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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • A Home in the Wilderness

    by Amanda M. Cetas
    It is June 10, 1663 and Etienne is running through a field of wild pasture, startling a flock of grouse into the air amid a frenzy of feathers and squawking, as he heads toward a double wedding in town. He has no idea that the ceremony will be interrupted with the news of a Native American attack on the Dutch settlement up north, the consequences of which will turn his world upside down threatening his family, community, and Lenape friends. He must choose – protect his new friends or defend his ... more
  • Giver of Gifts: Nature’s Story of Hope

    by Everly Cade

    "We are connected. Our planet, the land, our spirit, and mind. The earth provides our every need - all magically designed."  In the loud and busy bustle of our everyday lives, a humble yet mighty voice is hoping to be heard. Will we hear? Will we understand? Giver of Gifts is a captivating journey that will open readers' eyes to the wonders of nature that surround us everyday.



  • Serenity's Journey

    by C.L. BARRETT
    Serenity is a young vampire on a mission to reunite with her younger brother Scott, mother Janine, and father Jonathan. Along the way she discovers she has the ability to see visions of past, possible future, and present. She also learns the hidden truth that has been kept from her. Along her journey she meets new allies and old friends. Scott a young dhampir who has been hiding in Japan since he left America. He has the ability to learn the langue of new lands. It makes it hard for him to ... more
  • The Name I Choose

    by Holly Brough
    Questions about Amalia’s past become more concerning when she’s uprooted at the young age of fifteen from the only life she knows and into an abusive nobleman’s household. As a young female in nineteenth-century Spain and a dominant patriarchal society, Amalia’s choices are limited. That couldn’t be more evident than in her employer’s household. Manuel Tudó watches Amalia closely. He says disturbing things about her mother and seeks opportunities to pursue her and catch her alone. His control ov... more
  • Tackle Box Troubles

    by Susan Duke
    Sammy Spinner, an eager fishing bait, gets plopped into a tackle box alongside Bucky Bucktail, Francis Frog, and Suki Suick with one goal, to catch big fish. He sees shores lined with pine trees and large loons swimming on the water. He hears giggling eagles sitting in woody nests and beavers’ thick tails building dams. Sammy believes he is well-prepared to get a fish into the red boat. However, he quickly learns catching fish that live in Northwoods Lakes could take thousands of casts. Sammy ... more
  • Lou the Big Horned Rhino

    by Papa Moose
    Lou's giant horn has made him famous, and the toughest rhino around. But deep down, Lou's got a secret: he wants a normal horn. Can a nervous zebra and a questionable doctor help him see the point?
  • Henry the Sneezing Dragon

    by Sarah Geddes
    Life as a dragon should be amazing. You have the ability to soar across the sky and breathe fire. However, when you are a young, clumsy dragon who sneezes fire at allthe worst moments, it makes life a little challenging. Desperate to make a friend and to finally feel accepted, Henry takes off across the savanna, but trouble seems to follow him at every turn.
  • When The Sunlight Goes Dark

    by Oliver W. Tuthill Jr.
    Bobby Clantinani’s most fervent dream was to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, but he only weighed one-hundred and fifty-four pounds. His father, Oran, expected big things from Bobby and he ruled his family like a tyrant. Oran’s biggest hope was his oldest son, Ted, who was a heavyweight contender heading for a championship bout. While Ted is being lined up for a shot at one of the heavyweight crowns, Bobby is fighting on the second circuit, consisting of high school gymnasium... more
  • Shelter in Place

    by Maria Crofoot Bowling
    Aurora Scott was living her best life, guiding troubled adolescent girls on wilderness adventures, and returning to her Arlington home and supportive husband, Peter, an NSA analyst. But all that Aurora holds dear is wrenched from her when an aggressive cancer takes Peter and, just months later, an electro-magnetic pulse attack plunges the United States into a prolonged blackout. When even the cabin that Peter had prepared becomes unsafe, Aurora finds herself marooned in a hut deep in the George ... more
  • Tipping Point

    by Edward Correia
    When the governor of New Jersey, Melissa Harding, appears to win a close race for the White House, the incumbent president, desperate to hold on to power, tries every tactic to stay in office. As inauguration day comes closer, both sides battle it out in the courts. The incumbent president has ordered troops to the border of Iran, risking a bloody and pointless conflict. The death of a supreme court justice means the balance of the court is also at stake. With democracy itself at a tipping point... more
  • From the Moon, I Come in Peace

    by Paul Nelson
    Marcus is a young, autistic man, living with his father. He faces many challenges as he begins his adult life in a world of non-acceptance, bigotry, friendship, love, loss, and great challenges in trying to fit into the workplace. His adventures are full of laughter, sadness, and a touch of romance. Marcus and his father share a rare bond. It is the bond known by many disabled people and their caregivers. This bond is also a key character in the story. It is a balance of great strength and frag... more
  • Three Tales

    by Christopher Laverty

    A wandering knight finds fortune in misfortune. The newly appointed chatelaine of a castle must confront its dark past. Alexis visits the tomb of Cloris and attempts to use his elixir on her, while scheming gnomes watch on.

    This book features three captivating stories:

    The Misfortune of Reynold the Knight
    The Chatelaine of Castle William
    Cloris and The Potion of Life

    It is a unique collection of tales that will keep readers engaged and entertained. The stories offe... more

  • Children of the Sun

    by Heru Ptah
    Aminata and her younger brother Sochima are gifted children living in Washington DC with their mother and their grandmother, Nana. Amaris is a troubled young girl who was once Aminata’s best friend but now bullies her. Fate brings all three children together when Nana is brought before the Egyptian Goddess Auset and tasked with finding the fourteen pieces of the God Ausar, who had been killed by his brother Set. After Nana falls while battling a dark angel, the responsibility to recover Ausa... more
  • The Self-Sufficient Princess

    by Sanguine Addams
    Princess Nightengale may be the first princess in history to lock herself in a tower. Her life was wonderful, filled with life sustaining pizza rolls, video games and waking at the crack of noon. That was until a dragon arrives to break the news where she is intended to wed by her eighteenth birthday. Cue the moronic suitors, who represent every type of moronic male, that come to claim her hand (and maybe a few other body parts) in marriage. With the aid of Mittens, her newfound dragon friend, a... more
  • The Beauty of a Spiral

    by Beth Maddaleni

    Sixteen-year-old figure skater Madz Monroe flees SuperEdge Rink and her demanding coach, leaving on the locker-room mirror a lipstick manifesto that questions the purpose of her intense training. Determined to heal her aching body and spread her wings beyond the rink, she’ll close this chapter of her life by taking her final skating test. Easy enough if her wealthy parents didn’t cancel her credit card.

    A deal with her cute landscaper solves the money problem, sparks a crush... more

  • We Are the Tide (The Butcherbird series)

    by Steven Richard Harris
    Would you change the course of the World if you had the power in your hands? Or would you try to save the lives of the people who could help you do just that? In a ramshackle old language school above a fried chicken shop in Brighton, psychologist Frank Newman struggles with the decisions he has to make. Torn between providing the therapy that will ease his clients´ pain - or converting them into a network of viewers of the future. Steven Richard Harris blends psychology and fiction togeth... more