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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Italian Couple

    by J.R. Rogers
    An atmospheric historical thriller of subterfuge and illicit love with a menacing plot set in Mussolini's Asmara, Italian Eritrea.
  • When You Least Expect It

    by Lisa Washington
    Karyn is a journalist, preparing to start her own magazine. Her life seems uninteresting until her twin sister gets caught up in a bunch of mess and her best friend shows up, unannounced. Karyn is trying to keep it all together when two unlikely men begin to show interest in her. This is all more than she can handle. Evolution has known since he was a teenager that his path would cross with the girl of his dreams again, he just didn’t know it would so soon. He knows his heart’s desire, but tryin... more
  • When Forever's Over

    by Alan Johnson
    From 1965 to 1968, the world was turning upside down. The fabric of America was changing as the post-war baby-boomers began coming of age, demanding a place in society. Questioning authority and the beliefs of their parents became the norm. The confusion of the '60s only compounded the confusion felt by a group of young teens, growing up in a small town in the mountains of East Tennessee. It was a time when they were learning how to b a part of their small corner of the world, when they were b... more
  • 9781788038096

    by Gary Santorella
    Set in the 1980’s, Dyed Souls follows the life of 13-year-old Charlie; an intelligent, troubled teen, taken from his grandparents by his drug-addicted mother, only to end up at Hawthorne Residential Treatment Village. There he ponders Darwin, Socrates, and Plato, and unexpectedly falls in love with a girl named Margo. When she breaks his heart, Charlie runs away, beginning a new journey that will leave him shattered before he finally makes it to Virginia. Back with his grandparents, the return ... more
  • Toni the Superhero

    by R.D. Base

    Meet Toni the Superhero!  Toni is a little boy with extraordinary powers, but he likes to do ordinary things too!  Find out what Toni likes to do when he’s not busy saving the world. This book is meant for children ages 0 to 4 who are just learning how to read.

  • Famous Last Words

    by Sara Hammel
    From bestselling author and former PEOPLE magazine reporter Sara Hammel comes a twisty murder mystery packed with true celebrity stories and juicy blind items. Set at the fictional CelebLife magazine, FAMOUS LAST WORDS takes on the cutthroat business of celebrity journalism—revealing the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly...
  • Building Brotherhood One Step at a Time

    by Katherine E. L. Norris
    At first Kyle was excited that his new adopted brother, Carter, would be moving in permanently. He couldn't wait to be a big brother. It wasn't long before he realized that being a big brother was not always fun. Maybe he didn't want to be a big brother after all. Can Mommy find a way to bring the two brothers together once and for all?
  • Wrapped in the Stars

    by Jewel Hart
    Struggling with guilt over her sister’s death and the stress of her medical residency, Maya Radelis runs away to Scotland. A robin seems to lead her to an antique shop, where she finds a century-old engagement ring. But what is the ring’s history? She follows the slim paper trail, wondering if it is only coincidence that her dreams reveal the story of a Swiss woman physician who wore the ring during World War I. In Paris she meets fellow New Yorker David Fischer, a lawyer with family in Switzerl... more
  • God, Do You Know What You Are Doing?: P.S. You've Made a Mistake!

    by Kasandra Erwin
    As a child born in the Philippines to a life of poverty, Maria faced many trails, from typhoons to malaria to physical and mental abuse, Maria has overcome some of the hardest trails in life. Most of us would most likely not find the strength let alone survive her journey. If you are honest with yourself, there has been at least 1 time in your life where you have thought God made a mistake or have questioned if He knew what He was doing. Maria has done this many times and her stories will let yo... more
  • Super Alec - Just Like Him, I'm Adopted!

    by Deirdre Klein Ochipinti
  • How to Make a Baby: A Novel

    by Sadie Sumner
    An almost romantic novel about motherhood, marriage and making babies the modern way. How far would you go to have a baby? Monica has everything - a successful career and a stylish townhouse, a creative husband, a designer dog and a gay best friend – everything except a child. As she nears 40, baby fever hits her like the flu. Consumed by mommy ache and in a last attempt at motherhood Monica turns to deception, buys an egg, and hires Kavitha, a reluctant surrogate mother in India. There, in the ... more
  • Submit Project for PW Review Consideration

    by John Bell
    When Croatia becomes a Nazi puppet state in 1941, carefree young pilot Tony Babic finds himself forcibly aligned with Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Unbeknownst to Tony, his sweetheart Katarina and best friend Goran have taken the side of the opposing communist partisans. The threesome are soon to discover that love and friendship will not circumvent this war’s ideals. Downed by the Allies in the Adriatic Sea, Tony survives a harrowing convalescence in deplorable Italian hospitals and North African det... more
  • Chain-Smoking Vegetarians and Other Annoyances in L.A.

    by Sandra Ann Miller
    The only thing more annoying than being stuck in traffic, the blinding blitzkrieg of paps, or a chain-smoking vegetarian’s health rant, is having everything you ever wanted in the palm of your hand, and the rug swiftly pulled out from under you. El Patterson’s dreams were on the verge of coming true when a tragic twist of fate took it all away. Facing the official end of her early thirties, with not much to show for it, El has to find her footing, and the guts to go after the life she really wan... more
  • Temporary

    by Sandra Ann Miller

    Helen Clark won the lottery and lost everything. While it wasn't the "mega" jackpot, it was enough to change her life—quit her job as a starlet's assistant, start a new business and have success. However, her partner’s poor decisions brought that dream to an end, and Helen was left with less than nothing. But Helen Clark is a lucky lady. With a job offer from a former colleague, Helen finds herself in charge of permanent placement at a temporary agency specializi... more

  • No Hero's Welcome

    by Jeffrey K. Walker

    The horrors of the First World War devastated many a Dublin family and the well-known Brannigans decidedly were not spared. Struggling to get past their heartache, the family finds itself divided by both the rebellion against British rule and the wide Atlantic. Readers first met this provocative family through the eyes of eldest daughter, Deirdre, in None of Us the Same, the first book in the author's First World War and 1920s trilogy. Now discover the tenacity and inte... more

  • Truly Are the Free

    by Jeffrey K. Walker
    South Boston-native Ned Tobin has all the luck. Alive after the Somme, now an officer, he meets, beds and falls in love with the alluring Adèle Chéreaux, a half-English lycée teacher who gives herself fully to Ned. Their love affair is suddenly upended in 1917 when Ned is called home and Adèle flees the last German advance of the First World War. Harlem lawyer Chester Dawkins is a fine young man and a devoted brother. He dutifully joins a new regiment anxious to fight for their chance at valor... more