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General Fiction (including literary and historical)


    by Jorge Bosch
    After a tragic teenage trauma, a young man fights to respect himself and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing his family to get the answers he has been searching for for the last 12 years. John, a good-looking, and athletic 14-year-old from an affluent family in the suburbs of Los Angeles, is a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle. Family interests will prevail above all else. The mother decides to keep the incident secret to avoid scandal and the bad reputation of the f... more
  • Maeve in the Morning

    by Amanda Gale
    He's been a thorn in her side since they were teenagers. But is her nemesis in fact her greatest supporter of all? It all started senior year in high school. Maeve Sheering was closing in on valedictorian and running a meaningful campaign for class president. But her efforts were thwarted by Kyle Langahan, the bright but cocky son of scientists intent on taking down a local chemical company that was poisoning the town's water. It didn’t help that a chance encounter with him triggered events t... more
  • Naked Love Berlin

    by Jin DeLuong
    The sexy gay novel that reveals all New York, Paris, San Francisco – back in their heydays, these cities were outrageous fun for gays and artists. Berlin was the forgotten ghetto, but post-war and post-wall, Berlin has become Europe's queerest city. In Naked Love Berlin, experience the city through the lives of four gay and bisexual men as they learn that the party's only fun when earned. Kay is a Canadian with a corporate job. He struggles for a fabulous European life, but fabulous and mo... more
  • Does Anyone Love Me? A Nature Odyssey for Children

    by David Dussourd
    Nature offers a wonderland of marvels for children and a place to relax and restore mental and physical health. This book encourages exploration of the outdoors and curiosity about life. It teaches self-acceptance, acceptance of others who are different, numbers, colors, and antonyms - all while emphasizing the beauty and magic of the extraordinary creatures found all around us. The book is illustrated with pictures of diverse children interacting with nature and with over 140 photographs of ani... more
  • Eleonora and Joseph. Passion, Tragedy, and Revolution in the Age of Enlightenment. A Novel. 

    by Julieta Almeida Rodrigues
    As the novel opens, aristocratic Eleonora Fonseca Pimentel pleads with the High Court of Naples to be beheaded instead of hanged like a criminal. One of the leading revolutionaries of her time, Eleonora contributed to the establishment of the Neapolitan Republic, based on the ideals of the French Revolution. Imprisoned in 1799 after the return of the Bourbon Monarchy - due to her work as editor-in-chief of Il Monitore Napoletano - and while waiting to be sentenced, she writes a memoir. Here, she... more
  • Hunnie Bunny's Garden Mystery

    by Deborah Carter Martin
    Hunnie Bunny's Garden Mystery is the second young children's picture book in the Hunnie Bunny series. What's happening to Hunnie Bunny's garden? Join Hunnie Bunny, Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Frog as they uncover the mystery of the disappearing vegetables.
  • The Worth of a Ruby

    by Lya Badgley
    It’s 1995 and Mallory Jones, a Seattle chef, embarks on an adventurous journey to Rangoon, Burma, in pursuit of a dream project. Immersed in a foreign world of beauty, stifling heat and political turmoil, Mallory's life takes an unexpected turn when she befriends a British diplomat and a charismatic French gem dealer, unwittingly becoming entangled in a treacherous plot to steal a priceless Burmese ruby. Haunted by her traumatic childhood, Mallory must confront her own capacity for violence and ... more
  • My Holiday Socks

    by Michelle Urra
    Explore the excitement of diverse holidays throughout the year with "My Holiday Socks," where a young girl expresses her unique celebration style through vibrant and festive socks. These favorite clothing accessories become a delightful way for children to embrace their individuality and have fun with their attire. This charming story encourages kids to enjoy the spirit of each holiday and is perfect for revisiting as each festive occasion approaches.
  • The Dogs of War

    by Thomas Roke
    The year is 1427. The Hundred Years War rages on. France is virtually extinguished. Amid the chaos of war, the ruthless Gilles de Rais - Marshal of France, murderer, Devil-worshipper – ransacks the monastery at Mont Baiard in search a holy relic, the Sword of Alaric, tied to an ancient prophecy: he who wields the sword will rule over the empire of the Caesars, just like the man for whom it was made once did. De Rais is thwarted, however; two novice monks escape the sack of the monastery with the... more
  • Hell Is a World Without You

    by Jason Kirk
    Rarely has an Evangelical upbringing been depicted with the relentless honesty, wide-ranging empathy, and Superbad-meets-Siddhartha playfulness of HELL IS A WORLD WITHOUT YOU. During the time of Pizza Hut buffets, 9/11, and all-night Mario Kart parties, a grieving teenager faces a mortal crossroads: fire-and-brimstone certainty vs. forbidden love. And whether or not you’ve ever begged God to delay the Rapture (so you could have time to lose your virginity), that kid’s story is about you.
  • The Man With Sapphire Eyes ISBN: 978-1-64890-655-8

    by Larry Mellman
    Venice, 1371. As war upends their lives, their families, and their republic, Nico Saltano, ballot boy to Doge Andrea Contarini, and Donato Venturi, a celebrated Black swordsman, fall in love during a clandestine diplomatic mission and run the risk of burning at the stake for their love. When an enemy alliance attacks Venice, their love is tried and tested in a warscape of greed, treachery, loyalty, and heroism. Surviving, sustaining their love, and protecting their republic radically redefines ... more
  • Unfit to Print: A Modern Media Satire

    by G. Wayne Miller
    What happens when SuperGoodMedia, a ridiculous out-of-town newspaper chain buys the venerable Boston Daily Tribune, which has published every day since 1823? Heads roll and the few journalists left wonder when it will be their turn. That’s protagonist Nick Nolan’s worry, too – until he gets exclusive coverage of a single mother who claims that the Virgin Mary is speaking to the world through her young comatose daughter. Nolan not only keeps his job but becomes an international celebrity as Th... more
  • The Gifts of Christmas

    by Runjun Lahkar
  • The Miracles of Christmas

    by Runjun Lahkar
  • Monochromatic Mind

    by Tristan Mowrey
    All it takes is a nudge to get started with using your imagination. Creativity is a muscle that needs training and many different outlets to express itself. With the evolution of technology in movies, shows, and AI, it is easy to turn off this side of ourselves and let the world tell us what is possible or impossible. The best ideas created and used in everyday life were by someone not afraid to tear down the line of what was considered impossible. There isn’t one right or wrong ending for these... more
  • The Wisdom of the Willow

    by Nancy Chadwick

    In the backyard of Margaret and Joe Dowling’s new house in the north suburbs of Chicago, Joe plants a young willow tree as a symbol of home, belonging, and growth. As the years pass, the willow becomes a place for Margaret to share life's wisdom with their four young daughters. Debra, the oldest, is shattered when she is asked for a divorce. Rose, who has long hiddern her true self, finally begins to evaluate her pattern of being in uncommitted relationships. Linney fears losin... more