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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Adventure in Fort Selkirk

    by Janet B. Webster
  • Going On Impulse

    by K. M. Barrett
    Going On Impulse is a a short novel about a young adult named Aubrey who is learning how to deal with her recently diagnosed bipolar disorder. As she spends a month in Eden Behavioral Health Facility, she comes to terms with her illness. With the help of staff members and the friends she makes, she learns more about herself. The reader is taken on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of Aubrey's diagnosis. The chapters are broken into brief recollections of her time at the inpatient c... more
  • The Gills Creek Five

    by Greg M. Dodd

    What do an English Lit teacher, a British veterinarian, an ex-Pastor, an alcoholic librarian and a jobless millennial have in common? Good question. From the author of the award-winning Christian novel A Seed for the Harvest comes a humorous story of personal discovery and renewal. A first place award-winner in both the 2017 CIPA EVVY Awards and the 2017 Red City Review Awards, as well as a Silver Medal winner in the 2018 Illumination Book Awards, The Gills Creek Five b... more

  • A Seed for the Harvest

    by Greg M. Dodd

    Winner of the Illumination Book Awards 2015 Enduring Light Silver Medal for Christian Fiction, A Seed for the Harvest is an honest, touching, and sometimes humorous portrayal of the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ. Within its pages lies a powerful and challenging story full of diverse, engaging characters whose lives are woven together through times of innocence, depravity, joy, and heartbreak.

  • The Secret Life of Thomas Commons

    by Monroe Starr
    Travel back to 18th century England and follow the story of Thomas Commons and Wesley Ashfield as they learn what it means to love and be loved in a time when being gay was dangerous and punishable by law.
  • There's a Bigfoot in My Shower

    by John Nygard
    A wee chap named Jack does not like baths or showers but with his mother’s reassurance he agrees to shower, not minding the experience at all – until one night he hears a noise and sees a shadowy presence in his yard: Jack is sure it is Bigfoot! His mother listens and tells Jack that Bigfoot is imaginary. That night Jack prepares for his shower, but when he opens the door of the bathroom, steam escapes and he sees a shadow behind the shower curtain. Frightened he tells his mother about Bigfoot b... more
  • Cinderella Shoots the Moon

    by Arlie Corday
    This coming-of-age story focuses on teen misfit Tara Harris who finds there is more to life than popularity and fashion after her family moves to rural New York. After her parents fall into depression and alcoholism, Tara finds much needed support from a mysterious older woman who tells her own story of growing up in a time with few options. But when Tara learns her best friend, Abbie Sullivan, is in more trouble than she ever dreamed possible as the victim of abuse, the girls decide to the “... more
  • 978-1548325466

    by Sharon Brandon

    Mommy: I Hurt My Rump-A-Doodle is an educational book for small children. intended to develop close and attentive reading skills that help children enjoy and understand literature better, actively seek that which builds knowledge, enlarges experience, and broadens worldviews, and increases performance in critical reading. 

  • A Self-Made Boy

    by Nathan Hughes
    A boy, Jonah, is determined to give himself all the qualities he wants when he grows up to become a self-made person. He begins with a blank canvas and one by one adds all of the traits he will need to be a strong, powerful, determined and capable person looking to take on the world.
  • Production Values: A Monkey & Me Novel

    by Liv Bartlet
    29-year-old artistic prodigy Kat Porter has golden statues on her career horizon until she jolts her TV production company by hiring megastar (and mega-womanizer) Ian Graham. The resulting chaos exposes deep fault lines in the relationship with her pragmatic business partner and best friend, Bea Douglas...When art and business collide, can friendship survive?
  • A Self-Made Girl

    by Nathan Hughes
    A girl, Alice, is determined to give herself all the qualities she wants when she grows up to become a self-made person. She begins with a blank canvas and one by one adds all of the traits she will need to be a strong, powerful, determined and capable person looking to take on the world.
  • The Education of Ryan Gregori

    by Gregory Josephs

    When 19-year-old Ryan walks away from a car accident and is forced out of his dream apartment on the same night, he feels his life spinning out of control. Just when it seems he’s regained his footing, the sudden death of Darren, his best friend and crush, sends him reeling toward a harsh realization: in order to survive his new world, he’ll have to leave the naïve, cautious version of himself behind.

    With the help of sexy former rival Brandon, and spicy coworker Meredi... more

  • Leaving The Beach

    by Mary Rowen
    Erin Reardon gets her first kiss from Jim Morrison, and loses her virginity to David Bowie. When she flunks out of college, Bruce Springsteen comforts her, and Elvis Costello breaks her heart in Europe. So what happens when she finally meets a rock star in the flesh? Erin's a lonely misfit with an eating disorder and a wild imagination. She believes she was born to save—and love—at least one tortured musician, and is willing to risk almost everything to fulfill that destiny.
  • Love in the Cretaceous

    by Howard Robertson
    LOVE IN THE CRETACEOUS takes place in a dinosaur park in Oregon a hundred years in the future. Ted Beebe has lost the love of his life and must suddenly find his way alone in old age. He finds young people to take the place of his wife and himself in assuring the survival of Cretaceous World, the park his wife and he created. Global warming has proceeded as predicted, and the fate of Homo sapiens has become obviously uncertain. People come to see the genetically engineered recreations of din... more
  • Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood

    by Jesse McKinnell

    Dead Cats is an unpublished manuscript - representation or publication inquiries please contact me through

    Joel Peterson’s bottom is deeper and darker than he ever imagined, but with the help of the ghost of Kurt Cobain he hatches a plan to capture the attention of his estranged family and reclaim his life.

    Dead Cats and Other Reflections on Parenthood is a dark comedy that tracks the downward spiral of Joel Peterson, a once successful dentist and pro... more

  • Secrets By The Knoll

    by Julie Metros
    Inspired by a true story, Secrets By The Knoll transforms you back to the early 1900's to a farm in Des Moines, Iowa. The brutal murders of two children up heave the Johansson family and their community. The typical farm family forced in to the spotlight as the entire city and surrounding towns react with immense curiosity. Crowds gather at the murder scene and funeral home. They parade by the Johansson farm and picket outside the police station. As the family grieve and move on with their l... more