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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Another Day, Otro Día

    by Kathleen E. Suits-Smith
    Peggy Stewart and Almarío Santiago Lopez are brought together by desperation. Because of her husband's cancer, Peggy desperately needs help on their dairy farm in Upstate NY. Almarío desperately leaves Mexico to find work as an undocumented migrant. Language challenges and Peggy's prejudices make initial encounters difficult. Almarío rapidly becomes a valued worker and trusted friend. As Peggy's feelings grow for Almarío, she learns about the lives of undocumented workers and her own life as... more
  • The Lies We Live

    by Kiersten Hall

    Meet seventeen more people who have the need to rid their closets of skeletons: Some who are still living their confessions although they know it's very unethical. Others will share how they were done wrong by the people they love and aren't sure if they should reveal the information they know to their ne'er do well family member or friend, or simply keep 'living the lie.' While still others have discovered absolute down and dirty dirt on other people and are wondering wha... more

  • A House Divided: A Saga of the Sixties

    by Kip Sieger
    Set against the tumult of the 1960's, including the fabled Summer of Love, contentious civil rights and anti-war demonstrations, and the shocking assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, teenager Paul Milton suddenly finds the racial tensions and intensifying War in Vietnam are no longer just distant events playing out on the evening news, but bitter upheavals fraught with with potentially fatal consequences that could tear apart both his family and country.
  • London Blossom

    by Jackie Wilson

    When sixteen-year-old May leaves her sheltered Toronto suburb to visit London for the first time, her only worry is that she might miss something on her meticulously planned itinerary. 

    But soon after she arrives, she meets the tattooed punk-rocker Sid, a brooding environmentalist who May begins to suspect is involved with a radical group responsible for recent eco-terrorist attacks in London. When Sid tries to plunge into May’s life romantically, it lands her at MI5 headquar... more

  • Fate Rides a Tall Horse - Johnny Black Man and Legend 1869

    by Gary Church
    In 1869, Johnny Black finds himself in a lawless, danger-filled settlement located on the Texas frontier, where Indians, criminals and nature all provide an opportunity for death as he relentlessly pursues the man who murdered his only brother. Obsessed with finding his brother’s killer, Johnny makes himself very visible in a place where people often assume new identities and don’t want to be found. It will require all of Johnny’s experience and skills to stay alive. His man-hunt results in ac... more
  • Meet the Lidwells! A Rock n' Roll Memoir

    by Jon Chaisson
    The story of four siblings and two cousins who start a band as teenagers and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. But while they consistently top the charts with their irresistibly catchy tunes, they're also fighting their own demons: perfectionism, disenchantment, addiction, exhaustion, sexism...and figuring out how to become an adult in front of millions of fans.
  • Acorns to Wheat: A Chasseen Family Saga

    by David William Allman
    Acorns to Wheat is the story of fictional lives in the real world of 4000BC. It tells of the adventure of a newly mated couple forced to find a new life. The couple has two sons, but the brothers split and clash as they struggle with their father's decision to change from hunter-gatherer to farmer. These were the first farmers. Read beyond the archeology to hear the story of lives lived at the dawn of cultures. Flesh has been restored to bones. Before the Romans, the Greeks or the Gauls, ther... more
  • The Optimistic Sloth

    by Andrew Lewis
    It's about a carefree, three-toed sloth who comes a cross a treasure chest. But he soon gets himself in trouble when a greedy bird tries to steal it from him.
  • "Fresh News Straight from Heaven" A Novel on the True Mythology of Johnny Appleseed

    by Gregg SAPP
    Most people thought that Johnny Appleseed was mad. They laughed at the "Fresh News Straight from Heaven" that he preached. But when their lives and families were threatened by war and unspeakable violence, it seemed that only a madman could save them.
  • All I Left Unsaid: A Latina's Journey Toward Truth

    by Rosy Crumpton
    Surrounded by her mother’s extended family, Olivia Batista lives an idyllic childhood in Panama on her grandmother’s expansive property. When her mother finds new love with Andrew–a man Olivia calls “the Magician”–the three begin a new life in New York. Growing up in the United States proves anything but seamless for Olivia as she faces language barriers, new responsibilities, and her new step-father’s family. Just as she begins to adjust, an incident at home leaves Olivia traumatized and tor... more
  • Beyond the Cabin

    by Jared Garrett
    Born into a controlling, abusive cult and betrayed by those he trusted, Josh hungers for freedom from the Fundamental Faith in God. After his first escape attempt fails, Josh takes even more solace in a rustic cabin he and his oldest brother made, finding peace in isolation. After unspeakable tragedy strikes, Josh flounders for hope and anything that will soften the grief threatening to destroy him. Determined to escape the cult that offers only heartbreak and loneliness, he's stunned by an unex... more
  • Internal Damnation

    by David Rutter
    “Survival isn’t instinct...dying is.” - Alexander Marks. In this heart-wrenching tale of drugs, violence, and betrayal, Alexander Marks is a shattered man who desires nothing more than to be forgotten. His closet is painted with the blood of those he’s harmed (and protected). Just released from federal prison after almost a decade, Alexander returns home to Ocean Park, Massachusetts, finding nothing of the vibrant city he once knew. Little does he know how significant his prior choices w... more
  • Nineteen Forty-Three

    by DeAlexander Clarke
    A Harlem emcee is thrown back in time to 1943 and learns a valuable lesson.
  • The Extra-Ordinary Mr. Wickers

    by DeAlexander Clarke

    A simple story about a man named Mr.Wickers. 

  • The Neighborhood Kids: Short Stories Reader

    by Richard McBain
    Thirty-two interesting short stories of kids today, and situations they get into. The story line shows them why having the proper morals and manners will help them through these times, and they see these benefits of the kids in the stories who possess them.
  • Stories from the Stoop

    by Angel Rodrigues
    Stories from The Stoop is the story of Abby, a teenager growing up with her single mother Maggie. Maggie struggles with an addiction to alcohol, men, Jesus, and mental illness. Abby tells her story while asking, "What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?" and finds out, "The world would split open." (Muriel Rukeyser) Stories from The Stoop takes readers on a journey across state lines, taboos, and tragedies, while reminding readers that we all aren't trees and can move on wh... more