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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • ISBN: 978-1480951358

    by Joe Rosato
    On a dark haunting Saigon night in late-summer 1968, two volunteer American Red Cross nurses disappeared without a trace. Officials dismiss their disappearance as being “Absent Without Leave” (AWOL) and with the passage of time, they were simply forgotten. At least until thirty-seven years later when Chet Ross, a Vietnam veteran, is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) flashbacks and nightmares of the former war-ravaged country. While mourning the death of his wife, Chet Ross is ... more
  • The Quest for King Arthur

    by James Frost
    This book examines the debate over King Arthur from a variety of perectives in an attempt to find the truth. Emphasis is placed up the facts. Different theories about the king are examined, including the idea that he was mythical or a general rather than a king. A variety of possible answers are examined before reaching a conclusion. The origins of other characters such as Guinevere and Lancelot are investigated as the origin of the Grail legend. The final chapter looks at why the Arthurian tale... more
  • The Unexpected: Wives Who Have Affairs and the Husbands Who Love Them

    by Chris Dawson
    There are more than a dozen of the reasons a wife will stray outside of her marriage and have a sexual affair with a man or in some cases, a woman. It is clear that most women marry for love and may still love their husband but for a variety of reasons she finds herself seduced or otherwise seeks sexual gratification or stimulation from other than the man she married. The reasons a wife chooses to start and affair or is seduced into an affair are many, varied and may surprise all who have either... more
  • Travel, Learn and See Your Friends: Adventures in Mandarin Immersion

    by Edna Ma, MD
    Written in English and Mandarin (Simplified Chinese & Pin Yin), Travel, Learn and See your friends 走学看朋友 is a story about two first-graders attending a Mandarin Immersion school. Dean and Ethan become fast friends. Dean is ethnically Chinese, and his reasons for learning Mandarin are more cultural. Ethan is an African-American and through his language journey, he learns about himself, his family, and the world. TLSee your Friends is an illustrated story book written in English, Simplified Chines... more
  • On Robin Lane

    by Brenda Dodson
    Loretta Lynn Davis grows up in Madison, Tennessee, a town known only for the fact that its Main Street divides Tennessee from Virginia. Rejected by her daddy from the day she was born, she never outgrows her craving for true love. On a summer day when they were both five, Loretta meets Crystal Brown-and so begins a lifelong friendship that both women cherish, even though Loretta knew she can never measure up to her friend. As an adult, Loretta finds herself trapped by circumstances in a contrive... more
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  • The Memoirs of George Sperryhawke

    by Austin smith
    George Sperryhawke, the bombastic rogue and forgotten founding father, chronicles life in 18th century America as he clambers and swindles his way up the social ladder. After running away from home and being expelled from the seminary, Sperryhawke went to sea, and would go on to become one of the wealthiest men in the colonies by the age of 25, and a pivotal figure in the founding of the Republic. A thoroughly unreliable and mostly unlikeable figure, the discovery of the Sperryhawke manuscripts ... more
  • Parker Panda Makes His Lunch!

    by Shannon M Gross
    Parker Panda debuts in this story as a lovable, curious, and independent cub, ready to test the boundaries he is accustomed to. His mother graciously allows Parker to explore the freedom of preparing any type of sandwich he chooses. As Parker makes an unforgettable creation, he learns a valuable lesson about the love of his mother.
  • The Second Coming of Jesse James

    by Mark Herder
    During the Great Depression, people lost more than their life savings. They lost hope. Betrayed by their faith in government, industry, and even God, they romanticized the rebel outlaws who operated outside the system: John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Nelson. In the novel The Second Coming of Jesse James, the common people hail Jack Carpenter – moonshiner, hell raiser, and third-rate bank robber – as a latter-day Jesse James sent to deliver them from the scourge of banks and other “... more
  • Nfudu: Skirts, Ties & Taboos

    by Oby Aligwekwe
    When Nfudu, a young woman from an influential Nigerian family, arrives in Paris to pursue a fashion career, she gets more than she bargained for when she starts a secret affair with Javier, her best friend’s father. But, when she meets Ikechi, a London based financier, her bond with Javier is tested. Nfudu’s father rejects Javier on account of his race but when he discovers Ikechi is an OSU (outcaste), he fights to protect his honor. Torn between her love for Javier and burning desire for Ike... more
  • Visions of Anna

    by Richard Engling
    Why does a beautiful, talented woman take her own life? That's the mystery behind Richard Engling's VISIONS OF ANNA, a novel that takes us to the Paris of poets and writers, on and off a movie set in Hollywood, and to an epic ritual in the desert of Utah. With the aid of a Native American shaman and the ex-lover he cannot forget, Matthew reclaims his life and puts to rest the ghost of his friend. In a long and intense ritual, they free her soul from the pain that bound her to the earth.
  • A Sister's Promise

    by Shelby Perry

    Acheson Bulloughs was the most cruel pirate to ever sail. And the most mysterious. Nicknamed The Black Prince, the legendary devil pirate operating a ship of the damned ruled the seas with an iron fist before his sudden and unexplained disappearance at the height of his rule, leaving nothing but rumors and whispers behind.

    Sasha Hawthorn comes from a long line of historians, the most recent being her deceased older brother Chris. When a recent auction brings forth new light on Acheson&r... more

  • Four American Tales

    by Jack Messenger

    Secrets. Money. Love. Death. Sometimes they’re hard to tell apart.

    ‘Each of the stories in this compelling collection works so well in its own right, while taken together the tales form marvellous variations on the theme of knowing, not knowing and fighting against knowing when the truth is unpalatable … a memorable collection.’ (Amazon reviewer)

    Four American Tales describes a world of hopes and fears o... more

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  • On Wings of an Avalanche

    by C.D. Gill
    A struggling charity hospital, visa troubles, and an arrest at gunpoint leave Dr. Madison Cote at the mercy of the corrupt Malian police. Rescue comes at a price when a warlord demands that she traffic drugs in exchange for her freedom and his protection. When the French embassy enlists her to relay intelligence on the warlord, Dr. Cote’s trapped as a civilian double agent, facing an immediate death sentence if she’s caught. Royal Air Force recruit Chip Chapman needs to prove to himself that ... more
  • Running from Color

    by Morenike' Matory
    In the 1920s in Sugarlock, Tennessee, the scandal surrounding the birth of Wheat Grass destroys the marriage and family of Paul and Mildred Grass. Wheat's fair skin and green eyes cause a rift that leads to the death of her mother separating what remains of the once happy family. In Mound Bayou, Mississippi, Paul raises his wife's illegitimate child alongside his daughter, Olive. But Wheat's exotic look draws negative attention that Paul cannot bear alone in the racist South. After her paren... more