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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Sean Goes To Barcelona

    by Tanya Preminger
    Sean, an 8-year-old aspiring soccer player, goes on the trip of a lifetime! He travels to Barcelona, Spain, to watch a FC Barcelona soccer game and get an autograph from his hero, the celebrated forward Lionel Messi. The resourceful and determined kid that he is, Sean comes up with various creative ways to track down his hero and make his dream come true. But sometimes, as he will discover, life doesn’t go quite according to plan… Beautiful illustrations by Elettra Cudignotto.
  • Sean wants to be Messi

    by Tanya Preminger
    Sean, an imaginative, soccer-loving second grader, wants to be the great Leo Messi, and he’s working hard to accomplish his goal. He battles fears, bullies, nagging parents, and tiresome teachers in pursuit of his dream to become the best soccer player in the world. An engaging, relatable children’s book about soccer, practice, and inspiration. Beautiful illustrations by Elettra Cudignotto.
  • The Surgeon's Wife

    by William H. Coles
    Clayton Otherson is aging and becomes impaired in judgment and technical skills in his career as a world-famous, New Orleans surgeon. Mike Bordeaux, chief of service at hospital, must discipline Clayton who has been his mentor and teacher. Attempts as rehabilitation by Mike are resisted by Clayton, and Mike involves the family in recovery, falling in love with Clayton's much younger wife, Catherine. Clayton angers, threatens, and seeks revenge, and his career crumbles injuring more patients. Mik... more
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    by katherina Martine
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  • Unplanned Destination

    by Elie Jerome
    When Leito meets his beautiful new neighbor, Miriam, he is determined to make her his. To conquer Miriam’s heart, Leito, a young, ambitious Haitian with a complicated past, has to face Miriam’s possessive boyfriend as well as her protective mother. Miriam’s mother, Mona, deems Leito unworthy of her only child, based on Leito’s lifestyle and obviously limited financial means. During a random vehicle stop, Jean-Baptiste, a young cop and Leito’s best friend, makes an important arrest, which not... more
  • Finnigan and the Lost Circus Wagon

    by Mary T. Wagner

    FINNIGAN, his best “circus mice” pals Maximillian and Leroy, and Boomer—the strangely silent family dog—return in this sequel to the award-winning FINNIGAN THE CIRCUS CAT. Rescued as a tiny kitten by eight-year-old Lucy Farnsworth and smuggled in secret to the family circus museum, Finnigan is now all grown up with a natural flair for the flying trapeze. However he’s still flying “under the radar” in the barn which doubles as... more

  • The Spirit of Want

    by William H. Coles
    Lucy, a talented young lawyer from a privileged background wrecks her car and there is a question if a dead woman, the wife of a prominent judge, found near the accident was a victim. A surgeon was in the car and when Lucy is facing charges for homicide, she schemes to marry the surgeon to prevent his testimony. They have a child, but Lucy falls in love with a client, a dynamic wealthy TV evangelist accused of abusing a child. Lucy loses the case and the evangelist escapes to Africa to delay sen... more
  • Krakow

    by Sean Akerman
    Sean Akerman’s crisp, evocative voice lays bare vulnerabilities, wonder, and mystery. With deep attention to his characters’ psychologies, he creates men and women who linger in your mind long after you finish reading. His novella, Krakow, does just that. A man moves into a Brooklyn apartment and finds the journals left behind by the previous tenants. As he reads the journals, he discovers two people wrestling with why and how their love disappeared. Krakow is set in the present day, amid the... more
  • Providence: God's Care for the Lost Sheep

    by Magda Woods
    James, a seven-year-old orphan boy living in the city of Bramka, decides that life outside the orphanage where he lives is better, even if he's on his own. When things don't turn out as planned, and he has to live on handouts from whoever gives him food or money, a visit to a restaurant changes his life in two major ways.
  • The Fish Tank: And Other Short Stories

    by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
    An unexpected treasure handed over from an ex-spouse via the divorce lawyer; a classic mother-son bonding experience on a roller coaster ride; tragic tales of survival of ordinary Cuban citizens in the 1960s; a paranormal happening in the Museum of the Weird, the Sad, and the Wretched; and a complex murder mystery – all of these short stories in one volume. The Fish Tank: And Other Short Stories by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra reveals life stories in the raw with a compassion for reality and the fa... more
  • Last Things

    by E. J. Myers
    Father Francisco ("Frank") Ochoa, a 57-year-old campus champlain, has grown weary of his work ministering to entitled students at a second-rate party school. In response to his late-midlife crisis, he joins a local EMT squad as a volunteer. This decision gets the priest back into the world but leads to far greater risk, uncertainty, and danger than he ever imagined possible back when viewing the world from the safety of his ivory tower. Set amid the hazards and tensions of emergency medical serv... more
  • Abruptions: 3 Minute Stories to Awaken the Mind

    by Jack Matthews
    During the last decade of his life, author Jack Matthews wrote a series of 1-2 page prose pieces (which he dubbed "Abruptions" or "very short stories that end abruptly"). Matthews had already published over 20 books of fiction with an astonishing variety of characters and plots. This last volume hints at a lot of characters and plots without trying to resolve them. Each abruption — which rarely takes more than 5 minutes to read — sheds light on something unexpected, whether it be a character's v... more
  • Oasis

    by Matthew Sabin
    Two hundred years before Julius Caesar, Rome and Carthage are locked in a bitter struggle for control of the western world. In the ocean between them is a small island city that will become a crucial turning point in the war. A young musician, Elise, tries to carry on with her life, even while her father is Rome’s greatest enemy. Alliances are blurred for many of the islanders, including a Roman spy, Niccolo, who finds himself on both sides of the conflict. Meanwhile, the invasion force is prepa... more
  • Cousins' Club

    by Warren Alexander
    Cousin’s Club, a satirical novel, is about the least successful Jewish family in America and their odd solution to change their fortunes. The matriarch consults medieval texts and determines that the next child born to the family will have a great mind. And because no one family is smart enough to raise him alone, he will be passed around from household to household, to gain the collected wisdom of everyone. Among the many characters are his birth father who conjures up inventions that have... more
  • Tutankhamen Speaks

    by Cheryl Carpinello
    2016 Gold Medal for Historical Fiction Global eBooks Awards 2014 EVVY Merit Award for Historical Fiction from CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.) Long ago the old texts of ancient Egypt alluded to scrolls in which King Tut spoke to the people from beyond the tomb. But, Tutankhamen Speaks isn't a story about the lost scrolls. It's about the story written down on those ancient scrolls: Tutankhamen's story.
  • The King's Ransom, Book 1 of Young Knights of the Round Table

    by Cheryl Carpinello
    A Recommended Read and recipient of the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval. 2014 Gold Award eBook Winner for Juvenile Fiction from Global eBook Awards; 2013 EVVY Merit Award for Juvenile/YA from Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.; 2012 CLC Silver Award Recipient for YA Fiction. Three Friends...Three Quests...Three Mysterious Predictions. In this action-packed MG/Tween Arthurian adventure, 11-year-old Prince Gavin, 13-year-old orphan Philip, and 15-year-old blacksmith apprenti... more