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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • And Then There Was Swine Flu: The Diary of a Hospital Manager

    by Acklima Shadick
    A fictional account of a week in the life of a Hospital manager during the Swine Flu crisis. The author uses her experience as a Clinical Services Manager in the Health Service to provide a compelling insight into the daily drama that surrounds the frontline running of a hospital during a would be epidemic. The manager and her team are asked to identify a process for dealing with the crisis and at the same time continue to provide care and meet existing targets with no extra budget. The story b... more
  • Whistleblower

    by Terry Morgan
    Large amounts of international aid money are being stolen by those at the heart of the political establishment. Ex politician, Jim Smith, threatened and harassed into fleeing abroad for accusations of fraud secretly returns to renew his campaign. A realistic thriller covering events in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and a sensitive study of a stubborn and talented man who steadfastly refuses to fit into the stereotype of a successful businessman and a modern politician.
  • Tortoise finds a best friend

    by Simons Acquah
    Tortoise has two birds and a butterfly in his life. Which one will he choose to be his best friend and why? You are invited to join him in a delightful adventure to find a best friend. This is a beautiful Folktale for children to help kids understand healthy friendships.
  • The Speeding Tortoise

    by Simons Acquah

    This is the first of "The Tortoise adventure series"

    A cute story about a tortoise who hated being slow and finally got his wish granted to be the fastest animal. We all join in this amazing journey to self-love and self-appreciation.

  • Hammy's New Home

    by Melanie Lopata
    Hammy is a young pig who lives on a farm and loves to have fun and get into mischief. Find out what kind of mischief Hammy gets into in "Hammy's New Home"!
  • Leah's Garden

    by C L May

    Bradley Cox comes home after eight years in prison for killing his father. To one sister, he's a kind of hero, to the other, an awkward stranger, and to his mother, a son she no longer knows or understands. After years of domestic abuse, this family attempts to find normalcy, even as their violent past keeps trying to crush them. Old hurts cannot be mended until Leah finally truly examines her past.

  • The John J. Hunt Reader

    by John J. Hunt
  • Cordelia and the Whale

    by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt


    Cordelia is an 11-year-old girl and a bit of a loner. She finds comfort in facts, knowledge, and consistency. She prefers her world not to change.

    Things do change however, when Cordelia meets a magical blue whale named Beatrice. Nothing is ever the same for Cordelia as she befriends the ancient whale and finds out secrets of the universe from Beatrice that she must learn and master.

    Cordelia and the Whale is a timeless story filled with magical realism ... more

  • Hopper's Numbers

    by Natashia Carter
    Follow a young girl who hates math as Rear Admiral Grace Hopper takes her on a time travelling journey through her past. Hopper shows the girl, Sally, how she was always curious and fascinated by numbers. She teaches Sally that the math she hates so deeply is actually the heart and soul of all the technology she loves to use everyday and that without it the world would be very different.
  • Time Will Tell

    by Trevy A. McDonald

    What has time told you about the power of friendship?

    Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope share laughs and heartaches, hopes and dreams over the years, but only Time Will Tell if their friendship can survive the drama.

    Accountant Hope Jones-McCoy goes through life masquerading self-righteousness for saintliness until the world she spent ten years building comes crashing down around her at once. Although she has a sunny disposition, Rachel Curtis-Brown faces dark days as her es... more

  • Round 'bout Midnight

    by Trevy A. McDonald

    A new chapter begins in the lives of childhood friends, Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope. Their friendship has stood the test of time, but more adventures are in store for them…Round ‘Bout Midnight. In this sequel to Time Will Tell, the unresolved issues and hurts Thomasine, Rachel, and Hope experienced during their youth don’t just vanish into thin air.

    The world Hope spent ten years building with her high school sweetheart, Jason McCoy, comes crashing down around he... more

  • Sky-bound Misfit

    by Jane Powell

    Frankie’s life began in an Irish pub in Montreal’s French east end. As she listened to her dad’s band jam to the beats of life, the most unfortunate of coincidences happened that changed her life forever.

    Being a girl in the 80s isn’t easy. Frankie soon comes to see it as an impromptu jam session filled with unexpected beats. The beats she experiences in high school are filled with laughter, tears, love, anger and hope. Dealing with bullies becomes a daily nightm... more

  • Count to a Thousand

    by Caroline Goldberg Igra
    After two decades in Israel, American born and bred Victoria still struggles to make peace with her relocation to Israel. She constructs a purposefully insular life in a coastal community analogous to the one she’d expected to live back in the United States, replete with conventional activities associated with American suburbia and expat friends that share the same acerbic, oftentimes critical, attitude toward their surroundings. Cracks in this bubble-like existence begin to emerge with her elde... more
  • Lemonade

    by Robin Maguire
    Lemonade A plucky eleven-year-old boy, love child of a Hollywood mega star and his uptight manager mother, is murdered in his Los Angeles swimming pool. He is pissed and back from the dead to find out why. Through his mother Alice’s efforts, the killer is revealed, and his death avenged. The boy, satisfied with the outcome and the knowledge his mom is on the upswing, can now rest in peace. Forever changed by his death, Alice has channeled her son’s moxie, reformed her high-strung ways to become... more
  • Mazahl's Ascent

    by S.V. Atla

    Mazahl's Ascent, explores the injustice that women experience in Saudi Arabia, where they are forced to birth misogyny and unable to stop the perpetuation of a culture which devalues them. 


    In Saudi Arabia, where women's bodies are deemed the inferior possessions of men, where female sexuality is regulated for the continuation of a sexist regime, an erotic and formidable woman arises from the ashes of patriarchal horror. Mazahl inhabits the miserable cage ... more

  • Monsters For Tea

    by Nancy Terrell
    A bedtime party like no other... After suffering a terrible nightmare, Luna awakes frightened by the thought of monsters. What follows is a grand tea party at midnight where Luna learns her monster guests are not scary at all but offer courage, comfort and laughter to put her at ease and make sweet dreams come true. The rhythmic text is charming to read aloud and enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike.