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General Fiction (including literary and historical)

  • Secrets of the Lost Scrolls

    by John J Pietrangelo
  • 978-1506-901-04-6

    by John J Pietrangelo
    Secrets of the Lost Scrolls revolves around the family of the last pope. The story begins with a prophecy concerning twin brothers and follows their life journeys. One of them, a humble priest, becomes a great pope, notably the last of the line, and is affectionately referred to as Il beãto di Dio (the blessed one of God). His brother, an archaeologist, works to translate scrolls hidden away for nearly 2000 years deep in the bowels of the Vatican Library. Secrets of the Lost Scrolls eventually ... more
  • The Jilted Bride: A Footnote to Cinderella's Happiness

    by Kristen Reed

    Sometimes one woman’s happily ever after is another woman’s misery. When the charming Prince Caspar abandons his bride Demetria at the altar to sweep Cinderella off her feet, the duke’s daughter is left humiliated and heartbroken. Desperate to lift their daughter’s spirits, Demetria’s parents introduce her to a new suitor from a foreign land. Jaded by being jilted, she questions the very thing she has built her life around and searches for new meaning and healing... more

  • Beyond The Rainbow's End

    by James Pitter
    A collection of five short stories including a light-hearted and humorous critique of celebrity culture seen through the eyes of an acerbic journalist. A sinister tale about mind uploading and the consequences for those willing to risk everything in return for eternal life. A witty exposé about infidelity and excess within a pampered expat community. An amusing road trip that turns into the journey from hell. The dark narrative of a woman who's troubled past returns to haunt her and destroys the... more
  • In the Shadow of Light

    by Claire Alemian
    By the time Ramona Newton is fifteen, her mother has walked out, her father soon to follow, and she ends up at a place called the Far East, tending bar for Charlie Big and hustling pool in order to survive. The story captures the turbulence of the 1960s on the gritty, working-class waterfront of Gloucester, Massachusetts, revealing the clash of generations and class divides, and the turmoil created by the Vietnam War and racial injustice.
  • Iris

    by Toni Owen-Blue
    'I flinch. I know she's not going to hit me, we've got in arguments a hundred times before and she's raised her hand - she's never hit me in the face. But I flinch anyway.' I put that because whenever you pick up a book at the shop there's always a quote on the back, and because I'm trying to put off writing the blurb. I don't know what to put. This is just a book about me, Iris, and the things that I do, the friends I make, well, try to make, and everything else that happens to me - goo... more
  • The Palace Buzz

    by Linda Schell
    Gracie, a dwarf kangaroo from the thirty-sixth universe, is skipping across the cosmos to her dream destination: St. Petersburg, Russia. She's traveling with Gibson, a Maine Coon cat whose life she saved when she was unceremoniously dumped in front of a Pennsylvania corn field.
  • Come Along With Me

    by Linda SchellL
    Come Along With Me will transport eight-to twelve-year old children, their parents, and their grandparents to another world when they read Come Along With Me, an adventure about friendship and caring, the unfortunate consequences of jealousy, and the power of hope.
  • A Mercenary's Pilgrimage

    by L. J. Nowak
    Davides isn't supposed to be a mercenary. He's supposed to be the future Lord of Coimbra. But, in the violent and chaotic world of elventh-century Hispania, one's lot in life can change very quickly. As a step towards regaining his family's lands and title, Davides accepts the job of escorting an unwilling political asset (okay, hostage) from Salamanca to Seville. When what should have been a simple task detours into the complicated and perilous, Davides is forced to choose between his alleg... more
  • Astrologer's Apprentice (Astrotheologian Book 1)

    by David John Jaegers
    Family circumstances force seventeen year old Robert to give up his suburban prep school existence for a new life in the country, where he develops an intense relationship with his eccentric Uncle Rufus. What starts out as harmless fun with astrology grows into a strong spiritual bond that leads Rufus to confide his obsession. He wants to test the astrological hypothesis. What Robert hoped was a flight of fancy begins to take the shape of a crazy quest. Not only do Rufus’s ideas wrinkle Ro... more
  • The Adventures of the Precious Knights

    by Valerie Crowe
    The first book is an introduction to the Knights of Castle Precious, and the discovery of an an abandoned baby stripy dragon. The knights, Sir Gold, Sir Silver and Sir Rusty save the dragon and decide to raise him back at the castle. The naming of the baby, and the potential uses of such a pet are made clear in this first book. Further adventures are described in book 2, due out very shortly, published by Archway.
  • shizzle, inc

    by Ana Spoke
    Isa Maxwell is an average busty blonde, a recent graduate of a community college, and rap-loving, gun-toting, self-proclaimed badass. More than anything else, Isa wants to be discovered, so that she can solve her financial woes and win back Brad, the love of her life. Thanks to her clumsiness, street smarts, and an unbelievable bit of luck, Isa lands a dream job at Shizzle, Inc. Things start to look up when Mr. Hue, the playboy billionaire owner of Shizzle, Inc takes Isa under his wing. Isa ev... more
  • Artinia: The Journey of Three Island Princesses

    by Sheilane Nadia
    Two Teen aged Princesses must leave their majestic and envied island of Artinia, to find their little sister- who may or may not have been kidnapped.
  • The Everything Man

    by Van Dipply
    What happens when an eccentric traveling salesman and his loyal steed set up shop in a very small town? Well, pretty much everything! Sporting a giant cart chock full of everything and anything the townspeople might want, our mischievous salesman announces that he's open for business. Until now, he's never heard a wish he couldn't grant. But there's one small boy with one giant request who might just leave our hero scratching his head.
  • The Lighter Side of Collecting!

    by john stinger
    The book is all about the fun of chasing vintage treasures for fun and sometimes profit .Contains 200 full page cartoons and 60 pages of quirky humor about the lighter side of collecting from high-end Tiffany lamps and Chippendale furniture to low end salt and pepper shakers and bucket benches. It's all family-friendly and non offensive and makes a perfect gift for the collector of stuff in your life. Stingers cartoons appear in major collectibles publications here in the US and the UK.
  • Emma's Funny Birds

    by Christy Jordan Wrenn
    Emma is a typical young lady of almost eight. She loves to ride her bike, practice her flips on the trampoline and boss her siblings around. One day the ordinary birds Emma saw began to take on character all their own. What does a three-toed-walker, a blue chiefton, a dotted long-leged chicken and more look like to Emma. Come on along on her bird adventure and see it you can name the birds with Emma.