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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Cats Don't Like That!

    by Andy Wortlock
    Cats are adorable, BUT…Do they like roller coasters? One loveable little kitty wants to make sure you understand what cats like before your family brings one home. Cats Don’t Like That! is a humorous rhyming book that will make little readers giggle with laughter.
  • The Legend of Chris Moose

    by Allen Northcutt, author and Christie Morris, illustrator
    Author Allen Northcutt’s fun-filled holiday tale weaves a whimsical ugly duckling story of animal friends that love an amiable but tattered moose whose name is Ugly. This picture book introduces eleven animal characters in rhyme as they join Ugly on a snowy trip through the woods to the house of Momma and Poppa Bear. There, a Christmas Eve party is made very special when Ugly gives unselfishly of himself to make up for a forgotten Christmas tree. The story addresses everyday issues of how ugl... more
  • The Crystal Beads: Lalka's Journey

    by Pat Black-Gould
    A Star of David or a rosary? Lalka, a young girl, must reject one and accept the other without understanding why. Her mother makes a heartbreaking sacrifice to keep her daughter safe. Poland, 1939. It's no longer safe for the Jews. Lalka's mother makes the excruciating choice to teach her the ways of Catholicism and send her to a convent for safekeeping. Little Lalka doesn't understand why her mother would give her Crystal beads (a rosary) in exchange for her prize possession, her Star of Dav... more
  • A Heart Lies Within Us

    by Steven LaBree
    Lucas Colby raised on lies and deception, discovers his heart has deceived him. After killing the man that created his misfortune, he leaves town and becomes successful despite his past. Lucas fails to learn his lesson and loses everything, along with his only true love. Does he surrender his heart, accept the imperfections of life and truth, and discover that giving of yourself entirely to another uncovers true love? Find out what happens in this epic love story of human frailty, life, and forg... more
  • Close Your Eyes: A Fairy Tale

    by Chris Tomasini
    Set in early 1400s Europe, Close Your Eyes is a sincere, yet light-hearted and lustful, ode to love. As Samuel, the court jester, struggles to describe why his friends, Agnieszka the cook, and Tycho the story-teller, fled the King of Gora's service, he learns that love was the beating heart behind everything that happened in the castle. He learns as well that more ghosts than he knew of walked the midnight halls, and that the spirit of Jeanne d'Arc haunted his friend, and once slid into bed wit... more
  • Make America Beautiful Again

    by Bo Bancroft
    Family loyalty and trusted friendships fight for survival when they battle with terrorists, law enforcement, political finagling, and a local militia in this taut satirical romp through Georgia. Suspected terrorists attack with a pre-dawn bomb spree, baffling law enforcement as the only targets are towering billboards lining the interstates. The laundry list of culprits include eco-terrorists, a notorious drug cartel, and disgruntled outdoor advertising employees. With Georgians on edge, p... more
  • The Tetralemma: A Buddhist Entertainment

    by Joel Ash
    A serio-comic tour through modern Buddhism. The story illustrates how life’s completely random encounters causally create a chain-of-events on the meaning of silent words in one’s mind, of thought, of consciousness, of chance and necessity, philosophical emptiness, the “middle-way”, psychedelic chemicals, mathematics, neuroscience, enlightenment, machine intelligence, and the absolute indispensable future of sex.
  • A Feast for Pleasant Beasts

    by Jimmy Bird
    It’s not only bears that cherish a secret picnic… Every July beasts gather in the forest for a feast and plenty of fun, but if you wish to attend then you need to have marvellous manners. Whether you’re a troll, a yeti, cyclops, or pungent monster - it really doesn’t matter so long as you’re reasonably pleasant. But - surprise surprise - things don’t always go according to plan. From award-winning author and comedian JT Bird comes a delicious blend of Where the Wild Things Are and The Tige... more
  • The Janitor: or, dostoevsky in america

    by Mark Beyer
    At 16, Ernest Wain has a plan to murder his classmates, but a week before his Kill-Day Hour, three other boys let loose with their own murder spree, only to be killed themselves during the mayhem by Ernest, looking for revenge for missing his chance at murder glory. Ernest becomes the Town Hero for saving so many lives. Twenty-five years later, Ernest Wain is working as a janitor at McCormick University, and one day his past comes back to haunt him.
  • Yucca Mountain Exodus, The Search For Civilization

    by Monty Nereim
    Nine volunteers risk a daring escape from the Yucca Mountain Sanctuary seeking help to rescue their family and friends who are still imprisoned in the deep bunker complex. Their fifteen years trapped underground enabled their survival but left them totally unaware of the apocalyptic destruction of the world outside. Their quest for help turns into a disheartening search to even find civilization. Are they the Earth’s only survivors? They must decide whether to continue to search, or to return to... more
  • Daisy's Adventures in Love

    by Nikki Sitch
    Daisy’s Adventures in Love picks up where Love, Lust & WTF left off. Daisy’s finally found her match. Or has she? Is Brad really the one? Experience Daisy’s adventures, diving into love, family and fun. Daisy’s heart is on fire, for her girls, for Brad and for his kids. But as Daisy’s family potentially grows bigger, new unsettling—even terrifying—challenges arise. When you love more, you have more to lose. To triumph, Daisy must dive deeper into not only love, but diversity, acceptance and ... more
  • Hotel Stuff

    by Jade Brown
    Hotel Stuff follows the story of Basil, a sixteen year old outcast growing up in the suburbs of New York. She gets invited to a bonfire for her first date, and ends up meeting her town’s most popular loser, Elly Hayes. Elly takes a liking to Basil, so much he asks her to be in his experimental fantasy film. Basil has her hesitations at first, but eventually gets dragged into a world where she is introduced to a version of herself that is too unfamiliar to part with. Hotel Stuff is a narrati... more
  • Charani's Gift

    by Robert Nolin
    Magic and science meet on the plains of Missouri, 1898, when two psychiatrists encounter a gypsy trance speaker who seems possessed...or psychic.
  • Coral Bay

    by Debbie Cox

    Dressed to kill and ready to land her dream job in the coastal town of Coral Bay, Faith Hemingway is beyond excited. 

    Thirty-six years old, divorced and stuck in a career she is no longer passionate about, Faith is ready to make some changes to her life.  Having vacationed in Coral Bay as a child, Faith never imagined that someday she might actually live and work in this tropical paradise.  She envisions moving into a charming seaside cottage, taking long... more

  • Loop: Dream Fiction

    by Kate Robinson

    Victor Alvaro is an “ordinary Joe” with the extraordinary perception caused by graphic synesthesia. He watches his life spiral into further unreality after he impulsively steals a valuable necklace. Victor's nemesis pursues him until he has the opportunity to return the necklace, a courageous act fostered by the sage advice of his Native American best friend, Carl. Set in fictional Indian Scalp County in the very real central Arizona highlands, Loop is imbued with the ide... more

  • The Hidden Room


    Could you survive in a cave...for a whole year? That’s the challenge facing fourteen-year-old Jacob. Set in Ukraine during the final months of World War II, THE HIDDEN ROOM is based on the true story of a Jewish family who escapes the Nazi terror by taking refuge in a remote cave. Jacob adjusts to the hardships of living underground and the dangers of night-time adventures outside. Food is scarce. Darkness, bone-chilling cold, and the fear of being captured are constant. But a surprisin... more