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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Les mésaventures de Maman Opossum

    by Gina Gallois
    Maman Opossum a besoin de ton secours pour retrouver ses 10 bébés avant le lever du soleil. L’aideras-tu ? Mama Opossum needs a helper to find her 10 little joeys before sunrise! All the opossum joeys ride along with Mama to find food, but when Mama stumbles and falls, all 10 joeys roll off in a different direction. When you help Mama find her babies, you’ll also meet a whole village of other nocturnal animals along the way. This sweet imaginative story makes a perfect companion to the ... more
  • Cats and Dogs Make the Best of Friends

    by Gina Gallois
    Sage and Jaz have been best friends forever. They love all the same things.But what happens when Sage’s family adopts kittens and Jaz’s family brings home a puppy dog? Cats and Dogs Make the Best of Friends is bursting with adorable kids, playful kitties, and one sweet puppy dog who helps Sage realize that it’s OK to change your mind and you don’t have to choose to love cats OR dogs. You can love BOTH! Sage and Jaz love their pets so much, they have to invent a slew of their own silly new ... more
  • Mama Opossum's Misadventures

    by Gina Gallois
    Mama Opossum needs a helper to find her 10 little joeys before sunrise. All the opossum joeys ride along with Mama to find food, but when Mama stumbles and falls, all 10 joeys roll off in a different direction. When you help Mama find her babies, you'll also meet a whole village of other nocturnal animals along the way. This sweet imaginative story makes a perfect companion to the first book in the series, Opossum Opposites.
  • The Reversible mask" An Elizabethan Spy Novel

    by Loretta Goldberg
    My debut novel draws loosely on the career of an adventurer, Sir Anthony Standen, who inserted himself into the religious wars of the day and tried to moderate English and Spanish policy. An English Catholic courtier, he left England in the 1560s and spied for Catholic Spain against European Protestants. But his nationalism was aroused when the threat to England intensified. He became one of Protestant Elizabeth I’s most effective spies abroad, while on Spain’s payroll. My fascination in fictio... more
  • My Little Green Umbrella

    by Sandy Little
    when a young girl finds a very special green umbrella in a thrift shop, she soon finds a world of adventure at her fingertips. But as she grows older, the magical umbrella and it's wonders are put away in the back of the closet...only to be rediscovered years later.
  • You are Special

    by Kristian Hägglund
    ”You are Special”is a poetic little children's book about the uniqueness of each human being and the unwavering value of each individual. As the story unfolds, the reader is taken on a journey through different characteristics that makes him or her unique and worthy. “Without you, the world would not be whole!”. The book aims to strengthen and inspire the reader by lifting otherwise elusive topics around self-esteem and self-worth in a simple and playful way. Perfect as a gift to a loved one... more
  • The Bayside Bunch Go See The Principal!

    by Dr. Unseld Robinson
    When Selwyn is ordered to report to Principal Jones's office at once early one morning, everyone at P.S. 411 Elementary knows he is in trouble. This includes his mean teacher, Miss Crabtree. Even Selwyn's classmates ask him what did he do bad. Selwyn tells them all that he has been good, but they do not believe him. What happens when Selwyn takes that long scary walk to the principal's office? Read the funny tale "Go See the Principal!" and find out!
  • Underage Detective Mark Lewis' Journey on Becoming an Official Consulting Private Detective

    by Milton Peter Miranda
    Mark Lewis is a young man who lived in a city called 'East Capital city'. At the volume one of this series, he was still in the third year of his Junior High School years. His life was a bit different from the others because he was also a little bit different from the others. At the first journey in his life, he will meet a person who will change his life, not all of his life, but most of it. On his journey, he will also meet a young man who is also a police officer and a man who is a police ... more
  • Blue Woman Burning

    by Lâle Davidson
    On the altiplano, the high plain, between Chile and Bolivia, Fallon’s family witnesses their mother magically disappear. The inexplicable nature of their loss marks each family member in a different way. For Fallon it is the first step toward adulthood. For her brilliant and troubled older brother, it is an abandonment from which he never recovers. Thirteen years later, back in the United States, Fallon is about to conquer self-doubt and apply to medical school, when another mysterious event sha... more
  • Boom, Boom, Boom

    by Ian Kirkpatrick

    Jan Bagan is a Ukrainian YouTuber living in Nide, a small, rural town leaning against the Russian border. While he stocks the only grocery store in town during the night, his love of all things combustible fuel his YouTube channel where he makes art in the sky chance he gets. He's not classically trained by any means, but with a little lick and a strong nose, he's usually pretty good at mixing things to get a satisfying ending.

    Though his talents are mostly overlooked in his sma... more

  • We Have A Plan

    by Gregory Ulseth
    The mission was to salvage the society we once held dear and eliminate religious and underclass oppression. The plan was to build strength through the subterranean network of outlawed religious institutions and high-tech paramilitary powers to infiltrate and to gather assets along the way. Charlie was one such asset groomed from birth to help these Revolutionaries. Charlie Prescott, a teenager born into an influential family in early 22nd-century America, is forced to grow up fast when he is... more
  • August in the Vanishing City

    by Lakis Polycarpou
  • Lion Heart

    by Matthew Swearingen
    In Lion Heart, the rhyming text leads the reader on an quest to find the missing parts of a geometric shaped lion hidden within the vibrant illustrations. The text encourages the reader to be strong, perseverant and collaborative in their search. The artwork is influenced by the illustrators travels, primarily throughout the west, and through hometown memories. The author and illustrator are sister and brother. Lion Heart is a self-published work.
  • Mickey Mantle's Last Home Run

    by Steven A Falco
    TJ and Jonathan are teen-age friends and teammates on the JV baseball team. Like many young people growing up in America in the late sixties they have heroes. For TJ, who is white, it is Mickey Mantle, the aging star of the New York Yankees. For Jonathan, who is black, it is Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the civil rights movement. Their friendship is strained to the breaking point when Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. Jonathan, who is shattered by the murder, blames all white peop... more
  • Love, Lust & WTF?!!

    by Nikki Sitch
    Love, Lust & WTF?!!, Daisy's single again and riding the dating rollercoaster, experiencing it all: the orgasmic excitement, the melancholy blah, and the eyes-pop-out-of-your-head ugly of online dating, on her search to find true love. In the blink of an eye, Daisy’s life was flipped upside down when her soulmate, Adam, was ripped from this world, leaving Daisy and her daughters crushed. It has been a long and difficult struggle picking up the pieces and raising her girls alone for two years... more
  • Shark Bites

    by T. C. Bartlett
    Humorous shark cartoons that take a bite out of your funny bone.