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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Pancake the Cat

    by James Coleman
    In a world where bravery was measured by bacon bits, Pancake the cat, who adored pancakes, lived with Mr. and Mrs. Buttons. Feeding him pancakes made him look more like one, sparking laughter from neighbors. Despite his pancake-like appearance, Pancake longed to be a real hero. After a series of comical mishaps while trying to prove himself, he encountered a hungry black cat and her kittens. Helping them, Pancake discovered that true heroism came from within. His kindness transformed him from a ... more
  • The Peruvian Book of the Dead

    by Roger J. Florschutz
    “It’s been fifteen years since Brisdon vanished into thin air…” So begins a story that will take you from post-war Scotland to the art-world of London and New York, across the Peruvian countryside during the rise of Shining Path, and to a secluded Ontario summer resort during its darkest hours. The Peruvian Book of the Dead weaves four separate narratives into a single tale of mystery, love, and horror as it examines the effects of guilt and regret, secrets and lies, and shows us how the enigma ... more
  • Black Dove

    by Carrigan Richards
    Some people use drugs to escape pain. Some drown their sorrows in alcohol. Alisa cuts herself to FEEL. After her mom dies, sixteen-year-old Alisa moves with her father back to the small town in Alabama where she grew up. Alisa hopes the familiar setting will give her grieving dad a shot at sobriety and that she can refocus on the goal she's saved toward for years: attending culinary school. Alisa rekindles her friendship with her childhood friend, Sarah, and even though it's been years, she r... more
  • The Captive

    by Roberto Jiménez Rodríguez
    It is the middle of the nineteenth century, and Rudolph Birkett, an Englishman of little means, travels to South America to work without knowing what fate holds for him. There he tries to lead a tranquil daily life, waiting for the moment to marry the virtuous, cultured Emma in England. But that is all over when he meets the wealthy Briton Gordon Hadley in Argentina. Mr. Hadley is a powerful businessman who has hired hundreds of men, both civilian and military, for his operations in the mountain... more
  • Copper and his Rescue Friends

    by Pam Atherstone
    Copper is a big red dog abandoned by his owner on a country road when his little girl became ill. When he is found, he is sent to a pet rescue. Here he meets the other animals at the rescue and is curious about how they came to be there. He interviews them and learns their stories and some valuable life lessons along the way. Copper is the narrator, and each pet tells their own story.
  • My Ear Caught a Whisper

    by Wendy Waddell
    When Genevieve found herself handcuffed to a bed on an otherwise beautiful summer evening, fear gripped her soul as reality settled in. With no clue how it happened or how to free herself from the cold metal bindings cutting into her skin; one thing is certain: Her husband had something to do with it. Follow one woman's remarkable journey despite the odds, as she fights an unknown future, yet remains filled with hope and resilience. How can she find joy in a situation that was created by some... more
  • The Ballerina, ISBN 979-8-9875877-0-6

    by Catherine Follestad
    Alina (our protagonist) loves to dance and has great passion for the art of ballet, but she finds herself struggling to stand out in her dance class. She is competing hard for her place in the upcoming spring performance. One day, while helping her mother in her vintage shop, Alina finds an old enchantingly beautiful costume. This begins her adventure which helps her gain her confidence, Alina finds herself through some magical time travel, connected to a famous prima ballerina from time pa... more
  • The War Ends At Four

    by Rosanna Staffa
    Renata, an Italian acupuncturist in Minneapolis, falls madly in love with a charismatic actor. Once married, she discovers his passion is not focused on her alone. With her marriage and her small acupuncture clinic in crisis, she is called to her father's deathbed in Milan. There Renata again faces the slights she suffered in childhood as the daughter of an immigrant from Naples. Gripped by grief and anxiety over her future, she discovers that her father, a survivor of WWII, believed until t... more
  • Esperanza's Way

    by Cindy Maynard
    Motivated by the memory of her mother dying in her arms, Esperanza resolves that she will one day walk the halls of the Scola Medica at Salerno and train to become a doctor. Fate brought Amika, a talented herbalist, into her life. She rescued the orphaned Esperanza and helped her take her first steps toward gaining the knowledge that would fulfill her dream. Unfortunately, a tragic accident forced Esperanza to flee Amika's home. Her journey toward finding the path to success is littered with stu... more
  • When You Give a Girl a Puppy...

    by Deborah C. Mortimer
    What happens when you give a girl a puppy? The answer is simple...everything! Discover the wonderful bond that grows between a girl and her pup. From their first meeting to going on pretend adventures, follow as they learn the true meaning of unconditional love. This little girl may even learn a thing or two about responsibility along the way. When You Give a Girl a Puppy... is sure to delight the dog lover in everyone!
  • Freedom's Just Another Word...

    by Len Joy
    Jake Doyle used to be famous. Twenty years ago, his Chicago political column was syndicated in two hundred papers, but he had an affair — and a son — with his intern, and lost it all. Now he writes a local column and drives for Uber to pay his bills. Jake is playing out the string when his tranquil world is turned upside down. His biracial son — an ambitious entrepreneur — is marked for death by a street gangster, his alcoholic daughter is pregnant and wants an abortion — which his ex-wife... more
  • Bland Loafer

    by Billy McCoy

    A young man, the bland loafer, has been traduced  because of his special talent and his excessive sense of initiative.

  • Red Rain

    by Lara Bernhardt
    Olivia Montag is a professor who doesn’t have all the answers. The devastating loss of a child ended her marriage, and she’s been overlooked for a job promotion one time too many. Not sure what comes next, she leaves it all behind and volunteers to teach English to schoolchildren in India. Ten thousand miles away, she connects with fellow volunteers and finds purpose in teaching. Until one by one the girls in her classes stop showing up. Then she meets Mukesh, an Indian man with a heart for i... more
  • Summer Island

    by Deborah C. Mortimer
    Pack your bags and grab your passport! School’s out and we’re headed to a beautiful Caribbean island to meet new family, listen to Granny’s stories, play with cousins and make amazing memories. You’ll want to visit this Summer Island again and again!
  • Travels with Ariel - What's up in Baker Lake?

    by Laurie Anne Zaleski
    Meet Ariel, 10-year-old geologist, who along with her fearless companion, Champ, a 110-pound Akita, travel the globe solving geological catastrophes. She uses scientific method and deductive reasoning to solve urgent geological problems. Ariel is fearless and tenacious; tackling each mission with aplomb. In “Travels with Ariel - What’s up in Baker Lake?” Ariel and Champ travel to the tip of the Arctic Circle to solve a problem with erroneous permafrost data and migrating caribou. While ther... more
  • The Emperor

    by Matthew Jordan Storm
    With the Empire collapsing about him, Heraclius, the Exarch’s son, becomes the first Roman Emperor in three hundred years to lead an army into battle. But this is no ordinary army, it is the Last Army, cobbled together from the bits and pieces that remain of once great legions. Arrayed against him are the most formidable enemies Rome has ever faced, the Avar horde, the Sassanian Persian Empire intent on Rome’s annihilation, and the relentless Plague that exploded under his predecessor Justinian ... more