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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Walking Shadows: Stories of Tragedy, Love & Triumph.

    by Chijioke Dikeocha


    Walking Shadows is a collection of nine breathtaking, compelling stories, which no doubt keeps you spellbound as you read its fascinating pages. With an uncharacteristic, innovative form of chapters, plots and characters, the author stylistically narrates his stories that are replete with satires.

          Dikeocha’s collection of compelling short fictions is an attempt to examine the complexities of “Love”, “Rela... more

  • À la Murder: The Couturière’s Tale

    by Mireille Pavane

    ‘May you gain your heart's desire.’

    Yvonne, Suzy, Jo, and Stephanie became friends over a shared affinity for misadventures, gluttony, the occasional book, and a lot of bickering. Although not entirely without intelligence or redeeming qualities, they displayed the usual giddy girlish interests in pretty things and fun, and had little else on their minds besides the blissful prospect of the upcoming Renaissance Ball and holidays. Nobody expected—least of a... more

  • Digital Spine: A Study in Business Strategy

    by Vikram Kalkat
    This is a business strategy for the digital era. It’s all about identifying the business drivers of digital revolution that’s happening all around us. DIGITAL SPINE: BUSINESS STRATEGY MODEL FOR THE DIGITAL ERA As digitisation takes hold of developed economies and new companies, business trends are appearing all around us. These trends are putting to question the conventional wisdom and business models of companies that have thrived for decades. Several of these digital themes and new age ... more
  • To Build a Home: Poetry and Prose

    by Hinnah Mian
    on learning that it is not love if it hurts you. on learning that abuse comes in many forms. on learning that you can't make a home in someone else. on learning that the most divine love there is, is self-love. on learning that to build a home starts and ends with yourself.
  • Angel Curs: The Trilogy

    by Michael Griswold
    Neanderthal Man didn't go extinct, just the truth of what this remarkable subspecies did for humans disappeared. Throughout our history, Neanderthal has had his benevolent hand in our affairs, including the creation of all our religions. Now there is just one left, the year is 2030, and planet earth is a push of a button from nuclear holocaust. Good (Neanderthal) and Evil (ISIS, Pestis, and other global characters) battle over our planet's fate. Angel Curs is told in four parallel stories from... more
  • Farewell Olympus

    by Jack Messenger

    Howard has it all – love, Paris, prospects – until an unexpected guest plunges his life into mystery and farce.

    ‘Farewell Olympus is a witty and sharply written comic novel with an engaging hero dazed and confused by almost everything, from his beautiful but enigmatic girlfriend to the fast-multiplying conspiracies to have him kidnapped, tortured and murdered. An intelligent pleasure.’ (Paul Hoffman, author of Scorn and The Left Hand... more

  • Chanting the Feminine Down

    by James C. McCullagh
    Chanting the Feminine Down is the story of Colette, who seeks the feminine in Christian tradition while wrestling with her past. Her journey is soulful and imaginative, viewing history and religion through a feminine lens. But this is dangerous territory where unconscious and demonic forces live, wage war and compete for her sanity and her soul.
  • What She Inherits

    by Diane Mulligan
    When Angela Ellis returns to her childhood home on St. Nabor Island, South Carolina, her junior year of college interrupted indefinitely by her mother's death, she doesn't know how she'll ever be able to function in the world without her mother's love, support, and guidance. Soon after her mother's funeral, strange sounds begin to trouble her in the night, sounds she swears are her mother's angry voice. In an effort to find peace for herself and for her mother's restless spirit, Angela begins a ... more
  • Sacred Secrets of the Cedar Chest

    by Angela Pisaturo
    Veronica Wheaton was known to her colleagues as a ruthless, cold feeling reporter. She’d stop at nothing to get a story – even if it meant destroying an innocent person. People feared her, her colleagues hated her, and Mark, her boss tolerated her for the sake of the news story. But there was something about Veronica no one knew – she had a wounded heart, so deeply crushed that feeling anything for anyone would cause her great pain. Well, maybe one person knew – the irritating, Bible thumping ... more

    by Sam Schichter
    Alex, Leo and Morty have been friends forever. When their moronic friend, Morty, gets into trouble, Leo and Alex decide to bail him out on one condition… that Morty run for President of the United States. What does Morty know about politics? Nothing. He’s a porn filmmaker. And what do Alex and Leo know about politics? They’re both political pundits. Leo is also a noted psychiatrist and Alex is a lawyer. Both collaborated on a book about American politics which became an international best-seller... more
  • Juicy: A Scoundrel's Tale

    by AK Pittman
    Robert Harris has always been a man with certain appetites. Sure, on occasion the pendulum has swung a bit too far—he is a divorced father of two, after all—but for the most part, his hand has been steady enough to keep the facets of his life moving forward while deftly separating the ones that shouldn’t overlap. But then… Desire breeds desire, and after a time, Juicy is not just Robert’s nickname down on the ‘row, it’s a voice in his head. A being that increasingly has his own ideas—ab... more
  • Made in L.A.: Stories Rooted in the City of Angels

    by Amy Sterling Casil, Dario Ciriello, Jude-Marie Green, Andre Hardy, Gabi Lorino,

    Readers in Los Angeles are thirsty for stories that bring their city to life. This anthology features a diverse range of voices and genres. Like the City of Angels in which these stories were born, nothing is off-limits. Literary or contemporary, noir or ghost story, fabulism or science fiction, each story in this volume will forever change the way you look at this iconic metropolis.

    Made in L.A. Writers is a collaborative of Los Angeles-based authors dedicated to nurturing and promotin... more

  • Fuffles the Ferret

    by Ronald Schneider
    Back in 1935 when 7-year-old Harold Samuels got Fuffles, few if any people kept ferrets as pets. Fewer even knew what a ferret was, including Harold, who when his father surprised him with Fuffles thought he was a weasel. Despite the mistake, Harold was immediately captivated by the small, cute, cuddly creature. He couldn't take his eyes off of him or put him down. Quickly, Fuffles came to occupy a big place in Harold's life. With the joys and fun came the responsibilities. And what Harold was... more
  • Artist, Soldier, Lover, Muse

    by Arthur D. Hittner
    Freshly graduated from Yale, Henry J. Kapler parlays his talent, determination, and creative energy into a burgeoning art career under the wing of painters such as Edward Hopper and Reginald Marsh. The young artist first gains notoriety when his painting of a symbolic handshake between a young, African-American baseball player and his Southern white rival is attacked by a knife-wielding assailant while on display at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington. Yet even as his art star rises, Henry’s pers... more
  • Jade Rivera Saves the President

    by Amy Robinson
    Chaos explodes when Jade Rivera and her best friend KK stumble upon a band of zany suburbanites in the desert of Arizona. The gang has just kidnapped the President of the United States, and now they have the girls, too! The suburbanites are demanding a ransom: they want the Superstition Mountain wilderness area to be developed into a suburban paradise. Drawing on knowledge of the desert environment and from her Mexican and Chinese heritages, Jade forms a plan. With KK’s help, this plan may liber... more
  • Transformation: Living a Christian Life

    by Anthony Walker
    trans•for•ma•tion tran(t)s-fər-’mā-shən NOUN -A marked change, of something or someone. There is a spiritual transformation that we all should go through. This alteration involves changing on the inside and revealing it on the outside. Transformation—Living a Christian Life can be summed up with one Bible verse: “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Rom. 12:2).... more