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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Clovers

    by Janaki Anand - pen-name 'Samira'
    When androxen of the seas seek succor from space for alliviating environs of earth it unleashes thunderbolts floods and famines. And spooky spirits wandering all over the place in true Shakespearian style. Not to mention presaging portends. But the heady mixture of EXYzian(of the Andromeda galaxy) and androxen genius triumphs and the tale ends with an upgraded human ethos, loving and unselfish and....a green planet with protracted platforms... The aliens' weaknes for whiskies makes for some une... more
  • Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel

    by John Podlaski
    In 1970, John Kowalski is one of many young, naive teenage soldiers sent to Vietnam to fight in an unpopular war. Dubbed “Cherries” by their more seasoned peers, these newbies suddenly found themselves thrust into the middle of a terrible nightmare - literally forced to become men overnight. On-the-job-training is intense, however, most of these teenagers were hardly ready to absorb the harsh mental, emotional, and physical stress of war. When coming under enemy fire for the first time and witne... more
  • When Can I Stop Running?

    by John Podlaski
    John Podlaski’s encore Vietnam War novel brings back John (‘Polack’) Kowalski, the central character in ‘Cherries’, and introduces us to Louis (‘LG’) Gladwell, his irrepressible black friend. Polack and LG are a ‘Salt and Pepper’ team, best buddies and brothers in a way that only those who have fought side-by-side in a war can ever truly understand. The year is 1970, and the story follows the two soldiers - impressionable Detroit teenagers - during their long night in a Listening Post (‘LP’)... more
  • The Admiral and the Penguin

    by Paul Yalowitz
    A humorous and touching story of a retired Admiral who goes on one last adventure to Antarctica to capture the elusive Royal Penguin. Later the Admiral has a change of heart and tries to return the Penguin home.
  • The Whispering of the Willows

    by Tonya Jewel Blessing
    The Whispering of the Willows details the 1920s saga of Emie Ashby who struggles to create a life from betrayal and abuse, similar to women in every culture. Using simple and colloquial styles, it deals with some tough subjects that often coincide with poverty and the making of women for business. Will Emie find a friend or foe in her neighbors? Why didn't her faith save her? This story is being used to cross over from Young Adult to Adult readers. As a coming-of-age book, it can be read toget... more
  • A Dignified Exit

    by John J Asher
    Fifty-six-year-old Monroe Colson, a successful children’s book illustrator living in small-town Texas, baffles family and friends when he unceremoniously announces he’s moving to Mexico, ostensibly to paint. But first he tries unsuccessfully to reconcile with his estranged son, a type 1 diabetic. In Mexico the true nature of his mysterious behavior not only comes to light, but takes an unexpected turn when he runs into a vibrant young American woman who has been abandoned, penniless, by her ... more

    by Sonia B. McNulty
    If you have read the story of Francis the Horse That Is and Francis Goes To Europe, you will know that Francis has become the world's most famous horse with two legs; not only because of his disability and inspiration, but also because of the delightful, unbelievable, mischievous, unforgiving, humorous and outrageous behaviour from his loyal and trustworthy friends. In Francis Goes to South America the racing fraternity has invited Francis and his friends to visit South America: however the frie... more
  • Displaced

    by Irena Kowal
    DISPLACED-In Moscow, in 1969 an American, Irena, and a Ukrainian, Orest, brother and sister, in their twenties, meet for the first time. They spend the month of August on a tour across Soviet Ukraine, a trip that will change their lives forever. As the siblings discover one another, Orest enables Irena to wake up to her own womanhood and intellectual potential, even as he finds himself torn. He may love her as a sister, but he desires her as a woman. Interspersed are flashbacks to the horrors o... more
  • Secrets of the Suburbs

    by Alisa Schindler
    Secrets of the Suburbs is the story of Lindsey, a 42 year-old suburban mom who seems to have it all – doctor husband, two great kids, satisfying part-time work; all the spin classes, shopping and lunches she can fit into her busy schedule. But when a drunken moment with her friend’s husband opens up a well of desire, excitement and emotion that she didn’t even know existed, it throws her perfectly perfect life into turmoil. Because as Lindsey opens her heart and body to this forbidden passio... more
  • Sir Isaac's Car: 9 Tales of Daring and Disaster (The Adventures of Henry Langdon) (Volume 1)

    by C. R. (Chuck) Downing
    Henry Langdon and Aaron Fremont are best friends. They've been best friends for a long as they can remember. This book is volume 1 in "The Adventures of Henry Langdon" series. Aaron narrates all nine of the stories in this volume. Follow Henry and Aaron through a series of grand plans and schemes... and disasters! In "Fair Game," the boys "help" Aaron's mom in pie-baking contest. "A Quilted Bee Gathers No Honey" finds the duo collecting what's needed to help Henry's mom in a quilting bee. ... more
  • Montgomery Rabbit

    by Sandy Little

    ​​Adventure and mysteries await a young lop-eared rabbit when he accidently falls through a hole in the fence.

    With no way back to his shady, comfortable yard, Montgomery sets out to explore the world beyond. Along the way, he meets a field rabbit named Bentley, and the two are off in search of the legendary raspberry patch. Their mission is a treacherous one, and Montgomery will come face- to- face with preditors he's never known before- coyotes, hawks, and even a rattlesnake! But ... more

  • Judging Laura

    by Peter Rizzolo
    Laura Hamby, high school senior, victim of rape is shunned by her friends and labeled damaged goods by her mother. She strikes out on her own and settles into a small New Jersey town where she waits tables, earns her GED and secures a position in a hospital medical records department. Bruce, her old boy friend tracks her down. After several years of marriage they decide to have a child but learns she cannot conceive because of a disease she contracted at the time of the sexual assault. From thi... more
  • Displaced

    by Irena Kowal
    In 1969 Irena and Orest, American sister and Siberian brother, in their twenties, meet in Moscow for the first time. They spend the month of August on a tour of Soviet Ukraine, a trip that will change their lives forever. As the siblings discover each other, Orest enables Irenaa to wake up to her own womanhood and intellectual potential, even as he finds himself torn. He may love her as a sister but he desires her as a woman. Interspersed are flashbacks to the horrors of World War II, Siberian ... more
  • Of Love and Courage

    by Dennis Smith

    From the teeming metropolis of New York to the seething streets of Manila and Cotabato City in the Philippine south, this is a timely tale of forbidden and courageous love -- set against the backdrop of today's pressing issues involving cultural division and religious conflict.

    Michael Marshall is the Homeland Security Director of New York, a former NYPD officer, and a Delta Force Ranger who has seen action in Fallujah and Mosul. He spends his waking hours safeguarding the people of... more

  • The Ghost of Christmas Past

    by Michael Hebler
    Based on Charles Dickens’ famous character of the same name, the radiant ghost shines again when embarking on a spiritual adventure into its past in search of meaning for its being. The Ghost of Christmas Past has had its flame extinguished. Lost souls cannot find their way to redemption without the Spirit's fire illuminating their shadowed memories. Guided by the Christmas Angel, the Ghost of Christmas Past must search for its missing flame within the visions of a mortal life it had long for... more
  • ABC Questions

    by Christine Cruz
    Beverly is starting her first year of school. One of Beverly’s first lessons is the Alphabet, and she has lots of amusing questions about the ABCs. Readers can join Beverly as she asks her ABC questions, and learn along the way. ABC Questions is intended for early learners ages 3-6 years old.