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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sister Hope: A Short Story

    by Vincent Robert Annunziato
    I know you’ve been down that road before. You know. The one that never ends and leads to nowhere. A road you follow for reasons you can't say. A road which, somehow, never fulfills it promises. Yet you stay on hoping it will bring you where you want to go. That was me until I wandered down Interstate 20.
  • SEAL Catch (The Fearless Trilogy Book 3)

    by T. R. Schumer

    From the Amazon best-selling author of Death Catch comes T. R. Schumer’s heart-stopping conclusion to The Fearless Trilogy.

    "Seal Catch is action packed from sea to desert and as I was deeply immersed in the story, the veteran team became part of my soul and I certainly did not want the book to end." Amazon Customer review

    A chance encounter in the Seychelles catches ex-Navy SEAL Alex Moss off guard, but what comes next... more

  • Blank Van Gogh

    by Yu Ben Ja
    Since the realisation of the art of Vincent van Gogh, art historians have assumed the life of the post-impressionist painter and his last painting before death – until today he spoke again. In his attempt of his last work, Vincent chose to leave that blank, forgoing all colours and told how he felt about life in an empty stain. Blank van Gogh consists of over 30 pieces of narrative, appearing to be the voice of the post-impressionist in written words. These with a combination of visuals depic... more
  • Because Of Me

    by Robin S. Garland

    Robin’s adaptation screenplay, Because Of Me was a Semi-finalist in the Nashville Screenplay Contest Drama category.

    In the untamed west of 1853, Texas; a mother and daughter become accidental murderers. Emily Hamilton a woman of tremendous strength but not so good moral character was forced into an early life no one could have ever envisioned for a girl of fourteen and sold by her parents to the highest bidder to feed her younger siblings. Now with a daughter of her own, she stru... more

  • The Pursuer

    by James Welch
    Michael Kintner is on the run. As the sole survivor of the bombing of the Sistine Chapel where the pope and hundreds of others were killed during a disastrous war between Islam and Christianity, Kintner is already plagued with radiation sickness. Now he is being sought for the destruction of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the murder of tens of thousands of civilians. While Kintner stealthily moves across the desert, he knows that if he does not continue to outsmart his enemies, he will surely die... more
  • We are Alphabet ! We like to do amazing work

    by Jasmine Thapa

    We are Alphabet is a 312- word picture book. This is a picture book for children in early grades that emphasize on teaching them about a hobby and occupation in different stages of their life. Children also learn a language, differentiate upper and lower case, visualize the setting, identify elements of story structure and character development. Animal is the protagonist of this picture book. 

  • Martha's Sister, Beloved Prodigal/978-0-9777652-8-8

    by Patricia Annalee Kirk
    Biblical Novel, First-Century AD the most exciting decade in History. Covers the lives of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Mary of Bethany left home in a decision that shattered her family. She accepted her Messiah in a dramatic act of love, but Jesus doesn't always protect us from consequences. Did responsible, staid Martha lose all hope of husband and children because of her sister's past? Did that past stand between her and the man who loved her? Could she forgive Mary? How did Lazarus and... more
  • Hack

    by Jeb Stewart Harrison
    When a film producer arrives at the California Heritage Gallery to view Hack's paintings, he's accompanied by the artist's childhood sweetheart, a woman he hasn't seen in twenty years except in dreams, where she appears almost nightly, a heavenly image of beauty and light. Now Hack is overwhelmed with desire and despair, for she's the trophy wife of a rich man. What could she possibly see in a downtrodden, besotted artist? So, in a state of love struck dementia, he hatches an outlandish scheme t... more

    by Kathleen Doler
    THE HOOK: After three years away, Dana, a globe-trotting journalist, reluctantly returns to her foggy coastal hometown, Half Moon Bay. She’s been running away all of her adult life, from the mental illness and chaos that defined her childhood. Now her junkie brother, a former surf star, is tangled up with a brutal meth dealer and he’s in the hospital. Dana and Shane bonded over surfing as teenagers, frequenting local breaks, including THE HOOK, to escape their violent and damaged family. Dana’s ... more
  • Nor The Battle To The Strong (Intertwined Souls Series) (Volume 6)

    by Mary D. Brooks

    Will Justice For One Have Life Threatening Repercussions For Many? Eva and Zoe return in the sixth novel of the award winning historical lesbian romance series imbued with urban fantasy and mystery.

    On the night of November 9, 1938 in Berlin, Germany a teenager's life was forever changed. Sent to the village of Aiden at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, body and mind were shattered in the brutal Aiden Research Facility. Eighteen years later, Eva Lambros is no longer a teenager but... more

  • Kiss the Sky

    by DC Gallin
    Claudia, an aspiring painter, drops out of Uni and moves into a freezing cold studio in the East End of London. She is joined by beautiful Paloma and a statuesque lesbian Q who has never quite given up on the idea of seducing Claudia. From their diet of tinned sardines and apples, to their night-time escapade filming each other on the roof wearing nothing but silver angel wings and roller skates, Kiss the Sky chronicles the humorous coming of age quest for creativity, independence and sexual fr... more
  • Above Rubies

    by Keely Brooke Keith
    It’s 1863, and schoolteacher Olivia Owens believes education should be a top priority in the newly established settlement of Good Springs. Between planning lessons and helping out on her family’s homestead, Olivia doesn’t have time for Gabriel McIntosh’s charming advances. When the council denies her request to build a schoolhouse, Olivia must challenge their ruling and teach private lessons—all while hiding frequent bouts of word blindness (dyslexia). If the council knew the new teacher couldn’... more
  • The Healing of Howard Brown

    by Jeb Stewart Harrison

    "This is your last chance to do something right, son. Don't screw it up."


    With these words ringing in his 60-year old ears, Howard Brown, Jr., sets out from Kentfield, California to find his wayward and possibly psychotic sister and return her to their dying father's bedside. The search leads him to the Brown family's ancestral home near St. Francisville, Louisiana, where his Southern cousins have apparently conspired with his sister to bilk him out hi... more

  • When I Grow Up

    by Jessica McEachern

    When I Grow Up by Jessica McEachern, MA, MSW, provides examples of various careers by utilizing the alphabet as a guide. The book captures a Mother and daughter having a conversation during bed time. Zoey cannot settle down for bed because she is excited about all of the amazing careers she can choose from when she grows up. Throughout this colorful book, Zoey imagines herself as many of her career options, from A through Z. The U, in Zoey’s world for example, reflects her vision of bec... more

  • Dead Ground

    by Rod Humphris

    In the mountains and passes of Nuristan the men of patrol base Azun grind through their days and nights of constant vigilance. They hunt the Taliban and try to win hearts and minds. Trouble is coming, that is certain. How or when, where and in what form, they do not know. They fear it and also long for it. Only Lieutenant Simon Ellice, with a clarity born of grief and anger, can see the shape of it. Only he, being beyond care, will do what has to be done and pay the price. Not that he will be... more

  • Skipping Stones in the Sky

    by Margaret Guy