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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Webs We Weave

    by Richard G Edwards
    We can do things, but doing them doesn’t make them right. Tom is recently retired. His friend Amanda is recently divorced. Each goes online in search of new possibilities. As they flirt with virtual worlds of role-playing and dating, they quickly find themselves entangled in the murky world of high tech business. For both Tom and Amanda, the consequences are more than they bargained for, where what is humanly possible is not always humanly desirable. And where the possibilities can result in tra... more
  • Starring... John Dillinger

    by Bill Walker & Brian Anthony
    Everyone’s out to get him. When he hits it big on the silver screen, will it make him immortal… or a bigger target? Chicago, 1934. John Dillinger is weary of life as an outlaw. So when the FBI surrounds him at the Biograph Theater, the notorious thief surprises everyone and surrenders. And desperate to prove to the world he’s gone straight, he makes a film from prison encouraging youngsters not to choose crime. John Dillinger in front of a camera proves as deadly as a Thompson submachine gun. H... more
  • What's in the Pocket?

    by Barbara Menzel
    An interactive story between the reader and audience. Each page gives the reader clues about What's in the Pocket? Children move their way through the book by laughing, tickling, touching, turning, waving and hugging the many pockets.
  • Ruthless Pamela Jean

    by Carol Denise Mitchell
    This gripping story about an abused girl, who uses the unlikely prototype of a pimp as a guide to a better life, acts as a sort of metaphor of social realism regarding the rise of the African Americans to greater prominence and wealth in modern society as a whole. The narrative, which is closely written, and uses a realistic version of African American speech soon draws us into the central dilemma of a child, who due to her light skin, is rejected by the other children in her school, this then l... more
  • The Ring

    by Florence Osmund
    Two women, strangers, from culturally different neighborhoods struggle with their fathers’ deaths, each coping in her own way. Fate brings them together, and when certain disturbing truths are unveiled, they discover they have something in common that is inconceivable and shocking. And it all started with “the ring.”
  • Common Kindred

    by Isaac M. Lawton

    Following a rash, life-changing decision, Joe concludes that he has hit rock bottom. Although he has escaped a torturous existence, he finds himself alone and without purpose. Wandering aimlessly, he happens upon an entrancing, jubilant setting. Uncertain about whether to encroach, a beautiful, majestic woman lures him in.

    It is exactly the refuge he needed. The peculiar assortment of personalities he encounters helps him to perceive his potential as a friend, a partner, and a person. H... more

  • Radio Free Olympia

    by Jeffrey Dunn
    Radio Free Olympia is a story of lost souls, some alive, some dead, some folkloric, finding their community and their place. The story centers on a foundling who pirate radio broadcasts historical and folkloric spirits in Washington’s Olympic Mountains and a spiritualist who runs Wildsisters, a women’s roadhouse and cranberry farm. Through radio broadcast and then through a supernatural justice killing, these two lost souls find each other.
  • Family Illness

    by Evan Wechman
    Family Illness is a realistic fictional piece of work written to give mature readers a sense of what it is like for someone to grow up afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Steve, the main character, suffers as a child in the 1980s, growing up in a secular Jewish household. He has lots of physical and verbal tics while in school but lives in fear that his secret living with a mental illness in a hostile world will be revealed. As Steve grows up into a young adult, his illness pl... more
  • Voices in the Mist

    by Susanne Dunlap
    Marry a Catholic stranger, or flee the only world she’s ever known: Headstrong Bruna de Gansard must choose one or the other to protect her Cathar family from the inquisitors. Toulouse, 1229. The inquisitors have arrived to rid the city of Cathar heretics once and for all, and are putting all unmarried girls over the age of 12 to the question. After an incident in the town calls unwanted attention to 14-year-old Bruna, a young Catholic stranger who is sympathetic to the heretics warns her fa... more
  • House of Fragile Dreams

    by Anne Moose
    Still recovering from a divorce and the death of her parents, Rachel is living in the large house she grew up in. Upon meeting an African American veteran and his five-year-old son, she begins to hope for a new life. But when her estranged brother shows up demanding to move in to her back cottage, he threatens to ruin everything. He is disturbed, gun-obsessed, and, as Rachel discovers, involved with people who threaten much more than her dream of a happy home. Addressing themes of love, hate, so... more
  • Assignment Writers

    by Harry james
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  • Fourteen Ghost Stories

    by Nicholas Foster
    A variety of ghost stories for the curious. Stories more thoughtful than violent but where the Past can meet the Present in a short sharp shock. Ghosts harmless and ghosts malign, ghosts of the road not taken. From Tibet to the Sudan and from the Baltics to medieval Cyprus, from University towns to small villages. Hauntings where the worst may often happen in bright sunlight. Ghost stories with a dose of crime and of History. Stories as puzzles and stories with an after-life.
  • How to Make Your Home Safe and Sterile Without Bleach

    by matem33 matem3

    How to Make Your Home Safe and Sterile Without Bleach

    If you are in a place where health and safety are a concern, then you want to learn about the newest way of protecting your home: how to make your home safe and sterile without viruses. This is not just a new way of protecting your home; it's a new way of protecting you and your family. This is the 21st century and no amount of technology can hide a person or family from danger. While viruses are still around, their numbers are d... more

  • Mazie

    by Regina Felty

    72-year-old Mazie lost her only child when he was just a boy. Then her husband died two years ago from Alzheimer’s. Brian, a reserved young bachelor, moves next door and Mazie attempts to set him up with her young friend, Claire. There’s also the odd little girl across the street who is determined to be his friend. But what Brian really wants is just to be left alone. However, Mazie and Brian soon discover that life’s purpose is often revealed in the unexpected.

  • Cenforce

    by Jontis Johnson
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  • My Mud Kitchen is Rad

    by Allison Bakkum
    What happens when it's raining outside and the kids are bored? Follow two siblings as they mix, blend, and stomp their way to fun outside in their mud kitchen. It is there that they whip up some fun and messy culinary delights.