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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Dog Tags & Wedding Bands

    by Joe Rosato
    This meticulous story shows the real life traumatic experiences that happened to many innocent civilians during the Vietnam war. A page turning story that provides humor, romance, and mystery all into one thrilling plot. With relatable and endearing characters this tale intertwines with the past and present while leaving the reader happy and hopeful.
  • Gravity: A Child's Search for Meaning


    Devastated by the loss of his dog, young David found himself asking the most important question about his existence: "Why am I here?" Under an apple tree, David meets Mr. Watzu. Thereafter, this story moves from deep loss to soaring discovery, all thanks to Mr. Watzu's charm and uncanny wisdom. An inspirational story for readers both young and old, David's journey offers insight into fundamental questions we have faced since the dawn of time.

  • The Internet of Things: The Kolnos Adventures Volume 9

    by John Correll
    Prof. Kolnos' refrigerator tries to get more milk.
  • Kabir and the Kite: The Adventures of a Boy Who Dreams of Things Beyond

    by Kali Kalam
    Kabir is a young boy who daydreams about life beyond his small town in the middle of nowhere. He sees and experiences things that others cannot. He explains how he is able to experience the world from the vantage point of his beloved kite. Kabir's teacher and family members are puzzled by his imagination. No one believes his stories, except for his classmate and friend who lives across the street. Everyone else around Kabir ridicules him and criticizes him for playing with kites instead of worki... more
  • Up All Night: A Bedtime Story

    by Jen Lis
    The story of a boy who didn't want to go to bed - and his misadventures the next day! Great for parents to read to children, with colorful, comical illustrations.
  • Reconciliation ~Heaven and Earth ~

    by Diane de Simone

    Martha Mathewson, a professor of psychology, for years belittled her soon to be ex-husband, a revered astrophysicist, over his quiet passion for little green men and the civilizations they come from. When Don Mathewson suddenly dies, she finds out his files have been targeted, and she's in danger. Suddenly, her house is broken into. She has national security operatives on her tail. And to find out why, Martha must stretch herself into Don’s files and tapes, learning about his e... more

  • Sammy Goes to Speech

    by Marissa Siegel
    Sammy Goes to Speech is about a little boy who thinks he has lost his voice. A speech therapist enters his life and that's when the magic happens for him and his family.
  • The Fed-up Cow

    by Peta Lemon
    Hilda is FED-UP with being a cow. Spending all day doing not much but moo. There has to be something more she can do. So she decides to be a sheep... ... then a pig ... and even a chicken. Is the grass any greener on the other side? Join Hilda, the fed-up cow, on her voyage of self-discovery in this daft but timeless story, written in rhyme.
  • Journey to Jukai

    by robin moyer
    Sometimes, it takes more strength to survive. Three strangers embark upon a journey.Two people, both seriously contemplating suicide, are compelled to journey halfway across the world to the forest of Jukai. The third, an adrenaline junkie, runs towards new adventures while running from both her past and a confused future. Are they journeys of unavoidable destiny or of discovery? How much of one human life is shaped by those around us? How much is accident; how much is fate? Who can say where th... more

    by Jewel Hart
    What is Snowman Paul willing to do for an Olympic medal? The Winter Olympic Games are just around the corner, and Snowman Paul will be there, looking for gold medals. However, how far is he willing to go in his pursuit of his Olympic dream? “A celebration of winter and competition that will likely appeal to children who’ve dreamed of Olympic glory”, Kirkus Reviews “Paul, “I said, “You’re much too old To win a silver or a gold. Besides, it’s risky, you might fall. So, let’s forg... more
  • A Jolly JIngling Journey

    by PandaParents
    This book has two stories: 1. A Jubilant Surprise: Davy, a six year old boy, falls asleep and dreams of flying. Davy, Dahu and Magnus, fly on a magical adventure up to the icy North Pole. They meet Jet, who leads them to Santa’s cabin, a cozy little house made of cookies, frosting, and jelly; but Santa is missing. 2. An Epic Journey: Davy, Dahu, and Magnus travel across mountains and frozen lakes to help Santa find his missing reindeer. This is part of our story based learning program for p... more
  • Sam: The Cat Without a Tail

    by Gloria Lintermans

    Sam: The Cat Without a Tail is a children’s picture book. Sam, the central character, is a Manx cat, and so, sports a soft puff of white fur instead of a tail. This is Sam’s story, his discovery that he is, indeed, different than most cats, his heartbreak over this discovery, and finally, how he resolves these feelings.

    More than ever, we need if not an understanding, then certainly a tolerance for diversity. Parents reading this story with their children can u... more

  • Bouillabaisse

    by Stacey Sauter
    When fifteen-year old Gail Kenealy awakens one morning to find an abandoned baby in her bureau drawer, her life is forever altered. Forced to take in five more children after the death of a close relative, her parents – with five children of their own -- soon find their humble home bursting at the seams. As the newfound stress quickly brings her mother to the breaking point, Gail is hastily forced to trade her carefree, adolescent life for the responsibilities of motherhood and the challenges o... more
  • And then the Penny Dropped

    by B P Kennedy
    A heartbreaking tale of an idyllic family life, discovering her husbands affair and a betrayal as he walked out on his family after twenty three years of marriage. She was pitched into a legal fight that she wanted no part of and then discovered her husband's hidden millions. There was light at the end of the tunnel, after all she was relying on good old fashioned British justice and surely nothing could go wrong? She didn't want the earth, didn't want to take her husband 'to the cleaners,' she ... more
  • Spirit of the Wind

    by Yasmine Hamdi
    Unfamiliar animal tracks and strange nightly noises arouse suspicion at Shady Oaks, a seaside camp on Long Island. Campers become frightened as rumors of dangerous creatures spread. The camp begins to lose its prestige and receive closure threats. Twelve-year old Kyrah Willis is determined to solve the mystery. The camp guards won't help her, and seem to be hiding something they don't want the public to know. Why? With her fun-loving cousin Lynn, fiercely loyal dog Scampi and brave horse Comanch... more
  • Can I Keep Them?

    by Bruce K. Hanson
    Little Owen has a dilemma: After rescuing two kittens in a nearby wooded area of the neighborhood, his fathers have told him that he may keep only one. But which one? Owen loves both Izzy and Whitey. The boy learns about caring for pets as well as civic responsibility for feral cats in the neighborhood. He also gets to know his neighbor, the mean Mrs. Williams. Ironically, it is through their developing friendship that Mrs. Williams and Owen share secrets that lead him to decide which kitten he ... more