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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Claimant

    by Janette Turner Hospital
    In the turbulent political summer of 1968, the lives of four very different people become inextricably intertwined. All four are shape-shifters, identity-switchers, two for criminal reasons, two for blameless purposes of survival. One of the four is a smooth con man, a charming Bernie Madoff, classy and unencumbered by a conscience. Another is an equally charming and even smoother serial killers who never arouses suspicion. The four lives are scattered (to Vietnam, to France, to Australia) b... more
  • Two Weeks Before Christmas

    by Robert V. Lizana
    This is a short Graphic Novel concerning Christmas from Santa's point of view for the last two weeks before he makes his world wide deliveries. Great illustrations tell the story with minor narrative.
  • The Silver Baron's Wife

    by Donna Baier Stein
    The Silver Baron's Wife traces the rags-to-riches-to-rags life of Colorado's Baby Doe Tabor (Lizzie). This fascinating heroine worked in the silver mines and had two scandalous marriages, one to a philandering opium addict and one to a Senator and silver baron worth $24 million in the late 19th century. A divorcee shunned by Denver society, Lizzie raised two daughters in a villa where 100 peacocks roamed the lawns, entertained Sarah Bernhardt when the actress performed at Tabor's Opera House, an... more
  • The Last Word Cemetery

    by Jeanette Gibson
    The Last Word Cemetery is a mind-bending mash-up of tragic love and apocalyptic mayhem…in which the cemetery itself is responsible for both causing the chaos and extending the ray of hope at the end of the world. Tobias McCreedy, the lead character in Part One, is a wealthy humanitarian whose world is shattered when his wife dies only a few years into their marriage. A chance conversation inspires Tobias to build a magnificent necropolis in which the dead can have the last word. No longer, T... more
  • Two Boys, Two Planets

    by Stuart J. Whitmore
    This is a short and easy-to-read story for beginning readers, accompanied by richly colored illustrations. In this star-gazing tale, a boy on Earth finds out he's not the only one in the solar system with a desire to visit other planets. Earth and Mars are presented in a way that highlights how different they are without presenting either planet in a negative manner. The vocabulary and sentence structure were designed to enhance reading confidence while still making the story fun to read. Resour... more
  • Josef, the Indy Car Driver

    by Chris Workman
    Apex Legends author / illustrator Chris Workman and Verizon IndyCar Series star Josef Newgarden have teamed up to create a unique racing-themed children's picture book unlike any other. "Josef, The Indy Car Driver" mixes Indy car racing education with entertaining on-track action that is sure to please kids who are interested in cars or racing fans and their parents! Set at iconic Road America, the content is designed to provide an authentic glimpse into the world of Indy car through Josef's ... more
  • The Ruffians

    by Rick Johnson
    The Ruffians are a legendary canine neighborhood watch group. They patrol the streets at night and keep the neighborhood safe from unsavory characters. There’s something fishy going on by the duck pond in the park. The squirrels are eating all their nuts plus all the nuts stored up for the winter’s supply. Mystified by this discovery, The Ruffians realize that unless they can solve this unusual development by the time winter arrives, there won’t be any squirrels left at the park with nuts. The ... more
  • Bad Paper

    by Tone Designs
    Antwon Williams, a street hustler turned business man, is drawn into the illicit world of identity theft and counterfeit check fraud. While dealing with greed amongst his crew, and trying to stay one step in front of the law, things seem to go pretty smooth until he is forced to make decisions that would alter his life as well as the lives of others!
  • Cowboys & Indians

    by AM SARDAR

    A cross-culture clash of the most extreme kind when a Texan Construction company is hired by Indian tycoon, Moti Lal, to build the first Western theme-park in Mumbai. Dallas Jones and his American team must co-ordinate multiple antagonistic nationalities in an unfamiliar land to achieve the demanding deadlines. Seema, the head-strong local co-ordinator struggles to work with chauvinistic Avinash on the team as mutual attraction and life-style expectations lead to clashes in the work place.... more

  • Sanity's War: The Complete Collection

    by Charlie Avinash Nicholas

    Discover an anthology of epic battles between kingdoms, against nightmarish forces, and within broken souls.

  • Cherry Smack

    by Mei
    Life is short. Jimmy’s life may prove shorter. His gang mates have grown up and shipped out, and the nine to five is grinding Jimmy into a person he no longer recognizes. There has to be more to existence than waking up every Saturday with a half-eaten kebab and empty wallet. The wide blue skies of America sing a siren’s song, and Jimmy decides he’s ready to give life a do-over—even if it means leaving his childhood sweetheart Kelly behind. But Harlem has chewed up many a finer man, and drugs,... more
  • For Her Courage

    by Andria M. Redlin
    A teenage girl growing up in Edwardian America sacrifices her most prized possessions to restore her grandfather's greatest treasure, and ultimately save his life.
  • When Hen Was on Her Way to Market

    by Irena Stanic Rasin
    Will imperious Hen get the help she demands to clean her muddy foot? Not unless she learns courtesy and respect. Irena Stanic Rasin’s Croatian-based cumulative folktale in which the local flora, fauna and villagers respond “No way!” to Hen’s commands, will ring true to young children on their way to understanding cooperation and perhaps a bit of humility. Color illustrations by Ivana Rasin.
  • Yehohshua Ha'mashi'ach, King of Israel, 3793: Another Perspective

    by Walter Schenck
    This new exploration of Jesus depicts him as a drunkard, an opium user, a man whose ambitions rally the Galileans to a near rebellion against Herod, a cruel and manipulative Pilate who seeks to destroy Jesus, not save him. Walter draws a profound relationship between Jesus and Ananas, the High Priest of Jerusalem. All names and locations are restored to their original Hebrew. This latest offering by Walter Schenck contains over 38 full color masterpiece reproductions along with 14 black and whit... more
  • Ghosts in Trouble

    by Joan Slowey
    Ghosts, Cormac and Lizzie, were burglars all their lives and now they can't get into heaven until the stolen goods have all been given back. But a silver tea-set is buried in the garden and no one else knows it's there. Cormac's cousin inherits the house so they ask his children, twins David and Dora, to do the digging. They don't realise that they were seen stealing the silver by John the Pots, a man of the roads, who wants the tea-set himself so he can claim a reward . . .
  • Perfect Petals: The House of Ivy

    by Rebecca Ann Ivy
    For days when you are not able to go outside and need a short lovely journey in the park and enjoy beautiful flowers...The author loves to walk and photograph flowers and nature...come along my favorite path for a few minutes..... there is something unique about this park my troubles always seem to fade away.