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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

    by Brigitte Brulz

    In this pickleicious story, a young boy who really likes pickles wants to grow pickles in his garden, but he is surprised by what he discovers - there are no bread and butter pickle plants or dill pickle trees. He learns a lot as he and his mom transform seeds from the store into yummy pickles to enjoy on everything from hot dogs to ice cream. Well, maybe not ice cream! 

    Free coloring pages and activity ideas to go along with this book are available on more

  • The Bounty Huntress

    by John Riha
    There’s a killer in the hills. The one who murdered her father and was set free in a bogus trial. Twenty years later, she’ll try to even the score. In the early twentieth century, southern Oregon is still the untamed Wild West. There may be telephones and electric lights in the towns, but there are cutthroat moonshiners and armed poachers in the hills, where justice is handed out in the time it takes to squeeze a trigger. It’s a hard place for a young farm girl, but Iris Greenlee doesn’t ... more
  • Love Ledgers

    by Connie Lukey

    Life hasn’t turned out according to Jane Parker’s plan.

    She’d always dreamt that a loving husband, children and captivating career would fill her life with joy and happiness. But on the morning of her 39th birthday, Jane wakes up to the reality that she is a single CPA, living alone with her dog in small town Ontario. Acutely aware that she has hit the snooze button on her biological clock one too many times, Jane gives herself a deadline of one year to find her soul m... more

  • On the Great Land

    by Emily Bieniek
    Nome, Alaska, is so remote that it can only be reached by airplane, boat, or dogsled. Situated on the coast of the Bering Sea, this town of less than four thousand people contends with bitter winters, the moose, bears, and muskoxen that roam the surrounding tundra, and a harsh cycle of days that vary from just a few hours of light in the winter to consecutive sunlit weeks in the summer months. No matter the season, both permanent and transient residents must depend on one another to navigate the... more
  • The Unconquered: The Yamassee and Gullah-Geechee Wars

    by Tolagbe Ogunleye
    The Unconquered: The Yamassee and Gullah Geechee Wars, is an historical novel about the 1715 Yamassee War and the first of three successive Gullah-Geechee Wars that was fought and won against the United States of America by melanated soldiers during the early 19th century. This book uses primary sources and historical documents to create a pride-filled narrative about the bold and fearless men and women who fought against, outwitted, and defeated their former oppressors and enslavers in South C... more
  • The Dead of August

    by Panayotis Cacoyannis

    A self-styled ‘Bigger Picture’ man, James has his head in the clouds, and the ‘fairy-tale’ celebrity obituaries he writes for a tabloid are currently all the rage. Conversely very practical and matter-of-fact, June is a respected and uncompromising author of violent and sexually explicit Radical Feminist fiction. In their late thirties, with a precocious teenage son, they are a talented, thoroughly contemporary London couple.

    In spite of conflicting perspectives ... more

  • Larry the Alligator: Makes Friends (Volume 1)

    by LaDonna Marie
    Making friends for some children can be difficult. Friendship building is an important part of connecting with others. Join Larry the Alligator as he learns assertiveness, persistence, and confidence while making new friends.
  • If You Look Up to the Sky

    by Angela Dalton
    There are times when a full moon will guide you, a storm will excite you, and a big, blue sky will inspire you to believe anything is possible. These are a few of the many gifts we receive from the sky and universe when life feels scary and confusing. Told by a grandmother to her grandchild, If You Look Up to the Sky is about the power of everlasting love and the ways the sky connects us through good times and bad. It offers a child comfort in knowing that you never need to be afraid... if you ... more
  • The Paris Writers Circle

    by Norma Hopcraft
    A café table in Paris. Four expat writers gather, to eat and to critique their work. At first they’re suspicious of each other, distrustful, secretive, envious, hyper-critical, resentful. Then their personal lives blow up—and they get to know each other…
  • Li'l Booger Buddies Inventors from Outer Space

    by Heather Konet

    Curious creatures called the Li'l Booger Buddies from the planet Boogie Woogie love to invent new things using junk they collect from outer space. They take things that were thrown away by other planets and turn them into inventions that help improve their lives. The story introduces children to the concept and fun of inventing!

  • Li'l Booger Buddies: Inventors Help Out a New Friend

    by Heather Konet

    Curious creatures called the Li'l Booger Buddies from the planet Boogie Woogie love to invent new things using junk they collect from outer space. During a mission to find new space junk they discover a planet where they use their invention skills to help a new friend. The story introduces children to the concept and fun of inventing!

  • A Caravan of Brides: A Novel of Saudi Arabia

    by Kay Hardy Campbell
    After attending college in Lebanon, Fawzia returns home to Jeddah and takes up secretly with her forbidden college sweetheart. When her reckless behavior leads to family tragedy, she is drawn into an unlikely friendship with a mysterious old storyteller, the niece of a legendary Bedouin chief.
  • Potlatch: A Comedy

    by Bruce Hartman
    Have you ever wondered why life seems so complicated, so exhausting, so fattening, and yet so pointless and idiotic? It's all part of the Potlatch. To Alice Coggins, the 24-year-old daughter of a South Philadelphia scam artist, everything looks like a racket: endless serflike internships, student loans that can never be repaid, high-minded charities run by swindlers for the benefit of rich donors. Things only get worse when she meets Andrew Ogleby, a scion of blue-bloods who is engaged to a ... more
  • All to Pieces (Unmentionables Book 2)

    by David Greene
    The epic American Civil War saga continues in this second installment in the Unmentionables book series. Slave catchers kidnap Jimmy and resell him into slavery. Cato risks his own re-enslavement to travel deep into Confederate territory in an all-out search to find his lover.
  • Unmentionables

    by David Greene
    Unmentionables is the epic story of two couples in the Civil War south. One couple is straight, white and wealthy; the other is gay, black and enslaved. Field hand Jimmy meets Cato, a house servant from a nearby plantation. Over time, Jimmy's fascination with Cato grows into romantic love.
  • Lake: A Loony Winnipesaukee Duck Tale

    by Bridget Finnegan
    Ducks, loons, wild turkeys and other waterfowl combine forces against evil Swan Hildegard and her Canada geese army. Set on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire during WWII, this book features beautiful illustrations, great characters and a funny storyline. Perfect for ages 8 and up.