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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Cactus Jumpers

    by Andrew Burch
    The town of Emerald, California is a quiet, mostly peaceful place. The struggle for power between Moss Williams, the head of the Rancher's Association, and Skip Traeger, the local business tycoon who owns half the town goes mostly unnoticed by the townsfolk until a body turns up in the water hole. Now, Marshal Mason Boydette has to get to the bottom of the biggest mystery Emerald has ever seen. But the Marshal isn't alone. Along the way, he'll try to get help from his trusty deputy, an unorthodo... more
  • Lead with Courage: Unleash the Lion in You

    by Arthur E. Puotinen
    There is a leader in you and a leader in me. A poet writes, “A lion paces in every human heart. What quickens yours? What makes your lion roar?” Your courage can be unleashed to overcome fear, hunt for opportunities, and find resources for your group. The fifteen main chapters in this book each describe: * How lions live and survive in their natural habitat * How leaders face challenges and crises, and learn from their shortcomings and success * How leadership suggestions and lessons may be used... more
  • A Bend In The Willow

    by Susan Clayton-Goldner
    A mysterious and emotional past collides with a reinvented future. How far would you go to save the life of your child? How much would you sacrifice? Willowood, Kentucky 1965 - Robin Lee Carter sets a fire that kills her rapist, then disappears. She reinvents herself and is living a respectable life as Catherine Henry, married to a medical school dean in Tucson, Arizona. In 1985, when their 5-year-old son, Michael, is diagnosed with a chemotherapy-resistant leukemia, Catherine must return to ... more
  • Manifesting the Divine: Going Beyond the 120 Lessons

    by Tony Saunders
    Manifesting the Divine takes a novel look at life in late modernity, with specific focus on the 1990s and the global events that occurred during that momentous decade. It also investigates the godbody movement and seeks to find ways for it to answer the mounting racial tensions existing in the United States, finding the root of these tensions in a revival of racist theories that have become inherent within the system of their government.Manifesting the Divine takes a novel look at life in late m... more
  • Bless Me, Mother: : How Church Leaders Fail Women

    by Finbarr M. Corr, Ed. D.
    I acknowledge that researching this book was both a challenge and a (benefit/ blessing/joy). A lifelong Catholic who served in the priesthood for 28 years, I believed I would learn nothing new about the role of women in the Church. I thought that the conflict between the Church’s male hierarchy and women religious was something that began less than 50 years ago…WRONG. I also thought that none of the leadership positions in the international church organizations were headed by a woman…WRONG. The ... more
  • I, Jetebais

    by Robert Martin Bishop
    Building on the theme of separation and restoration that is inherent in faith, can a fallen angel achieve redemption after rebellion? Human arrogance, the Papacy, and the eternal struggle of Good versus Evil collide in this contemporary suspense novel by Robert Martin Bishop. "I am the Rebellion!" With these words, Jetebais laments his decision to leave heaven and now wishes to find a way to redeem himself. He chooses a seemingly ordinary priest to hear his confession with the ultimate plan to... more
  • THE FAR HORIZON:A Stand-Alone Novel & (Book 2 of The Macquarie Series)

    by Gretta Curran Browne
    A stand-alone novel, and also the second novel in The Macquarie Series As a young British officer, Lachlan Macquarie served his country in America, the West Indies, India and Egypt, but now he is being asked to go to a wilderness on the other side of the world where famine and strife amongst the inhabitants is flourishing. A firm hand is needed, but when he arrives Lachlan surprises the population by showing them he is not only firm, he is also fair. George Jarvis, now grown to a young ... more
  • The Accidental Pirate

    by Denise Deegan

    Attracted by the promise of a ship's name, outcast Jess finds herself trapped amongst the most dreaded outcasts of all. As the days pass and dangers escalate aboard The Constance, Jess is forced to call upon a gift she is not even sure she has to save a boy she thought she did not like. The Accidental Pirate is the story of a girl hero in a man's world. It is the story of finding friendship and family in the most unlikely of places. And it is the story of buccaneers and buckles a... more

  • Selfies: A Novel

    by Gabriel Gilbert
    Carinda Campbell is a stunning, streetwise southern woman who is seeking refuge in the wake of her ex-husband’s white collar crimes. She meets a man online who captures her interest. Ray Welles, a former Marine and brilliant tech entrepreneur, is leaving a soulless marriage while his mind battles old traumas. Humbled and trapped in his ex's litigation, he is losing grip on his children, business, and health. He connects with Carinda, their explosive chemistry fills needs unmet for years. Betw... more
  • Wee LuLu - Come Inside!

    by Candace Carson
    "Wee LuLu Come Inside!" teaches about location describers: inside, under, on top of, up and down, front and back, etc. The darling puppy portraits are filled with fun and mischief as LuLu romps through her fun-filled day. Concepts of direction, position, color, size and shape awareness are demonstrated to young readers ages 4+. Wee LuLu Come Inside! is a perfect example of teaching concepts to children while reading for pleasure. In other words, reading and learning are fun! Children's Book... more
  • Wee LuLu- A Good Example

    by Candace Carson
  • Rabbit McNabbit's Floppy Ears

    by Ste Burton
    Rabbit McNabbit's Floppy Ears is a charming children's picture book about a floppy eared rabbit who tries everything to have the 'straight up' ears of his dreams, but each comical attempt ends in utter failure ..... Will Rabbit McNabbit ever learn to love his own rabbity uniqueness? What could possibly be good about having the worlds floppiest ears? Rabbit McNabbit's Floppy Ears is a story about learning to love the skin you're in. It is a children’s picture book which is great fun to read, with... more
  • Raising the Blackbirds

    by Edward F. Moncrief
    The Mexican dicho “You raise the blackbirds, and they pluck out your eyes” captures succinctly Mexico’s four-hundred-fifty-year history of treachery conspired and blood spilled both by its leaders and by those in rebellion. The saying likewise captures this story; Mexican history and culture—vibrant still in the blood and flesh of its people—propel the narrative to its soulful yet redemptive conclusion. Sixto Torres narrates his journey from childhood in Mexico to his emigration to the ... more
  • A Hundred Veils

    by Rea Keech
    A young American professor at the University of Tehran falls in love with an Iranian artist and is thwarted by social, political, and religious forces that seem beyond his control.