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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • The Boy Who Sailed to Spain

    by Paul O'Garra
    Set in North Africa and Spain in 2015. Masuhun´s family have been Christians since before Islam was born, since the time of Augustine of Hippo and the presence of the Romans. They live in North Africa where he follows his father´s every footstep loving him and his company at every opportunity. Till one day after the celebration of house mass, in the night hooded men come to their home. In spite of the boy´s reckless intervention, they brutally slay his father, Afra. The tribe comes belatedly to ... more
  • The Angel Spoke In Parables

    by Felix DeTrolio
    The story of Jack Gaston's search for a haunting memory and a man, a painter, who has entered his life through a back door and now seems intent on destroying his previously well ordered, successful life. And when all seems lost he finds himself engaged in the recording of the memories of one of the worlds most famous artists and hearing the truth of what happened in the field where a supposed suicide was committed. What he hears will change to history of art.
  • The Odyssey Of Joshua Robinsoin

    by Felix DeTrolio
    How do you distill the story, the agony, the rage, the love and hate, the power of one mans will that took 150,000 words to tell, into a paragraph? I cannot do that. Maybe there are people who can, or maybe, just maybe, it cannot be done. Maybe even those who believe they can do it, really cannot. Or maybe, as Joshua said, "I'm too filled with it all, Jessica, too filled with too much to be stupid enough to try and convince you, here, right now, tonight, why you should feel the way I believe you... more
  • ABC's With Lighties

    by Michael Spencer
    This book provides and fun and colorful way to learn words and letters. For every letter there are three words accompanied by descriptive illustrations that help the reader understand what the word means. The colorful characters make learning fun for young readers and they are sure to pick up letters and words in no time!
  • Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2)

    by Chris Maley

    Fearkiller (Volume 1) was a story about fear, uncertainty, panic, doubt, ignorance, and misery transforming the workforce during the first decade of the new millennium.

    Notes from Trillionaire Island: Fearkiller (Volume 2) takes place three years after the ending of the first book. It is about mischief, optimism, joy, happiness, elation, and inspiration—and making trillions of dollars.

  • Where's Lighty?

    by Michael Spencer
    Introducing the Lighties, colorful characters from Lighty Island. Read along and find hidden characters based solely on description. This book provides a new age and challenging spin to the popular Where's Waldo books, and is sure to provide hours of fun for every reader, young and old.
  • Sade and The Golden Shoe

    by Shahara Ruth
    Sade and The Shoe is a new Nigerian folktale. Sade, the heroine, saves her village from the curse of a golden shoe found by her father in a nearby magic lake. The story uses the influences of traditional West African storytelling, along with customary cadences to weave this tale of a little girl's adventure and that of her unlikely best friend, the village mosquito. The story is similar to the famed Aesop's fables and includes a moral that uses animals as significant figures to relate the messag... more
  • Under the Pong Pong Tree

    by Hal Levey

    A Chinese girl, Li Lian Goh, copes with life after the Japanese invade Singapore, destroy her family, and rape her savagely. They consign her to a military brothel, where she is impregnated by a cruel Japanese officer, Capt. Hideo Hoda, who ignores the house condom rule. Later, Hoda is killed by a marine on Guadalcanal. Li Lian escapes and gives birth to a daughter, named Maimunah, in a Malay village. The war ends, and Li Lian acquires a rubber plantation in the Malay state of Kelantan. She t... more

  • Manhattan Road Trip

    by Robin Meloy Goldsby
    In Robin Meloy Goldsby’s musical tales of passion, wild success and gut-wrenching regret, a classical pianist battles middle age and Rachmaninoff; a bebop saxophonist struggles with a varmint sharing her New York City apartment; and a cellist performs Mozart for her mentally ill mother. Filled with the biting humor and razor-sharp honesty familiar to Goldsby’s Piano Girl fans, thirteen sparkling fictional stories illuminate the not-so-public lives of musicians. Fragile, feisty, courageous, b... more
  • The Last Hobo

    by Dan Grajek

    In the year 1979, a 19-year old college student from Detroit follows his dream of being a hobo by hitchhiking across America. The book captures the fun, hilarity, and anxiety of a fantasy-fueled road trip colliding with reality. Based on a true story, it's a colorful portrait of America and its people at a weird time—the threshold of the seventies and eighties.

  • Behind Closed Doors 2: Dana's Story

    by A.L. Smith

    "The love of money is the root to all evil, but poverty and wealth are its greatest companions..." ~ A.L. Smith

    Human trafficking is often considered an international phenomenon and women from third world countries are the first images that come to mind. However, “familial human trafficking” is a more intimate crime due to the dynamics of the underlying relationships. Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal entities in the country today, second only to dru... more

  • Small Fish in a Big Sea

    by Stacey Howard
    A Fish tale of a poor farm boy and ex-combat marine who gets set up and ratted out by his life-long childhood chum. Fish exercises his Constitutional right protecting him from self-incrimination (5th Amendment) and is sentenced to Federal prison. While inside, he befriends a recovering drug addict and a new plan is devised. They agree to stay in touch and help each other in the near future. This is an imaginative look inside a major drug-smuggling operation in its infancy and how the Un... more
  • The King's Courtesan

    by Suzan Tisdale
    For more than four decades, Signora Francesca Ginori has kept her true identity secret. Living a quiet life, with her children grown, living their lives with children of their own, she believes she has put her past behind her. That is, until one peaceful summer afternoon when a stranger arrives at her door with news of the death of an old friend. The stranger knows her secrets and threatens to turn her world to chaos by revealing them if she refuses to give him what he wants. It is not money... more
  • All Too Much for Oliver

    by Leila Boukarim
    Oliver is a quiet little boy. He avoids going to places that might be too noisy or crowded like the playground, the pool, or even birthday parties. In fact, Oliver’s favorite thing to do is play by himself in his own quiet room. But things start to change when Odile moves in next door. One day, Odile asks Oliver to go to the playground with her. Oliver really wants to play with Odile, but he is worried... Will Oliver go with Odile to the playground, even though it might be very crowded a... more
  • Kennedy's Revenge: The Election of 2016

    by Stephen Rodenbeck
    Fitzgerald Cavendish discovers he is the illegitimate son of one of the most popular figures of the 20th Century. While investigating the circumstances surrounding his father's death, Cavendish discovers why the country is $19 trillion in debt with an immigration problem, a healthcare crisis, and a never-ending war against terror. Leveraging his new-found celebrity (and America's obsession with it), Cavendish sheds light on how the whole political process is rigged to create the illusion of c... more
  • The Odyssey of Izzy

    by Eva Murray