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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Ballad of Huck & Miguel

    by Tim DeRoche
    ** An American classic becomes a modern adventure ** In this retelling of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tim DeRoche dares to imagine that Huck Finn is alive today. Chased by his vengeful and psychotic father, Pap, Huck escapes down the concrete gash that is the Los Angeles River with his friend Miguel, an illegal immigrant who has been falsely accused of murder. Riding the dangerous waters of a rainstorm, the two fugitives meet a strange cast of Angelenos both animal and hu... more
  • Adam's Land

    by Alison Pockat
    Adam, while taking a break from school work, tries out a new tube of "special" bubbles and finds that they can be connected. As they grow, he eventually he is able to enter them, and the bubbles shrink him to the size of an ant. By jumping up and down and with a puff of breeze, Adam ends up in a tree. He finds friends and excitement in his backyard as he tries to go back to his normal size. Along the way, he gets to know a number organisms like a fungi, a bee, a wood roach, a cricket, an ant, an... more
  • I, Joaquin

    by Melvin Litton
    Before Jesse James or Billy the Kid, there was Joaquín Murrieta—lover, bandit, revolutionary. On July 25, 1853, a troop of California Rangers killed and beheaded the young bandit. It was believed his army numbered in the hundreds and that he planned to sweep the country south to Sonora. Thinking the matter ended, the Rangers preserved his head in a bucket of whiskey and rode to Sacramento to collect their reward. Yet with his death his fame only grew, along with rumors of his ghost in haunt of t... more
  • The Chain Maker

    by Terry R. Bennett
    America has fallen from God’s grace and is on the verge of collapse. God’s children have become work slaves. Misery, fear and loneliness has become their way of life, even those that have become successful have no peace or joy. Worst of all, they have lost their faith, and are being robbed of their human rights. God will give America one last chance to return to him or their hedge of protection will be rem... more
  • Rupture of Solitude

    by Douglas K German
    A Naval Academy midshipman from Nebraska is being groomed by the powers that be in Omaha for the governor’s mansion. At the Academy he discovers a plot by a cadre in the military to establish control of government. Efforts to foil the coup take events from the family ranch in Nebraska to the Supreme Court in DC to dealing with FARC guerillas in Colombia. Events lead to the fall from favor by the midshipman, betrayal by his beloved brother who is a law clerk for Justice Kennedy, desertion by his ... more
  • The Not So Bad Christmas Stocking

    by C. Fulsty
    Once there was a stocking who was very nice. He was nice but was owned by a boy who was very bad. What happens to a Christmas stocking who belongs to a boy who is very bad? How many years will he get filled with coal? What will Santa do?
  • The Little Cloud

    by C. Fulsty
    The Little Cloud is about a cloud named Strato who wants to be as big as his cloud brothers. To grow, Strato needs to get rays from the sun, but he's too small to get any. Strato tries a number of different ways to get attention, but it doesn't work. How will Strato become big like his brothers? Will Strato become big?
  • How High Can You Jump?

    by C. Fulsty
    Three friends love to play a game called Jumpers. What happens when one of the friends, Blue, decides he doesn't like coming in second anymore and he wants to be first? Blue tells Sunflower that he's going to win by jumping all the way to the moon. What about Hot Air, the third friend? Well, he's too busy being scared. Does Blue make it to the moon? Does he win? Does Hot Air get over being scared?
  • Blake and the Turtles

    by C. Fulsty
    Blake and the Turtles is about a snake named Blake who is very kind. He meets some turtles who don't want to be friends with him, but that is all Blake wants. The turtles don't like Blake because he is a snake and snakes are all mean. What will Blake do? Who has a big secret they're hiding?
  • I Want To Fly

    by C. Fulsty
    I Want To Fly is about a pterodactyl named Terrie that just hatched. All she wants to do after she hatches, is fly like her whole family. Terrie doesn't know how to fly, so she tries to teach herself how to fly. Fall after fall, she just can't seem to fly. Does Terrie ever learn to fly? Wait, does she? I actually don't know. Time to read this book and find out!
  • If Roses Were Blue

    by Debbie Jenae
    Chris, a college student, believes a friend of her young sister is keeping a terrible secret—one that Chris had also kept at that age. With tenderness and insight, she takes the reader back several years to a decision that marked the beginning of a series of rescues, including her own! A lady of light, a boy named Gus, and a stolen dog add to this delightful tale of courage, trust, and friendship.
  • The Waystation

    by Laurie Jameson

    The Waystation is a resting place on the journey between life and death for the people who pass through on their way to either heaven or hell. In a cross between hard crime fiction and a spiritual parable, The Waystation takes you on an odyssey from the darkness of this world, to the serenity of the afterlife. It carries you from the ugliness of the drug business, racism, abuse, and murder, to the joy that comes when all that ceases to matter anymore. The Waystation is a place to rest an... more

  • The Dog Catcher

    by Lloyd Johnson

    Some men are pups and others are hounds, but they all bite in the end.
    Cheryl Greene doesn’t ask much of life: a smile and a kind word are gifts in her world of splintered families and big talking men. But when Cheryl is cast from her home, pregnant and alone, just making it through each day becomes a fight to survive. Committed to giving her son the security she never had, Cheryl must navigate a reality where women are cheap, opportunities scarce, and violence is the law of the la... more

  • The Best Possible Angle

    by Lloyd Johnson

    A life is built upon the choices we make. The people we love. And the secrets we keep.
    For years, Kendrick Black has struggled to succeed as a black actor in LA. When his new movie is touted as the next big blockbuster, his dream of joining the Hollywood A-List is finally within reach. That is until a split-second decision leaves Kendrick harboring a secret that could destroy everything he’s fought so hard for. Because some secrets carry their own special power; the more people who know ... more

  • White Nights, Black Paradise

    by Sikivu Hutchinson
    In 1978, Peoples Temple, a multiracial church once at the forefront of progressive San Francisco politics, self-destructed in a Guyana jungle settlement named after its leader, the Reverend Jim Jones. Fatally bonded by fear of racist annihilation, the community's greatest symbol of crisis was the White Night; a rehearsal of revolutionary mass suicide that eventually led to the deaths of over 900 church members of all ages, genders and sexual orientations. White Nights, Black Paradise focuses on ... more
  • Celine on Fire

    by Dale Allan Pelton
    Céline on Fire asks the question, “Why do ordinary men commit atrocities? In 1950s Paris, jazz and dance counter-point the US-Soviet Cold War and the horrors of the French-Algerian War. Céline Colbert, 14, a dancer, her sister Yvonne, 28, professor of philosophy and history at the Sorbonne, share a taxi in the rain with Giovanni Sandretti, 23, an Italian-American, trumpet player born in Viterbo, Italy. In the Parisian worlds of jazz, flamenco, and tango, Giovanni becomes Yvonne’s lover, and Cé... more