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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Fiercely Loyal

    by Deborah Ettinger and Tom Johnson
    Brother and sister, Sean and Colleen Callaghan share a relationship of love, loyalty and perseverance. Their early childhood in a dysfunctional orphanage created a bond that carries them through tough times in the Big Apple during the first half of the 20th Century. Sean grows from petty thief to bootlegger to waterfront dock boss. Colleen starts out running a speakeasy that transforms into an upscale restaurant catering to New York's upper crust and Sean's less-than-legit pals. When Sean is a... more
  • The Good Time Girls Get Famous

    by K.T. Blakemore
    Get ready for the latest rip-roaring “Good Time Girls” adventure with Ruby Calhoun and Pip Quinn, two accidental outlaws now on the run for too many crimes to count. As the silent film industry booms and Westerns steal the spotlight, a movie producer sees potential gold in Ruby and Pip's outlaw story. With their misdeeds now legendary, the duo is offered a chance to play themselves on the big screen. It's an opportunity for fame, fortune, and a safe getaway to Mexico once the film wraps. H... more
  • Hilton's Island

    by Mary Beth McCarthy
    Hilton's Island Hilton, a golden doodle, loves to visit Hilton Head Island. As a matter of fact, he thinks it's "his" island. When Hilton's owners bring him to the beach he accidentally slips out of his collar, and is FREE! Join Hilton as he meets some adorable, silly and unexpected island animals as he scampers along the shoreline of Hilton Head. But as the sun goes down, he finds himself alone and afraid. Will Hilton find his owners before nighttime?.⁩
  • Figures Crossing the Field Towards the Group

    by Rebecca Gransden
    A pilgrimage. An England in delirium.
  • Finding Isobel

    by Mary Behan
    Isobel Babić has always yearned to uncover the mystery surrounding her birth and why her adoptive parents have steadfastly refused to share this information with her. Her life takes an unexpected turn just as she is about to start veterinary school, when she receives a bequest from her de facto grandmother. Leaving everything behind, her search takes her from Wisconsin to New Zealand where her adoptive parents live, and ultimately to Bosnia where she was born. Isobel discovers that the past ho... more
  • Yuri & the Pig

    by C. W. Lovatt
    Based on the current struggle in Ukraine, a farmer and his pig undertake an extraordinary quest across war-torn Eastern Europe.
  • Hip Hop Don't Stop

    by Lori Nelson Lee
    A heartwarming story about a father who uses his love of hip hop culture to teach his kids about creative expression and the responsibility that come with it.
  • Holly, Molly, and Jolly and the Magical Christmas Pajamas

    by Cindy & Brian Ellis
    The book opens at the North Pole, where Santa is concerned that the spirit of Christmas is starting to fall due to naughty boys and girls from towns large and small. He turns to his elves, seeking the answer, but no one seems to have a clue. Fortunately, Mrs. Claus turns to her elf friends, Holly, Molly, and Jolly, to come to the rescue. The three whimsical elves create special Christmas pajamas covered with Christ's holly dust to help restore love, hope, and trust. On Christmas Eve, Holly, Moll... more
  • Love Marriage Specialist in Mumbai | World Best Astrologer

    by Love Marriage Specialist in Mumbai
    Love Marriage Specialist In Mumbai: Get predictions from Love Marriage Specialist In Mumbai. I am a top astrologer that always provides the relevant solution to the problems, which come before or after marrying a lover. So, for getting 100% safe solution, I am just here to help you and show you the right way to come out of troubles. Follow the remedies and get solution.
  • why do monsters stay up so late?

    by Fran Bravo
    Have you ever wondered...Why do Monsters stay up so late? Join a lively cast of quirky monsters as they reveal their amusing bedtime rituals! Bedtime has never been this monstrously fun! Whether it's a witch celebrating her birthday with a joyous broomstick ride or a meticulous Frankenstein double-checking his screws, each monster's nightly routine is sure to entertain and enchant young readers. So, dear little monster, the question remains: why do you stay up so late? Grab your cop... more
  • Pieces of a Broken Mind

    by Daniel Ruczko
    Pieces of a Broken Mind is the raw and honest portrayal of Richard Bryght, a struggling Seattle writer with dreams too big for a single lifetime—navigating love, loss, and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment. Haunted by a past relationship and his mother's mental decline into Alzheimer's. Then, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises—to turn his self-published book into a movie. Richard embarks on a transformative leap of faith, with his best friend Danny by his side and his mother's blessings, ... more
  • Snowy Nessa: Please help me find Father North

    by Joan Dee Wilson
    Nessa, a young Snowy Owl wants to learn more about her world. When she tells her nest mates of her plan to find answers from the legendary Father North, they scoff and tease her and fly south together. So begins her journey north—alone, brave and believing—yet not aware of the perils awaiting her.
  • Saving Corky

    by Crystal Steadman
    Corky is a young woman who was kicked out of her home at the age of 16. Then turned to prostitution at the age of 18.

    by ASNA
    IT'S A SHORT LIFE. BUT THE STORIES WITHIN IT ARE BIG AND PROFOUND. 'THIN LINE OF CONSCIOUSNESS' is a heartwarming collection of short stories that spotlights 'big little things in life'. These pages unfold complex human emotions and diverse perspectives underlying our short lives. Seven short stories are narrated in a unique literary voice. Fountain pen, Anwar, Alavi and Mopping cloth are heart-touching anecdotes. Thin line of Consciousness, None of My Business and Beautiful Living are all abou... more
  • Good Housekeping

    by Bruce E Whitacre

    The contradictions of privilege and want, the dynamics of gay marriage, the joy of a good cocktail — all enter the mix of poems exploring home, marriage, climate, travel, war, sensuality, tea, and, yes, housekeeping! This is the second collection of Bruce E. Whitacre, coming in spring 2024 from Poets Wear Prada.

  • Misfits

    by Mark Jonathan Harris
    How do you connect with others when you always feel out of place? Following a kaleidoscopic array of characters adrift in a precarious world, Misfits grapples with the challenges of contemporary life, including climate change, inequality, uncertainty, and pain. A depressed accountant stumbles on a teenage eco-terrorist in a parking garage; a middle-aged psychiatrist buys a drink for a seductive young artist during a flight delay; an out-of-work journalist recruits Chicano gangbangers to he... more