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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Jane

    by Penelope C. Bell
    When Jane St. John gets a plum summer job as the nanny for a family in St. Barths, she hopes her troubled past is far behind. But from the first ill-fated flight, to the prickly housekeeper, abrasive employer and a stalker who may or may not be trying to kill her, Jane's hopes for happy summer days are fading fast. When noises and ghostly visitations trouble her nights, she suspects more than just the past is haunting her. Could other more terrifying family secrets be hiding in the old house? ... more
  • Mulatto Girl Aggie, 13: Name on the Ledger

    by LaKesa Cox
    What happens when The Wizard of Oz meets 12 Years a Slave? You get Mulatto Girl Aggie, 13: Name on the Ledger. This story takes you into the life of a precocious, spoiled and bratty 12-year-old named Aggie Lucas. Aggie is your typical 7th grader who loves her cell phone, social media and designer sneakers. Eager to celebrate her 13th birthday, Aggie is disappointed when her parents break their promise to her by not giving her the gift she really wanted. Mad at the world, Aggie goes to school ... more
  • Never Cry Again

    by Jim COLE

    Never Cry Again tells the story of a rural boy set in the south in the 1930s and 40s. One critic called the story part Huckleberry Finn and part ​Stand by Me, an engaging coming-of-age tale

  • 9780997722543

    by Barbara Ebel, M.D.
    Fierce weather stalks Karen Puno and her dog, Putt-Putt, as they flee their home and reach the barrier island’s bridge where both their destinies change. Karen is about to give a woman named Jennifer Barns a gift that she’s been praying for … a new liver. As a cascading medical crisis begins, it interlocks the lives of Karen and Jennifer’s college-aged children, an anesthesiologist, a crafty surgeon, and a feisty pilot involved with the organ harvest procurement. Will Jennifer live through... more
  • Maxwell, the Raindrop Who Wouldn't Fall

    by Joseph Moore
    Maxwell is a raindrop. He does not want to simply fall like the other raindrops. He feels that, as a raindrop, he has little importance. He wants to be a bird, a rainbow or a flower. Throughout the story, the grandfatherly cloud tries to gently assure Maxwell that rain is a part of everything that he wants to be, so it is important for him to simply be himself. At the end of the story, all of the other raindrops have fallen and Maxwell sees a thirsty flower that was missed by the other raind... more
  • Duende

    by Lizzie Eldridge
  • A Dream Away

    by Frank Drury
    Dobs and Nikki, reunited through Facebook after being apart for thirty years, are living happily in Laguna Beach, California with Nikki's two adopted teenage daughters, Allison and Jamie. Suddenly, fifteen year old Allison's birth mother appears at their front door and demands to have her daughter back. She had given her up for adoption fifteen years earlier. But now, ravaged with severe bipolar disorder, she wants her back at any cost. She attempts to have Nikki killed, thinking it would then b... more
  • 10 Steps to Girlfriend Status

    by Cynthia T. Toney

    When Wendy questions her neighbor about one 1960s photograph, she opens the door to triple trouble—a Cajun family secret, feelings for two very different boys, and a fight to keep a grandmother’s love.

    Wendy Robichaud is on schedule to have everything she wants at the start of high school: two loyal best friends, a complete and happy family, and a hunky boyfriend she’s had a crush on since eighth grade—until she and Mrs. Villaturo look at old photo albums togethe... more

  • 8 Notes to a Nobody

    by Cynthia T. Toney
    Anonymous sticky-notes, a scheming bully, and a ruined summer send fourteen-year-old Wendy down a trail of secrets and self-discovery. Wendy Robichaud doesn't care one bit about being popular like good-looking classmates Tookie and the Sticks—until Brainiac bully John-Monster schemes against her, and someone leaves anonymous sticky-note messages all over school. Even the best friend she always counted on, Jennifer, is hiding something and pulling away. But the Spring Program, abandoned pupp... more
  • George Abides

    by Hugh Johnson

    "You're not a mass murderer, are you?"  asks Fran, Geprge's luncheon pickup.  "How many to make a mass?"  asks George.  Fran laughs as they enter L'Etoile Studio.

    George Blair, a successful risk analyst, avidly pursues the elusive 'feminine mystique.'  Viewing marriage as a risk, he nevertheless enjoys female company 'a la George.'  Not a cozy story, rather his interesting ladies' encounters.  With to... more

  • We Once Had Wings

    by Jennifer Shun
    Eight-year-old Joy wears her brother’s hand-me-downs and her knees skinned. She befriends the neighborhood misfit and together the two climb trees and dream about traveling to the faraway lands they see in National Geographic. Fifteen years later, the misfit returns from serving in the Second World War, and Joy falls headfirst into the repressing role of a 1950s housewife, of marriage and motherhood. When the death of her newborn son thrusts her into a deep depression, she pledges once and for a... more
  • Rough Water Baptism

    by Albert Norton
    Rough Water Baptism is about a dramatic shift in Elise Brinkley’s world. She has grown up in San Francisco, with her brilliant neuroscientist father, absorbing a worldview that insists that the material world is all there is. Her life is in some ways perfect, unperturbed by doubt, but her thinking is challenged as she experiences through her friend Joy a sense that there may be something more to this life. When she is swept up in a romance with the handsome and enigmatic Tino, she finds he is no... more
  • ABC: Robots of the Alphabet Planet

    by Nakia Ngwala
    Created from the imaginative mind of the young scholar Xander Ngwala, ABC: Robots of the Alphabet Planet teaches children ages 05 the letters of the alphabet. This book takes young readers to a place on a fantasy planet where each robot gives the name of who they are and the letter they represent. Each page of this children's book showcases colorful illustrations of a robot associated with a different letter of the alphabet from A to Z. This first ABC book teaches correct uppercase letter and lo... more
  • Broken Chains

    by Emiliya Ahmadova

    Forced to pay for the sins of her parents, Silvana abandons her Muslim faith for a chance at a new life.

    She boards a plane to Kenya with the man of her dreams and never looks back. She thinks she's found her haven.

    Feeling the warmth of the sun and traveling to different countries, Silvana discovers what it means to be free from stigmatization and gossips…

    But when she learns his dark secrets, and sees his other side, thoughts of death born from her misery rest o... more

  • Can We Watch?

    by S.A. Dymond


    Isabelle and Joe love to watch TV, but when the power goes out and the TV doesn't work, will they find other fun activities to do?

  • Vegetable Kids in the Garden

    by Nancy J. Miller
    Cousins Lucas and Emma love to spend time in their grandparents’ garden. One day, with the help of Grandpa and Nona (their grandmother), Lucas helps plant various vegetable seeds while learning about the uniqueness of each one. To his dismay, the plants aren’t ready by dinnertime, but he and Emma find plenty of fresh, scrumptious vegetables at the store. On another day, the two ride their bikes to Nona’s house again, but this time their friends Dylan and Zoe tag along, and the garden as a whole ... more