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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Look at the Sun

    by Don Carswell

    "Look at the Sun" may well be the world’s first coming-of-middle-age novel. It is a subtle, yet insightful, examination of the boundaries of free thought. On the surface it chronicles the hero’s contemporaneous parallel journeys- his poignant passage through a difficult chapter of life and his breathtaking trek through Central America, a dreamy but dangerous world of beauty and color. On a deeper level it is a thought-provoking exploration of what it truly means to think... more

  • The Art of Healing - A Novel

    by Jeanne Felfe
    Julianne Garvoli is content with her life as a pediatric nurse at a major metropolitan hospital. She is following her every dream, or so she believes. After her idyllic world is shattered, she must reconcile her lost past to rediscover her deepest passion. Jokob O'Callaghan, a world-renowned photographer, lives a life most could only imagine with his life-love, Keara—until cancer delivers a direct and devastating slam. He walls himself off, focusing solely on his art. When one of Jokob’s p... more
  • The Little Queen

    by Meia Geddes

    When her mother and father pass away, the little queen must figure out how to be a little queen. And so she begins her adventures, journeying away from her palace and into the world to determine how she should go about going on. The little queen soon encounters numerous folks who teach her a thing or two: the book sniffer, the dream writer, and the architect of silence are just a few. Along the way, the little queen finds friendship, love, and meaning in being a leader in her world. THE LITTL... more

  • The Second Time Around

    by James Richardson
  • XOCOMIL, The Winds of Atitlán

    by David Mohrmann
    XOCOMIL (Show-coh-meel), The Winds of Atitlán. The novel spans what many historians term the “Guatemalan Civil War.” That, unfortunately, does not account for the USA involvement, or begin to describe how it was experienced by the oppressed indigenous Maya. The story begins and ends at Lake Atitlán. It travels from traditional Maya villages through the war-torn mountains of Guatemala; from cornfields in Kansas through the jungles of Vietnam; from pot-filled hills in Northern California thr... more
  • Whack, Whack, Whack, Goes The Tail!

    by Mark Rouillard
    This is a story about a dog named Jack that has no idea his tail is constantly whacking anything and everything that is behind him. Jack loves his human family unconditionally, and they love him.
  • Wearing the Cat: The Complete Novel - Volume Two

    by H.D. Woodard

    Take a raunchy, rollicking, harrowing plunge into Life with “Wearing the Cat”.

    “Wearing the Cat” is a comic picaresque novel divided into two volumes: “Wearing the Cat – The Complete Novel, Volume One” and “Wearing the Cat – The Complete Novel, Volume Two”

    Set in 1988, with America near the height of her power, prestige, and influence, “Wearing the Cat” concerns the exuberant and blackly comic misadventures of Lt. Nick McGill, dentist in the United States Navy Dent... more

  • Wearing the Cat: The Complete Novel - Volume One

    by H.D. Woodard

    Take a raunchy, rollicking, harrowing plunge into Life with “Wearing the Cat”.  

    “Wearing the Cat” is a comic picaresque novel divided into two volumes: “Wearing the Cat – The Complete Novel, Volume One” and “Wearing the Cat – The Complete Novel, Volume Two”

    Set in 1988, with America near the height of her power, prestige, and influence, “Wearing the Cat” concerns the exuberant and b... more

  • Graysons Home

    by Genna Green
    After a fun day at school, Grayson Rice returns home and hears his parents arguing. In this carefully written storybook, Grayson talks about the different range of emotions he feels when he hears or sees shouting and hitting at home. Children will find their voice in the pages of Grayson's Home and will be comforted by the relatable childhood experiences , common feelings and kid- appropriate solutions. Never has there been a book so thoughtfully written that helps young children and care provid... more
  • Confederado do Norte

    by Linda Bennett Pennell
    Set during the aftermath of the American Civil War, Confederado do Norte tells the story of Mary Catherine MacDonald Dias Oliveira Atwell, a child torn from her war devastated home in Georgia and thrust into the primitive Brazilian interior where the young woman she becomes must learn to recreate herself in order to survive. October, 1866. Mary Catherine is devastated when her family emigrates from Georgia to Brazil because her father and maternal uncle refuse to accept the terms of Recon... more
  • In the Glow of the Lavalamp: Stories of Bad Sex and Other Misfortunes

    by Lily Wilson
    In the Glow of the Lavalamp delivers ten stories of sex gone hilariously wrong, set in the bathtubs, back seats, battlegrounds, and bedrooms of America. These tales confirm that bizarre is indeed the nature of the universe and humor may be the best path through it. A grad student rappels down the side of a building on a bed sheet in an attempt to escape shame. An unlikely couple destroys a family heirloom when desire careens out of control. A bumbling lothario nearly beheads his lover when his ... more
  • Falling Water

    by David Mohrmann

    This is a book of travel stories by a long-time traveler.  Literary fiction.  Stories come from The United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Easter Island, Thailand, Laos, and India.  They question the essential meaning of "travel."

  • Danny Trample for School President?

    by Mayma Raphael and Reagan Raphael

    Danny Trample for School President? Mayma and Reagan Raphael. 

    An illustrated children's hardcover book that takes inspiration from the recent American presidential election to address bullying among children in schools. It is based on circumstances surrounding a boy, Danny Trample, who always wants to come out on top, and who constantly says unkind things to put down other students at school especially those who are in any way different to him. He decided to r... more

  • Missing Earth

    by C.H. Byart
    Galen waits to save the earth. He knows that it is in his future. When he was only a boy in Roman-occupied Greece, he and his father were visited by three strangers who healed him and told his father of a prophesy concerning his son. The mysterious Druid healers—Armaigen, Tiernan, and their Jewish friend Yeshua (Jesus)—all have spiritual callings of their own. Armaigen, the first Drui and Tiernan, his apprentice, control the spirits of the earth. Yeshua speaks with his Heavenly Father as he... more
  • Annie Aardvark, Mathematician

    by Suize Olsen
    The story follows Annie, an Aardvark who loves math, on her daily foraging. As Annie sets out on her forage, she decides to count everything she encounters. She zigs and zags through the landscape, stopping to use her nose and tongue to count objects. The effect is amusing sounds as she counts and forages. Join Annie on her math adventure!
  • Georgette and Winnie Slept Here

    by John Sandman

    Single mom Georgette and her teenage daughter Winnie are locked out of their Bronx apartment and spend a night on the subway after a crazed Vincent Van Gogh wannabe keeps them out of their next sublet. It's a scenario that reaffirms what they already know: they are citizens of a place where some people are living large while others live on the street.  The 1980s housing shortage tests their mettle and while their bond bends, it doesn't break.