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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Amy's Travels

    by Kathryn Starke
    Amy's Travels is an example of Latina children's literature that teaches the seven continents through the eyes of a young girl.
  • Wash Your Hands With Me!

    by Sherica Starling Cheek

    TIME TO WASH YOUR HANDS!  This book engages kids ages 2-7 with a step-by-step guide to washing their hands in a fun, rhythmic and entertaining way.   It continues by teaching kids when to wash their hands, reinforces the steps, so they have sparkly CLEAN HANDS!
    This interactive book promotes:

    • good hygiene
    • fine motor skills
    • cognitive development
    • speaking skills
    • first words

  • Breathe & Swim Deep

    by Jenna Marcus

    Perfect for fans of We Are Okay and The Thing about Jellyfish, this witty and achingly beautiful coming of age story will tackle what it means to be alive, loved, and trusting in a world gone mad...


    All 14-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Thomas wants is normalcy. But a global pandemic prevents him from having anything close to a typical teenager's life. When Wolfgang discovers his father dead in bed from the coronavirus, his world is thrust into even m... more

  • Beautiful Courage: A Young Woman's Journey West, 1852

    by Diane Covington-Carter
    In the spring of 1852, thirteen-year-old Kathleen Margaret McClellan, Katie for short, began the five-month long, 2,000-mile journey to California with her family Young readers will journey along with Katie as she discovers the power of her own wisdom and finds her way in this poignant tribute to life, innocence and joy.
  • Belief

    by Chris Houston
    A new anthology from Canada’s renowned Ricepaper Magazine, this third collection in the Ricepaper Magazine series includes a wide range of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction by writers of Asian descent from across the world. The theme which binds each piece is “belief,” a notion personal to each individual sharing a piece of themselves in their works. The honorable Joy Kogawa shares her lifelong lessons scribbled in her diary, Carmen Chan shares the trauma experienced by the women in her f... more
  • Vintalair

    by Chad M. Wilson
    The increasing disparity between the Haves and the Have Nots has been creating a simmer of unrest from coast to coast. After years of intense planning, a group within America’s most powerful inner circles decides to put in motion an intricate bioterrorism plot that will change the demographics forever. When Liam Keane and his friends uncover the sinister plan, the Keane family is ripped away from their daily lives of running a local toy store. With no time to spare, Liam teams up with his brothe... more
  • The Jesus Nut

    by John Prather

    When Dr. Haley Berkshire (a reviled “nullifidian” professor of Religious Studies) uncovers the Gospel According to Trevor, she vows to find the unusual relic it describes. Both Jesse (a homeless man convinced he is the Second Coming) and Father Brian William Callum Robert O’Shea (a priest who loves topless bars) read accounts of her research and begin their own holy pilgrimages. The three characters eventually meet when ejected from an evangelical rally at Temple University ... more

  • Stripes - The Friendly Penguin

    by Seth Clay

    A magellanic penguin. A lonely boy. An unusual friendship.Two friends who miss the ones they love.

  • H

    by Laura Demoi

    A young gay man, H., is going through his last years of high school. He is completely fine with being invisible. He is sliding through everything unnoticed and unbothered. At least he does so until he meets Z. "H" is a tender, fragmented and anxious journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance.

  • Punto and Me

    by R G Walker

    Lisa Walters has no inkling that her sudden impulse to play horn in the school band brings with it astonishing consequences.  She no sooner brings the instrument home than a ghostly manifestation arrives and insists on teaching her how to play.  While questioning her sanity, Lisa has to contend with a specter that only she can see or hear and, even worse, deal with the anxiety that arises when she discovers he knows everything she does.  The ghost is constantly telling Lisa tha... more

  • The Jackdaw and the Doll

    by John Biscello
    K. leads a double life. Timid office clerk by day, storyteller by night. But not just any storyteller. Transforming into a jackdaw, K. takes secret night-flights around the city, collecting moments of inspiration. Confronted by sickness, and "The Shroud" which has haunted him since childhood, K., joined by his new love, Dora, moves away from home to The City of Birds. It is there that he will meet a young girl, heartbroken over her lost doll, and be given a golden chance to share the healing mag... more
  • Maggie Vaults Over the Moon

    by Grant Overstake

    As Schools Reopen, a Gritty Sports Heroine Returns to the Classroom on JUNE 1, 2021 in a reprise editon of 'Maggie Vaults Over the Moon'. Recently canonized as one of the great track and field novels of all time by Citius Mag, the saga of a gritty Kansas farm girl’s quest to master the daring sport of pole-vaulting has stirred the hopes and dreams of readers around the world.

    “A fine YA novel about pers... more

  • Leave the Lamp on

    by Sue McCullough
    Beginning in East Texas, Leave the Lamp On… is built on hand-me-down family tales and childhood memories. There’s a bit of actual history. It tells a story of cowardice grown into courage, which is the same today as it was a hundred years ago. If you’re a true history buff, you’ll notice that author Sue McCullough plays rather fast and loose with some of the World War I battles, dates, and geography. Much like everything in life, some events are real, others are pure fiction. Some characters hav... more
  • Technical services company

    by sourav satheesh
    Calibration is a technique used to check the working condition of measuring devices. At the regular intervals calibration verifies the working condition. The calibration procedure is based on different factors like pressure, temperature, length, volume,mass, power and hardness. Laboratory Calibration Services minimize the downtime of machine . The highly experienced team will quickly calibrate your equipment.We ensure q... more
  • The Arcanum, Bradley Gordon's First Adventure

    by L. J. Litton
    Unwittingly, Bradley Gordon and his younger brother, Quentin, possess latent, innate talents bestowed upon them via their diverse multicultural lineage. Those with these like-n-kind special abilities, and the elite amongst them, the Arcanums, are managed via a global network led by the Venere', and overseen by the Chivalran Regiments established to find and deal with the reprobate Arcanums at the behest of the Venere'. Abandoned by both parents when very young, and left to fend for themselves ag... more
  • Incomplete

    by Joel David Levin
    Mild-mannered English teacher Brian Smith has a big secret: he used to be a rock star. Kind of. In the summer of 2000, his one-hit-wonder punk band released a radio-friendly pop song and made it big. Then, just as quickly, it all fell apart. Though he's been living a quiet white-collar life for the last two decades, settled in his static suburban normalcy of treadmills and lesson plans and parenthood, a chance discovery leads to a collision between his old world and his new one. What happens whe... more