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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Groston Rules

    by Mark Binder
    Seven friends trying to graduate high school get caught up with bullying, climate change, and other dysfunctions… THE GROSTON RULES is an edgy book for high school readers. With suspenseful twists and turns, it is a captivating and lighthearted high school tale about teens in trouble, surviving through their strong friendships.
  • segways

    by clifton mora
    Segway is an original device that is used for fast and safe movement on city streets. This is the best choice for those who value comfort and do not like to get stuck in traffic jams. The Segway is equipped with an ergonomic footrest, monochrome screen and a heavy duty battery. The device is capable of supporting a pilot weighing up to 110 kg, so children, teenagers and adults can ride it without any problems.In our online store you can order Segways at an affordable price with home delivery. 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy For Restaurants

    by Restaurant Funnel
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  • Marvelous Masks

    by Nicole Billick
    Do you know any little ones who are wary of wearing masks because of COVID-19? Or know any who are wondering why everyone suddenly seems to be wearing masks? Have you been trying to find a way to make your young children comfortable wearing a mask without feeling strange or anxious? Have an upcoming event or travel where your child will have to wear a mask? Then Marvelous Masks is for you! A fun and beautifully hand-drawn story that explains how masks have been part of our world for a LON... more
  • The Last Meal

    by Yuno Imai
    The Last Meal compassionately tackles a difficult and controversial subject to educate readers about the death penalty. The story follows four fictional death row inmates on their final days before their executions. All of the characters are adorable birds who must face the consequence of their actions. Chase, Peter, Fred and James are each given the same opportunity to have one last special meal of their choosing to reflect on the past and find closure as they come to the end of their life.
  • Trevor and Me

    by Yuno Imai
    Trevor and Me defies the boundaries of age, gender and race. It is a heartwarming story about reincarnation based on the real-life friendship between an elderly Caucasian man and a young Asian girl. As Trevor’s health starts to decline and he prepares to die, he promises to always be with the girl even after he’s gone. Trevor dies and the girl is filled with grief until one day she begins to receive signs to let her know Trevor is and always will be with her.
  • Atonement Camp for Unrepentant Homophobes

    by Evan J. Corbin
    The oldest translation of a Gospel is returned to the world by a secret society long dedicated to its preservation. In it, Jesus explicitly condemns bigotry and homophobia. In a new world in which LGBTQ passengers receive preferential boarding for flights and the United States has elected its first lesbian President, Pastor Rick Harris is stalwart, closeted preacher who doggedly holds onto his increasingly unpopular convictions. When an incendiary sermon goes too far and offends an influentia... more
  • July in August

    by Maryjo Paradis-Smith
    Long Description: Twelve-year-old July Krativitiz lives in Maplewood, New Hampshire with her adorable two-year-old brother, Abe, and her drug-addicted mother. July's life is complicated. Her mother is often too stoned to care for her little brother. So July must either stay home to protect him or pray for his safety when she is at school. Mary White, an elderly neighbor, offers help. But when Mrs. White discovers what's going on with July's mother, she takes some very drastic actions. Fo... more
  • She Wore a Yellow Dress

    by John R Cammidge
    A spark is lit on Bonfire Night in Northern England in 1965, but for John and Jean-Louise the fireworks continue to explode for decades to come. An awkward Yorkshire farm boy with few prospects and a sophisticated town girl from Manchester, John and Jean-Louise blossom, grow - both together and apart - and find ways to compromise in this coming-of-age story that goes beyond the wedding where the curtain often drops. She Wore a Yellow Dress by John R. Cammidge [February 16, 2021, Gatekeeper Pres... more
  • In a Three Bedroom Harem

    by Cristobal Covelli
    I wrote this book according to my recent life experiences in the west. The characters are real humans that lived through experiences that were dark and cruel and almost unbelievable. Due to the cruelty of the surroundings and the taboos infused in them from their society. The narration runs the gambit from ineffable beauty to the realm of globetrotting adventures.
  • Best Grease for High Speed Bearings

    by Petron Plus Direct
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  • Adolf the Enigma

    by Charles.G. Fournel

    Has the end of World War two been a lie? Did Adolf Hitler really die in his bunker in 1945 or did he in fact escape to South America? With the help of declassified files, eye witness accounts and Nuremberg trial records, we follow the führer through the eyes of his most trusted body guard, all the way from the füher-bunker in Berlin to the Jungles of South America and how Hitler intended to once again engulf the world in war and construct the fourth Reich.

  • La Chimère of Prague

    by Rick Pryll
    Joseph is haunted. How his mermaid bi-sexual ex drowned is murky. Naked Pete may have answers, if he’d pick up his phone. Joseph won’t pay for sex; the price is more than he bargained for. Waitress-turned-model Karina stays over, and the next day runs off to Italy with her English tutor. Joseph obsesses for 9 months. She’s back. Is it too late?
  • Whale of Wonder

    by Marie-Paule Mahoney
  • My Big Curly Fro

    by Alyssa Mcclelland
    A little girl has a number of big questions about fitting in at school. She loves going to school and meeting her friends but isn't a very big fan of her hair which is so different from the others. How does she get to fit in with her friends who do not have her kind of hair, and why is hers not as lovely as her friend's? Then one day she meets a new classmate who has all the answers to her questions.