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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Flip Side High

    by Sarah Nicole
    If you were given the power to prevent every high schooler's worst fear from happening, would you risk everything to stop it? As Sienna (SJ) Johnson and Ashton Blackwood, estranged childhood friends, start their freshman year of high school, they are forced to do just that. Popular SJ is on track to be the top of her class and attend an elite dance school on full scholarship, while simultaneously trying to stop her parents' marriage from falling apart. Ashton is just trying to get through life... more
  • Apricot Marmalade and the Edmondson Transmittal

    by Lon Orey

    This is a satire about a team of US Military Intelligence agents operating in Thailand during the height of the Vietnam War. They wear civilian clothes and carry credentials as they conduct investigations and surveillance of suspected enemy agents. Although well-motivated, their often humorous attempts to complete their assignments and stay out of trouble rarely succeed. The style and tone of this book have been compared to that of MASH and Catch 22. 

  • DREAMS OF DISCOVERY, Based on the Life of Explorer John Cabot

    by Jule Selbo
    Giovanni Caboto (‘John Cabot’) was born in Genoa, Italy. As a child, he dreamed of captaining a ship across a mysterious, uncharted Ocean - from Europe to the riches of China. There was another boy in Genoa at the same time, with the same dream: Cristofer Colombo. The Turks, in the 15th century, had a stranglehold on the trade routes to the Far East. Europe’s race to find an alternative passage was heating up. But an explorer needed patrons, funds, ships – and a vision. Whereas Colombo had t... more
  • BREAKING BARRIERS, Based on the Life of Laura Bassi. by Jule Selbo

    by Jule Selbo
    She dared to know. She dared to dream. But for her they raised the bar—and kept raising it—hoping she would give up. Precocious, and with an insatiable appetite for scientific knowledge, Laura Bassi grew up dreaming of attending the Papal states’ famed University of Bologna. It was the Age of Enlightenment but the prevailing thought was that the ivory towers of academia were no place for a woman, no matter how eager, intelligent, or inventive. While college administrators continually raised th... more
  • Bea Beluga and the Magic Tutu

    by Carolyn Killian
    Bea Beluga is a young new dancer who puts all her confidence in a new fluffy, sparkly, magic tutu - until it goes missing! With a few encouraging words from her teacher, Bea gathers all of her strength and determination and goes on to perform a dazzling performance. It is then that she realizes that the true magic was actually inside of her the whole time!
  • Prison Sex

    by Jacqueline Gay Walley
    This is a book about longing and how three people have to break free of their prisons, whether literal or metaphoric. David, a man, in actual prison for growing marijuana longs for her and has to deal with being in prison. Peter, her husband, is in the prison of not being loved enough by a wife who is obsessed with freedom. And Mira, the wife, feels that marriage is a prison for her and only being herself will make her free. She creates a situation where they all get to break their binds.
  • Slanted and Disenchanted

    by Lisa Czarina Michaud
    She hates her family. He’s hiding behind his teenage sex life. They form a band as an escape. On tour, can they start over....or will all secrets come out on the open road? Carla Bucchio never cared about things like boyfriends and SATs. If she did, maybe life at 20 would be more exciting than developing photos on Long Island. When she chooses the guitar over a social life, it only makes sense because no one talks to her anyway. Music may be Pete Albrecht’s life but what good is his tal... more
  • Looking for Daddy's Girl

    by Pam Kumpe
    Sally Snow returns to her hometown, where heroes live on her street. Or by the dumpster. Or at the cemetery. Or next door. Or in the old jail. She'll run into Ruby Nell, a mirror of herself, who is also an alleged thief. The two will vie for Max Williams' attention, who is the father to Sally and a makeshift daddy to others. Formidable obstacles will reveal the heroes we miss every day. And challenge you to be one in your hometown.
  • I Drew Him from the Water: Adventure, Mystery, Intrigue

    by Cecile Long
    Marissa has led the life of a successful news anchor for ET News in Rameses, Egypt for about five years now. All was going well for this reporter until Moses came to town. Upon his arrival, she felt a stirring, a dissatisfaction, trouble in her soul. A stranger by the name of Moses has shown up recently in Goshen, Egypt. Is this the Moses of old, the one who committed murder and ran? Assigned to do a documentary on Moses, Marissa plans on receiving her coveted Emmy. If only she had used her r... more
  • Boyhood Adventures

    by Aaron Carter
    A sortie involving a moonless visit to a cemetery reputed for supernatural and threatening manifestations qualifies as a worthy nocturnal event for the boys. A condemned structure formerly serving the county as a prison for the criminally insane is deemed irresistible. But highest on their list of destinations for adventure is a place that will haunt their memories forever: the old Gramercy house. Known by most students attending College Hill Elementary School, it is as a place of infamy, occupi... more
  • God Never Changes: In the Land of the Living

    by Elaine Thorpe
    Since the beginning of time, God has never changed—and neither have we, His human creation. Despite modern comforts, technology, and education, we are still His children. No matter how far we have fallen, He reaches out and pulls us up from the pit of despair into the land of the living. God Never Changes is a collection of ten stories that transcend cultures and show miracles of faith. These are tales of wounded people, struggling to live in truth and freedom within an imperfect world. Each ... more
  • Stone Revival

    by Peggy Dover
    Stone Revival is a work of women's historical fiction set in the Lake District of Northwest England just following WWII. Though war officially ends, the Stone family drama is just beginning. Stone Revival follows Gloria (Glory) Stone and her two daughters--strong-willed nineteen-year-old Claire and twelve-year-old Sydney the animal lover like her veterinarian father. It's a story of enduring love and a fight for survival after they learn of the apparent death of husband and father, John. Facts d... more
  • Totem

    by Charlie Sheldon
    Angry guardian spirits. Furious beasts loose on the land. A group racing to preserve ancient tradition… Sarah Cooley longs to revisit the world revealed in her mystical dream-journey. Still struggling to fit in with her newfound family, she desperately wants to return to Bear Valley one last time. With a divisive corporation about to begin mining operations in the same valley, she and her chosen companions know their chances to enjoy the untouched wilderness are fast disappearing. Dod... more
  • Adrift

    by Charlie Sheldon
    A burning ship, abandoned. Missing lifeboats and crew. An ancient tug racing for a salvage prize. How many lives will this disaster cost? Gulf of Alaska, December. William knows that life can change in a heartbeat, but he never expected to find himself and other crew members fleeing a ship fire during a raging winter storm. When his lifeboat engine stalls, they are helpless, blown toward a wild and dangerous shore William knows will kill them all. Louise Hunt, a second generation salvag... more
  • To Finish the Course: The Apostle Paul and the Early Christians in the Roman World

    by Ardyce Templeman
    This historical novel spans the reigns of the Roman Caesars Tiberius through Nero. It tells the story of the fledgling early church and how they were impacted by Roman law and rule. The apostle Paul traveled extensively throughout that world, visiting metropolitan cities, fearlessly taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ straight into the heart of pagan worship. He suffered hunger, stoning, prison, flogging, beating, being shipwrecked three times, and being in constant danger of bandits. Yet througho... more
  • Strong Heart

    by Charlie Sheldon
    A trek through a mysterious wilderness. A teen vanishing into thin air. A story transcending the boundaries of reality. Washington State. Tom Olsen wasn’t expecting a granddaughter. Blindsided when Sarah Cooley, an ornery thirteen-year-old, arrives on his doorstep, he reluctantly agrees to bring her on his long-planned hiking trip through the magnificent wild forests of the Olympic Peninsula. But when the stubborn girl claims to have seen a strange but realistic bear and shows him a sketch as... more