The story line will encourage your little ones to push past their fears of bullies and find creative solutions to such challenges. The Amazing Snowman Duel is a perfect bedtime story. With catchy rhymes and simple vocabulary, the book is also ideal for beginner readers.
  • The King's Daughter

    by Daniel Hendrix

         The King's Daughter tells the sweeping tale of four Irish fishermen who journey from Ireland to America in search of a new life. When they settle on a remote wilderness island in Lake MIchigan their peaceful and promising refuge suddenly becomes a battleground of religious conflict and social unrest. A colony of Mormon settlers takes control of the island and James Strang, their charismatic leader, declares himself to be "King of the Mormons."

      &n... more

  • Saving Madeline

    by Cricket Rohman

    SAVING MADELINE is unusual, heart-wrenching and humorous. In the beginning, Roxy, a spunky, young actor arrives in Hollywood to follow her dream and escape from her mean-spirited family. When she finds herself coexisting in a cramped Los Angeles apartment with a wounded warrior and her German shepherd, tensions run high. And then her mother moves in—so much for escaping.

    Along comes the well-connected acting coach, James Jonathan Jarvis, and Roxy’s big break in showbiz: a pa... more

  • Pawns to Players: The Stairway Scandal

    by Jack Random
    What begins as a rendezvous between chess and film aficionados becomes an experimental enactment of the game of chess on the board of the real world. Guided by Bobby Fischer's 1972 match against Boris Spassky, Solana Rothschild - heir to the Rothschild empire - engages billionaire William Bates in a real-world chess game of politics, espionage and international finance. While the players manipulate pieces on the board, the world observes a conspiracy by the intelligence community to take virtu... more
  • Swords and Slavery

    by David Lees
    Britannia 79 AD and Drustan and Ceri are two youngsters living in a village deep in the mountains. One dark night Drustan is taken from his home and brought to Ynys Mon, the spiritual home of the druids. There he learns dark secrets about his past and discovers how if the Romans ever find out who he is then they would kill him in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile war comes to the mountains and Ceri is forced to join refugees fleeing to Ynys Mon. It’s not long before both are taken in chains across ... more