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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Leap in the Dark

    by Sanjay Perera

    A novella and a collection of poems primarily based on life in Singapore. This title is currently out of print.

  • Will Morning Ever Come: A Novel

    by darren tomalty
    When Montreal party boy Kyle Regan, resurfaces for grandmother Dot's funeral in the tiny village of Lakefield, he comes face to face with his abusive father Russell. A boozer, Kyle has messed up his life engaging in risky behavior in the city. It all looks bleak until a trio of Dot's confidantes intervene and share a scrapbook of cherished mementos with Kyle; unearthing tales of love, betrayal and family darkness, all told through a captivating heroine who may well have been ahead of her time. A... more
  • Slaughter in the Desert: The Declassified History of World War II (The Adventures of Kat’s COMMANDOS Book 1)

    by Michael Beals
    It is a tongue in cheek look at the Second World War in North Africa. Think Tank Girl meets General Bernard Law Montgomery meets Marvel’s Agent Carter. Slaughter in the Desert is a fun read that will keep you turning pages. Partially to see what’s going to happen next, but mostly because you’ll fall in love with the book’s heroine; Katelyn Wolfram of MI6. ‘Kat’ is a precocious daredevil with a wicked sense of humor that never fails her, even in the heat of battle.
  • Dogs of Parsons Hollow

    by James D. McCallister
    A bereaved mother seeking solace in the rural Carolina countryside instead finds herself embroiled in a depraved, backwoods fever dream, an animal lover’s nightmare: Finding a beautiful, secluded home far from Randi Margrave’s troubled life in the city seems like a step in the right direction—away from ruinous grief over her sweet son Denny, killed in a tragic accident. Until, that is, she discovers her creampuff of a house sits uphill from a mysterious, camouflaged compound by the river, an... more
  • Cranky Bear Wakes Up: An Animal Kingdom Story Sketchbook

    by shawn stjean
    Inspired by works as ancient as Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and as new as The Wachowski’s The Matrix, this story-sketchbook by the Brothers StJean tracks the misadventures of a bleary eyed and hungry Bear, following his winter hibernation. Initially selfish and indifferent to the troubles of the forest creatures around him, such as Fish, Robin, and Bee, he gradually learns that we are all part of one great, interconnected ecosystem. But, in the process, he has to shed his crankiness, and WAKE ... more
  • Turkey Tales

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his dad as they experience all the wonders of a big turkey hunt. At last, old enough to join Dad on a wild turkey hunt; Luke is bursting with excitement from the start. When he finally sees his first turkey roaming wild in the woods, he has to overcome his excitement and make sure he can take a good shot. What and adventure, what a day!
  • Lucky Luke's Hunting Adventures: The Swamp

    by Kevin Lovegreen
    Join Luke and his family in Lucky Luke’s Hunting Adventure: The Swamp as he experiences all the wonders of hunting in the great outdoors. In this tale, Luke is finally old enough to join his family on his first whitetail deer hunt, and he has all kinds of advice from his fellow hunters. When Luke’s dad brings him deep into a Northern Minnesota swamp for a magical morning hunt, Luke finds adventure and nature at every turn in the trail. One thing’s for sure—you won’t believe who gets the big buck... more
  • Doc MacDoodle's Color Therapy for Grown Ups: Animals

    by Bridget Finnegan
    Finalist for a National Indie Excellence Award 2016 Perfect for kids and adults alike! A coloring book that you can actually color! Animals are the stars of this lively, funny book. Drawing inspiration from such diverse sources as Marie Antoinette, NASA, Botticelli, art deco and Mother Nature. Beautiful vines and plants intersect with insects and patterns throughout this world where monkeys knit mittens for lions and rhinos wear waders. Finnegan has created a book that is: - Fun for grown up... more
  • Doc MacDoodle's Color Therapy for Grown Ups: 33 Amazing Women

    by Bridget Finnegan
    Perfect for kids and adults alike! Meet 33 amazing women in author and illustrator Bridget Finnegan's latest coloring book for grown-ups. Combining art with humor and now education, her Doc MacDoodle® series is a standout in the coloring book craze. Finnegan's humor and whimsical illustrations set her coloring books apart from others on the market. The Doc MacDoodle series is friendly for people of all ages and all skills levels, designed to be a form of therapy rather than frustration. The illu... more
  • Stumped

    by Kate Larkindale
    Seventeen-year-old Ozzy has a super-hot girlfriend who’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. Tonight. At the lake. But a missing condom scuttles his plans for seduction. Furious, Ozzy takes his girlfriend home and drives off -- into the path of an oncoming truck. He wakes up in the hospital with both legs amputated above the knees. When his girlfriend runs out of his hospital room gagging after a single look at him, Ozzy knows he’s a hideous freak. He becomes convinced he’s... more
  • The World Explored, the World Suffered: The Exeter Lectures

    by Michael RD James
    The World Explored, The World Suffered: The Exeter Lectures is the first part of a trilogy and is a work of philosophical/ educational fiction. Its fictional component is composed of a middle-aged Romeo-Juliet drama which ends with two deaths in Venice and a youthful adventure that takes Robert, the narrator from trauma in South Africa to a teacher training institute in England where he discovers Philosophy and befriends an alcoholic lecturer who had once studied under Wittgenstein. The educati... more
  • Jobs of a Preschooler

    by Brigitte Brulz
    There are many jobs a parent may do throughout his or her day. A parent may be a chef (someone has to make the meals to eat), a teacher (learning doesn't happen only at school), and a driver (for all those places where walking would take way too long). But parents aren't the only ones with these jobs - preschoolers may do them, too! Join a busy preschooler as she experiences many jobs throughout her day. Is it work, or is it play? To print free coloring pages and activity ideas to go along w... more
  • Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

    by Brigitte Brulz

    In this pickleicious story, a young boy who really likes pickles wants to grow pickles in his garden, but he is surprised by what he discovers - there are no bread and butter pickle plants or dill pickle trees. He learns a lot as he and his mom transform seeds from the store into yummy pickles to enjoy on everything from hot dogs to ice cream. Well, maybe not ice cream! 

    Free coloring pages and activity ideas to go along with this book are available on more

  • The Bounty Huntress

    by John Riha
    There’s a killer in the hills. The one who murdered her father and was set free in a bogus trial. Twenty years later, she’ll try to even the score. In the early twentieth century, southern Oregon is still the untamed Wild West. There may be telephones and electric lights in the towns, but there are cutthroat moonshiners and armed poachers in the hills, where justice is handed out in the time it takes to squeeze a trigger. It’s a hard place for a young farm girl, but Iris Greenlee doesn’t ... more
  • Love Ledgers

    by Connie Lukey

    Life hasn’t turned out according to Jane Parker’s plan.

    She’d always dreamt that a loving husband, children and captivating career would fill her life with joy and happiness. But on the morning of her 39th birthday, Jane wakes up to the reality that she is a single CPA, living alone with her dog in small town Ontario. Acutely aware that she has hit the snooze button on her biological clock one too many times, Jane gives herself a deadline of one year to find her soul m... more

  • On the Great Land

    by Emily Bieniek
    Nome, Alaska, is so remote that it can only be reached by airplane, boat, or dogsled. Situated on the coast of the Bering Sea, this town of less than four thousand people contends with bitter winters, the moose, bears, and muskoxen that roam the surrounding tundra, and a harsh cycle of days that vary from just a few hours of light in the winter to consecutive sunlit weeks in the summer months. No matter the season, both permanent and transient residents must depend on one another to navigate the... more