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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Gross Greg

    by Alvin Irby

    A hilarious rhyming picture book from award-winning educator and comedian Alvin Irby. This laugh-out-loud story about one young boy's big appetite for chewy little treats, despite the protest of everyone he encounters, will make kids queasy with laughter.

  • The Castoff Children

    by L.M. Browning
    The year is 1850. The Revolutionary War has long since come to an end and the industrial revolution is beginning to build steam, overturning the old ways of home and hearth as it gains momentum. In a desperate hour, in the back alleys of Boston, a group of twelve castoff children come together to care for each other. Plagued by the unanswered questions surrounding their past and grief for loved ones lost, the children attempt to come to terms with the bitter truths that have defined their life t... more
  • Storks Bill: To Most They Were Common Weeds, But to Her They Were the Message

    by David W. Ives

    Rubin and Marnie were the successful ones, darlings of the social and religious Bible belt culture. Rubin was not always a powerful man, he was once teachable. His ability to mold himself into something needed was the catalyst to a career that was full of promise.  
    Too bad he was not satisfied with the future so many were seeking for him. Rubin never meant to be superficial or phony, it was needed of him and he was good at giving what needs demand. 
    Marnie was all that wa... more

  • Burning Down The House

    by Evangeline Jennings
    Watch out. You might get what you're after. A post-electoral dystopia blues, BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE describes the future breakdown of a once great nation following the rise of a tiny-fingered snake oil salesman.
  • The Binding of Saint Barbara

    by Stephanie Carroll

    Experience one of the most controversial decisions of the nineteenth century – the world’s first death by electrocution – through the eyes of those who witnessed it and the man who endured it.

    Charlotte Durston is a prisoner—but she’s not a criminal, just the warden’s daughter. Under the thumb of overprotective parents, she hasn’t stepped outside the walls of the castle-like fortress that is Auburn Prison since she was a child. However, at seven... more

  • A White Room

    by Stephanie Carroll
    At the close of the Victorian Era, society still expected middle-class women to be “the angels of the house,” even as a select few strived to become something more. In this time of change, Emeline Evans dreamed of becoming a nurse. But when her father dies unexpectedly, Emeline sacrifices her ambitions and rescues her family from destitution by marrying John Dorr, a reserved lawyer who can provide for her family. John moves Emeline to the remote Missouri town of Labellum and into an unusual ... more
  • The Story Teller

    by William Baird
    The story of one man's family stretching over a century from Ireland to America. births, deaths, religious conflicts and grinding hunger; these are just some of the challenges faced. This is their story.
  • Unexpected Journeys

    by William Baird
    An ordinary man travels the road backward in time to trace his family beginnings. the family story becomes a winding journey that includes England, Puritan New England for the Salem Witch Trials, emigration to the US, and both the Civil War and WW2. These journeys urge the reader to complete the journey with the author. but, are the Journeys truly over?
  • Tessalation!

    by Emily Grosvenor
    Tiny Tessa Truman-Ling sees patterns in the strangest things! One day, Tessa's mama sends her outside to play. There, in a game of hide-and-seek, she discovers a thrilling beauty in the patterns of nature. In the wonderland of her backyard, Tessa explores a bee hive, a mushroom ring, a pile of leaves, and makes friends with turtles, fish and butterflies. As she gets lost in the patterns, she discovers that the world outside has a startling and comforting order to it. Join Tessa in this whi... more
  • Jestus on Rmpge

    by V.S.Sury
  • Slice

    by Mark Wayne Allen
    Is poetry meant to inspire love or terror? Do our religious leaders always lead us to mercy and love or do they sometimes lead down a darker path? Can a person show courage and forgiveness when forced into impossible circumstances? Is a man sane to care about a house full of trash and rats? These topics and more are explored in this new collection from the Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, LA-- Slice: BWG Anthology Vol. 2 Through memoir, poetry, humorous, serious, and—well, just plain weird —... more
  • Journeys (Bayou Writers Group Anthology) (Volume 1)

    by Mark Allen
    Whether it’s space academy, finding God, fighting wars, or bringing your cat to a psychiatrist, life takes us many interesting places. Some roads we choose. Some are chosen for us. But all have to be traveled. Join Bayou Writers Group as they explore life’s journeys in their new anthology.
  • The Boy Who Had A Peach Tree Growing Out Of His Head

    by Hal Ackerman
    From a man in need of a haircut picking up a hitchhiking rabbi whose Romanian village was decimated by the Nazis, to a family of rabbits, to an elderly man who might have gone to school with Lenin, to a hunch bettor at the race track who uses the results as a ouija board to his future, to a man whose wife left him via a text message, to the inner life of a queen bee, this eclectic compilation of stories examines the ties of family that break and bind. They are like sun showers, simultaneously... more
  • The Last Star & Other Stories

    by D.L. Orton
    Share the wonder. Experience the passion. Take the journey... FROM AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR D. L. ORTON comes a funny, provocative, and sensual collection of short stories. Laugh, cry, and linger over these brief but intense glimpses into the lives of two hesitant young lovers, a billion-year-old AI and his female companion, a human-dolphin friendship, a lonely divorcée who believes she's too old to fall in love, and more...
  • Other Worlds: Stories

    by michael hoffman
    It's a collection of 7 short stories. As follows: Granule and Mandolyn “There’s a world,” he said, speaking slowly and hesitantly, as a man does when his experience has outrun his vocabulary, “where there’s a thing called death. They are human there, like us, only… they come into being at a certain point in time, through a process called birth, and then… they die, they vanish.” The little group fell silent, and the silence seemed to spread to other parts of the room. Real Life H... more
  • Ruined Wings

    by Ashley Fontainne
    Seventeen-year-old Callie Novak is on the cusp of changing her life as she warms up for the final heat in the Women's 1600 meter track and field competition. While she sets a new state record, her family's worse nightmare is just beginning. When tragedy strikes the Novak family every reader will feel the pain of grief, the perils of drug abuse, the despair that leads to a shocking downward spiral and the strength that’s needed to overcome addiction.