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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • George Abides

    by Hugh Johnson
    George Blair, a risk management professional is risk averse to marriage. Liking female company, he picks up ladies for luncheon or dinner as one-time companions. No follow ups. this continues until an encounter with Darby Scott. She is his equal. One dinner and Nevermore. A conflict for George.
  • A Birthday Story

    by Lana Jean Mitchell
    It's 3 days before the big event and 7 year old African-American, Kyeshia (Ki-e-sha), is planning a special birthday party. With the help of her family, she is holding her 8th birthday party at school, and is inviting all of her classmates in her 3rd grade class, and all readers. Her excitement is contagious.
  • George Abides

    by Hugh Johnson
  • Imagine a Sunset

    by Joel Shulkin
    Sunsets are no fun when it's to foggy to see, but with a little imagination, and a lot of love, anything can happen. Vivid illustrations and gentle rhymes combine to create a soothing read-along that parents and children will want to read again and again.
  • The President's Butler

    by Laurence Leamer
    Just in time for the election, The President’s Butler will make you laugh out loud about politics. You’ll join Vincent V. Victor on the most wildly improbable journey of our time. The flamboyant New Yorker evolves from the most hated businessman in America to a populist hero. When Victor falls on financial hard times, he decides to run for president and sets off on a campaign that changes America forever.And who’s there to tell the story but the man who knows Victor best, his butler Billy Baxter... more
  • Assignment help

    by Emily Alice
    Get Assignment Help for students.
  • Superball

    by NC Weil
    This sequel to Karmafornia finds Walt in Boulder, Colo., ready to put down roots. He meets local woman Anna, also recovering from a broken heart, and they form a "coalition of the spineless" when they learn Walt's former lover Laura is coming back to reconnect with him. He hopes the humor and light-heartedness he's found with Anna will protect him from Laura's singleminded desire, but has he underestimated love's capacity to transform, again?
  • The Pumpkin Painter (Cozy Cottage Stories Book 1)

    by Jennifer Matthai Garner
    While collecting nuts in the magical forest, young animals come across an odd little man they have never seen before. Each thinking the other was strange and different, the little man and the animals begin to argue. Hearing the unkind words, Mama Louisa and Papa Louis come out of their cozy cottage to help them all calm down. Mama Louisa stirs up ingredients of happiness to bake a special treat, while Papa Louis tells a tale of an unusual pumpkin that was very different — but had something ve... more
  • Brought To Battle

    by J. Scott Payne
    Early in World War II, the U.S. Army sent its brightest draftees to colleges to learn intelligence techniques or to master enemy languages. Casualties in the invasion of Italy were so severe, however, that these near-geniuses became infantry replacements. In this account, a recovered wounded veteran takes a team of bright but native men under his wing and leads them ashore in the first wave on D-Day. There they absorb bloody lessons from the German Army and go on to prevail through the next 10 h... more
  • The Lonely Between

    by H.G. Reed

    After his father falls ill during an epidemic outbreak, an over-confident medical student uses the Appalachian Trail to travel home undetected. But when a native huntress crosses his path, Andy must learn to rely on her survival skills if he wants to outpace the looming winter and reach home before it's too late. 

  • National Cash

    by Marcello Tino
    National Cash is about sex, drugs, rock and roll, and a Second American Revolution where the children of the 60s became giants and took on the corporate Leviathans, overthrew two presidents of the United States, nearly toppled an Empire, and stood at the door to eternity where Zen meets quantum physics and everything is possible.
  • Wetzel

    by Richard Fleming
    Lewis Wetzel was an important participant in the 20 year war in the late 18th century between the woodland Indian nations and the settlers of western Pennsylvania, western Virginia, and Kentucky--called the Boone of northwestern Virginia. The novel is based mainly on actual incidents and features the rich history of the upper Ohio River valley. It is a balanced portrait of frontier warfare that exhibits the courage and skill of the Native Americans defending their territory and the determinati... more
  • A Corporal No More A Novel of the Civil War

    by J. Scott Payne
    At the start of the Civil War, Joe Little enlists in the Union Army to help save the Union. His main desire is to escape the endless drudgery and danger of being a lumberjack. Life as an infantry corporal turns out to feature even more danger, not to mention drudgery and disease. Little is injured and captured in his outfit's first major battle. He recuperates after being exchanged and rejoins his regiment, the 83rd Pennsylvania, for its pivotal role in the Battle of Gettysburg.