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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Guardian of the Light

    by D. Thrush


    It begins with a dream that reveals a place of light where Holly meets an ethereal family. Could they be her family from a past life? Or is she losing her mind after Jack's abrupt departure? Grappling with middle age, loneliness, and regret, she sinks deeper into a mire of despair and struggles to control her obsession with Jack. As reality becomes more elusive, a mysterious protector emerges from a place of darkness where he lures her with promises of unlimited power in exch... more

  • Silly Limbic: A tail of bravery

    by Naomi Harvey
    Beautiful, funny and heartwarming tale of a boy and his invisible but ever-present best friend, Limbic the dog. "Oscar has a special friend, different from you and me. He's a super black dog, whom only Oscar can see!" A lovely tale about a boy and his invisible guard dog who tries to keep him safe- but doesn't always do a good job "When Limbic feels frightened, Oscar does too, so he misses out on amazing things, the other kids do". In this story, the funfair comes to town Oscar despe... more
  • All the Lies We Live

    by Don Trowden
    In this final volume of The Normal Family Trilogy, we meet the main characters now as octogenarians gathering on a remote Maine island for a summer birthday celebration. Emotional wounds are healed and dreams still alive as the week-long celebration comes to a stunning climax when a hurricane threatens the island. Through all the life storms and hardships, we see that love and humor are the only enduring truths.
  • At Week's End

    by Anma Natsu

    "You can't stop me you know..."

    Disgraced reporter Adachi Tsuguru travels to the famed Aokigahara Forest, not as a tourist or out of a morbid desire to find one of its many corpses, but in search of the spot where one family died. The family he killed.

    During his search, he stumbles on Yuna just as she is preparing to end her life.  She initially rebuffs his clumsy attempts at dissuading her before offering him a strange proposal: she will delay her sui... more

  • Roberto and Tess

    by Jeffrey J Russell
  • The Making of Miss M: A Desperate Housewife Ditches Tradition for Kinky Romance, Provocative Thrills—And Success on Her Own Te

    by Evie Vane
    "Good girl" Melanie, appropriate right down to her ironed panties, believes her fairy-tale dreams are coming true when she lands a dashingly dominant, wealthy husband and a four-bedroom spread in a tony suburb. But when dominant turns to despotic and then to disappearance and betrayal, meek Melanie is forced to eke out an income doing something more deviant than she'd ever dreamed—and the choice takes her humdrum life on a wild new path. Whether you're a mother who wonders, "Is this all there is... more
  • The Family Jewels

    by Vincent Graziano
    A rags to riches back to rags story of three brothers who were born and raised in a three room tenement on New York's lower east side. They were surrounded by mob influence. One brother breaks away and becomes a successful developer in Arizona. Jake takes an easier route by marrying the daughter of a powerful mafia don and a third brother Looney was never one for the drama that was part and parcel of his siblings. He was happier when they were far away. But, life and Ponzi schemes throws them ... more
  • The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down

    by Jillian Bald

    The House of Baric is a story about . . .

    ~ soldiers in and out of war, their friendships and their struggles to come to terms with their dutiful roles in life.

    ~ a mismatched young Ottoman woman sent into this Venetian world in 1648 to marry a stranger.

    ~ a clash of cultures; a clash of sexes.  

    ~  everyday, and not so everyday, happenings in the lives behind the walls of The House of Baric.  

    Most of all, it is a love story--Mauro and Resi’... more

  • The Creek

    by Kyle Lockhaven
    In an attempt to solve a strange an ominous mystery, fourteen-year-old Caleb Greene and his younger brother Connor come to believe their mom has cancer. In a curious manner, they simultaneously fall into a real-life treasure hunt for gold buried by an ill-fated prospector from the 1800s. But as they work to figure out the clues left behind, evidence is mounting that something else is going on that may make their current problems pale in comparison.
  • Catharsis: The Unleashing of the Unconscious Conflicts of Michael Anthony

    by Michael Tyler
    Catharsis is a story about a young black man trying to escape life in the United States of America and finding himself, love, and purpose in the wonderland of his mind. Michael Anthony, the main character, evolves from a most naive to a man of the world who is lost and alone. Along the way, he journeys to many places of wonder, meeting many people of color and temperament, and learning a lot about himself and life and living and love.
  • Spy-Birds: Animal Kingdom - Call for Revolution

    by Amy Winsloe
    The Novella Spy-Birds, Call for Revolution is a colorful excursion into the subject Technology usage in the 21st century. Spy Birds, Animal Kingdom- Call for Revolution is an allegorical novella in the footsteps of Animal Farm; instead of fighting labor slavery by humans, animals revolt against the misuse of technology. Lazy Fellow narrates the turbulent story of thinking animals, whose main protagonists BigNose, Leon de Ponso, and Lionesse revolt against the mind control on Earth and venture ... more

    by Joan Fallon
    One night in an attempt to salve his conscience Mark tells his wife that he has been having an affair with her oldest and dearest friend, and with those few words sets off a chain of events that reverberates throughout his whole family and changes the lives of those he loves forever. Love is All set in present day middle England. It tells the story of a family still grieving after the death of the youngest son, five years previously. Teresa, Mark and their two grown-up sons are at last coming t... more
  • THE THREAD THAT BINDS US: All secrets have to come out one day

    by Joan Fallon
    Have you ever had a secret that you cannot tell anyone - even your closest friend? Susan’s childhood was full of secrets - ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ was her mother’s favourite phrase. So when she discovers that her father had had an illegitimate child, called Michael, she instinctively knows she can’t tell anyone. But Susan isn’t a child anymore - she is a middle-aged woman who is keeping secrets from her husband in her search to find her half-brother. The need to know more about Michael becomes an ... more
  • The Ring of Flames: The al-Andalus series Book Three

    by Joan Fallon
    This is the story of three brothers: Rafiq, a soldier, Qasim, a doctor and Ahmad, a falconer. They live in Córdoba at the beginning of the 11th century, a time of uncertainty, flood, disease and civil war. The rightful ruler of the country, al-Hisham II, the Omayyad caliph, is locked in his palace and isolated from his government and his people. When the Regent, al-Mansur dies, there is no longer a strong man to rule the country and one by one the pretenders for the throne make their challenge. ... more
  • THE EYE OF THE FALCON: The al-Andalus series Bk 2 - a boy becomes ruler of Moorish Spain

    by Joan Fallon
    The Eye of the Falcon is the second novel in a series about Muslim Spain, set in the Andalusian city of Córdoba. It is the story of Subh, who was captured, sold into slavery and yet becomes the favourite wife of the Caliph of al-Andalus by giving him an heir. The novel opens with the death of the caliph and the succession of his son, al-Hisham, an eleven-year-old boy. Immediately his mother and her lover set about taking over control and set up a Regency to rule until the new caliph is old eno... more