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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • "Haiti return to God"

    by Odule Bitol


    Author Odule Bitol

  • Profane Fire at the Altar of the Lord

    by Dennis Maley
    The bones of heretics smolder on the auto-da-fe'… David is a merchant of deceit, a poet of lies. A dwarf, he claims to be a prince of a lost tribe of Israel. Along with his manservant Diogo, an actor, the masquerade enthralls the citizens of Rome. Jews whisper that David is the Messiah. Destruction awaits the Muslim Turks if Christendom joins with his powerful desert tribe. But why hurry? The food and beds are warm, the ladies plump and willing. In faraway France, a warlord struggles to regain... more
  • When Angels Play Poker

    by Maura OLeary
    If you're wondering what Angels do all day, immerse yourself in a charming, inspirational story by Maura O'Leary about the adventures in Heaven when an ordinary couple go about their lives on earth, while being watched over, prayed for, and loved every day.
  • The Fabulist

    by Samuel W. Reed
    Frank Shaw, a failed novelist and part-time alcoholic who moonlights as a sports writer, is hired to cover the Maui Classic Invitational, a pre-season collegiate basketball tournament in Hawaii over Thanksgiving. But after meeting a cute bartender he wants to impress at the resort, he dismisses his assignment and sets out on a path toward self discovery, mind-bending adventure, and quite possibly love.
  • Interrogating Ellie

    by Julian Gray
    On the eve of World War II a naïve young woman makes a fateful decision: she will abandon her British citizenship and go to live in Nazi Austria. When her marriage breaks down and she finds herself alone in an enemy land, her passionate, restless nature drives her in a struggle for survival against the odds. Who can she trust? And ultimately, who can she love? Interrogating Ellie is based on a true story.
  • A Pardon For Tommy

    by Patricia Nmukoso Enyi
    On Thanksgiving weekend, the last thing Chelsea wants to do is to return home to New Orleans. It holds all of her memories of Hurricane Katrina, memories which she would rather forget. There is one thing that makes her change her mind –Tommy, her beloved pet turkey who watched the destruction of her city from Chelsea’s backpack. It’s Tommy who represents hope and life, and all the good things that a Thanksgiving can bring.
  • Tales from My Back Porch

    by Darrell Case
    In the evening, the back porch of the country home took on an aura of enchantment. As dusk settled and the lamp was lit, children wandered in from their play to sit on the floor or snuggle in their parents’ laps. Glasses of iced tea were refilled and someone would settle back, look up at the stars and say, “I remember when…” Thus began one of many tales, often embellished with some distant imagining. Each one taught a lesson of life. Once they were tucked in bed, the children would drift off wit... more
  • Evanthia's Gift (The Gift Saga Book 1)

    by Effie Kammenou

    In the year 1956, Anastacia Fotopoulos finds herself pregnant and betrayed, fleeing from a bad marriage. With the love and support of her dear friends Stavros and Soula Papadakis, Ana is able to face the challenges of single motherhood. Left with emotional wounds, she resists her growing affection for Alexandros Giannakos, an old acquaintance. But his persistence and unconditional love for Ana and her child is eventually rewarded and his love is returned. In a misguided, but well-intentioned ... more


    by ann goethe
    GONER examines the ties between real and imagined lives, between character and narrator, and the entwined ways that a family survives by creating its own myth. The novel follows the lives of four sisters from a progressive household in the Deep South. The narrative begins with their northern mother's arrival in a Louisiana army town as a young newspaper reporter in 1943 and her hasty marriage to a genteel older man....In 1980 after their enigmatic mother's death, the sisters return home and di... more
  • Counting Wolves

    by Michael F. Stewart
    The Breakfast Club meets Grimm's Fairy Tales in the lair of an adolescent psych ward. Milly’s evil stepmother commits her to a pediatric psych ward. That’s just what the wolf wants. With bunk mates like Red, who’s spiraling out of control; Pig, a fire-bug who claims Milly as her own—but just wants extra dessert—Vanet, a manic teen masquerading as a fairy godmother with wish-granting powers as likely to kill as to help; and the mysterious Wolfgang, rumored to roam for blood at night; it doesn’... more
  • Bebette

    by Joseph Barone
    Bebette started coming around when Lily Fiore was already too old to indulge in imaginary friendships. First she showed up only sporadically, and then she became Lily's sole companion. Lily was almost nine when she discovered she had a very serious blood disease. It upended her life, and caused her mother and father to move the family from Reverie to Salvation, NY where Salvation Children's Hospital resided. Three years of treatments hadn't yet cured her and she was twelve now. Her fri... more
  • Dreams Anthology

    by Reetwika Banerjee
    Dreams Anthology is a paperback book (ISBN 978-1-63535-907-7), edited & compiled by veteran author S. Bandyopadhyay. Cover released on 30 April 2017. It brings to you wonderful writings by 40 talented authors from diverse corners of the world. The list includes Reetwika Banerjee, Eftichia Kapardeli, Flerida Ambrocio, S N Siva, Alok Mishra, Anwesha Ghosh, Archisha Dasgupta, Atul Chandra Sarkar, Ayushman Jamwal, Bipul Banerjee, Charu Joshi, Dr. Parul Jain, Dr. Roopleen Prasad Dr. Sudip Sinha, Jis... more
  • Henry and the Hidden Treasure

    by BCR Fegan
    Henry and the Hidden Treasure is an imaginative adventure a young child has in defending his pocket money against his little sister. Henry constructs elaborate defensive measures that he is sure will stand up to the clever ambitions of Lucy. Little does he know, Lucy has a few tricks of her own. With a focus on introducing children to the use of ordinal numbers, Henry and the Hidden Treasure also draws out some important qualities of being a kid – such as creativity, the value of listening to... more
  • Cutie's Big Adventures: Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard (Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard)

    by Felicia Di John
    “Cutie Meets Mr. Lizard” is the first of CUTIE’S BIG ADVENTURES in the new Cutie Book Series. Cutie is a playful rescue dog who lives in the desert and enjoys having fun, making new friends and seeking adventure. A little dog who thinks she is big, Cutie is a chihuahua who is curious and brave. In this first book in the series, she finds her way outdoors, meets a new friend, and learns an important life lesson.
  • Seven Ox Seven Part Two, Escondido Loosed: Volume One

    by P. A. Ritzer
    After the burning, Luke, Elizabeth, and Tom face the momentous decision of whether to remain in or leave Escondido Canyon. Staying would mean more of the unpredictable and often petty harassment that has proven to be dangerous and may yet prove to be fatal. Leaving could provide safety and relief but would require an abandonment to their tormentor of the fruits of their labors, of their plans and hopes, of what they have committed to. Could a sudden change in their circumstances relieve them of ... more
  • Seven Ox Seven Part One, Escondido Bound

    by P. A. Ritzer
    Seven souls risk everything to seek a home on the West Texas frontier. Will they discover a secret Eden, or have they embarked on a dangerous misadventure? Cowboys Luke Stuart and Tom Schurtz meet in the infamous Dodge City at the end of trail drives in 1877. Back in Texas, Luke and his wife, Elizabeth, divulge a plan to Tom. The Stuarts and Tom consequently partner up and venture out to establish an ideal ranch in the canyons region of the Llano Estacado, only recently (and not completely) vaca... more