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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Youthful Fantasies

    by Fadi Bejjani
    This collection of original works covers a variety of subject matter, including history, poetry, fiction, and art, all directly from the creative minds of the young authors. By turning to the first page, one unlocks a realm of creatures, gods and goddesses, common cravings of children, fancied adornments, the simplest elements of nature, the hardships of growing up, and nighttime beauties, peppered with pithy text and illustrative drawings. Let curiosity carry you through the stories, one by one... more
  • Stone Angels

    by Michael Hartigan
    This gritty and fast-paced story follows Augustine Shaw as he embarks on a road trip from college in Providence, Rhode Island to Key West, Florida, where he hopes the sun, sex and insobriety will help drown his past. But the reprieve is only temporary. On the dark road home, Shaw is thrust into a dizzying array of memories, forcing him to relive the heartache he caused, the reputations he shattered, and the two friends he killed. Shaw races towards a final decision: bury his secrets forever, or ... more
  • Master Gardener

    by Rolf Margenau
    The story of what happens when big AG tries to thwart the introduction of magic seeds from the Amazon basin that challenge genetic engineering. Master Gardeners work to save the monarch butterfly by modifying milkweed seeds to grow through poisoned soil. Humorous look at a serious subject. Attractive main characters; villainous bad guys.
  • Epiphany

    by Nickolae Gerstner
    Philip Rockcastle discovers that an unimaginable crime paved the way for him to become a priest. Now pastor of a neighborhood church, is he doing what he was meant to do or is his life a mistake? He feels responsible when his counseling efforts drive a mentally troubled parishioner to seek validation for fantasies by making a bogus confession to a murder. Troubled, he visits Tara, a divorced mother of two young boys. The visit is innocent. He is not in love with her. He tells himself that fre... more
  • The Sorceress of Menlo Park

    by Richard Sloan
    A brilliant young scientist named Joanne (aka The Sorceress of Menlo Park) is creating a microchip forebrain implant to cure a neuromuscular disease. However, she is opposed by a coalition of powerful persons and groups who fear the dangers: mind control, Frankenstein monsters, The Beast of Revelations, etc. They confront each other in a series of public debates and behind the scenes activities: Stalking, personal attacks, divide-and-conquer, and interference in Joanne's troubled marriage. Can ... more
  • Khiva

    by Tim Elam
    High school classmates Ryan and Christine think they are in for just another English assignment. Combing the shelves of the school library, a tattered collection of books catches their eye. Within the pages, they discover the story of Sayid, a 19th century prince, and his life of love, betrayal and warfare across Central Asia. But when their own experiences begin to mirror Sayid’s, they become trapped in a struggle for justice, forgiveness, love and ultimately survival.
  • Frankie Fiddlesticks, Where's the Hamster?

    by Alhaitham Jassar
    Frankie Fiddlesticks has many pets and he takes very good care of them. But one night, he forgot to close the hamster container! The poor hamster, Howard, got out and went lost! OH NO! How is Frankie going to find him? And more importantly, how would YOU find a lost hamster?
  • House of Transformation

    by Astrea Taylor
    Ananda Dawn is a bigger-than-life pop star, but the paparazzi won't leave her alone and she's tired of being on the Enquirer every month. Her addiction to a prescription pill is out of control and she's spiraling downward. After a mental breakdown, she goes back home to St. Paul, Minnesota, to visit an old friend, therapist Mag Woods, to ask for help. But Mag just published a scathing tell-all book about her time with Ananda. With help from a tech-savvy assistant, they attempt to repair their re... more
  • NAPALM'S EMBRACE. ISBN 9781483541013

    by W. Thomas Leonard
    NAPALM'S EMBRACE is a historical romance set in Vietnam in 1968. 2nd Lt. Jack Brady, a Civil Affairs officer, has been assigned the thankless task of winning the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese villagers out in the countryside. His efforts are thwarted by the military bureaucracy and intensifying war. His attractive interpreter Tran Thi Sam gives Brady a deep insight into Vietnamese culture and history. 1st Lt. Mike Donnelly, the Operations officer just in from the field, is a direct co... more
  • Hypatia Academy

    by Esther Goldenberg
    Twelve-year-old Hope was having a good year so far. She enjoyed hanging out with her friends and playing with her dog, Zamboni. Then one day, everything changed. Hope was taken to the mysterious Hypatia Academy where she found invisible bullies, ancient magic, and even little green men. It is Hope's mission to find the powerful pearl that will save the world from the spirit of the ancient Egyptian sorcerer, Ramus. Her new friends are willing to help her, but will it be enough? Hypatia Academy is... more
  • Lovefolds of Our Upbringing: A Family's Journey in Life

    by Lynn Alaimalo
    The humble upbringing of families redounds to discipline,career-minded techniques, self-sufficient traits and unwavering heart of a Samoan child to strive to become better in life. It is the accustomed responsibility of Samoan parents to raise their children well. The journalism perspective of each character constitutes to a whirlwind of trials that stabilized a family that hopes and prays for a fulfilling future. Many roadblocks along the way torments the characters in their upbringing.A ce... more
  • Domino, the Clumsy Cat

    by Katie Weisenbarger
    Domino is a clumsy cat who lives on a farm. He loses his collar and rallies his farm friends to help him find it! The chickens, horses, and alpacas find a creative solution to help their feline friend.
  • Soldier Hill

    by Phil Rossi
    When the memorial for an unknown soldier is threatened, a high school boy sets out to discover the soldier's identity and honor his sacrifice. A teenage adventure set in the 1980s, during the dark and bitter fallout of the Vietnam War.
  • Two for the Holidays

    by Ekta R. Garg
    A medium gets ready for one of the biggest days in her career speaking to the dead. An elf accepts an unusual assignment and faces his past. Two stories about people tied to holiday-themed professions. Two stories about the reality of life's hardships in the last quarter of the year. Two stories for the holidays. The first story, "Take A Breath": Marisa Bellini has traveled to a tiny town on Halloween to help people contact the dead. She's built an empire on the idea that she can talk to ghos... more
  • The King of Average

    by Gary Schwartz
    James isn’t the world’s greatest kid, but he’s not the worst, either. When he decides to become the most average kid who ever lived, James is transported to another world where he meets Mayor Culpa, a well-dressed talking Scapegoat who recruits him to become the new King of Average. He’s joined on his quest by a professional Optimist and his grouchy companion, an equally professional Pessimist. Together, they set out on a journey of self-discovery that leads them all the way to Mount ... more
  • Naming The Bits Between

    by Jessica M. Collette
    Somewhere between the unexpected changes in life, his legacy becomes a combination of all the others. Suddenly, she’s gone. Devastated, he’s lost. The comfortable life that married couple Celeste and Eric Harper shared, is shattered by tragedy. For Eric, an unmotivated journalist who is grieving the accidental death of his wife, sorting through this broken existence without Celeste is nearly impossible. It is utterly excruciating. Right when he needs it most, his neighbor and closest conf... more