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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Into the Dust - The Virgin - A Burning Man Story

    by Jack Lyons
    WHAT IS BURNING MAN? A place made sacred by people who need a sacred place. Why are people drawn to Burning Man, and what brings them back again and again? What actually happens at the maligned, misunderstood, an iconic event staged in the middle of a Nevada desert? More importantly, what happens to the people who go? Burning Man is just a hedonistic music festival, a decadent party for burnouts, druggies, and hippies. Or so Diane believes, until an unexpected invitation from her closest ... more
  • In the Shadow of the Apocalypse

    by Dinu Pillat
    In the Shadow of the Apocalypse was completed by Dinu Pillat in 1948 and then submitted for review to other writers and literary critics in 1953. Left unpublished, it became the corpus delicti against its author in the 1960 (in)famous trial against dissident intellectuals (the so-called Noica-Pillat batch:, in Romanian). Pillat was found guilty of "plotting against the social order" and sentenced to 25 years detention and 10 years of ... more
  • Herman: A little story about spreading love

    by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
    When Herman spread things, he noticed that it made people very happy. They smiled and said very happy words. That, Herman decided, was just like spreading love. Spreading love was Herman's purpose. But one day, Stanley, a brand new as-seen-on-tv blender shows up and disrupts Herman's whole world. Herman hardly gets used anymore. He loses his whole purpose in life. A book about learning that we have many purposes in this life. And maybe, our most important purpose of all, is spreading love.
  • Please Mind the Bear

    by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt
    Bear is an introvert who prefers to be alone. He is very clear about his personal rules. Rabbit doesn't like rules. Rabbit continues to push - even after Bear asks Rabbit politely to stop many times. What happens when someone continually ignores another's boundaries? There are consequences for our actions. Sometimes there can be a steep price to pay. When we respect what others are saying they want - and don't want - we all feel safer in our own skin.
  • Mundanity

    by Jonathan Carreau
    A young man in an alternate reality Earth moves into a new town and discovers how bigotry and economic inequality shape everything around him. He must learn how to navigate everything around him if he is to prosper.
  • The Healer

    by Linda McClung
    Noah is a child when he goes to the pasture to be with his father on that night the angels visit and tell the shepherds a story that would follow him through life. He made unwise choices and became a slave where he endured years of abuse but learned to help others. When he returns home, he meets Doctor Luke who shows Noah a different way to live. Together they pursue a traveling preacher who tells them of a great teacher who is coming. That teacher would change everything for Noah and the rest o... more
  • A Prospect of London

    by Julie L'Enfant
    It is 1980, and Caroline Landry has arrived in London to do research on a long-forgotten writer. But the last thing she wants is to sit for hours at a desk in the British Library. Eight years ago, she fell in love with London on a college trip, guided by a magnetic teacher, and the city has come to represent everything this bookish young professor loves. But her research will take her places she could never have imagined, into a world far more interesting than she hopes. Caroline is an assist... more
  • Hello, Old Friend: Awright Auld Mukker

    by Joseph Tristan
    "Hello Old Friend" is a story of a relationship between a nine-year-old boy and his new adult neighbor from Scotland. The relationship lasted twenty-six years. When Christian learns of the passing of his friend Kian, he begins the journey of reliving and sharing his memories of Kian with his family. Christian wishes that he could see Kian one last time to thank him for his friendship. But he doesn't know how he can make that happen, or does he? It is not a love story, but you can feel th... more
  • A Great Day for Ice Cream: Small Stories - Big Surprises

    by K.E. Bosley

    A Great Day for Ice Cream is a fiction anthology about everyday people who encounter unexpected events in love, careers, marriage, and other matters of life.  

  • Any Joe

    by Maura Lin
    Any Joe is a novel about Joe and Cherie, two young people who must negotiate their environment, and family and peer influences in the morally ambiguous, sexually-infused culture of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Can they stay true to themselves, or will they succumb to the worst effects of adversity? Their story is one we can all relate to on some level: How do any of us navigate the effects of environment and culture when their messages conflict with our values and our own autonomy?
  • The Newlywed's Window: The 2022 Mukana Press Anthology of African Writing

    by Mukana Press
    Who are Africa’s most promising emerging short story writers? Mukana Press sought to answer this question by scouting the continent for largely undiscovered talent. The result? This collection! Africa’s stories have largely been relegated to themes of poverty, and war; yet there is so much more brilliance, texture, and layers to our stories. This collection seeks to provide a platform for the rest of the world to become acquainted with the excellence of talent outside of the mainstream, as we... more
  • Getaway Day

    by Ken White
    What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others is, and remains, immortal. Mikey Wright is a normal 13-year-old. With normal problems. Until the day he finds out his dad has cancer. Getaway Day chronicles Mikey's journey to save his father's life and learn the meaning of his own. His journey to help his father takes him from the safety and security of his home town of Modesto, California, to Anaheim, Chicago, and back down Route 66. Along the way, he's helped by some ordinary and e... more
  • A Hitttite and a Shaman: At Queen Nefertari's Secret Service

    by Naveen Sridhar
    An outbreak of war with the Hittities is imminent. Queen Nefertari of pharaoh Ramses II resolves to preserve peace. This is the untold story behind the first Peace Treaty between ancient powers (displayed at the UN Headquarters in New York).
  • Zhetybay

    by Robert Collinson

    Zhetybay is an adventure story set in the oilfields of Kazakhstan. 

    It was a time of change, and a question of survival. The people knew how to survive, it was part of their history, their culture. A stranger emerges, a foreigner, a man with different values and ethics. Perhaps he was destined to help them make the changes that they sorely needed? He was unaware of what was about to befall, and he had simply been sent to do a job. The cold hard truth of the matter was about to be r... more

  • Forget Me Knot

    by Tammie Adele
    Faced with the mortality of her beloved mare, Beauty, and while trying to provide guidance and support to her twelve-year-old niece, Trina starts to reminisce her twenty-year friendship with Beauty. Trina was a shy and nervous twelve-year-old that wasn’t just happy in the shadow of her big sister, Talicia, but actively sought it out. This happened despite her not really noticing or caring that she and Talicia had been cast from the same mould, being physically similar, having similar names an... more
  • A Meh-Life Crisis

    by Jen Parker
    Jane has gotten used to wading through life with zero goals and even less ambition. When her grandmother says that all she wants for her eightieth birthday is for Jane to track down a painting from her college days, it means she’ll have to re-join the art world she left behind and, even worse, find that bitch Ridgeley. Then again, Jane really could use an epic “hike the Appalachian Trail but still go to work”-type journey to get her off her butt. And she’s not the only one. Her best friend Elle ... more