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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Money. Power. Love.

    by Joss Sheldon


    Born on three adjacent beds, a mere three seconds apart, our three heroes are united by nature but divided by nurture. As a result of their different upbringings, they spend their lives chasing three very different things: Money, power and love.

    This is a human story: A tale about people like ourselves, cajoled by the whimsy of circumstance, who find themselves performing the most beautiful acts as well as the most vulgar.

    This is a historica... more

  • A Rare Gift: Book 1 Crystal Journals Series

    by G.Rosemary Ludlow

    Ten-year-old Susan Sinclair is a typical girl whose most exotic pastime, in the normal course of things, is her weekly martial arts class. But when a complete stranger gives her a rare crystal while she’s at a flea market with her parents, everything changes.

    Every time Susan sleeps, she wakes up on a nineteenth-century migrant ship headed for New York City. There, she meets a young boy named Jeremy who was orphaned at the beginning of the vessel’s journey.

    When Susan ... more

  • Happiest One!

    by D.C. Koh
    An Italian immigrant wrong suspected of killing another man is on the run in rural 1930s America. But Felix is not the fugitive kind: This free spirit enriches the lives of others as he confronts racism, physical and sexual abuse, and the man-made limits placed on the human spirit. When he upsets the status quo, however, he makes enemies who find his very existence a threat.
  • Dream-O-Doodle

    by Ursula Taylor
    Dream-O-Doodle is a bedtime story for children 2-6 written in a rhyming verse. It encourages children to go to sleep and shows what wonders can happen when they close their eyes revealing 11 different "dreamy" scenarios. Little rhyming chapters are selected on the basis of popularity amongst little ones (Animals, Dinosaurs, Magic, Space, Fairies and Elves, Friendly monsters, etc...). Dream-O-Doodle is meant to make bedtime fun and easy for children and parents.
  • 978-1545009079

    by H. A. Callum
    Alder Ferry would have been just another nondescript suburb living in the shadow of its urban parent if not for one detail: the mysterious stand of alder trees anchoring the town to its past and standing as a reminder to the wilderness that once stood in its place. In the shadows of the alders a boy named Tommy found refuge. There, an eclectic book collection was his only companion through a tumultuous childhood, serving as his escape from the brutal realities of his life. That was, until Aubrey... more
  • Don't Mess with Coleman Stoops

    by Justin Lantier-Novelli
    Coleman Stoops just had his twelfth birthday, but he’s not getting popular anytime soon. The kids in his grade call him “Stoopy.” He hates the cruel nickname almost as much as he hates himself for always managing to accidentally play into it. The clothes he wears, the hobbies he loves, and the way he behaves in school all contribute to his eternally low ranking as the butt of everyone’s jokes. Coleman’s a dork, a dweeb, a nerd. He’s the fool of the school. So when the most popular kid in his... more
  • Thunder an Elephants journey, Tusker

    by Erik Daniel Shein
    Courage has no bounds…. A great tusker is in trouble, and destiny calls Thunder again. When a great tusker is captured by the uprights, Tusker’s mate, Thandi, seeks out the legendary Thunder to save her mate. Thunder and Razor are on a rescue mission, and time isn’t on their side. And when a young gifted boy, Jabari, drops from the trees wanting to help, Thunder is unsure what to trust, instinct or his heart. He could use the boy’s help, but uprights got them i... more
  • Here’s How to Deal: The Dance Dilemma

    by Erika Qualls Laing, Shayna Brody Whitehouse, Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara
    Erika, Eleanor, and Shayna have written their debut book Here's How to Deal: The Dance Dilemma, centered around, Ben, Elias, Penelope, and Ruby. Four middle-schoolers who are learning that life, school, and friendships aren't always easy. The authors offer a unique perspective as both psychologists and parents of their own middle-schoolers. This first book in a series offers the story from the perspective of both boys and girls as they navigate the same few weeks of a school year an... more
  • Coffee, Cats And Conmen

    by M B Ager
    Gemma is a regular 30-something woman, trying to escape redundancy and her mother's attempts to marry her off. Her lifetime of opinions and desire for justice come to a head when her mother falls victim to a timeshare scam, causing Gemma to plan an elaborate heist. All whilst falling in love. And landing a job. And trying to kill next door's cat. Coffee, Cats & Conmen is a romantic comedy full of twists, caffeine and unplanned knicker-flashing.
  • White Seed: The Untold Story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke

    by Paul Clayton
    One of the most haunting mysteries in American history -- The Lost Colony of Roanoke -- comes roaring back to life in White Seed. One hundred and fifteen men, women and children... dropped off in a land where they were not welcome. What happened?
  • Evergreen House - Book Four 2000s

    by Amelia Keldan

    After spending her whole life deciphering the emotions of those she holds dear, Tildy now watches as her son grapples with the burdens of his own unique gift.
    By assuming that there are no more secrets left to reveal, Tildy finds herself unprepared for the revelations that can no longer remain buried.

    Can the ramblings of an old war veteran be trusted?
    Is an ailing old woman the best source of information about a past that has been riddled with heartbreak and deception?... more

  • Evergreen Shade - Book Three 1990s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Arriving home from overseas, Tildy is returning to the Adelaide Hills a well-travelled and accomplished young adult. Eager to reconnect with family and friends, she still holds onto a secret that could re-open a Cold Case that most of the community has forgotten about.

    As her siblings navigate their way through the struggles of family life, relationship drama and the duplicitous emotions that come with getting older, Tildy is disheartened to learn that the mistakes of the past ofte... more

  • Evergreen Park - Book Two 1980s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Entering into her teen years, Tildy McVee is burdened with the responsibility of deciphering right from wrong. With her family struggling to overcome a tumultuous past, she alternates between the need to focus on herself whilst also feeling protective of her family. 
    With all the common problems of a regular teen - peer pressure, bullying and the struggle to embrace a true sense of self - Tildy watches as those around her make mistakes, seek success and search for the one thing that... more

  • Evergreen Avenue - Book One 1970s

    by Amelia Keldan

    Six-year-old Tildy McVee has always sensed things that others cannot.

    Her mysterious talent is both a burden and a blessing, sometimes helping her to understand those around her, whilst also filling her brain with confusion and fear.
    When her family leave the city in favour of the green and idyllic Adelaide Hills, she is initially optimistic that the move will be a positive change for them all – instead, it raises questions that no one seems able to answer.

    Wh... more

  • ARNS and the Man

    by Ira Nayman

    Alternate Reality News Service reporters write articles about the first year of the leadership of Ronald McDruhitmumpf, the President of the United States of Vesampucceri, the leader of the world's idiotocracies.

  • The Pear Tree

    by Karen Sandrick
    The Pear Tree tells the story of the assassination of the head of Nazi-Occupied Czechoslovakia, the destruction of the small town of Lidice in retribution, and the abduction and racial profiling of the town's women and children. Though set in the 1940s in Eastern Europe, The Pear Tree could not be timelier. With the rise of nationalism, racism, and xenophobia in countries across the globe, minority groups are being labeled as different, suspicious, or inferior because of their nationality, ethni... more