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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Once in a Forest

    by Adriana Pernetz

    Once in a Forest is a timeless narrative, both amusing and insightful — a perfect tool for teaching children the value of friendship and camaraderie in life.

    Animals in the forest are having a hard time accepting each other's differences. One day, an unlikely friendship shows the forest that differences are what the woodland creatures need to bring happiness to all.


  • Revisiting Evergreen (The Evergreen B&B Book 3)

    by L.K. Campbell
    Stephanie Perry is hiding a terrible secret from her past that has driven her to a mental breakdown and caused her to separate from her husband Neal. Determined to uncover her secret and win her back, Neal agrees to accompany her to a family reunion at Evergreen. Upon seeing the house again, Stephanie senses that the ghosts of her ancestors might still be in residence there. Will the kindred spirits from Evergreen’s past give her the courage to tell the truth and put her life back together?
  • Haunting Evergreen (The Evergreen Series Book 2)

    by L.K. Campbell
    Paranormal researcher, Justin Marino and T.V. ghost hunter, Lisa Ryan each receive an email that leads them to the Evergreen Bed & Breakfast. When Justin realizes that he and Lisa are investigating the same haunting, he makes it clear that he doesn't approve of her brand of ghost hunting. Lisa tricks Justin into helping her gain entrance to Evergreen, and the two rivals end up spending the night together in the honeymoon suite where the alleged haunting took place. What they discover will take t... more
  • Inheriting Evergreen (The Evergreen B&B Book 1)

    by L.K. Campbell
    When Kristy Miller’s aunt dies suddenly, she leaves Kristy a large portion of her multi-million dollar estate including her mountain home, Evergreen. Kristy soon discovers that Aunt Leslie had kept a few secrets from her family, not the least of which is how she earned her fortune. Another of her aunt’s secrets leads Kristy into a new relationship with the charming but stubborn Drew Stone. Each of Drew’s young sons received a large inheritance from Aunt Leslie, but Mr. Stone maintains that he ha... more
  • Bun E. Learns to Count in French

    by Cynthia S. Wildridge

    Can a bunny learn to count? He was a long way from home . . . and he was very hungry!

    The artistry of this tale, told in watercolors and calligraphy, captures the magic of the first adventure of Bun E. Boniface, in a land where "nothing is impossible, to a valiant heart!"

  • A Dream Life

    by Patrick J. Suraci
    In 1961, homosexuality is a crime punishable by up to sixteen years in prison. That doesn't stop soldiers Philip Greco and John Fitzgerald from falling in love. The two men are serving in the U.S. Army in Germany in Berlin Crisis. They become friends at first, and then slowly and tentatively, their relationship blossoms. Working around the obstacles in their path, Philip and John travel through Europe together and discover their dream place to live after their discharge, Majorca. When John is di... more
  • The World's Greatest Mousetrap

    by B.C.R. Fegan
    When Reginald finds a mouse in his bookstore, he will stop at nothing to catch the pesky critter. Even if it means building the world's greatest mousetrap. Unfortunately for Reginald, the mouse always seems to be one step ahead.
  • Pippin and the River of Wonders: A Voice for Wildlife

    by Stacey Gerhart
    Nobody Knows the Stories of the Animals like Pippin... The wildlife lawbreakers get more than they bargain for when Pippin and her friends unite to protect the baby animals in the wetlands. It’s an imperfect world, but Pippin understands the struggles of the wildlife. Her single, almost secret, superpower is to interpret animal languages. When Pippin and her animal friends unite their special skills in this hilarious adventure, they are empowered to protect the wetlands and wildlife from the la... more
  • They Called Him Yeshua: The Story of the Young Jesus

    by Donald L. Brake with Shelly Beach
    They Called Him Yeshua is more than an ordinary fictional account of lives of biblical characters; it also recounts possibilities about what Jesus was like and what He experienced as a divine being voluntarily housed in a human body. This novel help us imagine how His family reacted to Jesus as He grew and followed His path from self-awareness to His divine mission on earth.
  • Damiana's Reprieve

    by Martha Batiz
    Damiana’s Reprieve is a novella that gives a candid look at a young opera singer—what happens backstage before and during performances, and what happens when unexpected turns in life leave one facing the not-so-cliché reality that the show must go on. Damiana is the lead in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, and leading up to the opening day’s performance a sequence of unexpected events—from a surprise family reunion that forces her to analyze her past, to facing the consequences of the domest... more
  • Plaza Requiem: Stories at the Edge of Ordinary Lives

    by Martha Batiz
    Plaza Requiem: Stories at the Edge of Ordinary Lives is a collection of short stories that feature strong female characters who are trapped in violent relationships, facing dangerous political situations, or learning to live with the pain of betrayal.
  • An Ocean of Thoughts: One Man's Journey from Self-Destruction to Self-Realization

    by David Jones
    Despite a childhood of privilege and a college degree, Tony Joppa was stuck in extended adolescence fueled by drugs, alcohol, and apathy. After a drunk-drivingaccident lands him in jail, Joppa begins his journey to sobriety and self-realization. That journey takes him across the country, around the world, and deeply inward, where his life changes thanks to the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, Buddhism, and the many teachers he meets along the way.
  • The Flyaways

    by A.R. Hadley
    Holly’s life changes the moment she steps foot into his classroom. Set in Daytona Beach and spanning two semesters of college, is the story of bright, young student, Holly Kerr, her beautiful Professor Kelley Nicolo and the forbidden games they play when they fall in love … despite his marriage and their vast differences. Or maybe they’re more alike than they realize. Souls searching day and night, never resting … flyaways lost and looking for a place to land. The Flyaways is a 30,000 w... more
  • Dusk and Ember

    by Robert Jacoby
    Can a life come apart and be rebuilt in one night? 19-year-old Richard Issych is about to find out. One friend is dead—murdered by another friend—and all Richard wants to do is get to the wake, come home, and start a new life. But for one life to begin another must end. Since graduating high school the year before and not knowing how to live, or even if he wants to live, Richard has wandered into the graveyard shift at a local foundry, a hellish world of molten metal, rote work, and no prospe... more
  • Great Dates with Some Late Greats

    by David Finkle
    A series of adventures now begin for several unsuspecting people, who, while enduring the mundane tasks of daily life, are greeted by incarnations of celebrities, athletes, poets, politicians, and an evil dictator, to name a few. Author David Finkle is a critic who has written about theater, music, and books throughout his career. He is also a keen observer of human behavior, and his stories reflect that by placing ordinary people in extraordinary situations. His new collection, GREAT DATES WI... more
  • Things Every Employee Should Know About Their Job

    by Aisha Adele
    If you have just got your dream job for which you have been studying all your life for then welcome to the adult life. Now that you will be making your own money, you will also be paying your own bills and tasting the freedom because you are financially independent. However, just like how you would expect a good pay and respect from your job, in return you must also give something. This article focuses on the things every employee should do and know about his/her job.

    You Can Be Re... more