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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Heartless

    by Mark Rouse
    The glue that put him back together has dried, faded and flaked away, leaving him more fragmented than ever before. The trials of Soulless have left him a husk of his former self, broken in body and spirit. Even the potential of a new romance may get shattered by his own obsessive need to see his fallen love avenged. The hallucinations, the demonic inner voices, and the unwavering thirst for vengeance are now substance for a mental infection that is leading him down a dark path to madness. Wha... more
  • Mara, Marietta: A Love Story in 77 Bedrooms

    by Richard Jonathan
    ‘What excites you?’ a girl asks the hero at a party. ‘Art’, he replies. Speaking of the heroine, the girl continues: ‘And Marietta, what excites her?’. ‘Risk’, he says. The girl interprets this to mean ‘sex’. And she is not mistaken. Indeed, “Mara, Marietta” is a love story told primarily through art and sex. In a heady cocktail of music, dance, cinema, sex, painting and poetry, the story moves from Princeton to Paris, and from there radiates out around the world. She is a theoretical physi... more
  • Gogi & Mogi Go to the Garden

    by Golareh Safarian
    It's Mogi's birthday and he's having a costume party. What is Gogi going to wear? Go on a journey of discovery with Gogi and Mogi as they search for inspiration in a colorful garden.
  • Bitter Root

    by Terri Watts
    Be careful of haughty eyes, un-forgiveness, questioning past hurts and pain. Prideful hearts and an arrogant mindset can lure you in a direction of tangled twine destined to plant itself deep into your very soul…and when the revelation is revealed through the morning sun, you will find yourself harvesting never-ending cynicism that will ultimately wreak havoc on you, your family and your life. Beware of bitter roots! Rachel Spearman, a silver spooned millionaire, finds solace in her prearranged ... more
  • Blooming Rose

    by Rob Wyatt
    In this humorous sequel to ‘Can I Be Frank?’ our accident-prone, English, Catholic priest, has barely sat down after celebrating his first Christmas at his Florida parish, when the phone rings—the mother of one of his parishioners is missing. As hours turn to days with no answers to the mystery, Father Frank has his own mother to worry about. He returns from a long-planned trip to England, with his widowed mother in tow. While his mother embarks on her own journey of discovery and growth, Fr... more
  • Can I Be Frank?

    by Rob Wyatt
    This humorous novel follows a young, English, Catholic priest to his first parish in America. Father Francis discovers that occasional attendance at church youth clubs, years of study at a seminary, and a love of The Dukes of Hazzard television show, have done little to prepare him for his new life. Women appear to view his vow of chastity merely as a challenge, and Gene Charmois, local bigwig and bullyboy, simply wants to add Frank to his portfolio. Despite the advice of Father William, the wis... more
  • Fragile

    by Jandra Sutton
    What does it mean to be normal? It's such a loaded word, with about a billion different meanings, and every one of them makes Ava Collins sick. At 17, Ava has been deaf for as long as she can remember. She grew up constantly reminded that she wasn't - and couldn't - be normal, that she needed to be 'fixed', but it wasn't until she met Theo De Vries that she learned the truth. Deaf doesn't mean broken, it means different. And different isn't a bad thing.
  • The Immigrant Magician: An International Student's Triumph Over the Great Recession 2008

    by Joel Mendonca
    It’s 2008, the post 9/11 internet era. Millennial Ralph arrives in America seeking to obtain a degree and a shot at the American dream. Contrary to expectations he encounters the travails of a country steeped in recession; the economy anemic and opportunity sparse. Deeply committed to a culture of hard work and lofty achievements, Ralph refuses to surrender to the circumstances of fate. His unmitigated quest for success and achievement takes him down a long, dreary path of back-breaking toil, st... more
  • Flame Vine

    by Charles Porter

    The 2nd installment in the Hearing Voices Series and Charles Porter’s prequel to the award-winning Shallcross (2015), Flame Vine is a deep dive into living with the chaos of hearing voices and the search for safe places to shelter from the storm. A tightly-woven tale with themes of self-erasure, fear, hallucination and the joys in between, Flame Vine carries the reader through the life of Aubrey Shallcross which happens to be punctuated by schizophrenic episodes shared by... more

  • The Mystery of the Missing Persons

    by Deborah Kralich
    Historical Fiction containing a mystery actually written in the era by a young girl. Explores the early and mid 1960s era defined by JFK's assassination. Girls are mysteriously vanishing in suburbia in 1960s suburbia. No one but teenage detective Barbara Scott can rescue them. Discerning how Barbara can succeed is aspiring author, Victoria, age 6, first grader at a brand new elementary school, avid teen mystery fiction and Barbie doll fan. Victoria is determined to make her character, Barbara K... more
  • Through His Eyes and Lies: A Pathological Liar's Tale

    by C.L. Jackson
    Nick Chasso Jr. doesn't know who he is or where he is headed in life, and so he lies about everything to everyone. He lies to anyone from strangers, to his friends and family, or even to his Bishop about anything from his name and occupation to his dependency on alcohol. No lie is too big or too small to get what he wants or save him from trouble. He spends his days working dead end jobs and his nights searching for a bed and a bottle to crawl into. Tired of his antics, his friends cut him off a... more
  • Perished: The World That Was

    by R Frederick Riddle
    After God creates earth and then man, Lucifer rebels and tricks Woman (Eve) to eat the forbidden fruit. Sharing the fruit with Adam, sin entered the world. Expelled from the Garden of Eden they start a family which is soon torn apart by the first murder. Cain, who committed the first murder, starts a new civilization that competes with Adam's. Thus begins a conflict between sin and faith which is demonstrated in the lives of Adam, Methuselah, Noah, and others. Meanwhile immorality rises, bringi... more
  • Missing Gems of the Taj Mahal: A Time Travel Historical Fiction Mystery Book for Children Ages 5-10

    by Lyndon C
    Sid Cooper, a fifth grade history buff, gets the chance of a lifetime to visit the Taj Mahal in the enchanted land of India. After a setback and a change in plans, Sid and his friend Raj are magically transported… 350 years into the past, to when the monument was still being built. Things get crazier when they encounter Emperor Shah Jahan, who is furious because precious gems crucial to the completion of the Taj Mahal are missing. The excitement of actually becoming a part of history fuels th... more
  • Mehendi Tides

    by Siobhan Malany
    In the bustling bazaars of Hyderabad and on the shores of the Arabian Sea, sixteen-year-old Kate McKenna explores the wondrous terrain of India and Pakistan in this colorful and poignant coming-of-age journey in which Kate is immersed in the land’s history and culture as she accompanies her childhood friends, Nasreen, a Muslim-American, and Krishna, a Hindu-American, visiting extended family. Joining the circle of mothers, daughters, and cousins surrounding the rituals of an arranged marriage, K... more
  • geepling

    by L petelis
    Mother nature gives rise to some yet restrains others... Geepling (a remnant of a brief love) is a modern day metaphor that tells the Romeo and Juliet story of a hybrid. It is a story based on unrequited love, social prejudices and racial intolerance.