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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Brother Daniel's Good News Revival

    by Bruce Joel Brittain
    IN THE EARLY SUMMER of 1933, an 18-year-old naive Kentucky farm boy, Michael Boone, becomes a driver for a traveling religious revival troupe. As the summer unfolds and the itinerant group moves from town to town, he learns that things are not what they seem; primarily that the goal of the enterprise is making money, not saving souls and that hardly anyone in the group fits into a neat and normal family narrative. Michael, in turns, is exposed to religious hypocrisy, the world of good literature... more
  • Tippy Toes Hot

    by Ginger Dakin

    Time is on the run, and an ominous cloud of smog is tormenting the inhabitants in the state of Calamity. Global Warming is stealing the laughs of the hyenas, frying the tongues of the anteaters, and forcing the bears to shed their winter coats and walk around in undies. Will Joe Publik and his Eco Watch Dogs be able to arrest him? Can Mother Earth and her inhabitants recover from the misery he’s created? Find out as Mac the Rac reports in Tippy Toes Hot.

  • Care & Custody: A Novel of Three Children at Risk

    by Martha Gershun
    More than 650,000 children are victims of abuse and neglect in the U.S. every year. Some of these youngest victims are lucky enough to find safe, permanent homes. Some are lost forever. Care & Custody tells the story of three of these children. When her teacher becomes concerned that 6-year-old Hope is hungry and lethargic in class, the principal calls the Child Abuse Hotline, leading to the authorities removing the first grader and her siblings, 8-year-old Alysha and 13-year-old Tyrone, from... more
  • Open Circle

    by Stacy Monson
    She has four months to save Open Circle. He’s making up for two decades of lost time. She'll do anything for her seniors. He'll do anything for his grandmother. Their tug-of-war impacts an entire community.
  • FOREVER The Autobiography of Peter Pan & Confessions of Tinkerbell

    by Rob Brockman
    In defiance of time, dimension, mortal danger and existential threats, two beings from different worlds must discover who they really are, where they belong and if they can ever be together. What happens when, by irreversible magical accident, a little Fairy girl becomes an adult in an instant, and then meets The Boy Who Would Never Grow Up? At last the full story can be told of one of literature’s most enduring and endearing duos. Before, only parts of their tale have ever come out, filtered ... more
  • Emily's Ride to Courage

    by Sarah Maury Swan
    When twelve-year-old Emily Gordon and her fourteen-year-old sister, Jen, move to their grandfather's farm, Emily is promised a horse of her own, if she does math homework all summer. She wants to buy Gemini, the patient horse she's taking lessons on. Grandpa refuses to buy a horse with four white hooves. And as if this isn't enough, Emily also has to put up with Jen constant bullying, deal with the disappearance of their mother while she serves as an army doctor in Afghanistan, and make friend... more
  • Fate & Flirtations

    by D. Thrush
    Molly once loved two men. And best friends Max and Sam were both in love with her. They share an apartment in the early '70s, and as they pursue the next high together and the next casual encounter apart, their close friendship quickly tangles into a romantic knot. Love, lies, and betrayal test their friendship and their entwined destinies will forever change their lives.
  • Whims & Vices

    by D. Thrush
    Max is in love with Molly. And so is his best friend, Sam. Young and wild, the three friends share an apartment in the early '70s living by their whims and vices in an endless party of drunken flirtations, freedom and experimentation, transcendent drugs, and easy sex. How can Max fight for Molly without losing his best friend? His choices will alter the course of their lives and things will never be the same.
  • Fairy Tale Karma

    by D. Thrush

    Ava married her Prince Charming and they lived happily-ever-after. Or did they? Things don't quite turn out as she imagines. Her handsome Prince is always busy with charity work while she gets hooked on romance novels. Their therapist certainly has his work cut out for him

  • Guardian of the Light

    by D. Thrush


    It begins with a dream that reveals a place of light where Holly meets an ethereal family. Could they be her family from a past life? Or is she losing her mind after Jack's abrupt departure? Grappling with middle age, loneliness, and regret, she sinks deeper into a mire of despair and struggles to control her obsession with Jack. As reality becomes more elusive, a mysterious protector emerges from a place of darkness where he lures her with promises of unlimited power in exch... more

  • Silly Limbic: A tail of bravery

    by Naomi Harvey
    Beautiful, funny and heartwarming tale of a boy and his invisible but ever-present best friend, Limbic the dog. "Oscar has a special friend, different from you and me. He's a super black dog, whom only Oscar can see!" A lovely tale about a boy and his invisible guard dog who tries to keep him safe- but doesn't always do a good job "When Limbic feels frightened, Oscar does too, so he misses out on amazing things, the other kids do". In this story, the funfair comes to town Oscar despe... more
  • All the Lies We Live

    by Don Trowden
    In this final volume of The Normal Family Trilogy, we meet the main characters now as octogenarians gathering on a remote Maine island for a summer birthday celebration. Emotional wounds are healed and dreams still alive as the week-long celebration comes to a stunning climax when a hurricane threatens the island. Through all the life storms and hardships, we see that love and humor are the only enduring truths.
  • At Week's End

    by Anma Natsu

    "You can't stop me you know..."

    Disgraced reporter Adachi Tsuguru travels to the famed Aokigahara Forest, not as a tourist or out of a morbid desire to find one of its many corpses, but in search of the spot where one family died. The family he killed.

    During his search, he stumbles on Yuna just as she is preparing to end her life.  She initially rebuffs his clumsy attempts at dissuading her before offering him a strange proposal: she will delay her sui... more

  • Roberto and Tess

    by Jeffrey J Russell
  • The Making of Miss M: A Desperate Housewife Ditches Tradition for Kinky Romance, Provocative Thrills—And Success on Her Own Te

    by Evie Vane
    "Good girl" Melanie, appropriate right down to her ironed panties, believes her fairy-tale dreams are coming true when she lands a dashingly dominant, wealthy husband and a four-bedroom spread in a tony suburb. But when dominant turns to despotic and then to disappearance and betrayal, meek Melanie is forced to eke out an income doing something more deviant than she'd ever dreamed—and the choice takes her humdrum life on a wild new path. Whether you're a mother who wonders, "Is this all there is... more
  • The Family Jewels

    by Vincent Graziano
    A rags to riches back to rags story of three brothers who were born and raised in a three room tenement on New York's lower east side. They were surrounded by mob influence. One brother breaks away and becomes a successful developer in Arizona. Jake takes an easier route by marrying the daughter of a powerful mafia don and a third brother Looney was never one for the drama that was part and parcel of his siblings. He was happier when they were far away. But, life and Ponzi schemes throws them ... more