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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • My Heart is Hurting

    by S.E. Reed
    Jinny Buffett is lonely… She’s never had the comfort of a white picket fence with a loving family. Her subsidized apartment in Hollywood Florida echoes with the void of her dead Daddy, and the nights drag long into twilight while her Mama works the block outside the Margaritaville resort. It’s idealistic Ms. Fleming, who’s brave enough to come knocking first. She wants to see Jinny rise up and use her ace scores to escape the wheel of poverty, convincing Jinny to start a school book club, ... more
  • Life Support

    by Sarah McKnight
    Every bite Kendra takes is a battle. Rosie can’t control her mouth. Alex struggles to keep his head above water. Tyler’s world has come crashing to his feet. Ricky’s anger threatens to spill over. Told through a series of shifting perspectives, five strangers, nothing but blurred faces in a crowded high school hallway, come together in search of solace, support, and comfort. Together, they help each other realize that although life may not be perfect, the world around them can still fall perf... more
  • Ancient Mysteries of the Urban Legion

    by Dave Agans

    The apocalypse is not a prophecy—it’s a plot.

    From drugged pelicans attacking a Gulf Coast rock concert to a spider-spewing cactus clearing out the Cambridge Public Library, global turmoil has taken an ominous turn. Even old-world Catholics at Chicago’s Saint Kielbasa Parish are packing heat. As Roger Landowski and the Urban Legion race to stop the unrest before the wielding of an ancient artifact can trigger Armageddon, they discover the real leaders ... more

  • The Love Enthusiast

    by Keisha 'WriteNow' Allen
    Amina ‘Badass’ Thompkins is a woman who defies time and embraces love with an unwavering spirit. In her fifties, she remains a timeless beauty, as a singer with an enchanting voice that captivates audiences, though she shies away from the limelight. Never having witnessed a man’s loyalty to a single woman, she seeks solace in unconventional relationships and leaves behind her true love, her husband, for a bandmate. Haunted by her own painful experiences, not only does she have to navigate the tr... more
  • I Love You 10!

    by Ruth Baird
    On the day of a fun family party, a child wants to find 10 kinds of love, one for each finger, before night comes. At the family reunion, Parents, Sisters, Brothers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins come, but is that all the love there is? Wait, the child sees friends and a puppy. Can they be counted too? Ruth Baird studied art from age 11 through college. She grew up in Arizona with many siblings and enjoyws hanging out with her own big family, dogs and chickens. She enjoys saying "I l... more
  • Christopher Hawkins and His Daring Escapes

    by Jeanne Brownlee Becijos
    This novel is adapted and expanded from a true-life memoir written by the author’s 4th great-grandfather. In the early days of the Revolutionary War in Rhode Island, 12-year-old Christopher Hawkins yearns to be a patriot and a sailor. After being forced by his father to become a tannery apprentice, Christopher runs away and enlists on an American privateer. During his adventure at sea, the British attack and capture his ship. Quick-witted Christopher escapes at his first opportunity and returns ... more
  • Cruz's Cars

    by Michael Ukoha
    My name is Michael Ukoha, a first time author of a children's book named Cruz's Cars. The story emphasizes black joy, family, and love for cars.
  • Test of the Champion

    by Ann (Hassler) Deiterich
    It's a "Seabiscuit meets Charlotte's Web" story about a young filly who sets out to prove she's as good as the colts on horse racing's biggest stage. But she has to overcome one obstacle after another and needs a victory to save the farm for her friends.
  • The Errors of Mankind: Mistaking the True Conditions for Our Well Being

    The Errors of Mankind is an allegory about human nature, probing into the circumstances which gives rise to its evil side and the possibility of redemption. ​The main characters are: Will, a retired consultant and Vietnam veteran; Johann, a distant relative of Will’s who is a German veteran of World War II; and Lena, an Auschwitz survivor. Will is still struggling to find purpose after losing his beliefs in Vietnam while Johann still expresses a strong belief in the discredited regime he onc... more
  • Defining Me

    by LM Berthiaume
    A "The One That Got Away" Love Story With A Twist Picture a moment when everything you hold dear shatters into a million pieces—your spirit crushed, your ambitions shattered, and your heart left in ruins. Isabelle Connelley knows this pain all too well. Not content to sit still and wait for things to get better, she runs away from her troubles, sprinting towards a chance encounter that could change everything— straight into the arms of her first love. Alex Hastings, Isabelle’s “The One Tha... more
  • The King's Fuzilier

    by Loarn D. Robertson
    The book is divided into eight parts providing a linear account of the action between 1775-1776 when British Fuziliers, guarding a British fort were captured by American rebels and made prisoners of war. The protagonist is Lieutenant John Despard and the story follows his life as he endures the hardships and indignities heaped upon him during his captivity and his attempt to gain his freedom. Endnotes give additional historical background including a synopsis of the lifespan of John Despard toge... more
  • A Sporting Life

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Sarah and Thomas Woodford travel west in search of a better life. En route Thomas takes ill and dies leaving Sarah to look after herself. Remaining for a time with the wagon train, a man she befriended betrays her and she soon discovers she's alone in the frontier town of Parish without much except for her meagre savings. Lodging at Parish's sole hotel, Sarah must eke out a living to survive, hoping all the while she'll save enough money to pay for her passage home. When things don't work out as... more
  • The Reclusive Life of Rita Reilly

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Born into a pre-war and middle class Irish family, Rita Reilly enjoys a comfortable upbringing. Her family live above their newsagent and grocery store which prospers because of a terrific location and regular traffic. Rita has every reason to expect she'll complete secondary school, gain a university education, and continue on a path of her own choosing. However, when a death in the family occurs, Rita offers to stay behind while her parents and brother travel for the funeral. What happens whi... more
  • Ossuary

    by Robert E. Kearns
    In ancient Judea, to the objections of an overbearing parent, a young couple fall in love. When Maria becomes pregnant, they must elope. However, the girl's father wants his revenge and hatches a plot to return them to their home town. In this epic novel, the author takes us on a sweeping journey of love, tragedy and the human condition. Ossuary by Robert E. Kearns is a superlative re-imagining of the greatest story ever told.
  • Embers

    by Robert E. Kearns
    Proctor is a youth with ambitions beyond his station. Quick witted and with an uncanny knack for mimicry, he can impersonate anyone. Spotting an opportunity for financial gain, and an improvement in his social standing, he accepts the position as an understudy to a puritan minister. But, living in the home of his benefactor, he meets and falls in love with a girl he shouldn't. That's where matters take a turn. After a duel with the girl's uncle, he moves away from London, and then on to the Am... more
  • Company of Foos

    by Paul Davidson
    Cameron Murphy just landed the ultimate dream job. Unfortunately, working at one of the world's largest tech companies is a bit of a nightmare. Now, stuck in the Pacific Northwest with his family in tow, he must sidestep corporate politics, avoid the certifiably-insane and develop a product that will change the world of entertainment forever. Easy, right? But with his wife, Jess, struggling to find her own identity in a wasteland of suburban frigidity, and the corporate algorithm out to get him ... more