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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Best Assignment Help

    by Johan Rock
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  • Doctor Pluss (Third, Revised Edition)

    by Rob Couteau

    Doctor Pluss is a work of fiction based on actual dialogues with schizophrenic patients, diabolically "sane" psychotherapists, and well-meaning yet unerringly destructive social workers. It chronicles the descent of an eccentric, sardonic, and witty psychiatrist into what appears to be a state of complete madness. Written in an evocative, lyrical prose style, the tale achieves a magical life of its own as the narrative twists, turns, and accelerates along with the... more

  • Don't Step on the Spider

    by Kirk Raeber
    This is a delightful Children’s Book that follows Tim and his Grandfather Don on an adventure. Tim quickly learns that all life is important. Grandfather Don introduces Tim to all his friends in the fields and forest surrounding his house. The creatures tell Tim how important they are to the earth and without them life would be very different. The reader has several questions at the end of the book and space for hand written answers. The questions give the reader a chance to express the... more
  • The Round Box

    by Lois Wickstrom
    When Carrie's Grandma moved across town, she left 4 boxes in a closet marked KEEP. Fascinator, Wandas, Feathers and Dowse. The Fascinator box is round. Inside is a boat. The boat is a hat. Carrie puts it on and her world rocks. This is the second book in the Grandma's Closet series.
  • Neon Nights

    by Katey Taylor
    Liquor and lust and troubled boys who are hard to trust... After a harrowing summer riddled with tragedies, seventeen-year-old Cait is forced to deal with the aftermath of poor choices and failed relationships. Will Cait be able to continue her journey despite the heavy chains from her past, or will she be dragged down by the same mistakes?
  • Seasons

    by Ashton Pacholski
    SEASONS is a binary volume of poetry and prose that culminates to about 113 pages. 53 original poems range the spectrum of human emotion, and my book includes a short work of fiction titled “The Blue Beetle,” a character study of one man who doesn’t let go of his past; a story prime for readers who enjoy a great character study. The story follows our titular “lonely man” as he stalks a young woman, running the gauntlet of his dark past. The lonely man must make a decision. He must give into that... more
  • Big Red

    by Robert Liddell
    The Australian landscape is vast and variable, from the lush green forests at the northern and southern extremes of the continent, to the harsh red desert and grasses of the inland. Spread across this diverse geography, the kangaroos roam and propagate, dealing with both nature and mankind in their quest for survival. Readers will accompany Big Red and her small family in the struggle for survival in this harsh country.
  • This Side of Yesterday

    by Angela D Meyer
    Ginger Mooreland’s beloved grandfather is showing signs of dementia and they are in danger of losing the Jukebox Café, their only means of support. Convinced that his wife, Irene, who disappeared shortly after Pearl Harbor is still alive, Grandpa sends Ginger on an unlikely quest to uncover the truth. Ginger’s feelings are changing toward Mike, the pastor of the local community church, but she questions whether she needs one more thing unsettling her life. As Ginger traces the threads ... more
  • Journey to Park Joy

    by Gauri Paydenkar
    This story is about a walk to the park of a boy with his dog and the people he meets along the way.
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    by jackob lee
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  • The summer we turned thirteen

    by Kayla Maria
    Harlee Ramirez and James Whitmire have been best friends since they were nine years old. Harlee is bold and brazen, while James is shy and reserved. In some cases, such opposite personalities may repel, but not in theirs. Their differences make the dynamic of their friendship special. So special, Harlee always believed they were untouchable, unbreakable, and that no one could come between them. But the month before Harlee and James' thirteenth birthdays, James proves otherwise. When he ends thei... more
  • In Other News

    by Dale Robbins
    Would you whisper your deepest, darkest secret into the living room of every house in America? Marlon Woods is the name on the lips of every sensationalist newscaster in the country. The Pine State University sophomore is now known for surviving a horrific sexual assault at the hands of Parker Sullivan, star quarterback and son of a former Washington governor. After vanishing for the summer, school is back in session, and Marlon must endure the ridicule and speculation of his cruel classmates... more
  • Finding Friendship: the Adventures of Wee Maddie & Katie

    by Aunt Beast


         Meet Wee Maddie as she searches for a friend to share adventure with and encounters interesting critters that are not quite just right. Meet Katie's littermates and their new, 'DogMa Approved' adoptive families.
        Finally, after a lifetime of waiting, Wee Maddie and Katie team up to begin adventures of their own! Along the journey to Katie, Wee Maddie explores the characteristics of a great friend.
         Spark cu... more

  • What Peace Means to Us

    by Izaak David Diggs
    When was the last time your life changed dramatically? When was the last time something unexpected happened that radically altered the way you look at the world? What Peace Means to Us is the story of five ordinary people who stumble into extraordinary situations that they are completely unprepared for: A father taking in the son he has never bothered getting to know. A teacher losing everything and everyone important to him. A student struggling to face the future after a tragedy. A young... more
  • The Wonders of the Peculiar Parasol

    by Mark Even
    Three young cousins discover they descend from a powerful wizard, and activate an enchanted parasol that transports them to a fantasy world where they discover their magical abilities. When one of the cousins inadvertently releases an evil sorceress from a magical prison, the cousins must band together and battle the sorceress to save the parasol, their wizard ancestor, and their own families.
  • A View From the Borderline

    by Charles Souby
    A View from the Borderline is a collection of short stories by Charles Souby that runs the gamut from dark and gritty satire to sweet and serious love. They include a man plotting to poison a park full of pigeons to frame a bothersome old lady; a high school delinquent who falls for a dispossessed girl about to be shipped off to an asylum and an LA police detective who encounters a rave promoters’ diabolical plot to abduct young mindless teenagers for unthinkable purposes. Stories in this collec... more