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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold

    by Andrew Rowen
    After 525 years, the traditional literature recounting the history of Columbus’s epic voyage and first encounters with Native Americans remains Eurocentric, focused principally—whether pro- or anti-Columbus—on Columbus and the European perspective. A historical novel, Encounters Unforeseen: 1492 Retold now dramatizes these events from a bicultural perspective, fictionalizing the beliefs, thoughts, and actions of the Native Americans who met Columbus side by side with those of Columbus and other ... more
  • The Best Season: The Challenging Finish

    by Bob May
    Back Cover – The Best Season – The Challenging Finish The Best Season – The Challenging Finish completes the two book Best Season Series of twenty one Negro League Stars (nineteen in National Baseball Hall of Fame) and four free-agent Major League pitchers with stats from their Best Season in Major league Baseball (Don Newcombe, 1956 Dodgers; Luis Tiant, 1968 Indians; J R Richard, 1979 Astros; Donnie Moore, 1985 Angels). 165+ game season against 375 of the greatest Major League players from 18... more
  • Moon

    by Lucia Spalletti
    A modern fairy-tale as light as the wind, as enchanting as the ocean, as wondrous as the moon.
  • The Sun Shines Brightest at Midnight

    by Youlanda Brewster
    The saga of a multi-cultural, multi-racial family which spans over 250 years and covers the globe. Celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and the American dream. See America as a cornucopia rather than melting pot, where differences are celebrated, thus invoking a rainbow of color in a dreary world.
  • The Last Gandhi Movie

    by Deepak Mankar

    The Last Gandhi Movie is experimental-historical literary fiction. There are three parallel strands in the narrative: Gandhi, movies and the nameless narrator's capers. The Last Gandhi Movie also experiments with RetroNotes, the new avatar of footnotes/endnotes. RetroNotes works as an integral part of the narrative giving it contextual depth and width. At times, they act as a commentary with contrarian pungency. At others, they behave as a distancing or alienation device. The novel also h... more

  • Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon into the Wood

    by G.R. Jerry
    On a ten year mission to avenge the brutal sacrifice of her man by Stargut, the local sheriff, himself on a mission to create the perfect man-beast, Lovey, abandoned by her spellbound friend Patty, is joined by a stranger. Tom is a preacher of sorts, who has followed the scent of evil for a hundred years. He mysteriously appears in the Village of Wrong, the rural Midwestern town and its mutant inhabitants, mere creations of the devil lawman. Together the three converge under the moon into the wo... more

    by Karen Stensgaard
    Planning a vacation was never so complicated or dangerous. After a traumatic night, businesswoman Kat Jensen de-stresses with shots of Scandinavian aquavit known as ‘water of life’ liquor. With her audit consulting business closing and nothing keeping her at home in New York City, Kat has a few months before starting another job search. She decides to do something special - a cruise onboard an old clipper sailing ship pictured on an aquavit bottle. Despite finding a fantastic voyage and itiner... more
  • South of Main Street

    by robert gately
    The mother dies, the dad’s emotionally challenged, and one of the two daughters is suing her father for financial control of the multi-million dollar estate. That’s the setup of South of Main Street, a heartwarming story named for the dividing line that exists between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ in a fictitious town of Coalsville, Pennsylvania. The story centers on Henry who most believe is a simpleton by nature, or suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress from a war long forgotten. Sharon, the y... more
  • Ephemeral

    by Andie Andrews
    When a jaded romance writer takes up horseback riding as research for her latest project, she joins up with a horse on an accidental journey that will challenge everything she knows about love… Enter into New Jersey’s legendary horse country, where wealthy women, six-figure performance horses, and elite show barns are part of the natural landscape. It’s into this white-gloved arena that Clarissa Stamos, a reclusive, midlife romance writer is thrust when she decides to write a country-western rom... more
  • The Christmas Room

    by Denny Hartford

    Serenity can be found in the most unlikely places. 

    Carolyn Kovacs, the visionary director of Villa Vista Care Community, welcomed the Christmas Room idea.  So too did the staff and residents.  Businessman Clark Gritzner, however, is an exception and in his zeal, he triggers a medical emergency that places his mother in the hospital and threatens to expose mysterious crises in his private life.  Unveiling (and ultimately resolving) those troubles provides just one of... more

  • Elephant Dreams

    by Martha Deeringer
    Desperate to escape her squalid life on the streets of New York City, sixteen year-old Fiona Finn seeks help at the magnificent Church of the Ascension where Charles Loring Brace, a social reformer horrified by the plight of New York City’s street children, arranges for her to go west aboard an Orphan Train.. Fiona’s homeless, alcoholic father has other plans, however. He wants Fiona to “work” the streets to support his drinking and pursues her across the midwest until she is forced to abando... more
  • Making It Work/978-1-4808-3771-3

    by Kathleen Glassburn
    At the beginning of Making It Work, Sheila Doty Gallagher is a Navy wife, living in Long Beach, CA, during the Vietnam War. It takes place from 1965 to 1975 and follows Sheila through Peace Movements in San Francisco and Washington, DC, employment at the Smithsonian, a return to Minneapolis where she works in a bank and continues pursuit of her goal to teach music. While her marriage to the sailor does not work, Sheila eventually achieves her goal and is ready to give back to others through her ... more
  • Chrysalis Crucible

    by Wayne Northey
    When Andy Norton joins an evangelism team headed for West Berlin during the height of the Vietnam War, he thinks he has all the answers. Little does he realize the experience will become a crucible that forces him to reevaluate virtually everything he believes. In the spirit of the best coming-of-age tales, Chrysalis Crucible takes readers on a journey of discovery, transformation, and rebirth.
  • Love in the Cretaceous

    by Howard W. Robertson
    Love in the Cretaceous takes place in a dinosaur park in Oregon a hundred years in the future. Ted Beebe has lost the love of his life and must suddenly find his way alone in old age. He finds young people to take the place of his wife and himself in assuring the survival of Cretaceous World, the park his wife and he created. Global warming has proceeded as predicted, and the fate of Homo sapiens has become obviously uncertain. People come to see the genetically engineered recreations of dinosau... more
  • Quarter Aged

    by Ian Strangway

    Gord is having a quarter-life crisis. The idea of working a nine-to-five job until the day he dies terrifies him, but unemployment and eventual death scare him even more. Gord wonders if everyone else is just as clueless as he is.

    With the help of a red headed sex addict, a semi-famous author who can’t stop the characters in his head from harassing him, and a pregnancy faking ex-girlfriend, Gord realizes his friends really aren’t doing much better. 

    Foll... more

  • The Best Season - The First Ninety Games

    by Bob May

    Using sophisticated baseball board game simulation, twenty-one stars from Negro League Baseball are honored by playing the first 90 games of a 165+ baseball season against the best 375 Major League baseball players from 1881 to 1987. The Major League players stats are based on their Best Season in Major League baseball. How would Hall of Fame Negro League pitcher, Satchel Paige do when he faced Stan Musial in Musial's Best Season, 1948?

    Enjoy your box seat behind the Black Ball... more