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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Miss Sophisticated Bitch 2

    by Riiva Williams
    “I swore death followed Senator Kevin Lovett everywhere he went, some really hated him that much. I looked at my watch, as I decided to take a swing into the bar once again. As I walked in, there wasn’t many people at this hour. The bartender was cute and I mean, really cute. I have been sticking to a ‘no men no sex rule’, although Kevin caught me good that faithful night with some bomb ass head. Oh my God! Ok, I am going have to stop thinking about his ass, or else I am going to go back on ... more
  • Of Sea and Seed: The Kerrigan Chronicles, Book I (Volume 1)

    by Annie Daylon
    OF SEA AND SEED launches The Kerrigan Chronicles, the story of three generations staggered by love, betrayal, war, and the effects of a tsunami that ravages the Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland in 1929. Family matriarch, storyteller, and ghost—Kathleen Kerrigan—confesses that heaven does not open its gates to women of her ilk. In her afterlife she is adrift, doomed, like some ancient mariner, to atone for mortal sin by telling repeatedly the story of her downfall. With the lyrical voice of Kathle... more
  • Full Circle for Mick

    by Bookpal Publishing
    In 2010, Carolyn and Michael Georg Kaspar Friedrich Lampman applied for passports at the Albury Post Office and while hers went through immediately, (she is Australian born), his application resulted in a phone call being made to Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and that department refusing him a passport on the grounds that his Australian Naturalisation Certificate “Did not say if his gender was male or female.” It did however; state that “Michael Georg Kaspar Friedrich Lampman ... more
  • Daddy's Heart My Heart The Purple Heart

    by Mike Ryan
    382 days…that’s how long Jewel’s dad has been serving overseas in the war. She loves her dad dearly and has counted the days until his homecoming. But, the dad that came back from the war is not the same dad who left. Why is Jewel’s dad so different? Why are the students at Jewel’s new school so cruel? Why is Jewel’s dad standing on the school’s stage? This heart felt story brings to light what military families know all too well…the “war” does not end when America’s servicemen and women are luc... more
  • Eva: Czarina

    by Mike Seigler

    Eva takes Joe on a short journey to three locations. One place has a profound effect on him. Which one? A short excerpt from the Czarina series.

  • Exodus to New Israel: A Story from the Future of the Mass Migration from Israel to Mexico

    by Carlos Henri Cohen
    EXODUS TO NEW ISRAEL – A Story from the Future of the Mass Migration from Israel to Mexico Since the 1830’s and continuing through the 19th century until as late as 1938, Baja California in Mexico was seriously considered as a homeland for the Jewish people. As author Carlos Henri Cohen considered this concept of Baja California as a substitute for the State of Israel, he developed this fictitious story that evolved to become a history from the future of a final Jewish exodus to Mexico between t... more
  • Diabolical (The Black Series)

    by Hope Barrett
    FROM THE author of Somebody Get Me A Hammer!! comes this biting account of Passive and Aggressive, two individuals in search of a good time at the expense of Reason, Patience, and Love. Multi-layered. Clever. Short. And there's a toilet...
  • Entitled: A Collection of 8 Short Stories

    by Hope Barrett
    A LAWYER sues God, as a banker sees just how indiscreet he can be. In another part of the world, a mother lays claim to her sovereign right over her daughter, while the lost soul searches for The One. From the author of The Black Series, this intricate tapestry continues the study of complex human relationships ~ and the absurd of the 'entitled'.
  • Poopity-Poop! (A Princess Fartalot Story)

    by Hope Barrett
    DEFIANT and unconventional, Princess Fartalot finds herself at the edge of the forest and sanity at the offering of doo ~ yes, that would be poo ~ in Part Two of her ongoing adventures.
  • Tryouts for Ben

    by Jean M Cogdell
    The parents of Benjamin Wade Marshall are worried he spends too much time alone and way too much time playing video games. They want him to try out for a sport. But Ben is convinced he is terrible at all sports. He would rather cheer on his big brother, a star athlete than tryout for a team. With his parent's encouragement, Ben discovers all it takes is a little perseverance and hard work and anything is possible. A story for young readers, between the ages of 6-9 years old who are bridging the ... more
  • Rude Boy USA (Rude Boy USA Series Volume 1)

    by Victoria Bolton
    Say good-bye to the era of godfathers. The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crime. Mob boss Bernie Banks and his associates—John, Ben, and Jerome—differ from your ordinary Sicilian and Irish mob families. Two white, two black, they style themselves after the Rude Boy culture made popular in Jamaica. Operating as a shell investment company supported by illegal activities, the Chimera Group hopes to become as powerful as other crime families and gain respect from the Cosa Nostra... more
  • Greg's First Adventure in Time

    by C. M. Huddleston
    Archaeology, time travel, and a moose hunt combine to force 12-year-old Greg to face his fears and find his strengths. Greg explores a world that existed more than 3,000 years ago with his new Native American friend Hopelf. While Greg learns about Native American ways of life, how to hunt and fish, and just to survive, he is always searching for a way back home. This new book for young readers allows your child to travel in time with Greg to 1,000 B.C. Greg’s wild adventures will excite... more
  • True Mercy

    by Idelle Kursman
    A widowed father is struggling to take care of his eighteen year-old autistic son while working a full-time job. One day his son finds an escaped abductee from a human trafficking ring on their property and their world is turned upside-down. Will the father agree to help her? Can he protect both his son and the woman while maintaining his sanity in the process?
  • Oscar Takes Off! The Eco-Adventures of 'Oscocopter'

    by Liz Lord
    One day, in his otherwise humdrum life, Oscar encounters a barrage of sea debris. He decides he has to know and understand where it comes from. It turns out, his tentacles can do more than just let him move around the ocean floor. They can help him to fly! With his imagination in overdrive, Oscar takes off! This first eco-adventure as "Oscocopter" is just one of many he will have around the world, making a difference wherever he goes.
  • The Stormwater Drains in Canberra

    by Paul Johan Karlsen
    Consumed by pubescent desires, Kurt Larsen, a resourceful Norwegian boy, wants to speed up his sexual coming of age. Taking matters in his own hands, Kurt secretly opens a mailbox at the local post office and, posing as an adult, begins to take out personal ads in porn magazines. From there, little goes according to his master plan. 'The Stormwater Drains in Canberra' is a story of friendship and loneliness, of striking the right balance between privacy and secrecy, and above all, of learning ho... more
  • Life After Death at Ipsambul (Arion's Odyssey, vol. #1)

    by Lin Sten

    After the decades-long assault by despotic Persia on the allied Greek states, the Greeks finally defeated their massive enemy. Now, in the ancient Mediterranean world of Life After Death at Ipsambul, war is imminent among the Greeks. Arion, the only child of a wealthy mercantile family on idyllic Lesbos, had the education and security to evolve into a poetic soul. As a boy growing into a man, he is thrust into a violent world while his unscrupulous uncle is running the family estate.... more