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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Whistlin' Stardust

    by Sara McFerrin
    The old house on Cherry Street is bustin' at the seams as Doris and Glover Daniels prepare for baby number five. Auntie comes to help with the new baby, adding to an already crowded household. Fate steps in, and events take a turn that flip Glover's world upside down. Helping rescue two abused girls, traveling across four state lines in a 1940 Ford sedan named Lulu, and befriending a boisterous, red-headed Scotsman are in Glover's future as the fabulous fifties unfold. Friend and neighbor ... more
  • Mother May I Be Excused

    by Latifah Free
    Book 3 of 3. Asa's Story. After his father's death, Asa, a young man longing to not be like his father develops a passion for anger due to the misguided loyalties of his mother. Asa wanted nothing more than to escape his mother's hell. He creates a vow as a teenager that would impact how he saw his life, his family, and his friends. This personal oath would affect his emotions, causing him to make decisions that would change his entire world and lead him into internal turmoil. His personal resol... more
  • This Crumbling Pageant

    by David Fiore

    A vacation to Italy goes awry for an American couple in this literary debut. Minor league pitcher Scott Whittier has been put out to pasture after one disgraceful inning in the big leagues. Now he'd like to disappear for a while. So he and his wife, Holly -- a former Art History student -- travel to Bologna. There at a flea market they come across a painting which Holly suspects is by 19th-century artist John Frederick Kensett, and worth millions. Scott's quest to obtain the... more

  • Tillie: Heart and Soul

    by Mary Atkinson
    Ten-year-old Tillie practices roller skating whenever she can--even in the old Franklin Piano Factory where she lives with her guardian Uncle Fred. She's determined to be in the annual skateathon with her friends Shanelle and Glory.. Surely Mama wouldn't miss it! But skating in the city is tough, three-way friendships are tricky, and the stupid rules in Mama's rehab program could mess up all her plans.
  • 9780866988100

    by Diane Bonavist
    Purged by Fire tells the intertwining stories of three people enmeshed in the treachery of the 13th century Inquisition. Isarn Benet believes he has survived the Albigensian wars by accepting the pope’s will and the French rule, until Marsal, the child he once rescued, arrives on his doorstep, forcing him to question every conciliation he has ever made. Marsal has lost everything to the Inquisition. Raised to always turn the other cheek, now she wants back what the Catholic Church has stolen, an... more
  • Mock My Words

    by Chandra Shekhar
    Mock My Words tells the story of a Chinese literary genius, David Tan, who goes to California to teach fiction writing. Though David writes brilliantly in English, he struggles to speak that language. His students scorn him and his colleagues snub him. He gets no sympathy from his sexy but cruel American wife Laura, who is embroiled in a high-tech conspiracy at work. Meanwhile, Melissa, a charming student who seeks David's help in rewriting a business plan for a device to help the elderly walk a... more
  • Hood Rich "In God We Trust"

    by Maxamillion
    Hood Rich is a street-lit dramedy a delightful fusion of urban drama and comedy that is sure to have you crying one moment and laughing the next. Uniqua Williams dream of winning the lottery turns into her worse nightmare. Why? Because she discovers the hard way that money isn't everything when she is forced by fate to take the sheroes journey down the path of self- discovery. Uniqua against all odds realizes that for the love of money, friends can easily turn into frienemies. Elated with the go... more
  • Obedience

    by V G Kilgore
    Ham has his doubts when his father, Noah, claims he's been commanded by their God to build an Ark to escape a devastating flood but he goes along to protect his adored and adoring wife and their children. He defied his father to marry her and will defy him again when he loses her, leading him down the path that forever links him with slavery, depravity and condemnation.
  • Fertile Soil: Stories of the California Dream

    by Mary Smathers
    In Fertile Soil: Stories of the California Dream, Mary Smathers presents the light and dark sides of contemporary California, the perseverance of its residents and the richness of its culture across a grand sweep of history. Smathers focuses on those who demonstrate tenacious resilience as they tackle adversity, accepting challenges they could more easily shirk. The characters you’ll meet in these pages include: •\tan elementary school principal who provides leadership for his impoverished Cen... more
  • A Weekend with Frances

    by Lois Jean Thomas
    On a weekend in October, the three Rafferty sisters gather at the home of their widowed mother in rural Brown County, Indiana. Each brings her own painful memories and her misgivings about the reunion. Although family members do not confide their fears and resentments in each other, being together creates a change within each of them. Some relationships are abandoned, while others are restored. Good fortune is lost, but hope is regained. The resulting shift in family life offers the possibility ... more
  • Jabulani

    by Jonathan Stotler
    Come along with Jabulani, a boy in Southern Africa, as he lives with purpose and loves with purpose. Jabulani learns how the little ways that he helps his family and friends can add up to big rewards, and that no matter how small you are, you can accomplish big things. In doing so, Jabulani shares his story across diverse cultural lines and at the same time introduces his culture from the Ndebele tribe of the Republic of South Africa to other children through this story of a week in his life.
  • Shelby Shoes

    by Sue Ellen Miner
    Shelby Shoes is the sweetest Golden Retriever with a very silly name. Meet Shelby Shoes and five of her doggie friends whose names might be just as silly, a little bit sillier, or maybe even the silliest. Children and adults alike will smile all the way through this charmingly clever and cheerfully creative book.
  • Shelby Shoes

    by Sue Ellen Miner
    Shelby Shoes is the sweetest Golden Retriever with a very silly name. Meet Shelby Shoes and five of her doggie friends whose names might be just as silly, a little bit sillier, or maybe even the silliest. Children and adults alike will smile all the way through this charmingly clever and cheerfully creative book.
  • The Making of Bhishma (abridged version of The Last Kaurava a novel)

    by Kamesh Ramakrishna
    Devavrata/Bhishma is on his deathbed -- he tells Yudhishthira the story of Hastinapura and how it was affected by the crisis. His father Shantanu had tried to address the crisis caused by the collapse of the Panchnad cities. The Kavi Sangha’s proposed social policies to control the growth of population were oppressive. Enforcing those policies led to the suicide of Devavrata’s mother Ganga. Later, his father fell in love with Satyavati and disinherited Devavrata so that Satyavati’s descendants w... more
  • The Last Kaurava a Novel

    by Kamesh Ramakrishna
    The Last Kaurava is a rendering of the Indian epic poem the Mahabharata -- like the original, it is a tale set within a tale of a bard and his scribe - Vaishampaayana and Bhargava. The meta-narrative of bard and scribe is set in 800 BCE and the tale within the tale, a re-imagined Mahabharata, is set around 2000 BCE. Devavrat, the Regent, is wounded in war and captured by Yudishthira, his grand-nephew and leader of the opposing faction. At the request of Yudhishthira, who enormously respects t... more
  • Daisy and the Pirates

    by J. T. Allen
    Eleven-year-old Daisy Tannenbaum, tomboy extraordinaire, doesn’t want to go back to school. So, when she ends up on an isolated island in the Indian Ocean after her family is accidentally kidnapped by Malay pirates, she’s totally psyched. For her, this is paradise. Her family, however, is utterly unprepared to cope with the primitive conditions on the island. Her parents are barely on speaking terms, her sister wants to crush Daisy’s skull with a rock, and a grad student Daisy’s dad may or may n... more